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Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad, Chapter 6

Title: Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Six
Rating: R
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 6896
Summary: After coming out of the closet to his friends in Canada and getting disowned by them, Pierre Bouvier moves to a hick town in the states to escape. Life is dull and grim for the twenty-one year old Canadian until he meets David Desrosiers, a young man who could change it all for the better.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: So I don't know if anyone's ever heard the song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, but it's pretty much my song for David/Troy. It's super beautiful and sad! <3

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The following day was torture of David. There wasn’t a single part of him that wanted to go to school, but what was he supposed to say? ‘Sorry, but seeing as your high school hero raped me yesterday, I don’t think I’m gonna make it today’? No. Pierre had managed to inflate David’s self-esteem a little bit the previous night, though as soon as he had stepped foot into the school, it was as if he’d never seen him. David was shaking as he walked down the hall, keeping his eyes on the ground, avoiding the gazes of anyone around him, especially his sister when she approached him. Even she didn’t want to be around him at school, and could David blame her? She was popular. She was normal. David was a freak. When David heard Troy’s name being called in the hall, he put all of his energy into looking as small as possible. He was insignificant. He was worthless. Surely Troy wouldn’t look at him anymore?

David didn’t utter a sound as his body flew into the lockers he was passing and he didn’t look up as Troy addressed him, laughing with his friends at the way David stayed leaning against the lockers, his eyes staring determinately at the floor. He heard Troy taunting him, heard him trying to draw out David’s usual fiery response, though David didn’t look at him. He couldn’t look at him without breaking. He knew Troy was growing angry because he wouldn’t look at him, and sure enough, soon Troy had grabbed onto him and was slamming him again into the lockers, getting more laughter from the people watching.

“Aww, come on Staple Face,” Troy taunted. “Aren’t you gonna look at me?” Perhaps no one watching could hear it, but David could hear the hint of desperate longing in Troy’s voice. David shook his head quickly and curled further into himself, keeping his eyes trained on one spot on the floor. “Well that’s just rude,” Troy told him lightly before shoving him into the lockers again, this time so hard that David was incapable of standing afterward.

David watched the feet of his classmates from the floor as they walked away, patting Troy on the back, laughing as if they’d just gotten the best show of their lives. By the time David had gotten back to Pierre’s apartment that night, he was just as broken and dejected as he had been the night before, only now he had small, round bruises on his back from being forced against a lock on a locker. Though Pierre questioned David, again David gave nothing away. He simply clung to Pierre’s comfort with everything in him, unable to speak, unable to breathe.

The next several days at school went like this, although each day got progressively worse as Troy struck out for David’s attention and David continued to ignore him. David knew exactly what Troy was doing: he was upset that David hadn’t been back to his house. Normally Troy didn’t pay so much attention to David at school. Normally he left him alone and only picked on him lightly if the two crossed paths accidentally, but now Troy practically stalked him in the halls. With so many eyes on him constantly, this meant that if Troy was pursuing David, people were going to notice, so the only way he could try to get David’s attention was to bully him, with the result that by the end of the first week, people were looking at picking on David as a game. Whereas before he’d been ignored and occasionally jeered at in the halls for being different, now people were going out of their way to watch Troy hit him. By the time the weekend had arrived, David was beaten down beyond belief.

Pierre tried day after day to get David to tell him what was going on, who was doing this to him, because after the second day of Troy torturing David in the halls, it was obvious that someone was beating him up every day. Every day David came to Pierre’s apartment after school, and every day his injuries seemed to get worse. Some days he showed up bleeding, some days he was simply bruised, and yet no matter how bad it got, David seemed determined to protect the person causing him harm. Pierre just couldn’t understand it.

David tried everything he could think of to escape Troy. It had been a week and a half since Troy’s violation on him, and David was walking quickly around the side of the school, hoping that by taking an inconveniently long way home Troy wouldn’t find him. His nose was bleeding and there was a stabbing pain in his left ribcage, a souvenir from Troy’s attack on him a mere five minutes previously. If he could walk fast enough, perhaps he could get away without falling victim to Troy’s game again.

He closed his eyes when he heard Troy calling out to him, though his voice was soft and desperate, and he called him ‘David’. This told David without needing to turn around that Troy was alone. The thought scared him more than Troy being surrounded by other students, because at least with other eyes on them, Troy wouldn’t try anything intimate with him. David would gladly take the beatings over Troy showing affection.

“David, wait!” Troy called from behind him, though David only sped up while beginning to dig in his backpack for something he’d bought the night before. When he felt Troy’s hand on his arm, David pulled his hand quickly from his backpack and swung around, pointing his pepper spray up at Troy’s face with fear stricken eyes. Troy’s eyes widened and he took several steps back. Though he was taller and stronger than David, he didn’t doubt that David could spray him in the face before he could get it away from him. “David, come on, is this really necessary?” Troy asked weakly.

David took a step back, tears swimming in his eyes. “Don’t come near me,” David told him, his voice shaking.

“David, I-I’m sorry!” Troy begged quietly. David shook his head quickly, taking several more steps away from him. “Please, David, I miss you!”

“You’re a liar,” David breathed, his hand visibly shaking with the pepper spray in it. Troy watched him nervously, his eyes never wavering from David’s. “You’re not the only one that cares about me. I’m not alone. I’m not a loser. Pierre cares about me,” David whispered, his hand shaking even more now.

“He doesn’t care like I care,” Troy whispered, and bravely, he took a step toward David. David’s eyes widened slightly, his grip on his pepper spray becoming tighter, his finger poised, ready to press down on the trigger at any moment. “David… I love you,” Troy said weakly, and as if he couldn’t help himself, he took yet another step toward David so that the pepper spray was mere inches in front of his face.

“I’m not afraid to do it,” David warned, though his shaking hand suggested otherwise.

“So do it,” Troy told him. When David did nothing but stare fearfully at him, Troy offered a weak smile. “Please, I’m sorry about what I did! I was angry and desperate… but you never came back… and it made me realize how much I love you. Please… please, David, just give me another chance,” Troy pleaded sadly, and David was shocked to see tears in Troy’s deep brown eyes.

Those brown eyes made David think of another pair, a kinder pair, a pair that had never once hurt him. Gathering all the courage he possessed, David shook his head and took a large step back. “What you did to me is unforgivable, Troy,” David said strongly, putting extra emphasis on the boy’s real name. David would never call him Andrew again. Andrew was a part of his twisted love life, a world where no one else existed; Troy was nothing more than a cruel boy who loved to watch David hurt.

Troy’s brow furrowed and he swallowed hard. “You’re sure you wanna do this?” He asked menacingly. David nodded once firmly at him. “You know what this means, don’t you?” Again, David nodded. If Andrew was gone, there would be nothing left but Troy, and at that precise moment, while Andrew wanted to kiss David, Troy wanted to hurt him. The angry look drained slowly from Troy’s features and he began to inch toward David again. “Come on, David, please, give me another chance…”

“No,” David whispered, shaking his head slowly.

“Please! I promise I’ll start ignoring you again at school! No one will so much as look at you ever again. All of this violence can just stop! And I’ll never have to take you again when you don’t want it! I didn’t want to do that to you David, but you made me! Just give me one more chance!”

David couldn’t believe the words Troy was speaking to him. He couldn’t believe that Troy possessed the ability to speak those words and think they were alright. David felt himself only getting more attached to Pierre as he realized what he was leaving behind: a sick monster. “No,” he said again, this time much more firmly.

Troy moved quickly toward David. Whether he was going to grab him and hurt him or he was going to try to kiss him, David didn’t know. Either way, it took less than a second for his finger to come down hard on the trigger of his pepper spray, not stopping as Troy’s face contorted in pain, or as he fell to the ground. The quarterback’s screams of agony snapped everything back into perspective and David ran, ran faster than he’d ever run in his life.

Pierre embraced him warmly when he showed up at his apartment, bleeding and with tears on his cheeks. He didn’t ask anymore; he simply led him into the bathroom and gently told him to sit on the counter, before grabbing a wet rag and beginning to clean up his face. “Your dad doesn’t mind that you’ve been sleeping at my apartment every day for the past week and a half?” Pierre asked gently while he took the wet cloth to David’s bleeding nose.

David smiled weakly and shook his head. “Are you kidding? He’s stoked,” David said quietly. He winced as Pierre continued to dab at his nose, cleaning off the last bits of dried blood.

“Sorry,” Pierre muttered softly, before throwing the rag to the side and instead looking at the black eye that David was sporting. “Why is he stoked?” Pierre asked quietly, though he felt rather odd using David’s terminology, like a dad trying to level with his son.

David gave a soft laugh followed by a quiet sigh. “He’s just glad I finally have a friend,” David explained quietly. Pierre watched him carefully, afraid that David could start crying again. He’d seen David cry enough in the past week and a half to last a lifetime. “I think he’s hoping you can make me normal,” David continued, and as he said this, a sad look crossed his features.

“Hey,” Pierre said softly. David looked up at him and offered another weak smile. “You are normal. There’s nothing wrong with you.” The two stared at each other for a moment, before Pierre was at the bathroom sink, washing the blood out of his wash cloth. “So… does he know that we’re more than friends?” Pierre asked delicately.

David actually laughed out loud at that, though it was a movement he instantly regretted. He moved his hand to clutch at his left side, holding gingerly to his ribs as a look of pain appeared on his face. “God, don’t make me laugh, Pierre,” David warned him, though he smiled weakly still. “It fucking hurts.”

Pierre watched him sadly. “Your ribs too?” he asked as he pulled David’s hand carefully away from his side and slowly lifted up his shirt. He sighed at the purple bruise on David’s milky white skin; just another for the collection.

“Yeah… he punched me,” David said weakly as his eyes went out of focus and he relived the memory, followed by the memory of the last conversation he’d had with Troy. He knew he was going to pay for the pepper spray, but David didn’t care. So what if Troy got ten times more violent? At least he would know that David was truly done with him.

Pierre’s expression changed slightly, feeling his insides tingling. This was the first clue David had dropped about who was doing this to him; this was the first he’d talked about it. “It’s just one person doing this?” Pierre asked slowly, hoping that David might let more through his defenses while in his half-dream state. Slowly David nodded, though he didn’t blink as he thought of the pain in Troy’s eyes, and how sincere he’d seemed when he told David he loved him. David felt a mixture of fear, pity and anger when he thought of Troy; it was disarming. “Who’s doing it, David?” Pierre asked softly, though he knew it wouldn’t work before he’d even finished the sentence.

David looked over at him, blinking rapidly as he pulled himself back to reality. “I’m not telling you,” David told him firmly.

“Why not?” Pierre asked quickly. He put his hands on David’s face carefully and leaned toward him, staring him straight in the eyes with a kind of irritated passion. “Just give me a name and all of this will stop, I promise,” Pierre continued quietly.

David stared at Pierre nervously. He hated the image of Pierre hurting Troy, even if it was to protect him. “No,” David told him softly, and Pierre let out a quiet growl of a sigh and shook his head in irritation. “What are you gonna do? Beat up a high school student? Pierre, you’re not much use to me in Canadian jail,” David reasoned with him softly.

“What if I promised just to threaten him a little?” Pierre asked weakly.

David couldn’t help but smile at the way Pierre was trying to reason with him, like a child begging for dessert before dinner was finished. Again, he shook his head. “I’m not risking it,” David told him firmly, and Pierre knew from the tone in his voice he wasn’t going to say anything more on the subject. He sighed and dropped his hands, pulling away.

“Fine,” Pierre grumbled as he returned to the sink to finish cleaning the cloth. “I’m just trying to be a good boyfriend.”

That one word was enough to freeze the room around the two. Slowly David and Pierre turned to look at each other, both with wide, nervous eyes and pink cheeks. “I didn’t realize you were my boyfriend, Pierre,” David said softly, though there was a touch of his usual cocky flare beneath his shy sentence.

“I, uh… I didn’t mean… I just meant… I just…” Pierre stuttered as he stared at David, whose weak smile turned quickly to an arrogant one. Pierre stared at David for a moment longer before muttering, “Fuck,” and looking down at his hands.

David gave a soft laugh and reached over, placing his hand gently under Pierre’s chin and pulling his face back up. Pierre bit his lips together and stared at David with wide, sad, brown eyes. “Do you want to be my boyfriend?” David asked pointedly.

Pierre was silent for a moment, feeling like a complete idiot for his slip of the ‘b’ word. “Of course I do,” he admitted quietly.

David grinned and scooted carefully closer to Pierre on the counter, who swallowed hard and straightened up slightly. “Then remember this day,” David told him quietly. Pierre blinked at him in confusion and tilted his head to the side, looking undeniably like a lost puppy. David grinned wider as his arms snaked around Pierre’s neck and he pulled him in front of him, forcing Pierre to stand between his legs. “Because in a year from now I expect an anniversary present,” David finished his thought with a wide smile.

Pierre grinned at David’s response. He didn’t think he’d ever heard such a cute way to officiate a relationship. David was just too adorable for words sometimes. “What, no six month anniversary present for you, then?” Pierre asked, allowing himself a sweet smile.

David scoffed and raised an eyebrow at Pierre. “Oh, you better get me a six month anniversary present,” David warned him jokingly, and Pierre grinned wider.

“Okay, so… what day is it? January twenty-third?” Pierre asked softly. David smiled and nodded his head. “Okay, boyfriend…” The two smiled at each other for a short moment before moving toward each other and sharing a soft kiss. David allowed his eyes to fall closed and he held tighter to Pierre, for once in the past week and a half feeling normal again. Slowly he pulled away and simply stared at Pierre’s face, feeling incredulous at the fact that he had a boyfriend.

Pierre stared at David curiously. He had a plan though he wasn’t sure it would work or if he should even try it. Still, he took a deep breath and looked down at David’s shirt. “So… if I had a secret from you, you would want me to tell you, as your boyfriend, right?” Pierre asked carefully.

David thought about his question for a second before nodding. “Yeah, I guess,” he told him quietly.

“And you can’t start relationships on a foundation of secrets and lies… right?” Pierre continued slowly.

David shook his head, wondering what it was Pierre was getting at. Had he been hiding something from him? “Of course not,” David told him gently, hoping that Pierre knew he could trust David with anything.

“So don’t you think you should tell me who’s doing this to you?” Pierre asked, forcing himself to look up into David’s eyes.

David stared nervously at Pierre, completely shocked that Pierre had managed to pull that trick on him. “That’s different,” he said quickly.

“Why?” Pierre asked, and David shook his head and looked away. “David, I can help,” Pierre tried to reason, his hand again finding David’s cheek.

David looked back at him, shaking his head slowly. “I don’t want you getting in trouble over me. You shouldn’t even be dating me… it’s illegal. And you really shouldn’t beat up a high school student, or even threaten one! You mean too much to me for me to risk losing you,” David finished softly, diverting his eyes.

Pierre gave a soft sigh, his thumb stroking David’s cheek gently. “Dave… you have to trust me,” Pierre told him gently.

David looked again into his eyes, feeling guilt tearing at his insides. He knew what Pierre said was true; he couldn’t keep this from him. “Troy,” David whispered. “Troy Baker.”

Really, the name didn’t help much, now that Pierre thought about it. It really didn’t tell him anything more about the kid. “Why is he doing this to you?” Pierre continued gently.

And though it killed him to lie, David just couldn’t bring himself to tell Pierre the truth. “… I’m gay,” he said, choosing to say a statement which was true. He wasn’t lying, not at all! It was very, very true that David was a gay teenager. It wasn’t the answer to Pierre’s question, but if Pierre just happened to take it that way, so be it.

Pierre watched David sadly and before he could stop himself, he wrapped his arms around David and pulled him tightly against his body. David winced as his ribs gave a stab, though he didn’t pull away from Pierre. “Can I at least start picking you up from school?” Pierre asked softly. “Maybe if I’m there, this kid won’t mess with you…”

“I just can’t lose you, Pierre,” David whispered as he buried his face in Pierre’s neck. “I know it’s not really fair… but you have no idea how much I need you right now. I can’t even handle going home… I’m just scared. But when I’m with you, I know nothing can happen to me,” David whispered weakly. He gave a soft laugh and nuzzled his face in Pierre’s neck. “Hell, no one can even find me here. No one knows where I am. It feels… strangely nice, if that makes sense.”

Pierre nodded and ran his fingers through David’s short, black hair. “Trust me, I know how good that feels,” he admitted softly. With a sigh, he looked up at the ceiling, before forcing himself to nod. “Alright. I won’t do anything,” Pierre said quietly.

David closed his eyes and relaxed into Pierre’s embrace. “Thank you, Pie.”

Pierre blinked and pulled back, looking down at David curiously. “You’re calling me Pie now?” he asked with a sweet smile.

David smiled up at him and nodded. “I’m your boyfriend. I can do what I want,” he said childishly, before sticking his tongue out.

Pierre scoffed and tapped David’s tongue once with his finger, grinning at the confused look on the smaller boy’s face at his actions. He stared at him for a moment longer before pulling him into a hug again, feeling that he would never get tired of doing so, especially with David being so battered emotionally and physically. He just wanted to comfort him.

And as the week dragged on and David’s injuries continued to get worse, Pierre was finding it harder and harder to keep his promise. Troy’s attacks on David were getting more violent, and it was easy for David to see why. Troy was trying his hardest to deny that he was in love with David, even though he’d already admitted it. The fact that David had rejected him, then physically maimed him temporarily, made Troy want to hate David, though he couldn’t, and that made him even more angry. He was stuck halfway between hating David and loving him, between enjoying his pain and wanting to comfort him. Despite how much he hurt him, David couldn’t help but feel a little bit bad for Troy. The pressure of trying to be the perfect person would be enough to drive anyone crazy. Still, David was starting to really fear Troy and the things he could do to him and with his injuries getting increasingly grave, it was getting harder each day to keep Pierre at bay.

It was halfway through the following week and Pierre, despite David’s wishes, found himself standing outside David’s school across the street, waiting nervously for the bell to ring and students to start flooding out. Would he find David before Troy did? Would he be able to take him safely away from that place where he was supposed to be safe to begin with? He jumped when the bell finally rang and watched apprehensively, his arms crossed over his stomach as he scanned the mass of students leaving the front doors. When he saw David’s shiny black hair catch the sun, Pierre stood and began to walk across the street, making his way quickly toward him. Pierre felt his stomach lurch as he watched David look up and to the side, stop in place, and take off running in the opposite direction, followed quickly by three teenage boys.

Pierre bolted after them, hoping to find them before they could do too much damage to the smaller boy, though as he ran around the side of the school, it suddenly occurred to him how difficult it could be to find them. It was with a sense of frantic desperation that he ran around the building, looking behind bushes, listening for any sound that might be three boys torturing his boyfriend.

David was crying as he laid on his back, moving his head quickly from side to side to keep Troy from getting a hold of what he wanted: his piercings. Troy was kneeling on top of him, holding him down with a pair of pliers in one hand, trying to grab onto any of the silver loops piercing David’s face. David’s heart stopped in his chest when he felt a tug on his ear and his eyes opened wide, though Troy’s free hand held his face still, and there was a boy on each of his arms, keeping him firmly on the ground.

“Let me help get those staples out,” Troy said, though his voice quivered as he spoke.

“Please… no, no, no,” David cried frantically as Troy continued to pull on them tauntingly. “Please don’t, please, no, don’t!” There was a moment of hesitation before Troy pulled his arm away with all of his might. David felt a fire-hot pain sear the side of his face as both of his loops were ripped from his ear and he opened his mouth wide, letting out a loud, tortured scream, though his mouth was quickly covered by the boy to Troy’s right.

Pierre’s eyes widened when he heard that scream and he sped up, finding them within seconds. “GET THE FUCK OFF HIM!” he screamed as he ran toward them. All three boys turned to look at him, and Troy’s two friends took off running. Troy stood and faced Pierre, pliers still held in his hand clutching David’s earrings, which were dripping with blood. Pierre didn’t stop running even as his hands were on Troy, and before he could tell himself how it happened, Troy was against the wall of the building, struggling against him, trying to get Pierre off of him.

“Who the fuck are you?” Troy demanded angrily before aiming a punch that hit Pierre hard in the face. Pierre stumbled back, holding fast to his face. “His new boyfriend?!” Troy asked angrily. David rolled onto his side and clutched desperately at his ear, unable to stop the frantic sobs that were issuing from his chest. He felt as if his head had been split in two with a hot sword. Everything burned, everything ached; David could hardly see or hear.

Pierre looked up at Troy, taking in his use of the word new. He looked quickly from Troy to David on the ground, comprehension falling over him. “You…” he started quietly as he stared at David on the ground. The entire side of his face was drenched in bright red blood and his body was shaking harder than Pierre had ever seen him shake. Suddenly Pierre’s body was engulfed in flames. He turned back to Troy and ran at him again, his arms wrapping around the younger boy’s middle as he tackled him to the ground. Troy pushed against him, though Pierre’s fists were quick to punch him everywhere he could reach, sloppy and angry. Troy managed to hit him in the side, and Pierre fell sideways off of him, clutching his side.

Troy rolled on top of Pierre, his hands wrapping around his throat and squeezing with all his might. Pierre’s eyes squeezed closed and he reached up, grabbing desperately at Troy’s face. “You’ll never have what we had,” Troy spat at him. Pierre’s lungs were burning in his chest and his head was throbbing, and with one desperate swing, he punched Troy in the nose. Instantly his throat was released and he felt as if his lungs were re-inflating. Pierre clutched at his throat, gasping for air, before shakily getting off of the ground, watching as Troy did the same. Blood was dripping steadily from Troy’s nose and his eyes were watering, though that didn’t stop him from staggering toward Pierre. With every bit of strength and anger he could muster, Pierre delivered one final punch in the face, feeling a knot of sick pleasure at the way Troy fell to the ground and didn’t get up, though he stirred feebly as if he was trying.

Reaching down, Pierre picked Troy up by the collar of his shirt and stared into his eyes, his own pouring hatred. Troy gazed at him weakly, looking very near to passing out. “You‘re right. We won’t ever have what you had,” Pierre agreed with him angrily. “I will NEVER hurt him the way you have.” Pierre and Troy stared at each other, both panting, anger pouring from both of their eyes. “Don’t ever fucking come near David again,” Pierre warned, his voice low and raspy from the strangulation. “Don’t even fucking looking at him. If he comes home to me with so much as a hair out of place ever again, I swear to God I will fucking kill you,” he breathed. “Do you understand me?” Weakly, Troy nodded, and Pierre pushed him down, watching as the younger boy fell to the ground and laid there. When he looked over and saw David’s blood soaked face and neck, he felt his anger peak, and Pierre couldn’t stop himself as he turned back and kicked Troy hard in the stomach, feeling another surge of sick pleasure at the way he groaned and curled into himself. Troy would never mess with David again. Pierre had done enough to ensure that.

Pierre walked quickly to David, pulling his hands away from the side of his face and revealing his ripped earlobe. David was covered in more blood than Pierre had ever seen in his life. “Oh my God,” Pierre muttered quickly before picking David up and taking him quickly back to his car. Pierre’s mind was racing as he drove David quickly to the hospital, thinking of everything that had just happened, of everything he’d just learned. Apparently there was much more to the story than David had told him.

Pierre wished that he could’ve turned off the thoughts as he paced in the waiting room of the hospital. Though he knew David would be fine, he couldn’t help but feel frantic. One: he’d beaten up a high school student, just as he’d promised David he wouldn’t. Two: Apparently that high school student was David’s ex-boyfriend. Three: Seeing so much blood just freaked him out.

After about an hour of waiting, Pierre noticed two people rushing into the waiting room, looking frantic. When he heard the name ‘Desrosiers’ spoken, he knew he must have been looking at David’s father and his sister. Despite the paranoid voice screaming in his head to run and hide, Pierre walked over to them, explaining what had happened, though he gave them the short version. He left out everything about David being gay, about being David’s boyfriend, and about beating up a minor. They simply got the important bits, the parts that they couldn’t live without knowing.

David was seen immediately by a surgeon, who performed a very minor form of surgery on his ear to repair the damage. It was another hour before David’s father and sister were allowed to see him. Out of respect, Pierre waited in the waiting room, though it killed him to be apart from David for any longer than necessary. He needn’t have worried, however, because within another half-hour, David was walking back to him, giving him a soft smile, though he didn’t touch Pierre as he approached and he made no movement that could suggest the two were more than friends. David talked his father into allowing him to stay with Pierre again with the promise that after that night he would stay at home again. David’s dad shook Pierre’s hand and thanked him for helping David before waving the two off.

The car ride to Pierre’s apartment was filled with an awkward, tense silence, both Pierre and David thinking of everything that had just happened, although David had been in so much pain that he didn’t actually witness any of Pierre’s fight with Troy. He thought that it was better that way, and Pierre felt the same way. The things he’d said to Troy, the threat he’d given, the fact that he kicked him when he was already down and incapacitated; it all made him feel a little bit sick. He’d been animalistic while attacking Troy, a minor. The sound of David’s agonized screams echoed around the back of his mind and Pierre felt that were he given the chance to do the situation over again, he wouldn’t have changed a thing about it.

When they got to Pierre’s apartment, the two slowly made their way upstairs. David walked in and sat on the couch and Pierre followed quickly after him, locking the door for David’s sense of security as he always did. Slowly he walked over to the couch and sat next to David, though there was an unusual amount of space between their bodies as thoughts continued to circulate through Pierre’s mind. “Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend?” Pierre asked quietly, though he couldn’t manage to keep the accusatory tone out of his voice.

David looked down at his lap, feeling the guilt welling inside of him. “Do we really have to talk about this right now?” he asked weakly. Pierre crossed his arms rigidly over his chest and raised an eyebrow at David, and David sighed and nodded his head. “Andrew’s not my boyfriend. He’s never been my boyfriend,” he said quietly, using the boy’s other name out of habit.

Pierre’s eyebrows pulled together in confusion and he sat further back from David. “Wait… what?” he asked, and David looked up at him curiously. “Who the fuck is Andrew? Is there another psycho ex I don’t know about?”

David sat and looked uncomfortably at Pierre. “Sorry. Troy,” he corrected himself quickly. When Pierre looked more confused still, David sighed and looked down again. “When he’s in the real world, he’s Troy. When he’s with me, he’s Andrew.”

“So… what? This kid has multiple personality disorder or something?” Pierre asked rather harshly.

David looked up and glared at him, feeling strangely protective of Troy, despite everything he’d done to him. “No. He doesn’t have multiple personality disorder. It’s not that simple, Pierre,” he responded angrily.

“So maybe you should explain it to me instead of getting defensive over someone who just ripped your earrings out of your head with a pair of pliers!” Pierre said, and before he could stop himself, he was yelling. David didn’t know if he could handle Pierre yelling at him. His eyes quickly filled with tears and he curled forward into himself, hiding his face from the one person he’d been counting on to make him feel better, not worse. Pierre instantly regretted losing his temper and he kneeled down on the ground in front of David, his hands finding David’s shoulders and trying to push him gently back up. “Hey, I’m sorry,” he apologized quickly. David looked up and stared sadly at Pierre, tears streaming down his cheeks. “I just… I don’t understand.”

David didn’t look at Pierre as he spoke, feeling ashamed with himself. “I started tutoring Troy about a year and a half ago… he’s a football star, ya know. First string quarterback and team captain… so it’s important for him to keep his grades up so he can play. It was just tutoring… but then, about six months in… something happened. I don’t even know how, but he was nice to me and funny and charming and we just got caught up in this fucked up thing. It wasn’t even a relationship… it was just…” David cast about for the right words to describe what it was he had with Troy, though he sighed and looked further down. “…fucked up,” he finished weakly. “When we crossed paths in the real world, he constantly put me down, but when it was just the two of us… he was actually a pretty decent guy.”

Pierre watched David, waiting for him to continue speaking, though he seemed to be done with his story. “So… why is he Andrew with you?” Pierre prompted him gently.

“Andrew’s his middle name. It’s pretty much a way for him to keep his two lives separate, ya know? Because how the hell can Troy Baker, high school superstar, quarterback, town hero be gay? There’s no way. But Andrew… when he’s Andrew, he can be a normal guy. We don’t talk about school or football or college or just… anything. He’s a different person when he’s alone with me. And I’m not allowed to call him Troy. When he’s being gay, he can’t be reminded of who he’s supposed to be. He just wants to be who he wants to be. So… he’s Andrew.”

David looked at Pierre, staring at him pleadingly, begging with his eyes for Pierre not to be angry with him. Despite everything he’d heard, Pierre couldn’t find it in himself to be angry. To a certain level, he understood what David was telling him. Though something from David’s multiple stories over the past few weeks stuck out to him, and his brow furrowed. “So… that Monday… the first day you showed up at my door crying…” Pierre started, and David felt himself freeze. “You told me you had to tutor a kid, but it was your last day…” Pierre continued, and David subconsciously bit his lips together. “Is that what you were so upset about? Did you break up with him?” Pierre couldn’t keep the hurt from his voice as he asked this. He didn’t know if he could handle David caring about Troy that much, enough to keep him crying all night in his arms.

David shook his head slowly. “I already told you… we were never together.”

“But that’s what you were doing, isn’t it? You went to tell him it was over?” Pierre asked, and no matter how hard he tried to keep his voice calm, he could feel his anger levels rising at the thought that David had still been having sex with this kid when they had been talking, flirting shamelessly and getting to know each other.

“…yes,” David whispered weakly, and fear rose in his body as he watched Pierre’s anger rising again.

“So that’s what you were so upset about? That’s what had you crying all night? Because you broke up with this psycho?” Pierre accused quickly, and again tears were streaming down David’s cheeks.

“No, it’s not like that, Pierre!” David said quickly.

“That’s sure as hell what it seems like! I mean, what else would it be?” Pierre asked angrily.

“I can’t tell you,” David whispered fearfully.

“You can’t tell me?” Pierre asked quickly.

“No,” David whispered weakly.

“After all this shit we just went through together, you can’t tell me?” David shook his head frantically and looked down. “It’s because that’s it, isn’t it?”

“No! It’s not!” David pleaded.

“Then what is it?!” Pierre yelled.

“He raped me!” David screamed, and instantly Pierre felt as if the floor had fallen out from underneath him. “Okay?! He fucking raped me!” David’s face crumpled and tears fell faster from his eyes as again he curled into himself. “H-he held me down on my stomach and h-he… he… he raped me.”

Pierre watched in horror as David began to sob, still kneeling in front of the younger boy on the floor. He felt tears stinging in his owns eyes as he watched David losing it, and very slowly and gently, he reached forward and wrapped his arms around David, pulling him down carefully on his lap on the floor. David didn’t bother to control his sobs as he fell into Pierre, wishing in that moment that he could’ve simply been smothered to death. “I told him to stop… I told him he was hurting me… b-but he didn’t s-stop. H-he told me… he didn’t want to do it… he said I… that I made him do it… and… and he’s right,” David sobbed weakly, holding tighter to his boyfriend.

Pierre shook his head quickly, his hand holding the back of David’s head firmly. “That’s ridiculous, David,” Pierre told him strongly. “You didn’t make him do anything.”

“B-but I did,” David whispered. “He wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t tried to leave him…”

Pierre took a deep breath and let it out slowly, his eyes falling closed as the urge to kill Troy jumped into his throat again. Troy was lucky that David hadn’t told him of this before their meeting, because there was no telling what Pierre would have done to him — if he would’ve been able to stop after punching him down and kicking him once. If there was any person Pierre could get away with killing, he would have chosen Troy in a heartbeat. He didn’t think he’d ever hated anyone as much as he hated that monster; not Sebastien, not Patrick… no one.

“It’s okay, David,” Pierre breathed softly, his hand gently stroking the back of David’s head. “It’s okay… you’re fine now. You never have to worry about him again… I’ll keep you safe.” Pierre pulled back and gently brought David’s face up to look at him. Slowly, David’s hazel eyes slid open and he stared helplessly up at Pierre, his lips parted slightly. Pierre stroked his cheek gently before leaning forward and placing a gentle kiss on David’s forehead. As he looked back down at his younger boyfriend, he thought he could see a flicker of a smile on his lips, and Pierre felt a small streak of hope that everything would be okay.

“I promise.”
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