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Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad, Chapter 8

Title: Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Eight
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 8942
Summary: After coming out of the closet to his friends in Canada and getting disowned by them, Pierre Bouvier moves to a hick town in the states to escape. Life is dull and grim for the twenty-one year old Canadian until he meets David Desrosiers, a young man who could change it all for the better.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: I love nutella.

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“Yelly, wait!” David called as he hustled down the narrow school hallways after his sister. Yael stopped and turned around, crossing her arms over her chest and raising an eyebrow as she waited. David came to a stop in front of her, staring at her nervously. It was Monday afternoon, only a day since she’d caught Pierre in his room, though David had no idea how she knew he was in there. Either way, he hadn’t talked to her about it, something which he gravely wanted to correct. “Can we talk?” David asked quietly.

“About what?” Yael asked slowly. “About you being ga—” She started, but David cut her off by putting his hand quickly over her mouth.

They stood like that for a few long seconds, staring wide eyed at each other, David with his hand still over her mouth. “Are you trying to get me killed?” he whispered, slowly removing his hand and placing it again by his side.

Yael smiled and rolled her eyes. “Honestly, David, you are so over dramatic sometimes,” she told him with a hint of amusement in her voice. David shook his head and looked away, eyeing the people around him nervously. “It’s really not a big deal,” Yael told him, drawing his attention back to her.

David stared at his sister, unable to deny how happy those words made him feel, despite how wrong they were. “It might not be a big deal to you, but—” he started, though cut off when Troy walked by him. As if by the pull of a magnet, David couldn’t stop himself from looking over at Troy, who looked at him in precisely the same moment. There was nothing discreet about the look shared between the two; the pain in Troy’s deep brown eyes were met with fear and sadness from David’s hazel ones. Troy bit down on his bottom lip and looked away quickly, continuing to walk by without saying a word. David stared after him, hating himself for feeling a twinge of pity for the quarterback. After everything he’d put David through, he didn’t deserve his pity.

“Oh my God,” Yael muttered, and David looked back at her quickly, his eyes slightly wide. She continued to look from David to Troy’s retreating back, her mouth hanging open. David bit his lips together, hating how smart and perceptive Yael was sometimes. “You… and Troy?!” she whispered, leaning close to David as she did. David offered a weak smile and responded with a nod. Yael gasped and straightened up slightly, though soon she was leaning toward David again, whispering urgently. “How long as this been going on?!”

David gave a weak grimace as he answered, “A little over a year…” Yael gasped louder and David stared at her pleadingly. “But it's over now! Please don’t say anything to anyone,” he begged quietly.

Yael nodded and composed herself, placing a carefree look on her features again. “How did this happen?” she asked quietly.

David looked around, not comfortable with how many people were around them in the halls. “Maybe this isn’t the best place to talk about this…” he told her slowly.

“You’re the one that said you wanted to talk,” she pointed out with a shrug.

“Why don’t we go somewhere after school?” he suggested. “We’ll get some dinner or something… I”ll buy.”

Yael thought of his proposal for a second before nodding. “Alright. Did you drive today?” David nodded, glad that he had felt lazy enough that morning to drive the few minutes to school; it would mean he wouldn’t have to stop by home first and risk Yael saying something to their dad before he could ask her not to. “Kay, then I’ll just meet you at your truck after school?” She asked, adjusting her backpack on her shoulder.

“Kay, sounds good,” David told her with a nod.

“Yael!” A girl in the hall called. Yael turned and looked, seeing a group of her friends standing clustered together and staring imploringly at her. Yael gave a sigh and turned back to David, offering a smile, before turning and walking to her friends. David watched her go, though before they were the rest of the way down the hall, he heard one of the girls ask, “What were you doing talking to Staple Face?”

David sighed and leaned back against the wall of lockers, allowing his eyes to close. Not even his own sister would stop her friends from calling him that? He understood that she was popular — ridiculously popular for a freshman — but come on, really? They were family!

“David, can I—” David jumped at the sound of Troy’s voice, speaking very close to his ear. His eyes flew open and he nearly tripped on his own feet in his shock; he would’ve fallen to the floor if it hadn’t been for Troy’s quick hands grabbing onto him and pulling him back up. Instantly, David was pushing against him and taking several steps back. “Come on, David,” Troy pleaded quietly, though David turned his back and walked away quickly down the hall, making his way immediately to his next class, even though there were still five minutes left in the break between classes.

What was Troy thinking? Pierre had told him very clearly to leave him alone, not to even look at him, but there he was, looking at him, talking to him, touching him; it was all too much. The thing that shocked him the most was that Troy had called him David and treated him with kindness in the middle of the hall, where people could watch! Where people could make assumptions! David closed his eyes and told himself to forget about it, to just push it from his mind. He couldn’t let Troy inside. It was probably nothing that Troy had tried to talk to him! There was no need to tell Pierre and have him come unglued on the younger boy again. Pierre had gotten off lucky in his fight with Troy; David really didn’t want to test his luck twice.

It was with a pounding heart that David fled from his last class of the day, getting strictly what was necessary from his locker and heading immediately to his truck. He passed Troy on the way out the door, though he kept his head down and speed-walked by, ignoring the jeers and taunts from Troy’s friends as he did. Despite everything else he was feeling, he noticed that Troy’s voice wasn’t heard amongst the many calls of ‘Staple Face!’ Troy seemed to truly regret the way things had ended between the two of them, and again, David felt that strange tingle of pity in the pit of his stomach. No. He deserves to feel like shit, David told himself as he unlocked his truck and threw his backpack in it.

“So where are we going?” Yael asked, taking David by surprise. David jumped and gasped, taking several steps away as he turned around.

“Jesus Christ, Yelly!” David complained when he saw her, placing a hand the side of his face and taking deep, steadying breaths.

Yael blinked at him nervously. “What’s got you all wound up?”

David shook his head and got in his truck, looking over at his sister as she did the same and put on her seatbelt. “Nothing, I was just thinking,” he told her quietly.

“Thinking about Pierre?” She asked with a knowing smile.

David sighed and looked up at the ceiling of his truck, though before he said anything, he put on his seatbelt, started the car, and began to drive. “No,” David answered finally, keeping his eyes trained on the road.

“Why not?” Yael inquired, watching her brother with an amused smile. “He’s your boyfriend, isn’t he?” David took a deep breath and let it out slowly, not feeling comfortable with the conversation in the slightest. “Hey, you’re the one that said you wanted to talk,” she reminded him again.

David nodded and glanced at her, noting the smile on her lips and feeling a little reassured. “Yeah, he is,” he told her as he turned his attention to the road again. “Don’t tell dad,” he added quickly.

“Oh, of course not,” Yael said with a shake of her head. “That’s your job.”

David didn’t say anything to that sentence. He’d always known that one day he would have to tell his father he was gay, but did that mean he wanted to? Did that mean he was looking forward to that day in the slightest? A part of him hoped that his dad already knew and just hadn’t said anything; Yael had certainly known about them somehow. “How’d you figure it out?” David asked.

“I saw you guys making out on your bed,” she admitted, not abashed by her snooping in the slightest.

David’s jaw dropped and he turned to look at her quickly. “What?! How?!”

“I opened your door yesterday and there you were!”

David scoffed but looked quickly back at the road, feeling his face heating up with embarrassment. “Why didn’t you knock?!” He demanded.

“I did!” Yael told him defensively. “You just couldn’t hear it over Pierre moaning, I guess.”

David glanced at her uncomfortably, hating that she had caught him in such a position with Pierre. “You don’t care?” He asked quietly.

“That you were making out with him? Of course not, he’s your boyfriend after all,” she said casually.

“No, I mean about the… the gay thing…” he muttered quietly.

“Why would I care?” Yael asked seriously, and David exchanged a weak smile with her. “You’re my brother… I love you no matter what. And there’s nothing wrong with being gay.”

“Well… thanks, Yel.”

They rode in silence for several minutes, David’s mind racing with thoughts of how well she’d taken it. “So… Pierre’s twenty one?” She asked quietly. David nodded, feeling his nerves working up again. “That’s kind of a big age difference,” she commented slowly.

“I’ll be eighteen in August!” David threw in hopefully. He gave her a nervous smile, before sighing and adding, “And he’ll be twenty two in May.”

Yael smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “I never said there was anything wrong with it,” she told him slowly. “I just pointed out that it’s a big age difference.”

David looked at her skeptically. “Why are you being so understanding?”

“Well…” Yael started quietly, and this time it was her turn to look nervous. “I’m just hoping that if I’m understanding about your boyfriend… you’ll be understanding about mine.”

The big brother in David fired up immediately, and suddenly he was angry. “You have a boyfriend?” He asked quickly. Yael nodded, though didn’t offer any more information. David glanced at her, thinking he wouldn’t care who the guy was; he would simply hate him no matter what. “Who?” He asked, trying to mask the big-brotherly tension in his voice.

“Chuck Comeau,” she told him slowly.

David’s eyes widened and he stared at her, not caring in that moment that he was driving and should’ve been looking at the road. “CHUCK? AS IN THE SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD SENIOR, CHUCK?!” He yelled.

“Hey, the age difference between you and Pierre is bigger than the age difference between me and Chuck!” She pointed out quickly.

“That’s different!”


“I’m almost an adult, Yael! In six months I’ll be legally an adult! But you’re only fourteen! The difference is you’re just a kid! And Chuck is a lot older than you! Trust me, I know what seventeen year old boys think about, and you’re nowhere near old enough to start thinking about that.”

“I’m not gonna have sex with him!” Yael defended herself quickly. “For your information, Chuck is really sweet and he respects me.” David scoffed and rolled his eyes. Yeah, he’d heard that excuse before. “He does! Do you even know how we met?”

“Do I want to know?”

“You know how I went to that bible study group two Saturdays ago?” She asked, ignoring David’s comment completely. David glanced nervously at her, giving a short nod. “Well I really went to a party with Jeff Stinco.” Just as she’d expected would happen, David practically exploded.


“I didn’t drink!” she said quickly. “I just wanted to go because Jeff asked me out!”

“I’m more worried about my baby sister talking to Jeff Stinco! That guy is bad news, Yelly. Really bad news,” David told her honestly. He’d heard about the things Jeff did to girls at parties; the worst thing he’d ever heard was Jeff convincing girls to have sex with him at parties while a friend hid in the closet and recorded the sexual encounter. Jeff was not someone he wanted baby sister going out with.

“I know that now,” Yael told him calmly. “Jeff was a jerk. He tried to get me to have sex with him! And he was trying to get me to take my shirt off in front of all his friends! I kept telling him no, but he wouldn’t listen. And just when I thought I was gonna have to go kung-fu on his ass, Chuck stepped in and saved me,” she told him. “He was really offended by how Jeff was treating me, and said if I was his girlfriend, he would never talk to me that way. He’s really sweet…” she trailed off softly.

David sighed, knowing he was fighting a losing battle. He recognized that tone of voice when she talked about Chuck; it was the same way he sounded when he talked about Pierre. “I don’t have to like it and I don’t have to trust him,” David told her sternly.

“Oh, come on, he’s not that bad!” Yael tried to reason. “And you know what he asked me at lunch today?” David shook his head, though he knew the question to be rhetorical. “‘You’re David’s sister, right?’” she quoted Chuck, never taking her eyes off of David.

“So?” David asked with a raised eyebrow.

“He called you David!”

David glanced at Yael, slightly taken aback by that information. “He didn’t call me Staple Face?” Yael shook her head, a pleased smile on her lips. “Why?”

“Because he’s a good person,” Yael told him with a smile. David grumbled his disbelief and looked back at the road. “He is! You should meet him! And I want to meet Pierre!”

David’s eyes widened and he glanced nervously at his sister. “Meet Pierre?”

“Yeah! We could all four hang out!”

“Ew, I’m not going on a double date with my sister,” David told her quickly.

Yael sighed and rolled her eyes. “It doesn’t have to be a double date, David. We could just hang out! We’re all about the same age…” When David looked at her skeptically, she flashed a nervous smile. “Kind of…” David raised an eyebrow and she looked at him even more nervously. “Okay, not really, but come on! We all have to learn to get along, right? Pierre seemed nice every time I met him, even though I’ve never seen him for more than a few seconds, unless you count in the hospital, and we’d never seen him before and we didn’t talk so I don’t really count it.”

David grumbled some more but found himself nodding. “Alright, alright,” he mumbled, giving a nod.

“We could just… hang out at Alton Baker Park or something,” she commented softly. “Maybe next Saturday?”

“Alton Baker?” David asked, furrowing his brow. “You mean that big park with the pond and the river and all the ducks?”

“Yeah! That’s a good hangout spot, right?”

David thought about it, before giving a slow nod. “Yeah, I guess… Pierre’s not off work until three, but we could go after then. And it’s just, like, a five minute walk to the mall down the bike path…” he pondered softly.

“You would want to go to the mall,” Yael joked lightly.

David turned to look at her slowly. “Is that a gay joke?” he asked, glaring skeptically. When she simply smirked at him, David sighed, rolled his eyes, and looked back at the road. “Brat,” he commented softly.

“Loser,” she chided back, grinning wide.

After finding a place to sit down at eat, David took Yael back home and headed over to Pierre’s, smiling as he knocked on the front door. When it opened and he saw Pierre smiling down at him, David couldn’t stop himself from flinging his arms around Pierre’s neck and kissing him. Pierre was simply too cute to resist. Pierre grinned as David pulled away and walked into his living room, sitting immediately on the couch. “Well that was an awesome greeting,” Pierre commented as he closed the door and locked it, before sitting next to David. “What’d I do?”

David shook his head and shrugged. “You’re just cute, I guess,” David told him softly as he leaned forward and grabbed Pierre’s netbook off of the coffee table. “Do you mind if I check my facebook?”

Pierre smiled and rolled his eyes. “Of course not,” he told him. “You’re such a teenage girl.”

“You know, seventy-three percent of facebook users are over twenty five,” David told him very matter-of-factly.

Pierre stared hard at David, before slowly saying, “…you just made that up.”

David was silent for a short moment, though soon he was grinning and nodding. “Yeah, but it sounded good, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, okay,” Pierre muttered, flashing David a sweet smile. He watched his boyfriend carefully, smiling at the way he got excited over French posts on his page from his old friends in Canada. David didn’t have a single facebook friend in America, not even his sister. His page was set to private so that no one but friends could see his pictures, or the fact that his relationship status was set to ‘in a relationship’ and his sexual orientation set to ‘interested in men.’ There wasn’t a part of him that was ashamed of who he was, and all of his old friends from Canada knew who he truly was — hell, he was even friends with a few ex-boyfriends — but he had no intention of outing himself to his school or family. It was bad enough that Yael had found out, though to his surprise, she’d taken it well.

“How was school?” Pierre asked as he draped his arm across the back of the couch behind David’s head.

David smiled, though his smile faltered when he thought of Troy and the encounter he’d had with him, then to his sister, and the agreement he’d made about the following Saturday. As he had no plans to tell Pierre about Troy, David decided to jump right in about Yael. “Well I talked to Yelly,” David started softly as he closed Pierre’s small laptop and placed it back on his coffee table.

“Yeah?” Pierre asked, his interest peaked.

David nodded and turned to face Pierre more. “She doesn’t care… she said there’s nothing wrong with being gay.”

“That’s good, right?” Pierre asked uncertainly, for the tone in David’s voice was hesitant and awkward.

“Of course,” David said, sounding slightly distracted.

“You don’t sound very happy…” Pierre pointed out carefully.

“Oh, it’s just… she told me she has a boyfriend, too,” David grumbled. Pierre couldn’t fight the grin that wanted so desperately to be on his lips. He was used to seeing David as his adorable, sweet, fun loving, younger boyfriend, but this was a new side to him entirely. The older brother look was nothing short of sweet on David.

“So that’s a bad thing?” Pierre asked gently.

“She’s fourteen! And he’s a senior!” David told him, his anger firing up. “You know what senior boys are like!”

Pierre nodded, understanding why David was reacting in the way he was. “Yeah, I have a pretty good grasp into the psyche of a teenage boy,” Pierre commented with a soft smirk.

“She’s too young for sex! But Chuck is seventeen! I’m sure he’s had sex, and he’s either gonna pressure her into having sex with him or he’s gonna break her heart because she won’t!” David complained, sounding truly upset by that.

“Well, maybe he’s different,” Pierre suggested.

“Were you?” David asked suddenly. Pierre gave a weak smile, not wanting to tell David anything that would make him feel worse. “When was the first time you had sex?”

“Well… you were my first guy,” Pierre started slowly.

“Yeah, your first guy… meaning you’ve had sex with at least one girl,” David pointed out sternly. Then, as if he couldn’t help himself, he smiled and added, “…I don’t know why, but ya know… I guess we all have to experiment…”

Pierre rolled his eyes and grinned, hoping he could ignore the question. When David continued to stare at him however, Pierre saw there was no getting around it. With a sigh, he said, “Fifteen.”

David gave a weak grimace and said, “That’s not so bad… I was younger.”

“How young?” Pierre asked softly.

“Fourteen… in ninth grade… before my mom died and we moved.” David was silent as he looked down. It amazed him that it had been almost three years since his mom had died and still he felt terrible thinking about it.

Pierre now saw more reason for David being upset about his fourteen year old sister dating; David had lost his virginity at fourteen, what would stop his sister from doing the same? Simply for the purpose of distracting the younger boy, he decided to divulge more of his past life to David. “I was such a little shit,” Pierre told him, sounding rather fond of the memory. David looked up, smiling softly. “I was a hockey player… always had girls all over me,” Pierre recounted with a reminiscent smile.

David couldn’t stop himself from grinning, despite what he’d just learned. “You would play hockey… fucking Canadian,” he joked lightly. When Pierre did nothing but glare playfully at him, David’s smile softened and placed a hand on Pierre’s thigh. “Who was your first? I’m assuming you remember her name, at least?”

“What makes you so sure?” Pierre inquired softly, though David’s words were true.

David considered Pierre for a moment, before saying carefully, “You’re just not the type of guy to forget the people you have sex with.”

Pierre thought of his boyfriend’s words, before giving him a nod and saying, “Michelle Ladoucer.”

David smiled, not feeling even a twinge of jealousy. Pierre was very obviously not interested in women, after all. “Was it good?” he asked, unable to stop himself.

Pierre laughed and shook his head slowly. “For me, yeah, it was alright,” Pierre started slowly. “Not so much for her… she cried.”

“Were you just that bad?” David asked quickly.

“No! Well, it was my first time so I’m sure I wasn’t good, but… Dave, haven’t you ever had sex with a girl?” he asked awkwardly. When David shook his head, Pierre’s mouth fell slightly open. “Not even once? A little bit?” Again, David shook his head, feeling a streak of pride for having only engaged in sexual activity with men. “Not even just the tip? Just for a second? Just to see how it feels?” Pierre joked, though a grin spread across his lips at David’s scoff of disgust and the way he smacked Pierre on the arm. “Well when girls have sex for the first time, it hurts them. It’s not that easy to fit much more than a finger in there at first… and I don’t wanna toot my own horn, but my dick is a hell of a lot bigger than one finger.”

“Pierre, I know how straight sex works, even though I’ve never done it,” David grumbled.

“Hey, you’re the one that asked!” Pierre pointed out quickly. “I’m just saying, it wasn’t that I was bad, it was just that it was her first time too and I was too big,” he finished with a shrug.

“Ew. I can’t believe you’ve had sex with girls,” David said with a grimace. “How many?”

“I don’t wanna tell you,” Pierre muttered, looking away.

“What? You have to!”


“I’m your boyfriend!”

Pierre sighed and nodded, hating that excuse. “Seventeen,” he grumbled, keeping his eyes diverted.

“Seventeen times, or seventeen different girls?” David asked slowly, though he knew the answer to his question simply by Pierre’s hesitation. He gasped before Pierre even gave his answer.

“Seventeen girls.”

“In how long?!” David asked loudly.

“Two years?”

“EW! God, Pierre! Why were you such a slut for girls?!”

Pierre thought it was funny the way David seemed more upset about the fact that he’d had sex with girls than him having seventeen different sexual partners in two years. “Like I said! I was a hockey player! You know how Canadian girls are about hockey players…”

“Did you actually date those girls, or were they just random hook-ups?!” David demanded indignantly.

“I dated… five of them,” Pierre recalled, and David looked horrified. “Look, before I came out I wasn’t the greatest person,” Pierre told him slowly. “It was like… I was trying to prove to myself and everyone around me how straight I was. I cheated on almost all of my girlfriends,” he finished softly, and though David was truly disturbed by that information, it made him feel slightly better to hear the remorse in Pierre’s voice. “But once I figured out I was gay… and in love with Seb…” Pierre continued gently, and David felt stabs of jealousy in his chest. “…I just stopped having sex with girls entirely. I stopped going out with them, stopped going on dates with them… I just… stopped. It hurt too much,” he explained with a shrug, never taking his eyes from his carpet.

Silence fell over the two, a silence which was undisturbed for nearly a minute. “What if he’s just like you used to be?” David asked weakly.



Pierre thought hard about what he could say to David that might make him feel better. “You said yourself your sister is just like you, right?”

David furrowed his brow, not quite seeing what Pierre was getting at. “Yeah?”

“Well then don’t you think she’s smart enough to not date a douche bag?” Pierre asked reasonably. David huffed softly and gave a shrug, feeling indignant at Pierre’s reasoning. “She seems like a smart girl with good instincts… if she trusts this kid, Chuck, you should give him the benefit of the doubt, don’t you think?” Pierre continued, placing a finger under David’s chin and pulling his face gently back toward him. David stared stubbornly into Pierre’s eyes for a moment, before nodding reluctantly. Pierre grinned, loving how stubborn David could be sometimes. Pierre stared at David for a moment, fighting the question he was dying to ask, before his curiosity got the better of him. “So what’s your number?”

“Including you, three,” David told him unashamedly.

Pierre blinked several times at David. “That’s it?”

“We’re not all whores, Pierre,” David said, sounding a bit bitter.

“Yeah, but come on! Only three?”

“I committed myself to people. The first person I had sex with was my ex-boyfriend in Canada, Michael Dupont. We started dating in the beginning of ninth grade, and we dated until I moved.” Pierre watched David carefully, admiring his obvious ability to devote himself entirely to people. “Then about a year and a half later is when all that shit started happening with Andr— T-Troy,” he corrected himself quickly. David’s cheeks flushed as he thought again of Troy attempting to speak to him at school and the desperation in his voice when he’d spoken his name. Without realizing it, David began to toy with his right earlobe, as he often did when Troy was brought up. He could still feel the scar from where it had been ripped and repaired, something which he hoped dearly would heal one day. The first thing he’d done the day after his ear surgery was to take out the piercings in his left ear; there was no way he was going to walk around with only one ear pierced. He wasn’t in a nineties boy band, he’d reasoned with Pierre. “And now a year later… here we are. So yeah. Only three. But I’ve never once had meaningless sex.”

Pierre thought about David’s words, feeling slightly stabbed by them for multiple reasons. One, Pierre had engaged in plenty of meaningless sex, and the way David spoke about it made him feel dirty and wrong. Two, he hated that David counted Troy in his list of meaningful sexual partners. David denied having any feelings for Troy, but Pierre didn’t believe him; he felt that David felt more strongly for Troy than he was willing to admit, and who could blame him with the mentally and, more recently, physically abusive relationship they’d shared? He understood entirely why David would want to fool himself that he didn’t have feelings for the quarterback who had hurt him so much already; admitting to such a thing would only leave room for Troy to hurt him even more. Still, whether he was willing to admit it or not, Troy meant something to David, and it made Pierre as jealous as Sebastien made David.

“Pierre… can I ask you something?” David asked, sounding rather timid as his eyes continued to stay fixed on the ground.

“Of course you can,” Pierre told him gently as his palm found David’s cheek.

“How’d you do it?”

“…do what?”

David bit down on his bottom lip, actually fearing Pierre’s response to what he was going to ask. Would he get angry? He could never picture Pierre hurting him, though there was a part of him, no matter how deeply buried, that feared exactly that happening. Troy had scarred him deeply in that manner.

“Do what, Dave?” Pierre asked again, trying to force David to look at him, though David’s eyes never met his.

“How’d you come out to him?”

“To who?”

“To Sebastien.”

Despite David’s fears, Pierre didn’t get angry, though he did feel the tiniest twinge of sadness as the memory coursed through his mind. He gave a gentle sigh, understanding entirely where David’s curiosity was coming from. It was the same way Pierre wondered how David and Troy’s first kiss happened, though in light of everything that Troy had put David through, Pierre would never ask that sort of information of his boyfriend. With a reluctant sigh, Pierre answered. “I kissed him.”

David wasn’t surprised by Pierre’s answer in the slightest. In fact, it was the same way he came out to the first guy he kissed, a guy who had been a friend, though not quite as good of a friend as Sebastien had been to Pierre. “What did he do?”

This was where the truth got a little bit sticky. Did Pierre want to tell David of all the things he’d observed about that day over the years, or should he stick to the simplified version. As he stared at David, who looked so beautiful staring sadly away, he couldn’t find it in himself to lie, not even a little. David deserved to know this part of him. “He freaked out on me,” Pierre told him quietly and David nodded, though didn’t look up. “It was such a gorgeous day…” Pierre recounted as he thought back on the memory. “We were hanging out behind the school on break, like we did every day, just laying in the grass talking, and… I dunno, I just kissed him. He totally lost it… but… there was a moment… a moment when he kissed me back… and no matter how short that moment was, he still kissed me back.”

David didn’t know how he felt about knowing that information. Really, he could’ve gone the rest of his life without hearing that the boy Pierre had been in love with returned his kiss, no matter how briefly, but at the same time, he had asked. Wasn’t Pierre just being honest? Total disclosure? For that, he appreciated Pierre’s words; Pierre was trusting him with the deepest of his scars, and he absolutely treasured him for it… even if it ripped at his heartstrings like a mangled, rusty fork. “So… do you think he returned your feelings and just didn’t know how to deal with it?”

Pierre actually laughed at that, shaking his head, and David looked up at him for the first time since their awkward conversation had started. “No way,” Pierre told him honestly. He had hoped, he had dreamed, but never once had Pierre actually believed that Sebastien had loved him back. “I think I just caught him off guard in a tender moment, that’s all,” Pierre told him honestly. “Certainly seemed that way when he jumped away from me and refused to get within five meters of me ever again.” David gave Pierre a sad smile and nod, before looking down again. Pierre thought, remembering the sad, pleading look on Sebastien’s face. “I think he would’ve come around and accepted me as a friend, though,” Pierre continued gently, and again, David looked up.

“What makes you think that?”

Pierre fixed David with a soft smile, as if the memory merely amused him from an anthropological standpoint. “He was freaked out, yeah, but he didn’t call me names… he didn’t tell me I was wrong… he just looked uncomfortable and scared. He was already starting to come around, and then…” Pierre trailed off gently, and in his mind’s eye he saw Patrick walking up to them, jolly as can be, totally unaware that he was about to ruin Pierre’s life.

“And then what?” David asked gently.

Pierre sighed and looked down as he gave his answer. “And then Pat walked up, and it was like I’d kissed Sebastien all over again. I think if Patrick hadn’t freaked out on me the way he had, Seb would’ve gotten over it and we’d still be friends to this day.”

“I’m sorry, Pierre,” David told him gently. “What a douche bag… If I ever meet him, I’ll kick his ass.”

“Thanks Dave,” Pierre commented with a grin. The thing that entertained him more than David’s threat was the fact that David unknowingly loved and idolized the same Sebastien that he’d just expressed extreme dislike for. The irony of it was amazing. “I really miss him sometimes,” Pierre admitted softy.

That fork in his heartstrings? Yeah. It felt as if Pierre had twisted it and began to pull. “It’s understandable,” David told him, his eyes flickering down. “You love him, after all.”

Pierre blinked rapidly, clearing his mind of those old memories and staring nervously at his younger boyfriend. “No, Dave,” he said, putting his hand under David’s chin and pulling his gaze back up. David looked into Pierre’s eyes, searching them desperately. “I used to love him. I don’t anymore,” Pierre told him firmly. “It’s been a long time… and he hurt me. Yeah, I miss him as a friend, but nothing more.”

Though he didn’t know if he should say them, David’s next words were spilling over his lips before he could stop them. “So even if Sebastien showed up on your doorstep, begging for you to give him a second chance…?”

Pierre shook his head, his grip on David’s face becoming gentler. “I’d tell him to fuck off.” David couldn’t help but smile at that sentence, feeling the fork untwist a bit. “You mean way more to me than he ever did,” Pierre continued, and that tearing sensation in David’s chest loosened even more. “Sebastien and Patrick… they’re in my past. You’re my present and my future, David,” Pierre told him tenderly. He hoped that he wasn’t stepping on some sort of line, because like it or not, they’d only been dating a little bit over a month. So many things had happened to bring them closer together, however. Pierre’s feelings for David had developed more quickly than feelings ever had for anyone before in his life. He felt more connected with David than anyone he’d ever known, and despite his fears about the words he’d just spoken, they were exactly the words that David needed to hear.

Rather than commenting on them, however, David smiled and picked something he found rather interesting out of Pierre’s story. “I know this is kinda random, but… it’s really weird that your friends names are Sebastien and Patrick,” he said slowly. Pierre felt his stomach drop and his heart stop beating in his chest. Was David finally starting to make connections?

“Why’s that?” Pierre asked, deciding to play stupid.

“Sebastien Lefebvre!” David said, sounding like a twelve year old girl.

Pierre forced himself to smile and rolled his eyes. “It’s Canada. There are plenty of people named Sebastien,” Pierre pointed out.

“Yeah, I know… it’s just so weird that your other friend’s name is Patrick, because I don’t know how much you researched about Sebastien Lefebvre, but his best friend’s name is Patrick Langlois!”

Pierre blinked, growing ten times more uncomfortable, though he tried his hardest not to let it show. “Really?” he asked softly.

“Yeah! They do everything together… Patrick is sort of Sebastien’s go to guy. He takes care of merchandise, the website, his videography, photography, and they have a radio show together called Man of the Hour,” David listed off. Pierre wouldn’t have been surprised if David knew every available detail about the two.

“Weird coincidence,” Pierre muttered, offering a weak smile.

“Yeah… I guess they couldn’t be the same guys…” David said quietly. “‘Cause these two are totally gay for each other.”

Pierre rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Dave, you’re willing to believe that anyone’s gay.”

“But they are! Okay, in one radio show, Sebastien talked about going up to Patrick’s family’s cabin and hanging out with his cousins,” David pointed out, as if this fact proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two were a couple.


“So! How boyfriendy is that?! Hanging out with his extended family?”

Pierre merely laughed and shook his head again. “Okay, Dave. Whatever you say.” Sure, when he’d listened to the radio show, he’d noticed a bit of joke flirting going on between the two, but that was nothing. If anything was certain, it was that Patrick and Sebastien were both straight as straight could be. But he would humor his boyfriend, because what difference did it make to David? David wanted to indulge in his little fantasy, so Pierre would let him.

David picked up Pierre’s computer again and opened the lid, waiting patiently as the screen flicked back on and showed him his facebook page. Slowly, David turned to look at Pierre, staring at him seriously for a moment, before looking determinately back at the screen. Pierre watched as he signed out and was taken back to the main sign-in page, where he began to fill in the ‘Sign Up’ portion with Pierre’s information. “What are you doing?” Pierre asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m making you a facebook,” David said with a nod. “What’s your email address?”

“Umm… why?” Pierre asked nervously.

“Because you’re not gonna hide from the world anymore! You’re gonna be out and proud, god damnit!” David told him firmly. “Now what’s your email address?!”

Pierre stared at David nervously. “I like hiding,” he told him slowly.

“It’s not like anyone from Canada’s gonna find your facebook, track you down and come find you here,” David reasoned.

“You don’t know that!” David stared hard at Pierre, who sighed and nodded. “,” he said in a defeated manner.

David raised an eyebrow, but filled in the blank just the same. “Well that’s boring,” he commented dryly.

“I’m sorry it’s not!” Pierre hurled at him indignantly.

David glared at Pierre, shaking his head slowly. “That’s just uncalled for,” he said with a huff, before continuing to register Pierre. Pierre rolled his eyes, though said nothing further on the matter. He simply watched as David filled out his information: his hometown, his current residence, his employment status, and so on. When he got to sexual orientation and relationship status, Pierre grew a bit uncomfortable. “Why don’t you just leave that stuff blank?” he asked weakly.

David looked at Pierre, hurt shining in his eyes. “What’s the matter? Are you ashamed of me?”

“No, of course not!” Pierre told him quickly. “It’s just that… well… us dating is illegal, and I don’t really think it’d be the smartest move to put that we’re together, at least not until you’re eighteen.”

David thought about his words, before nodding in agreement. “Can I at least say you like dudes?”

Pierre thought about this, before nodding, giving in even more entirely to defeat. “Yeah, alright.”

David beamed at him and continued to put in information, setting his page to Canadian French, as his own was set to. When he was satisfied with the information on his page, he searched for himself and added himself as a friend to Pierre’s page. “There, now you’ll have one friend,” David said with a nod.

Pierre blinked at David and fixed him with a blank stare. “Wow. Thanks.”

David simply grinned in return and leaned forward to press a gentle kiss to Pierre’s cheek, who sighed, though smiled just the same. “Oh! There’s something else I forgot to tell you,” David said suddenly, and though he tried to pull away to look at Pierre, Pierre wrapped his arms around David’s smaller body and held him in place.

“And what would that be?” Pierre asked before pressing his lips to David’s neck just under his ear.

David’s eyes fluttered shut and he leaned toward Pierre, his fingers tangling in his short, brown hair. “I uh… I told m-my sister that we would… that we would hang out with h-her and… and Chuck… on Saturday,” David mumbled out, finding it very difficult to speak while Pierre continued to kiss and bite on his neck.

Pierre pulled away, looking at David skeptically. “You want me to hang out with your fourteen year old sister?”

“I know, I’m sorry,” David mumbled apologetically. “But she really wants to get to know you… and she wants me and Chuck to get along so I don’t, ya know… murder him.” When Pierre continued to grimace, David mustered his best pout, his eyes widening and watering up ever so slightly. “Come on, Boubou… please?” David pleaded quietly.

Pierre closed his eyes and sighed, a sign that he was going to give in. “Fine,” he grumbled. “You know I can’t resist you when you call me Boubou…” David had to explain the nickname to Pierre the first time he’d uttered it; Bouvier, Boubou. It was cute and sweet — just the kind of thing he’d come to expect of David. He opened his eyes when he felt David’s arms around his neck, though soon he closed them and returned David’s embrace, holding the smaller boy tight against his body.

“Thanks, Pea,” David said softly.

“Yeah, yeah,” Pierre grumbled, smiling at David as he pulled away from him, however as a thought struck Pierre, the smile fell from his lips. “So wait… you and I as a couple are going to hang out with your sister and her boyfriend as a couple?”

“Ugh, I know,” David grumbled. “I told her it’d be weird to go on a double date with my sister, but we’re just gonna hang out…”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about,” Pierre told him, and David furrowed his brow in curiosity. “I mean… we’re going to hang around a kid you go to school with… who doesn’t know you’re gay…” Pierre trailed off softly, and suddenly David saw the same issue that Pierre had. “Do you see where I’m going with this?”

“Shit,” David whispered, before biting down on his lower lip. “What’s gonna stop him from telling everyone?”

Pierre shook his head slowly. “Maybe he’s different?” he offered again.

David took a deep breath and let it out slowly, feeling nervous and uncomfortable. “We can only hope so,” he muttered.

The week leading up to that Saturday was spent in a kind of state of nervousness, though David didn’t really start to feel it until that Saturday, when he and Pierre were sitting in his truck, headed down that familiar road to the neighboring city, Eugene, to meet up with Yael and Chuck.

“Does anyone ever do anything in Junction City?” Pierre asked seriously.

David gave a soft laugh and shook his head. “Pretty much, if you wanna do anything around here, you have to go to Eugene to do it. Junction sucks,” he commented lightly. Pierre nodded in agreement, though looked out the window as silence fell over them. David reached over and started his CD player, smiling lightly to himself as the music started.

Pierre jumped as loud, rough, angry guitar music started and turned to stare at David with wide eyes, who laughed and reached over to turn the music down slightly. “What the hell is this?!” Pierre demanded, his eyebrows pulling together as the lead singer — if you could even call him a singer —began to scream.

“Anti Flag!” David said with a wide grin. “You’ve never heard this?” Pierre shook his head quickly, allowing himself to relax again in the seat next to David. “Seriously?!”

“David, this isn’t the kind of music I listen to,” Pierre said slowly.

“Oh yeah, you only listen to shit,” David commented with a bratty grin.

“Pop is not shit! It’s happy! It makes you wanna dance! It puts a smile on your face!” Pierre defended his music quickly.

“This is happy…” David said slowly.

“This is a headache,” Pierre grumbled, shaking his head slowly.

“God, you’re so old sometimes, you know that?” David asked harshly. Pierre scoffed and glared at him, before turning his head and staring out the window as the music continued to blare in his ears, bringing a dull pain in his temple. David glanced at Pierre, the smile falling from his lips. “Hey, I’m sorry,” he said quickly. “I didn’t mean that…” Pierre merely huffed in response, never taking his eyes from the scenery outside, though it was dull and ugly. David sighed and pulled down his visor, grabbing a CD from the visor case and switching out the music. When the Plain White T’s began to play much more gently through his speakers, Pierre glanced at David, who offered an apologetic smile. “Better?” he asked sweetly.

“I’m not old,” Pierre said firmly.

“No, you’re not,” David replied softly. Pierre continued to glare at David, who rolled his eyes and changed the song to his favorite on the album, smiling at Pierre the whole time. He leaned closer to Pierre, who grew rather nervous at how little attention his younger boyfriend was paying to the road, though David didn’t seem to notice. “Hey there Pierre, what’s it like in New York City? I’m a thousand miles away, but Bou, tonight you look so pretty, yes you do…” David sang gently, smiling tenderly at Pierre, who no matter how hard he tried couldn’t keep himself from smiling. “Times Square can’t shine as bright as you… I swear it’s true…”

Pierre turned and leaned against the truck door, smiling gently at David the entire time he serenaded him, unable to keep that soft, fuzzy feeling from creeping up his limbs. The rest of the drive, Pierre couldn’t help but think of how beautiful and amazing his boyfriend was and how lucky he was to have met him. Maybe one day he would see Sebastien again; if he did, he wanted to remember to thank him for being an asshole, because without that, he would’ve never met the younger boy, and that truly would’ve been a shame.

When they got to the park, Pierre and David got out of the truck and looked around, Pierre smiling at his surroundings. There were huge fields of grass, paths for runners and bikers, a big pond filled with ducks and geese, pretty bridges crossing a large river; it was all very pretty, and Pierre suddenly wondered why he and David had never gone there before. Maybe it was because the weather had been pretty terrible for the first month and a half of their relationship; late winter weather in Oregon wasn’t the best, after all. But as February ended, the sun slowly began to come out more often. David said this was temporary, that soon it would start to rain every day, but they were guaranteed at least a week of sunshine before it disappeared for several months. That Saturday afternoon was one of the lucky sunny days, and though it was still cold outside, the day was beautiful and Pierre couldn’t stop himself from grabbing David’s hand as he walked close to him.

David could feel his nerves working up as he and Pierre approached Yael and Chuck, who were sitting in the grass under a tree. Pierre glanced at David, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. When they got close enough to speak to the two, Chuck and Yael looked up, both smiling in a welcoming manner. “Hey man,” Chuck said to David, taking David entirely by surprise.

“Hey,” David said nervously, his grip on Pierre’s hand tight.

“Salut, Pierre,” Yael said, smiling that same devious smile that Pierre was so used to receiving from his boyfriend.

Pierre smiled and nodded, taking a seat on the grass and pulling David down with him. “Salut. Tu vas bien?”

Yael smiled wider and shrugged. “Ouais, pas mal,” she responded simply. “Et toi, mon frère?” Yael asked, pointing her attention toward David.

“Très bien,” David told her with a wide smile. “Et lui?” David asked, referring, of course, to Chuck.

Everyone as one turned to look at Chuck, who suddenly felt as if he’d fallen into a French film that he didn’t belong in. “Uh… croissant?” he said, sounding rather unsure of himself. When the three of them burst in to laughter, Chuck couldn’t help but smile and shrug his shoulders. “I have no idea what any of you said, but it sounded cool from here.”

David looked at Chuck for a long moment, who was smiling at him honestly, despite the fact that he had just broken in to French and despite the fact that he was still holding Pierre’s hand. “D’accord,” David muttered in defeat as he turned back to Yael, who was beaming at him. “Il a l’air gentil… mais je le regarde!” he told her, speaking the words, ‘he seems nice… but I’m watching him!’ in a language that Chuck wouldn’t understand.

Yael smiled and patted her brother on the knee, who sighed and rolled his eyes as if he was very unhappy with the situation. “Merci, David,” she told him gently.

“Yeah, yeah,” David muttered, though smiled just the same.

And, as it turned out, Chuck was legitimately a really cool person. He got along easily with David, joked a lot, and his carefree personality was very infectious. Something happened, however, that none of them had seen coming: Chuck and Pierre got along extremely well, better perhaps than Chuck and David did, who were the same age. An hour later found the four grouped together under that tree, David and Yael having a conversation while Pierre and Chuck had their own conversation about sports.

“I’ve never played hockey,” Chuck admitted.

“What?!” Pierre demanded loudly. “Dude, hockey’s the shit!”

“Come on, do I look athletic?” Chuck asked pointedly.

“Sure! You’re skinny and all, but you’re muscular, too,” Pierre said with a shrug.

“Yeah, from playing the drums, not from doing push ups!”

“Still, dude, muscle is muscle.”

“David, tell your boyfriend to stop hitting on mine,” Yael said suddenly, stopping Pierre and Chuck in their conversation.

“Tell your boyfriend to stop liking my boyfriend hitting on him!” David retorted quickly.

“I was not!” Pierre defended himself.

“It’s okay, dude, I see the attraction,” Chuck said, nodding slowly. “I’m a handsome dude.”

David and Yael were laughing, but Pierre sighed and rolled his eyes. “No thanks, Chuck. One bratty teenager is really all I can handle,” Pierre said with an evil grin, stopping David’s laughter in his tracks, though Yael only laughed harder.

“Dude, you’re such a cradler robber,” Chuck joked, punching Pierre in the arm.

Pierre turned to him and grinned, offering a shrug. “What can I say? I’m a sexy cougar… I like ‘em young,” he said, sending everyone into renewed fits of laughter.

“OhmyGod, Pierre,” David muttered. “I just pictured you in a leopard skin dress and a pair of black stilettos with a martini in your hand and a sixteen year old on your arm,” David told him, laughing all the while.

“Ewww!” Pierre complained, pushing David to the side.

“That’d be hot,” Chuck joked, and Yael shook her head and grabbed onto his arm.

“Pierre! Stop turning my boyfriend gay!” She threw at him quickly.

“I can’t help it! I’m just so smolderingly sexy!” Pierre told her with a shrug.

“Yes, but you’re my smolderingly sexy Boubou,” David told him with a firm nod. Chuck and Yael snorted at the nickname, but David simply smiled and placed a soft kiss on Pierre’s cheek. “My Boubou,” he said again, before pulling back and acting as if nothing had ever happened. Yael smiled at him, giving a nod of approval, before the conversation moved into a new direction entirely, resulting in more outbursts of laughter, more gay jokes, and not a single drop of hatred. Telling his sister the truth had turned out to be one of the best decisions David had ever made, and by the end of the day, there wasn’t a single part of him that regretted her walking in on him and Pierre. For the moment, life was good.
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