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Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad, Chapter 4

Title: Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Four
Rating: R
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 9366
Summary: After coming out of the closet to his friends in Canada and getting disowned by them, Pierre Bouvier moves to a hick town in the states to escape. Life is dull and grim for the twenty-one year old Canadian until he meets David Desrosiers, a young man who could change it all for the better.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: Sorry this one took a bit longer than usual! School is crushing me. >__< I hope a nice, long chapter makes up for the wait, though! <3

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Pierre had an excited bounce in his step as he walked to his car — something which he hadn’t used in a good two months — his keys jangling nervously in his hand. As he got close enough to see his reflection in his car window, he stopped and looked himself over yet again. He’d been stealing glances at himself every few minutes for the past couple of hours, adjusting tiny strands of hair or else changing his shirt. After the fourth time of changing to a different shirt, Pierre had decided on calling his mother for help. She was more than pleased to offer a helping hand for her son, who hadn’t been on a date in over five years, though she wasted no time in telling him he was ‘a disgrace to gay men everywhere’ with his poor fashion sense and inability to pick a decent date outfit.

In the end, she’d helped him decide on a semi-casual look; a pair of dark blue jeans, a grey t-shirt and a green, plaid button up, buttoned halfway with the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows. He’d styled his relatively short hair in its usual messy fashion, though he took more care in doing so than he usually did. This would be David’s first time seeing him in anything but his work clothes, and he wanted to make sure he looked absolutely perfect, as no doubt David would. The man really was too damn beautiful for his own good — or for Pierre’s good, for that matter.

Deciding he looked good enough, and not wanting to be late in picking up David, Pierre climbed in his car and started it, throwing his phone and his iPod in the center console between the seats. He’d already used an internet search engine to get step by step directions to David’s house, which he was assuming was a house and not an apartment based on the residential area it was placed in. It took a lot to keep Pierre from speeding the whole way there. He had to continually remind himself to not get over excited, to not act like a total friendless loser, to not scare David away. Maybe it was the loneliness talking, but Pierre was more interested in David than he’d ever been in anyone in his entire life, including Sebastien, whom he’d thought he’d been in love with.

When Pierre pulled up to the house with David’s address attached to it, he felt himself getting even more nervous than he had been previously. He pulled up to the side and texted David, letting him know he was there. David had texted him the day before, asking that he not come up to the door. Pierre thought the request was a bit strange, but he didn’t let himself think anything of it; he simply did as David asked. When Pierre’s phone lit up, telling him he’d received a text, he grabbed it and opened the message from David quickly.

Sit tight, Canada. I’ll be out in a second!

Pierre smiled and closed the message before putting his phone back in the center console. He looked at himself quickly in the rearview mirror, feeling that he could look a million times and still not feel that he looked good enough to stand next to someone as flawlessly gorgeous as David. When a particularly unfriendly knot worked its way into his stomach, Pierre looked around for something to distract himself. He quickly turned on the radio, hoping to find some music that would calm his nerves a bit.

“Ugh, country, country, shitty rock, pop, country…” he listed off as he flipped through stations. Normally he found something he might be able to handle, but in that moment, none of it was working for him. He flipped to a station that played a lot of different kinds of music, generally soft to the ears, and heard a song that he’d never heard start to finish and that always made him feel odd.

“…when I stare at you for hours, I don’t care what comes around. And I fall for you. I fall for you. I fall for you tonight, I hope you feel the same…”

Pierre watched the radio skeptically. Why did this song make him think of Sebastien every time he heard it? Why did his mind always wander to that day behind the school in the grass when this song played? And was he crazy or did the singer’s voice even sound like Sebastien? Pierre continued to stare off to the side as the song played, feeling more nervous and uncomfortable the longer he allowed it to ring through his speakers. He’d never once looked more into the song; he’d never once bothered to hear who it was by or see if the artist had any other music or if there was any sort of music video to it. To put it simply, the song caused a dull aching in the pit of Pierre’s stomach, and he didn’t ever allow himself to finish it. Thinking of Sebastien was still just too much.

It wasn’t until his passenger side door was opening that Pierre pulled himself out of his thoughts. He jumped and looked up at David, who smiled sweetly at him as he sat in the seat next to him. “Oh, I love this song!” David said with a soft smile, a smile that made Pierre’s insides melt.

Pierre quickly changed the station, not wanting to let strange Sebastien-feelings ruin any part of his night. Pierre was looking forward to nothing as much as he was looking forward to spending the night with David, and whatever feelings he may or may not have possessed in the past for Sebastien weren’t going to stop him. He turned to look at David and gave him a nervous smile, who looked at him skeptically for a moment, as if he was trying to figure out if he should ask about the sudden change in music. He seemed to decide against it, because he gave Pierre a soft smile and turned to look momentarily out of the window. “So… what exactly are we doing?” Pierre asked, his voice low and nervous as he spoke.

When David turned to look at him again, he had that same, determined smirk on his features, the one that left Pierre incapable of speech. “Well what would you like to do, Monsieur Bouvier?” David asked softly. Pierre was impressed by how flawlessly beautiful David’s French accent was. Not only had he pronounced his last name correctly, but he’d said it with a French accent! Could David get any more perfect? Pierre simply stared at the other man, his lips slightly parted as the urge to just kiss David welled up inside of him. David’s smirk turned quickly to a grin; the fact that this was all Pierre could see of the man’s change in expression told Pierre that he was staring at David’s lips… again. He moved his eyes quickly up to David’s, who bit down on his lip ring, clearly very amused by the affect he had on Pierre. “Get on the freeway,” David instructed with a soft nod.

Pierre nodded vaguely and forced himself to look ahead, reminding himself that he needed to breathe if he wasn’t going to die before their date even really started. Pierre was silent as he drove, following David’s instructions to get onto the highway. After a few moments of silence, David seemed to grow impatient with it and picked up Pierre’s iPod. “So, since you obviously don’t like ‘I Fall For You’…” David started softly as he began to look through Pierre’s music. Pierre turned to glance at David, giving him a weak smile. “I’m surprised you don’t, the dude that sings it is Canadian…” he added as a side note.

“Is he?” Pierre asked, though he hardly cared. He simply wanted to partake in conversation with David, to let him see that he wasn’t a total useless idiot.

David nodded as he continued to scroll. “Yeah, his name is— OH MY GOD,” David cut himself off suddenly, his eyes widening.

Pierre turned to look at David skeptically. “His name is ‘Oh my God’?”

David, ignoring Pierre’s question, turned to look at him slowly. “Why do you have FOUR Lil’ Wayne albums on here?!” David asked loudly, his face alight with amusement.

“Shut up!” Pierre said with a laugh. “I like Weezy!” David stared at Pierre open mouthed for several long seconds, who continued to glance at him nervously. “What?”

“Pierre, you’re WHITE,” David pointed out quickly. Pierre grinned and rolled his eyes. “And you’re CANADIAN!”

“So? Are you saying just ‘cause I’m a white Canadian I can’t rap?” Pierre questioned quickly.

“OhmyGod, Pierre,” David muttered quickly as he plugged the iPod into the auxiliary cord and started a song. “Please rap for me.”

Pierre grinned and shrugged his shoulders, for once not feeling embarrassed in the slightest. David laughed as Pierre rapped the whole song perfectly, the word ‘fuck’ coming out of his mouth almost as often as the word ‘pussy’. Pierre was beaming as he rapped, though he occasionally threw in thug-like hand and arm gestures, or else turned to look at David with a ‘hard’ expression on his face. David only laughed harder in those moments, something which made Pierre feel as warm as if he had been sitting in direct sunlight for five hours. How could one person make him feel so amazing just by laughing?

As soon as the song as over, David changed the music to something more neutral, though it was still pop. Apparently Pierre was a fan of hip hop. “Jesus Christ, Pierre,” David laughed out as the new music began to play.

“What?” Pierre asked, giving David an innocent smile.

“You are too fucking cute sometimes, you know that?” David asked casually as he leaned against the car door and turned to face Pierre better.

Pierre swallowed hard and gave a nervous laugh, giving a non-committal shrug as he did. After a few more moments of awkward silence, Pierre decided on asking for more directions. “So… where are we going?” he asked as he got onto the freeway as David had instructed.

“Have you ever been around the mall?” he asked quietly. When Pierre shook his head, David smiled softly at him. “How much of Eugene have you explored?”

Pierre shook his head slowly. “Not much, really. I kinda drove through some parts of it once, but it’s really big and I got lost…”

David furrowed his brow at that response. “How long have you been here?” he asked softly.

Pierre thought, adding up the months in his head. “About seven months now,” he admitted quietly.

David’s eyes widened and he leaned closer to Pierre, who turned to glance at him nervously. “You’ve been here seven months and you haven’t been to the mall yet?!”

“Umm… no?” Pierre asked nervously.

“Oh my God! The mall is awesome! There’s all sorts of shit around there!” David told him quickly. “There’s a movie theatre and lots of restaurants and tons of stores and, just… everything!” When Pierre glanced again at him, offering another shrug, David sighed and shook his head. “Jesus! What have you been doing? Hiding in your apartment for seven months?!”

Pierre laughed lightly and nodded his head. “Pretty much,” he admitted softly.

David sighed and shook his head slowly. “Well we’re just gonna have to change that, aren’t we?”

Pierre’s stomach was dancing nervously at the sweet smile David was giving him. He gave a weak smile and nodded, before looking back at the road. “Sounds good to me,” he agreed gently.

The rest of the car ride went smoothly enough. Pierre was surprised at how naturally conversation came with David. He wasn’t awkward, he didn’t stutter and he actually found intelligent things to say! When it came down to it, Pierre didn’t know if he’d ever felt so comfortable so quickly with another person. Being around David just felt right.

First, David and Pierre had decided to get something to eat. The moment they stepped out of the car and Pierre got a really good look at David, he felt his body temperature rising. How could one person be so flawless? His usual tight black jeans were paired with a white v-neck t-shirt, a dark grey hoodie, and a pair of black and white checkered Vans sneakers. Pierre caught himself staring at David’s ass as he walked into the restaurant behind him; how could he not? When David turned to look at him and his head snapped quickly up, David grinned and winked, though said nothing on the matter. He knew he was hot and that Pierre couldn’t stop staring; what was the point in saying it out loud?

The restaurant that David had chosen was kind of small, and it seemed that the main dish served there was a burger and fries. Pierre had laughed at David when he ordered a chocolate milkshake, though David had easily gotten him back when Pierre devoured his entire monstrous hamburger, while David ate only half of his. Pierre had never felt so light and fluffy in his life as when David laughed at him. Maybe it was in the way he laughed; it wasn’t demeaning in the slightest. If anything, it was adoring, like his laughter was the only response he could think of at how cute he found Pierre. Pierre couldn’t stop himself from smiling softly across the table at David, who smiled back just as sweetly while biting down gently on the silver loop in his bottom lip. God, Pierre could have melted.

It was eight thirty by the time they were walking into the mall, and the two were talking as if they’d known each other their entire lives; Pierre slowly felt his confidence levels rising with each word he spoke to David. It was with closed eyes that he reached over and grabbed onto David’s hand, holding it timidly. David smiled and looked over at Pierre, only smiling wider when he saw Pierre’s closed eyes and furrowed brow, as if he had never been more frightened in his life as he was in the moment he took his hand. David didn’t hold his hand back at first. Instead, he decided to take advantage of the fact that Pierre still hadn’t opened his eyes. He leaned up on his tip toes and placed a quick, gentle kiss on Pierre’s cheek. Pierre’s eyes opened instantly and he turned to look at David, who had returned to his flat feet and was smiling defiantly up at him. Pierre swallowed hard as David turned his hand and grasped firmly onto Pierre’s, interlocking their fingers. David merely flashed him a flirty smile before continuing to pull him down the large mall hall, pointing at the many different things displayed in the windows.

Pierre forced himself to breathe evenly as he waited for his stomach to make the slow decent back to where it belonged in his body. Within no time his feeling of nervousness was gone again, and whether it was David’s gentle grip on his hand or the mere entertainment of how ADD the smaller man was, Pierre couldn’t be sure. He smiled as he watched David get excited over the puppies in the window of the pet store, agreeing that they were cute, though he highly doubted that he would ever find anything cuter than David ever again. That kiss on the cheek was the gentlest, sweetest and most perfect thing Pierre had ever experienced. He couldn’t help but continuously stare at David. He wasn’t sure if David even noticed or not, with how distracted he was by everything around him, though if he did notice, he didn’t seem to mind. Pierre’s attention seemed to be something that David wanted very badly.

“Oh my God, look at this one!” David said in a soft whimper as he pressed his hand to the glass separating him and the pug puppy he was staring at. David gave a soft giggle as the puppy licked the glass where his hand was. Pierre grinned at the sound as he stared at David. How could David be so many things in one package? How could he be so sexy yet so childishly cute at the same time? Pierre pulled his hand from David’s and instead placed it on David’s lower back as he leaned subtly closer to him by pretending to be examining the puppy in front of them. From the corner of his eye, he saw David turn his face to look at him nervously, though Pierre pretended to not notice, something which turned out to be a difficult task considering how close their faces were. His mind was telling him to turn and kiss David, though at the same time, he hardly felt leaning close to a pet store window would be good enough for a first kiss. No, instead he settled on placing his hand a bit more firmly on David’s lower back, smiling to himself at the fact that he was making David nervous.

“That one has a flat face,” Pierre pointed out with a hint of amusement in his voice.

David scoffed and turned his body entirely to face Pierre, causing Pierre’s hand to slide across his lower back and come to a rest on his side, instead. Even though suddenly Pierre’s insides were shaking with nerves, he didn’t move his hand. “He’s cute!” David defended the pug quickly.

Pierre raised an eyebrow and glanced at the puppy before looking again at David. “If you like flat faces,” Pierre said with a shrug.

David’s jaw dropped and he scoffed again loudly. “Why do you think I like your face, Pierre?” he asked meanly.

“Hey! I do not have a flat face!” Pierre said quickly.

David stared defiantly at Pierre for a moment, before a reluctant smile spread across his lips. He looked down at the ground for a short moment, and as he did, he brought his fingertips up to press gently against Pierre’s stomach. Pierre swallowed hard and dropped the amused smile instantly, his stomach twisting itself into knots as David’s hand flattened out and moved slowly up his chest. David looked back up and smiled at Pierre before slowly leaning closer to him. For a moment, Pierre thought David was going to kiss him. He closed his eyes and nervously held his breath, though he took a sharp breath of air in when he felt David’s lip ring brush past his lips. David smirked as he purposely moved past Pierre’s lips and placed another soft kiss on his cheek, this one lasting much longer than the first. He pulled away only a matter of centimeters, keeping his lips close to Pierre’s ear as he parted his lips and spoke to him. “No… you don’t. But I still like it,” he said softly. Pierre could feel his heart pounding in his chest as David slowly pulled away from him, leaving him standing in front of the pet store, his eyes closed and his breathing shallow. How could David do that to him? It took him a matter of mere seconds to render him entirely incapable of speech, movement, breathing; of anything, really.

“Come on, Pierre! Come look at the puppies!” Pierre opened his eyes and watched as David backed away from him, smiling deviously. “If you’re good I might let you buy me one,” David continued, before disappearing into the store.

Pierre stared after him for only a moment longer before everything snapped back into place and he made his way quickly into the store, where David spent ten minutes absolutely fawning over every puppy and kitten in the store. Pierre, for the sole purpose of getting the other man out of the store, pulled an unsuspecting David down the aisle with the reptiles and tarantulas; he just had a feeling that David would be one of those boys afraid of big spiders. David, who was busy looking at a gecko, didn’t notice as Pierre reached over and picked up one of the small containers with one of the furry, eight legged creatures in it, looking at the tarantula inside for a short moment before holding it out toward David. “Hey, look at this!” he said loudly.

David turned to see what Pierre was holding out to him, staring at it in a dazed fashion for a second, before panic rose in his chest and he let out the loudest, girliest scream Pierre had ever heard a boy make. Pierre’s eyes widened and he let out a loud laugh as he watched David run from the store, not caring as he bumped into people and attracted several stares. “Thanks little dude,” Pierre said to the tarantula as he set it back on the shelf. He watched the spider for a moment, smiling as it moved about, obviously irritated by all the movement of its home, before following David out of the store. It was with an amused smile that Pierre approached David, who was staring at him with wide eyes and his arms crossed over his stomach. “Don’t like spiders?” Pierre guessed with a bit of an arrogant smile. The fact that he could do so told Pierre how quickly he was becoming comfortable with David.

David shook his head quickly, still obviously terrified by having such a large spider thrust so unexpectedly in his face. Looking at him now, Pierre thought he looked like a teenage boy. Odd, that was the second time since knowing him that he’d had that thought. Suddenly, Pierre felt a little guilty about his trick. He gave a soft smile and stepped closer to David, who watched him curiously, though he still looked scared out of his wits. Using all of the confidence he had left, Pierre wrapped his arms slowly around David and pulled him against his body. Pierre was completely tense, his limbs shaking slightly, until he felt David snake his arms around his torso and snuggle against his chest. Letting out the breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding, Pierre allowed his eyes to close and his body to relax.

“You’re really not used to going on dates, are you Pierre?” David asked softly.

Pierre gave a soft laugh and shook his head. “No, I’m really not,” he admitted.

David pulled back slightly, though his arms stayed linked around Pierre’s body as he smiled up at him. “A little advice,” he started quietly. Pierre tilted his head to the side and smiled as he waited. “Next time, don’t shove giant spiders in my face.”

Though David had spoken many words, there were only two that Pierre had heard. “Next time?” he asked with a soft smile. David simply smiled and pulled out of his arms, though immediately his hand found Pierre’s again and the two continued walking around the mall.

It was five minutes until nine o’clock when Pierre noticed the shops beginning to close. “Uh oh, looks like our time here is up,” he commented lightly. David glanced at Pierre, giving him an odd sort of look, one that Pierre couldn’t decipher. Then, as if nothing had happened, he smiled and began to pull Pierre by the hand to a random exit, one that they definitely didn’t park anywhere near. “What are we doing?” Pierre asked with a hint of amusement in his voice. David was very in control, it seemed.

“Here’s the thing,” David said as together they walked outside and into the cold, January air. Once they were about ten feet to the side of the door, he turned and stopped, smiling sweetly as he faced Pierre. Pierre smiled curiously at him. “I’m not ready for tonight to be over,” David admitted as he took a step closer to Pierre.

Pierre had to bite down on his lower lip to keep himself from grinning too widely, though in the end he lost that battle with himself. He took a step toward David and looked down at the ground, grabbing lightly onto David’s hands and playing with them gently. He would have liked nothing more than to kiss David in that moment, though something in the back of his mind was stopping him. Perhaps it was the way his last kiss had ended; he’d lost all his friends and ended up leaving the country. But David wouldn’t do that to him… would he? Pierre looked up from the ground and instead stared into David’s deep hazel eyes. He certainly seemed interested. It was obvious that he liked him. He’d already kissed him on the cheek twice. Pierre swallowed hard as he told himself to just do it. This kiss wouldn’t have the same ending as the previous.

David blinked and tilted his head to the side as he watched Pierre, who was clearly struggling with something. “What’cha thinking about?” David asked softly.

Pierre gave a soft laugh and bit down on his bottom lip before answering. “Kissing you,” he admitted quietly.

David gave a gentle smile and took another tiny step toward Pierre, leaving very little space between their bodies. “Maybe you should,” David said with a sweet smile.

Pierre stared down at him for a moment, the nerves winding up in his chest. He slowly pulled one of his hands out of David’s and moved it up to David’s face. His stomach lurched as he ran his thumb gently across David’s cheek, brushing his long, soft, black hair out of his face. David looked up at him with a nervous smile and almost as if by habit, he bit down gently on his silver lip ring. Pierre cupped David’s cheek and closed his eyes as he began to move toward him, every nerve in his body alive and tingling as he waited for the moment when their lips would connect for the first time.

“Lookin’ good there, Staple Face!”

Pierre stopped and pulled away from David, his head turning in the direction of the girl’s voice that had interrupted what surely would have been a perfect first kiss. David stepped out of Pierre’s arms and raised a hand to two girls that were leaving the mall. “Wish I could say the same thing to you, Ally, but you’re lookin’ a bit anorexic. Why don’t you go eat another dick?” Pierre’s eyes widened and he stared at David with his mouth hanging open. There wasn’t a single part of him that would have ever expected that response to leave David’s lips. He was shocked even further when the girls scoffed in response and David mimed jacking off to them, before finishing by flipping them off. “Fucking cunts,” he grumbled as he turned back to look at Pierre, who was still staring at David in shock. “What?” he asked innocently.

“Do you know those girls?” Pierre asked, blinking rapidly at the complete one-eighty in David’s personality.

“Yeah, we go to school together,” David replied with a shrug.

Pierre watched David skeptically. There was something about that answer that made him feel uneasy. People in college didn’t act like that… did they? The behavior displayed back and forth between the two girls and David seemed very high school to Pierre, but that was ridiculous. David couldn’t be in high school… right? “School…” Pierre started softly, his brow furrowed. “Where do you go? The University of Oregon?”

David blinked rapidly at Pierre. “Um… no?” he said nervously. “Junction City High.” Pierre’s jaw dropped and his breath got caught in his chest. High school. He was on a date with a boy in high school, not a man in college, as he’d thought. “What? What’s wrong?” David asked quickly, a sad, nervous look crossing his features.

Pierre placed a hand on each of David’s shoulders, staring at him firmly in the eyes. “Please tell me you’re eighteen,” he said seriously.

David’s eyes widened slightly and he blinked a few times at Pierre. “I’m seventeen,” he said softly.

Pierre’s eyes widened further and he took a step back, putting his hands on his head instead. “Oh my God,” he muttered frantically. “That’s not legal…”

“What’s the big deal?” David asked quietly. “How old are you?”

“Twenty one,” Pierre said blankly, and David’s mouth fell open slightly.

“Oh… well fuck, that is illegal,” David commented unhelpfully. David seemed stuck in place as he watched Pierre, clearly freaking out that he had nearly just kissed a minor. “I’ll be eighteen in August!” David added hopefully.

“And I’ll be twenty two in May,” Pierre said sadly. David’s eyes widened slightly at that information. Pierre dropped his hands back to his side in a defeated sort of way and stared helplessly at David. “How are you not over eighteen?” Pierre asked weakly. Pierre watched as every last bit of arrogant swagger seeped from David’s body. The two stared sadly at each other, both feeling as if a sudden invisible barrier had been placed between them. “You don’t act like a teenager,” Pierre said, and from the tone of his voice, it sounded as if he was trying to explain himself; explain his reasoning behind being a dirty old pervert, as he suddenly felt. “You don’t look like a teenager,” he continued, and almost as if he couldn’t help himself, he took a step toward David again.

David gave a weak smile, though he didn’t dare move toward Pierre. “You wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t told you…” David said quietly. “Not that I was trying to hide it. It didn’t occur to me that you didn’t know…” David and Pierre stared at each other for several long seconds before Pierre sighed and looked down at the ground. “So…” David said softly, and very cautiously he reached forward and touched his fingertips lightly to Pierre’s stomach. Pierre looked up from the ground and watched David’s face carefully, a touch of sadness to his deep brown eyes. “What you were saying before…” David started, for once sounding slightly nervous.

“About what?” Pierre asked gently, and he took a small step forward, forcing David’s hand to press more firmly against his body.

“About kissing me…” David continued quietly as he moved his hand slowly up to rest instead on Pierre’s broad chest.

Pierre’s hand moved to cover David’s on his chest and he gave a weak smile. “What about it?” How had this happened? How had the two ended up in that position? Why couldn’t he manage to stay away from David, even after finding out about their four and a half year age difference? There was something in those wide, hazel eyes that drew him in and held him there; something in those baby pink lips that gave Pierre the urge to do nothing but make David smile for the rest of his life. David’s power over him was already dangerously strong; how could he say no to him?

“Does this… our age difference, I mean… does it make you change your mind about that?” David asked delicately.

Pierre’s stomach squirmed as he watched David blink slowly up at him, his long, dark lashes fanning out flawlessly against his pale skin, and suddenly it didn’t matter anymore. What did he care if it was illegal? What did he care if he could get go to jail and ultimately get deported for statutory rape if he and David ever engaged in sexual activity and were caught? It didn’t matter. Not in the slightest.

Pierre gave a soft smile and shook his head slowly. “Not at all,” he said honestly, and David gave a gentle smile. Pierre took a slow, deep breath as he began to lean down for the second time that night, this time determined to kiss David without being interrupted. His hand again found David’s face, his thumb stroking gently across his cheek as his lips danced so dangerously close to David’s that he could feel the other boy’s breath against his. Pierre closed his eyes and with that final leap of faith, he leaned down, pressing his lips ever so softly against David’s. Pierre’s body erupted with butterflies when David moved both hands to grasp at his sides and he leaned up into the kiss. The softest of whimpers escaped the back of David’s throat as Pierre moved his hand to the back of David’s head and deepened the kiss, his other hand pressing into David’s lower back and pushing him harder against his body.

The two pulled apart slowly, though they didn’t move away from each other and neither opened their eyes. David was still standing so close to Pierre, completely wrapped up in his arms, that Pierre could feel David’s lip ring brushing against his lips. Pierre heard a softly muttered, “Wow,” and couldn’t help the roguish grin that spread across his lips. He couldn’t believe how light and warm he felt. He had just kissed David! And not only that, David had liked it! With that thought in mind, Pierre’s grip on the back of David’s head became more firm and he leaned down into him again, his lips parting and being almost instantly met with David’s tongue. David’s hands snaked up around Pierre’s neck, his fingers tangling in Pierre’s short brown hair as he pulled himself harder against Pierre’s body. The feel of David’s smaller body pressed against his awoke new kinds of feelings in Pierre, things that he hadn’t felt for years; it absolutely drove him wild.

Again, they broke apart, this time panting as they clung to each others bodies. “God… you’re incredible,” Pierre breathed out as he pressed his forehead against David’s, not feeling abashed in the slightest by how overt he was being.

David gave a soft laugh and relaxed his grip a bit in Pierre’s hair, though his fingers played absentmindedly in it. “You’re not so bad yourself,” he replied gently. Pierre pulled back and opened his eyes for the first time since kissing David. If he had felt soft and fuzzy before, it was nothing to how he felt in that moment. David, with his eyes closed, his eyebrows raised slightly and a soft smile on his lips, looked more beautiful than anyone Pierre had ever laid eyes on. Slowly, David’s eyelids slid open and he looked up at Pierre, smiling at him with a weak kind of curiosity. “What?” he asked softly.

Pierre couldn’t keep himself from smiling as the words he was thinking simply spilled from his lips. “You’re beautiful,” he admitted quietly. David grinned and leaned up for another kiss, one which Pierre readily returned. Pierre couldn’t manage to wrap his mind around the fact that he was kissing David. With David’s lips on his, he managed to completely forget the information he’d just learned: David? A minor? What? With David in his arms, the issue didn’t even exist anymore. They were nothing more or less than two boys who were obviously very interested in each other. Why hadn’t Pierre seen it that way before?

As the two pulled apart, David took a step away from Pierre, though he instantly grabbed his hand before beginning to walk. “So what now, Monsieur Bouvier?” David asked smoothly, causing Pierre’s stomach to squirm in a pleasant manner.

Pierre smiled at David as he walked beside him and gave his hand a gentle squeeze. “I dunno, what do you wanna do?”

David stopped walking and looked at Pierre, who came to a stop as well and turned to face him. “Honestly?” David asked cautiously.

Pierre smiled wider and nodded. “Honestly. You name it.”

David took a small step forward and placed his free hand on Pierre’s chest, smiling at the soft, nervous breath Pierre took. “I’m curious… do you live alone?” Pierre’s eyes widened slightly, though in spite of his nervous shock at David’s question and the obvious intention behind it, Pierre found himself nodding. “Do you live in an apartment?” David continued, clearly not shy about what he was getting at in the slightest. Again, Pierre nodded. David smirked up at him before biting down on his lip ring. “Honestly, I’d like to see the inside of it,” David said casually, grinning wide as Pierre swallowed hard and blinked several times in response. “That is… if you want to show it to me.” Pierre opened his mouth to speak, though no sound came out other than an airy squeak. David laughed lightly and tilted his head to the side. “Is that a yes?” David asked slyly. Pierre closed his mouth and stared down at David for a moment longer before nodding once.

David leaned slowly up, placing the most gentle of kisses on the underside of Pierre’s jaw. Pierre’s eyes fell closed and his lips parted, a shaky breath finding its way out of his aching lungs. David pulled away from Pierre just as slowly as he had approached him and smiled up at him for a few seconds before beginning to walk away, pulling Pierre in the direction of where they’d parked. It took them five minutes to get to the car walking around the outside of the mall. At first it had been slightly awkward, Pierre having no idea what to say to David, though David had quickly found a way to break the ice.

“God, it’s cold… why the fuck aren’t you wearing a jacket?” David asked Pierre as he turned to regard him skeptically. Sure, David was only wearing a zip-up hoodie, but still! It was better than nothing.

At that, all awkwardness was pushed away and Pierre found himself laughing. “Canada, remember?” Pierre pointed out fairly.

David laughed a few times lightly and nodded his head. “Oh yeah, you’re used to living in the freezer,” David commented with a boyish grin. After that comment, all awkwardness was forgotten. Before either of them knew it, they were walking up the steps to Pierre’s apartment, though as soon as Pierre had unlocked the front door and let them both inside, he started to feel that nervous knot tying itself in his stomach again. He turned slowly to face David, before leaning across him and pushing the door closed; as he hadn’t turned on a light yet, this left them standing practically against each other in almost complete darkness. Pierre stared down at David nervously. The fact that he could feel David’s breath on his lips told Pierre just how close the two were standing. The fact that he could feel how shaky David’s breath was told Pierre just how nervous David was.

“Pierre?” David asked softly.

“What?” Pierre whispered in return.

David was silent for a moment as he contemplated whether or not he was going to say his next words. “Now’s the moment when you push me against the door and kiss me like your life depends on it,” David breathed out, and though he sounded nervous, Pierre thought he sounded rather sure of that fact at the same time.

Pierre did exactly as David had demanded. His eyes fell closed as he grabbed David and kissed him before walking him backward and pushing him hard against the front door. A moan of excited pleasure erupted from the back of David’s throat as his body came to a stop and immediately his hands were under both of Pierre’s shirts, his fingers moving up Pierre’s sides, holding tightly to his smooth skin. His muscles felt as amazing under David’s fingers as David’s fingers felt against Pierre’s body.

David knew what he wanted and he wasn’t afraid to take it, no matter how shy Pierre was. He began to push against Pierre, though he didn’t stop kissing him as he walked him backward and pushed him down on the couch, climbing quickly on top of him. Pierre’s mind swam as David’s body came down on top of his. The thought ran through his mind that he’d been continually asking himself all night: How could any one person be so amazing? The younger boy’s hands traveling slowly down his body made Pierre’s stomach quiver nervously. Pierre held desperately to David’s smaller torso, a soft moan escaping his mouth and being swallowed by David’s as David rolled his hips down against his own. It scared Pierre slightly how out of control he was of the situation.

When Pierre felt David’s hands moving down to his pants, Pierre’s eyes opened and he disconnected their lips. He grabbed David’s hands and held onto them as he pulled them away, staring into a very confused David’s eyes with a kind of desperate pleading.

“What’s wrong?” David breathed softly as he stared down at the older man underneath him.

Pierre bit his lips together, embarrassed by his own innocence when it came to men. “Dave… I… I’ve never…” he started nervously.

David’s eyes widened and his mouth fell slowly open. “You’ve never had sex?!” he said, his voice ringing with shock.

Pierre gave an awkward half smile and shook his head. “Not with a guy,” he said softly.

David stared incredulously down at Pierre. “How is that even possible? You’re fucking HOT!”

Pierre gave a soft laugh despite everything else and shook his head slowly. “David… you’re only the second guy I’ve ever kissed.”

Slowly David moved off of Pierre, curiosity tingling in his limbs. “Really?” he asked softly.

Pierre sat up and nodded slowly. He looked to the side for the lamp before leaning over and turning it on, flooding the room with a dim light. “Really,” he admitted softly.

Again, David found himself repeating his shocked sentence. “….how is that even possible?! You’re fucking HOT!”

Pierre laughed again lightly before sighing and looking down at his lap. What was he supposed to say? Was he supposed to tell David about everything that had happened to him? He felt nervous, like perhaps the information of how broken Pierre was would scare David away. “C’est trop compliqué,” he muttered softly, for the sake of saying something without David understanding. He was shocked, therefore, when David began to speak to him in French.

“Pourquoi?” David asked softly, and Pierre’s head snapped up and over to David quickly, his eyes wide with surprise. “Tu peux me dire, Pierre,” he finished gently, reaching over and placing a hand on Pierre’s shoulder.

Pierre blinked at David, his mouth hanging open. “Why? You can tell me, Pierre.” He was absolutely shocked by the fact that David had just opened his mouth and spoken perfect French to him. “How… the fuck… do you know French?” Pierre asked incredulously.

David smiled and shrugged. “Je suis Canadien aussi,” he responded simply.

At that, Pierre felt himself get even more surprised. “You’re Canadian?” Pierre asked weakly.

“Oui,” David responded sweetly.


David laughed and nodded. “Yes! You haven‘t heard my whole name, have you?” Pierre shook his head slowly, wondering now why he’d never asked. David smiled softly as he said, “Je m’appelle David Philippe Desrosiers. Enchantée.”

Pierre couldn’t help but stare at David. It occurred to him now how little he really knew about him. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“You never asked,” David said with a shrug.

Pierre blinked at David, and before he could stop himself, the question he really wanted to ask was spilling from his lips. “How the hell did you end up here?” Pierre asked quickly.

Was Pierre crazy or did David stall at that question? Perhaps it was the tiniest fraction of a second, but there was definitely a look on David’s face, as if he didn’t want to explain how he had ended up in America, why he had left Canada. Pierre watched him carefully as the smile returned to his face and his eyes lit up again with the childlike defiance that he adored so much. “Well, how did you?” David asked pointedly.

Pierre blinked down at David. There wasn’t a single part of him that wanted to tell David his story. He didn’t want to talk about Sebastien or Patrick. He didn’t want to talk about the hate mail. He didn’t want to talk about the emotional abuse he’d endured. Defiantly, Pierre smiled and shook his head slowly. “I asked you first,” he pointed out fairly. Once that sentence was out there, it was so obvious to Pierre that David had stalled when asked the question. David didn’t want to reveal his secrets either, which in Pierre’s mind wasn’t all that bad. If David didn’t answer the question, Pierre didn’t have to. Most of him hoped that David would simply refuse to tell him.

He was a tad disappointed, however, when David sighed and looked down at the floor, though most of him felt guilty for making David make that expression at all. “Fine,” he said softly. “My mom’s Canadian… my dad’s American. They met when they were both really young… my dad was seventeen, my mom was sixteen. My dad was in Canada visiting his grandparents, who had moved there when they retired, and he met my mom. They had a thing that would’ve ended if it hadn’t been for… well… me coming along.” Pierre watched David speak, giving a nod of comprehension. So the two teenagers had sex and were all of a sudden left with the burden of a baby. David kept his eyes averted as he continued to speak; this was obviously very difficult for him.

“I was born before my mom and dad were married, so I was born with her maiden name, Desrosiers. My dad stayed in Canada to be with her, and when they were old enough for it to be legal, they got married… they never changed my last name, though… I guess they figured it didn’t matter,” David added softly, and Pierre thought he sounded a touch bitter, as if he was angry with his parents for making him stand apart from the family. It wasn’t hard to understand why a teenage boy would feel that way. “And then when I was three, my sister Yael came along,” David added with a nod. “Of course, she has my dad’s last name since she was born after they were married…” and as he said this, he sounded more bitter still. It was clear to see that this hurt David, even if he wouldn’t openly admit to it.

“My dad… he never particularly liked Canada,” David explained slowly. “He only stayed because of my mom… I like to think he really loved her,” David continued softly. Pierre’s brow furrowed as he took in David’s use of the past tense in that sentence: loved her. “My mom, uh… she died a few years ago,” David said, his voice devastatingly soft now, and Pierre was suddenly very worried that the younger boy might cry. “I was in ninth grade, about half way through when she died. Well, without her around, dad didn’t see any reason to stay in Canada, so he moved back here, where he grew up, and he brought me and Yelly back with him,” David continued quietly. “And that’s how the hell I ended up here.”

“David… I… I’m so sorry,” Pierre said quietly, at a complete loss for what else to say.

David looked up and gave a sad smile before shaking his head. “Your turn,” he said pointedly.

Pierre bit down on the inside of his cheek. Suddenly his story just seemed stupid in comparison to the death of David’s mother. When David continued to stare at him expectantly, Pierre sighed and nodded a few times. “I was in my senior year in high school when I came out to my two best friends, Sebastien and Patrick,” Pierre started quietly. He knew it would be best to just start at the beginning, as David had. “They kinda… well, they freaked out on me. Called me gross and unnatural and anything else you can think of… by the end of the next day everyone in school knew. I got ‘homo’ and ‘sinner’ and all sorts of fucked up shit painted or scratched onto my locker… used condoms, hate mail… just a lot of fucked up shit,” Pierre repeated quietly.

“I tried to escape it… I deleted my facebook, I changed my email address, but it just didn’t stop, ya know? It wasn’t everyone doing it, but it only takes a few kids to bully another kid…” Pierre trailed off softly, a pained look crossing his features. It was odd for David to picture Pierre being bullied, as he was tall and muscular and wickedly handsome, though he could see from the pain in Pierre’s eyes that it was something that still affected him, to that day. “I wanted out. I wanted to leave and never go back… so I applied for my visa and moved here. My uncle lives here, that’s how I ended up here…” he added with a nod.

“Jesus Christ,” David commented softly. Pierre looked over at him, his facial expression strangely blank. It felt weird to be talking about Canada with someone. “But that was a long time ago, wasn’t it?” David prompted him softly. Pierre gave a short nod and looked down at the ground. “So… you haven’t, like… tried to date anyone since then?” David continued delicately.

Pierre gave a soft laugh and shook his head. “It’s hard to explain,” he said softly. Truth be told, it wasn’t hard to explain; Pierre just didn’t want to. Sure, Pierre easily could have found someone to date. If he’d wanted to, he could have gotten over his last few weeks in high school and lived a perfectly happy life in Canada. But did he want to? The pain of losing Sebastien was too great for him to just move on from. Not only had the boy he’d been in love with rejected him horribly, but he’d then spent the next several weeks torturing him for the whole school to see. Maybe if he hadn’t been so heartbroken, he would’ve moved on. Was he going to explain all of that to David, especially on the first date? Absolutely not.

“Would it make me a terrible person to admit that I’m kinda happy all this terrible shit happened to us?” David asked softly.

Pierre looked over at him again curiously. “What do you mean?”

“Well… if it didn’t… I wouldn’t have ever met you,” David started quietly, and Pierre noticed him getting uncharacteristically shy again; it made him feel warm inside. “And I’m really glad I did…”

Pierre gave a weak smile before all of the warmth welled inside of him and he couldn’t stop himself from leaning toward David, his stomach squirming pleasantly when David moved toward him in return and the two shared a soft, sweet kiss. Everything about being with David felt perfect: David’s lips on his, David’s hand on the back of his neck, David’s soft hair between his fingers. David was absolutely perfect in every way.

Slowly Pierre pulled back, staring at David through dazed eyes for a moment. David’s hazel eyes slid open and he stared into Pierre’s eyes, his lips slowly parting as he did. The pure perfection in David’s gaze stoked the fire in Pierre’s chest and before he knew it, he was leaning into David again quickly. David gave a startled moan at Pierre’s sudden streak of passion, and again his hands were clawing desperately at Pierre’s body. Pierre couldn’t help himself as his hands found David’s sides, or as he leaned over the smaller boy, forcing him to lay back against the couch. David moaned his pleasure as Pierre’s hands moved under his shirt, grasping hard at his smaller body, his lips disconnecting with David’s and instead finding the smaller boy’s neck.

Suddenly it didn’t matter that Pierre was entirely inexperienced when it came to sex with men. Suddenly the fact that he’d never touched another man was pushed to the back of his mind. David’s hands quickly removed both of Pierre’s shirts, and Pierre was only too quick to strip David of his hoodie and t-shirt and throw them to the side, his larger body hulking over David’s as he leaned down to bring their lips together again. David’s hands explored Pierre’s body, bringing shivers through Pierre’s limbs. “Pierre,” he muttered against Pierre’s lips as he brought his arms up around Pierre’s neck and pulled himself closer.

“Hmm?” Pierre responded softly, breaking his kiss and instead bringing his lips to David’s neck. David moaned softly and held tighter to Pierre as he continued to place soft kisses along his neck, working his way slowly down to David’s shoulder.

David closed his eyes and brought his body up against Pierre’s as he felt Pierre bite down on his shoulder. He knew what he wanted, but with Pierre kissing and biting his neck and shoulder, his hands holding tightly to his smaller body, David found it difficult to get the words out that he needed to use. “Bedroom,” he muttered, before pulling Pierre’s face back up to his own and kissing him again. Pierre felt his head spinning as he thought of the word David had just said to him. At first he’d thought they were going to have sex, then it seemed that they were not, but now there was no doubt in his mind that sex was exactly where the two were headed.

Regardless of how nervous that made him, Pierre wrapped his arms firmly around David’s waist and carefully stood, pulling David up with him. He didn’t stop kissing David as he walked him into his bedroom. David held tight to Pierre’s body as he was pushed carefully down onto his bed, which was much bigger and more comfortable than the couch had been.

While David’s touch on Pierre was sure and experienced, Pierre’s hands were shaking as he touched David. He was trembling as he removed the rest of David’s clothes, his body visibly shaking as David undressed him. David pulled him on top of him and smiled up at him sweetly, his hands coming to rest on the backs of Pierre’s shoulders. “Are you okay?” David whispered gently, his fingers dancing in a soothing manner along Pierre’s soft skin. Pierre nodded nervously, though he didn’t trust himself to speak. David gave him a knowing smile and tilted his head to the side as he stared up at him. “Are you sure? I can see you shaking…”

Pierre swallowed hard and nodded again. “I’m just nervous, I guess,” he whispered softly.

David placed his arms back on the bed and propped himself up on his elbows so that his and Pierre’s faces were mere inches apart. Pierre’s cheeks flushed and he blinked rapidly at David, his breath coming out shaky through barely parted lips. “Ne sois pas nerveux, Pierre,” David breathed softly as he moved his hand up and placed it on the back of Pierre’s neck. “Je ne mords pas,” he added with a playful wink.

Pierre stared down at David with his mouth hanging slightly open. “Don’t be nervous, Pierre. I don’t bite.” He just couldn’t manage to wrap his mind around the fact that David was Canadian. Every time David opened his mouth and French came out, it shocked him. Pierre nodded slowly, his shock apparent on his features, something which made David grin up at him. That grin faltered slightly, however, when Pierre’s gaze softened and he began to lean down toward the smaller boy.

Pierre’s stomach flipped in his body as he kissed David again, though that nervous feeling was almost immediately replaced by a feeling of desire in his chest as David leaned up into his kiss, his tongue pressing into Pierre’s mouth. That kiss set the two off for, if not a perfect night, certainly a spectacular one. Pierre had never felt so connected with another person as he felt with David. The way he touched him, the way he kissed him, the way he dug his fingers into his skin and called his name; it was all more than Pierre could have ever expected out of his first sexual experience with another man. And as the two drifted to sleep that night in each other’s arms, Pierre didn’t think he’d ever felt happier.
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