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Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad, Chapter 11

Title: Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Eleven
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 5782
Summary: After coming out of the closet to his friends in Canada and getting disowned by them, Pierre Bouvier moves to a hick town in the states to escape. Life is dull and grim for the twenty-one year old Canadian until he meets David Desrosiers, a young man who could change it all for the better.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: Somewhere in the jungle, there's a place for me to go... I wish I owned a monkey, and a plate of escargot... <3

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Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.


What was that noise? That noise that penetrated the deep sleep Pierre had been so comfortably in? That noise that made Pierre feel as if his head was being split into two pieces? Pierre took his arm off of the person’s body he was snuggled against and covered his ear with it, burying his face deeper in the back of that person’s soft neck.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Nooo…” Pierre groaned, and with all of the strength he possessed, he managed to roll over toward the source of the noise. The object causing him so much pain and suffering turned out to be none other than his own alarm clock, announcing loudly that it was six in the morning. He stared at it weakly for a moment before reaching over and slapping a hand over it. A feeling of utmost relief flowed through Pierre’s entire body as the beeping stopped, leaving his room in complete silence again, save for the gentle breathing of the half naked man in bed with him.

“Fuck… I don’t wanna go to work,” he mumbled as he rolled over again, intent on snuggling with his boyfriend, though when he realized who was in his bed, everything seemed to freeze. His eyes widened as he stared at Sebastien’s bare back. “What the fuck?” he breathed, scooting further away from the other man in his bed. He stood and walked to the other side of the room, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared at Sebastien.

What the FUCK is Seb doing here? he asked himself quickly. He racked his brain, trying to remember the day before. Right. He showed up, apologized, and we drank… a lot… his mind informed him as he slowly began to piece everything together again. The feel of Sebastien’s lips on his re-entered his mind, and goosebumps rose on his arms and chest. The door locked… and we jumped… and then we went inside and drank some more… and then… what? After going inside, Pierre’s mind was a complete blank. He looked down at himself, standing in nothing but his boxers, and looked again at Sebastien’s half-naked, sleeping form. He could remember making the decision to not have sex with Sebastien, but they proceeded to drink more after that decision had been made. Had he gotten drunk enough to change his mind?

Carefully he walked over to Sebastien, kneeling down on the ground in front of him. “Seb,” he called gently.

“Hmm?” Sebastien groaned quietly.

“Seb, what happened last night?” Pierre asked carefully.

Slowly Sebastien’s eyes opened and he stared dazedly at Pierre. “Dude… I think I’m still drunk,” he admitted, before placing a hand over his face.

“No, stay awake,” Pierre pleaded, and he pulled Sebastien’s hand from his face and held it instead. Sebastien whined and scrunched his face up, and Pierre couldn’t help but smile at how cute the smaller man was. “Come on, work with me here. What happened last night? Did we…?” Pierre trailed off, swallowing hard, and Sebastien opened his eyes again and stared weakly at Pierre. “Did we have sex?”

Sebastien’s eyes widened as much as was possible in his half-drunk, half-asleep state. “What? No!” he said quickly, and Pierre let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank God,” he muttered, a hand finding his face.

“I feel like I should be offended by your relief…” Sebastien mumbled sleepily, allowing his eyes to fall closed again.

“No, I don’t mean it like that,” Pierre told him, though Sebastien had already fallen back asleep. Pierre stared at his friend, thinking he looked peaceful and almost childlike while he slept, and in that moment, he realized he was still holding Sebastien’s hand. He placed Sebastien’s hand carefully back on his bed, before running his fingers gently through the other man’s short brown hair. Sebastien gave a soft moan and snuggled his head against Pierre’s hand, much in the way a cat would, and Pierre smiled wider. He didn’t know what possessed him to do it, but Pierre leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Sebastien’s forehead, before whispering, “Good night, Seb,” and walking out of his room to take a shower.

The hot water seemed to burn some of the feeling back into Pierre. The longer he stood there, allowing the water to pour over his face, he started to remember more and more of the previous night. After going inside, he and Sebastien had finished the bottle of whiskey, and if he wasn’t mistaken, an eighteen pack of beer. He gave a soft laugh as the memory of him and Sebastien singing Oh Canada popped into his mind, and though at the time he’d felt they had been singing well, when he looked back on it, he realized how terrible they had sounded. And, oh God, he’d talked about David almost non-stop. Why had Sebastien put up with him? But then he remembered how much Sebastien had talked about Patrick, and Pierre understood.

It was with a sigh that Pierre got ready for work. He thought about getting dressed outside of his bedroom, though after glancing at Sebastien several times to check that he was still asleep and not seeing him move, he decided that it would be safe. They had slept half-naked in bed together all night, after all. When he was dressed and ready, Pierre walked back to Sebastien and kneeled down in front of him again. “Hey,” he started, giving Sebastien’s shoulder a gentle shake.

Again, Sebastien’s eyes opened and he stared at Pierre questioningly. “Wha?”

“I’m going to work,” he said softly.

“Work?” Sebastien asked weakly.

“Yeah, work. We can’t all be rockstars,” he mumbled with a laugh.

Sebastien gave a soft laugh and hid his face in the pillow. “What time are you off?”

“Three,” Pierre said with a nod. “Hey… have you seen my phone anywhere? I can’t find it,” he added, his brow furrowed.

Sebastien scrunched his face as he thought, and slowly he looked back up at Pierre. “I hid it,” he said slowly.

“Yeah, so I wouldn’t call David last night,” Pierre reminded him with a nod. “Thanks for that, by the way.”

Sebastien laughed again and nodded. “No problem,” he muttered groggily. “I’ll let you know if I find it.”


Silence fell over them for several long seconds, before Sebastien was laughing again at himself. “I’ll tell you when you get home,” he decided with a nod.

“Kay. Go back to sleep,” Pierre said, running his fingers soothingly through Sebastien’s hair. Sebastien let off a happy moan and nodded his head. Pierre smiled down at him for several long seconds, before pulling away from him and heading outside into the rainy March weather — with his luck, he would be soaked before he even got to work — and leaving Sebastien sleeping peacefully in his bed, where he slept undisturbed until two hours later when a gentle knock sounded on the front door.

Sebastien ignored it at first, hardly hearing it in his dead-sleep, though when the knocking continued and only got louder, he groaned and stood, not caring that he was wearing nothing but his red plaid boxers, or that his short brown hair was muffed as if he had just spent the last three hours having sex. “I’m comin’, I’m comin’,” he grumbled as he headed to the door, wondering who on Earth could have been standing on the other side.

David chewed nervously on his lip ring as he waited for Pierre to come to the door. He wouldn’t have been surprised if Pierre was still asleep — it was only just after eight in the morning, after all. Still, there he stood, twisting his hands in front of himself and telling himself to remain calm, to just breathe. The day before he’d felt so confident in himself, so sure in his ability to get Pierre back. Now that he stood there, waiting for the door to open, he felt like an insignificant little boy, exactly the way Pierre had made him feel the day before. When he heard the door unlock and begin to open, David looked up quickly, taking a long, slow breath in, a breath intended to sooth his nerves.

That breath seemed to get stuck in his chest, however, when he saw the man standing in front of him. Sebastien. Fucking. Lefebvre. He stood staring at the other man, his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide. Sebastien leaned against the doorframe and stared impatiently at David, glaring groggily at him. “What?” he asked sleepily, as he reached up and ran a hand through his messy hair.

David simply couldn’t manage to wrap his mind around the fact that he was staring at Sebastien Lefebvre. The famous Sebastien Lefebvre was standing in the door way of Pierre’s apartment, in nothing but his boxers! And then something clicked for him. Sebastien Lefebvre was standing in the doorway of Pierre’s apartment wearing nothing but his boxers. That could only mean one thing — one thing that David felt, in that moment, he should’ve known from the beginning: Pierre’s ex-best friend in Canada, the boy that Pierre had grown up with, the boy that Pierre had been in love with, was none other than Sebastien Lefebvre, the very man that David idolized to the point of near obsession. David didn’t know whether he should feel angry, jealous, sad, excited, or some combination of the four, and there was no way that words were going to leave his mouth, which was still wide open.

The longer Sebastien stood there, being stared at by some strange emo teenage boy, it suddenly occurred to him just who he was standing in front of. He straightened up, feeling completely awake now, and regarded the boy nervously. “…you’re David, aren’t you?” he asked hesitantly.

David felt his heart jump in his chest at the fact that Sebastien Lefebvre knew his name, despite what it meant — that Pierre had been talking about him. Unable to speak, he gave a quick nod in response, and Sebastien, despite knowing who the boy was, felt somewhat surprised. Pierre hadn’t actually gotten around to describing David to him; he hadn’t mentioned the fact that David had shiny black hair, black eyeliner, and wore jeans so tight they might as well have been painted on. It definitely wasn’t what he had been expecting of Pierre’s ex-boyfriend. He had been expecting someone who looked more like him, as vain as that might sound; a sort of replacement Sebastien. David was something else entirely, and was definitely gorgeous in his own way.

“Shit, this looks bad,” Sebastien muttered as he looked down at his half naked body. David swallowed hard and bit down on his bottom lip, giving another nod. “I swear, it’s really not how it looks,” Sebastien told him gently, and David felt only slightly relieved. He wasn’t sure if he could believe Sebastien or not. Could he really believe that Pierre hadn’t had sex with Sebastien, when Sebastien was standing in front of him, half naked, with messy sex-hair, in Pierre’s apartment in the early hours of the morning? Why had Sebastien come to Pierre’s apartment in the first place? Didn’t it seem like he wanted a second chance? If that was the case, David wouldn’t have blamed Pierre for sleeping with his ex-best friend, the boy he used to be in love with, or so he told David anyway.

“Umm… Pierre’s at work, but… why don’t you come in?” Sebastien asked gently as he took a step back, and David gave another weak nod and followed after him. Oh yeah. Of course Pierre was at work. In his nervous state he’d completely forgotten.

He heard the door close as if it was in another room, too dazed was he as he walked to the couch and sat down, his eyes unblinking as he tried to absorb what he’d just discovered. As he looked back up at Sebastien, who looked irresistibly sexy in nothing but his boxers, he found himself wondering why Pierre never told him who his best friend had been; David absolutely loved him, after all. Perhaps that would have made it harder for Pierre to move on and forget Sebastien? Or maybe he didn’t want to ruin David’s favorite artist for him? Or maybe he was just too fucking chicken.

“I’m gonna… go get my clothes…” Sebastien said awkwardly, and as he started toward the bedroom, David felt his heart breaking further. This must’ve shown on his face, because Sebastien’s eyes widened slightly and he shook his head quickly. “No, I promise, it’s not what it looks like,” Sebastien told him again; David found himself believing Sebastien less and less with each word he spoke. When David nodded again, Sebastien sighed gently and disappeared into Pierre’s bedroom, the place where David and Pierre had fucked so many times in the past, and where God knows what happened the night before. David didn’t think he wanted to know.

When Sebastien came back, David’s heart gave a jump in his chest. Would he ever get used to looking at him? He couldn’t help but allow his eyes to wander the length of Sebastien’s body, from head to foot, and notice how sexy he looked in his somewhat tight fitting blue jeans and blue v-neck t-shirt. God, he was hot. No doubt Pierre must have thought so too; who could look at Sebastien and not want him? David didn’t take his eyes off of Sebastien as he approached him, sitting next to him on the couch, though there was enough room between them for another person to sit comfortably. David bit down on his lip ring and toyed with it mindlessly as he waited for Sebastien to explain some things to him, though did he really want him to? Part of him didn’t want to know, but most of him couldn’t live without knowing.

Sebastien stared nervously at David, feeling guilty for kissing Pierre, and even more guilty for what they hadn’t done but had most certainly wanted to do. “Look… I didn’t come here to steal Pierre away from you or anything,” Sebastien started softly, his eyes diverting to his knees. “I came here to apologize for what I did to him… and to get my friend back, that’s it.” David gave a short nod when Sebastien looked up, feeling relieved by that information, though there was obvious hesitation in his voice, and David thought he knew exactly why. “I feel like he should be the one to tell you this… but since he’s not here and I don’t wanna scare you away… I have to tell you that we… we kissed last night.”

Though he’d been prepared to hear it, it still hurt none the less. When Sebastien smiled apologetically at David, David swallowed hard and gave a weak shrug. Really, what was he supposed to do or say about it? He had broken up with Pierre. And he, himself, had sex with Troy. If Pierre and Sebastien did nothing more than that, who was he to complain?

“He was upset about everything that happened with you… I was upset about everything with…” Sebastien started, though he trailed off awkwardly, not sure if he could trust David with that information. When he looked up at saw David staring pleadingly at him, he sighed and nodded, looking down again. “…with Patrick…” he murmured, and David’s heart began to beat faster in his chest. Yes, he was upset about Pierre. Yes, he was upset that Pierre and Sebastien had kissed. But how could he not feel excited to learn that he had been right about Sebastien Lefebvre and Patrick Langlois? Still, he couldn’t find the ability to say anything in response. It was as if his words had all dried up and his tongue was glued to the roof of his mouth.

“He didn’t wanna do anything more,” Sebastien altered the story gently, and David felt his heart soaring. “He said that meeting you was fate… that you two are meant to be together… and that he was going to get you back even if he had to beg on his knees,” he continued softly, still looking down. Slowly he looked up at David, offering a weak smile. “I know he was a dick to you, and maybe now you can see why,” Sebastien said softly, and David couldn’t help but give the tiniest flicker of a half smile. “Because he was trying to hide who I really was and what my song meant to him… the song I wrote for Pierre…” he continued, and David felt his stomach clenching at the memory of the way Pierre had moved away from the computer. Now he knew it was because of the song, and unreasonably he was angry with himself for not knowing instantly that Sebastien had written it for Pierre, that he was trying to reach out to him, wherever he was hiding. “But you have to know… Pierre really cares about you,” Sebastien finished quietly.

David, who hadn’t taken his eyes off of Sebastien once and hadn’t uttered a single word to the man, felt a sensation of warmth spreading through his chest, though it was slightly hampered with the knowledge of what he’d done with Troy. Obviously Pierre was over Sebastien; he’d been a single man and decided against sleeping with Sebastien, someone whom he’d once been in love with, simply because he felt that he and David belonged together? David had slept with Troy and he’d never even really liked the other boy. Pierre had proven himself to be stronger than David — the better man, in his opinion, although he really should have explained everything about Sebastien to him. For that, he felt that Pierre owed him an apology.

“We got super drunk last night, if you can’t tell from all the empty bottles…” Sebastien said, looking around at the empty beer bottles and the one empty bottle of whiskey. Unless he’d said something, David wouldn’t have even noticed, because he couldn’t manage to stop staring at Sebastien. It still felt surreal to him, to be sitting next to Sebastien Lefebvre, even though the man had been speaking to him of very closely related personal matters. “That’s why I was half naked when I answered the door… I slept in his bed with him, but I swear, nothing happened. We just passed out,” Sebastien assured him strongly, and though he really had no reason to, David believed him, giving him another nod.

Sebastien sighed and smiled weakly at David. “Are you eventually gonna talk to me?” he asked with a hint of amusement in his voice. David cheeks turned light pink and he shrugged timidly. Sebastien tilted his head to the side curiously. “It’s because of who I am, isn’t it?” he inquired gently. David stared at him for several seconds, before nodding for what felt like the hundredth time that morning. “Yeah… Pierre told me you’re kind of a big fan…” Sebastien trailed off awkwardly, and again, David nodded. He really did feel better about his situation with Pierre, but David couldn’t get over the fact that his favorite rockstar was speaking to him. Sebastien gave a gentle laugh and shook his head slowly. “Fair enough…” he muttered as he leaned back against the couch. As he stared ahead, his eyes caught sight of Pierre’s TV and Playstation 2, and he smiled awkwardly as he turned back to David. “Do you wanna play a video game?” he offered gently.

David regarded Sebastien carefully for a long moment before nodding and shrugging simultaneously. Sebastien stood and opened the console to see what was inside, laughing when he saw that the last game Pierre had played had been a hockey game. “Fucking hockey,” Sebastien laughed, shaking his head slowly, and to his astonishment, David laughed too. He turned to look at David, smiling warmly, before turning back to the game console and changing the game to a zombie apocalypse one. David blushed profusely at the way Sebastien had smiled at him and felt himself clamming up more as Sebastien sat next to him again, this time closer, and handed him a controller. “You ever played this game before?” Sebastien asked gently.

David shook his head in response. When Sebastien glanced at him but looked back at the TV, David took a deep breath, swallowed hard, and parted his lips to speak for the first time to him. “I’m not very good at video games,” he admitted weakly, his voice sounding a little weak and cracked from lack of use.

Sebastien, choosing not to comment on the break in David’s silent spell, simply smiled and shrugged. “Pierre sucks at video games,” he said with a gentle laugh.

“I think that’s why he plays the hockey game,” David said softly, still sounding shy and a little bit sad. “It’s easy… plus, he was a jock. Only jocks play sports games,” he added with a nod.

“Dude, that’s totally true!” Sebastien said quickly. From that moment on, conversation between the two wasn’t hard to come by. David was surprised at how easy it was to talk to Sebastien while they were working together to rid the world of zombies; it was as if it took the tension away from who he was with and made him just another regular old guy. It wasn’t until Sebastien brought up Troy casually that David found himself freezing up again.

“Yeah, Pierre was worried last night that by being a dick he’d send you running back to your crazy ex,” Sebastien commented lightly as he raised his arms slightly and shot the head off of a zombie that was coming at him in the game. David’s eyes widened and he began to press the buttons of the controller with unnecessary force, his arms going rigid with a combination of fear and guilt. Sebastien glanced at David, taking note of his demeanor, and the smile fell from his lips. “Oh shit… Dude, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything,” he said quickly.

“You’re dead,” David said blankly.

Sebastien’s eyes got a bit bigger and he leaned subtly back from David on the couch. “D-dude… I’m sorry! I know it wasn’t my place, but come o—”

“No,” David interrupted, and incredulously, he was laughing. “No, I meant in the game. You just died because you were looking at me.”

“Oh,” Sebastien said, and he set down his controller, waiting for David to die in the game so they could restart the level. “But you just had a look on your face…”

David swallowed hard and nodded once, the smile falling from his lips. “Pierre knows me too well,” David commented dryly, and Sebastien smiled weakly at him. “I um… I did more than just kiss Troy,” David said slowly.

“Oh…” Sebastien looked down, staring at his knees, though when he heard David sigh and set down the controller, he looked back over to him to see that his shoulders were slumped and his head was hanging in his hands. “Hey, he’s gonna understand,” Sebastien told him gently, and very carefully he put an arm around David’s shoulder.

David could feel himself shaking from a combination of guilt at what he had done and excitement at Sebastien Lefebvre putting his arm around him. David managed to push his excitement away and focus on the matter at hand. “He won’t understand,” David said weakly. “You don’t know Troy… Pierre could never understand.”

“He, uh… he said some interesting stuff about this kid,” Sebastien started nervously, and David pulled his face from his hands and glanced at Sebastien, tears swimming in his hazel eyes. “I’m not really sure how much of it was true… he was pretty drunk and upset, ya know…” he continued awkwardly.

“So he told you Troy beat me up on a daily basis and raped me?” David guessed softly.

Sebastien grimaced, though he nodded. “I was really hoping he was being metaphorical somehow,” he admitted slowly.

David couldn’t help but give a gentle laugh and shake his head. “Nope… pretty literal.” He looked at Sebastien for several long moments before sighing and putting his face in his hands again. “God, why did I go to Troy’s house yesterday? I should’ve just gone home and gotten in bed,” he said weakly. “But then again, if I never went to Troy’s, I would’ve never stood up to him, and I wouldn’t have gotten the courage to come here today to try and work this out with Pierre…” David reasoned with himself . “I have to fix this… I just need him so much.”

“That’s kinda funny,” Sebastien said softly, and David looked up at him again curiously. “He said the same thing about you last night.”

David smiled and nodded slowly. He stared at Sebastien for several seconds longer, getting caught in his gorgeous blue eyes and sweet, innocent smile, before shaking his head at himself and forcing himself to pull out of Sebastien’s touch. “Round two?” he asked as he picked up his controller and started over.

Sebastien smiled and nodded, grabbing his controller again. They played in silence for several long minutes, the atmosphere in the room slowly starting to feel normal again. Sebastien thought of everything he’d just heard, of all the things he’d said to David, of everything Pierre had told him the night previously, and suddenly a question popped into his mind. He glanced at David, feeling nervous, but determined to ask this question none the less. “Hey, uh…” he started, and David glanced at him quickly. “If I wanted you to suck my dick, would you do it?” he asked bluntly.

David’s eyes widened and he gasped involuntarily, his fingers mashing down on several buttons that he hadn’t intended on pushing. “What?!” he yelled as he turned to face Sebastien, his cheeks bright red. “No!”

Sebastien grinned, not taking his eyes from the screen as he muttered, “Okay, just curious.” David gaped at Sebastien, wanting to ask where that question came from but too stunned to do so at the same time. He felt even more shocked when Sebastien began to laugh. “You’re dead,” Sebastien told him, mimicking the tone in which David had said the same thing to him earlier.

David glanced at the screen, seeing his character being torn apart and eaten by zombies, and sighed heavily. “Thanks,” David grumbled sarcastically as he set his controller down. “Thanks a lot.”

“I’m only here to help, Davey,” Sebastien said, and without being able to stop himself, David grinned quite possibly wider than he’d ever grinned in his life. Sebastien Lefebvre had just called him Davey? He could’ve died. David took a deep, slow breath, attempting to calm his nerves, and looked back at the screen as he waited for Sebastien to die in the level. They sat there together for hours, talking comfortably and playing that game the whole time.

Pierre looked down at the ground as he walked home, the smoke leaving his lips not making him feel any better about anything, despite the fact that it was his seventh cigarette of the day. When he’d had David, Pierre was able to forget that he needed a cigarette; David seemed to take priority over everything else in his life. He had quit the disgusting habit for his boyfriend, but now that he younger boy wasn’t his boyfriend anymore, what was the point in sparing his health? He stared at the ground as he took another long drag, filling his lungs until they felt as if they were going to burst and holding it in for several long seconds. He shook his head at himself as he began to walk up the steps to his apartment; he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about how disappointed David would be with him if he ever found out he was smoking again. With a heavy sigh, he put out his cigarette on his shoe and opened the front door, preparing himself to see Sebastien again, something which still felt weird.

He stopped in his tracks, however, when he saw David sitting on the couch with Sebastien. They both turned to stare at Pierre, David’s eyes wide and frightened, Sebastien smiling gently at him. Slowly Pierre stepped into his apartment and closed the door, though me made no further movement. “Hey,” he said, his voice sounding forced.

“Hey,” David responded awkwardly, his hands toying mindlessly with the controller.

“I, uh… I see you met Seb,” Pierre pointed out awkwardly.

David nodded slowly. “Yeah… thanks for telling me about that,” David couldn’t keep himself from replying.

“Dave, I wanted to,” Pierre told him quickly, taking several steps toward him.

David stood, shaking his head slowly. “Why couldn’t you just trust me?” David asked weakly.

“I’m sorry!” Pierre apologized, his deep brown eyes watering slightly. “I spent the last three and a half years hiding from the world… it was just easier to hide that part of my life, too,” he explained weakly, and as if he couldn’t control them, his hands found David’s face.

David felt weak in Pierre’s arms — felt like without Pierre’s hands on his cheeks, he might have fallen over. His hands grasped at Pierre’s sides, his arms beginning to shake as Pierre’s thumbs rubbed gently across his cheeks, and suddenly tears were streaming down his face. Pierre’s eyebrows pulled together and he pulled David against his body, holding tight to the back of his head and scrunching his eyes closed tight against his emotions. “I’m so sorry,” Pierre whispered.

David shook his head and buried his face in Pierre’s neck, clinging to his back as he fought against the words that he knew he had to say. “I had sex with Troy,” he said bluntly, tears falling faster down his cheeks.

Pierre pulled back slowly and looked sadly down at David. He didn’t feel angry. He didn’t feel jealous. Pierre felt nothing but guilty, guilty that the words he had spoken to David had sent him running back to the arms of a manipulative psychopath. “I’m sorry,” Pierre said again as he reached up and ran his thumb very gently over David’s scarred right earlobe. David stared up at Pierre pleadingly, his pale cheeks streaked with light lines of black eyeliner where his tears had caused the makeup to run.

“Why are you apologizing to me?” David breathed weakly. “I’m the one that fucked up…”

“Because of the way I made you feel,” Pierre reminded him sadly. “Besides… I need to tell you something… Seb and I… we—”

“You guys made out, I know,” David told him gently.

“Hey, I never said that!” Sebastien piped in, and suddenly David and Pierre were reminded that he was even in the room. They turned back to stare at him, both with wide eyes. “Well I didn’t! I just said we kissed,” Sebastien said with a firm nod.

“Oh please,” David breathed, turning back to Pierre. “Of course you made out. You were both drunk and heart broken, you hadn’t seen each other in almost four years and you’re both ridiculously hot,” David pointed out quickly.

Pierre heard Sebastien laugh, but in that moment, had eyes for no one but David. “I’m sorry,” he apologized again.

“Me too,” David told him sadly. “Pierre, I am so sorry.”

Pierre’s hand found David’s cheek again, David’s hands grasped again at Pierre’s sides, and before either of them could stop it, they were kissing. The moment their lips pressed together, Pierre felt as if his entire body exploded in a flurry of tingles; warmth was spreading through him at an alarming rate, running from his toes, to his fingers, to his head, and yes, even to his groin — especially to his groin. He gave a soft moan when David parted his lips and licked his bottom lip before biting down on it gently. Pierre’s hand was traveling under David’s shirt, his fingers pressing into his small side and pulling him harder against his body. David’s hands traveled to Pierre’s lower back, though one moved down and grabbed firmly onto his ass as he continued to kiss Pierre, their tongues dancing around each other, drawing moans from the backs of both of their throats.

As they pulled apart, Pierre pressed his forehead against David’s and nuzzled him gently, earning a soft giggle from the younger boy. The sound brought a stupid grin to Pierre’s lips, and he pulled back and opened his eyes, intent on looking down at David, though his smile faltered when he remembered that Sebastien was still in the room. He looked quickly over at his friend, who was leaning forward on the couch and watching them with an open mouth, clearly enjoying the show he was getting. David turned to look at Sebastien, his cheeks turning bright pink, before hiding his face in Pierre’s chest in embarrassment and giving another soft giggle.

“Well don’t stop now!” Sebastien told them with a grin.

“Dude, David and I need to make up right now, so…” Pierre trailed off gently, and David hid his face further in Pierre’s chest, feeling his body heating up at the fact that Sebastien Lefebvre had just seen him make out with a boy and wanted to see more.

“What’s stopping you? I’ll watch,” Sebastien said with a shrug.


“Alright, alright, I’m leaving,” Sebastien said with a grin and a sigh. He stood and started toward the door, grabbing his car keys and his wallet from the coffee table as he did. “I’ll find something to do around here,” he mumbled.

“Good luck,” David and Pierre replied in unison. David pulled his face from Pierre’s chest and smiled up at him, and Pierre beamed back down at him.

“That’s just freaky,” Sebastien said with a shake of his head, before heading outside and closing the door behind him.

Silence fell over the two and they stood staring at each other for only a matter of seconds before they were kissing ferociously, touching each other everywhere possible and ridding each other of clothes in record time. As they fell into Pierre’s bed, Pierre rolling on top of David and running his hands down his body, he couldn’t help but feel that things were going his way for once. He had his best friend back, he had his boyfriend back, and for the first time in almost four years, there wasn’t a single part of him being weighed down by sadness. To put it simply, Pierre had his life back, and that was something worth celebrating.
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