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Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad, Chapter 12

Title: Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Twelve
Rating: R
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 7612
Summary: After coming out of the closet to his friends in Canada and getting disowned by them, Pierre Bouvier moves to a hick town in the states to escape. Life is dull and grim for the twenty-one year old Canadian until he meets David Desrosiers, a young man who could change it all for the better.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: ...all I really know is ninety-thousand people's a lot. :)

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“Come on, Pierre!” David whined as he grabbed onto Pierre’s hand and attempted to drag him more quickly up the street.

Pierre, for the sheer purpose of being a pain in the ass, leaned back and used his body-weight to make David’s attempts harder. “What’s the hurry?” Pierre asked gently.

“The movie’s gonna start soon and where are we?” David asked rhetorically as he pulled harder against Pierre’s arm. “Not in our seats, that’s where we are!”

Pierre laughed and rolled his eyes at his younger boyfriend. “So? There’s still fifteen minutes of previews,” Pierre pointed out with a nod as he continued to pull against the smaller boy. “We’ll make it on time for the actual movie.”

“I like the previews!” David complained quickly.

“Who the fuck likes the previews?” Pierre chided with a grin.

“People who aren’t gonna put out tonight, that’s who,” David retorted snappily.

Pierre scoffed and pulled back hard on David’s hand, flinging the smaller boy easily toward him with a yelp. Pierre smiled down at him, his hand coming to a rest on David’s hip. David glared up at Pierre for only a moment, before Pierre’s winning smile got the best of him and he was smiling in return. “You can’t stay mad at me,” Pierre said tauntingly as he leaned down and placed a kiss on David’s cheek.

David wanted to pull away, wanted to roll his eyes, wanted to scoff in his boyfriend’s face, but the feel of Pierre’s lips on his cheek rendered him incapable of doing any of those things. Instead, he merely closed his eyes and gave a happy sigh. “I hate you for being so cute all the time,” he said as Pierre pulled back.

Pierre shook his head and placed a hand on David’s cheek. “You love it,” Pierre said tenderly.

The smile fell from David’s lips as that four letter word rattled around his mind. Love. He and Pierre had yet to use that word with each other in the three months they‘d been together, and the fact that it had just come out of Pierre’s mouth in such a casual way made David feel nervous. He didn’t love Pierre… did he? David didn’t believe that he’d ever been in love. He was only seventeen, after all. Could seventeen year old boys even fall in love? Surely twenty-one year old men could, but after only three months?

Pierre watched David’s face carefully, seeing naïve fear emanating from his eyes, and suddenly he regretted saying what he had. Sure, it had been no way a confession of love — he wasn’t ready to give one, after all — but it certainly seemed to freak David out. He was young, after all; maybe he simply wasn’t ready to hear that word yet. “Dave, I… I didn’t…” Pierre started nervously, his cheeks turning pink.

Pierre’s nervousness calmed David somewhat, and he gave a gentle smile and shook his head. “Just kiss me,” he instructed Pierre lightly.

A crooked smile appeared on Pierre’s face, and he nodded, before leaning down and capturing his boyfriend’s lips in a soft kiss. David leaned up into Pierre, his hands grabbing small handfuls of the other man’s shirt for stability; even Pierre’s gentlest of kisses made the world spin and David feel weak in the knees. As they pulled apart, Pierre ran his fingers through David’s silky black hair, brushing it gently out of his face, before leaning down and placing a small kiss on the tip of David’s nose. David grinned and looked down, his cheeks turning pink as an entire colony of butterflies erupted in his body. As he turned his face to the side and looked out at the street they were standing next to, however, David saw something to kill every one of those winged creatures.

He pulled quickly away from Pierre, staring hard at the back end of a black truck that he recognized only too well. Pierre glanced nervously at David, looking between him and the truck he was staring at. “What’s wrong?” Pierre asked slowly.

“That looks like my dad’s truck,” David muttered darkly. He found himself unable to take his eyes from the back of that moving vehicle, though it was so far away at that point that there was no way he would’ve been able to identify it, even if it had a bright red cape on the back.

Pierre stared after the truck for a moment, before putting his hands on David’s shoulders and forcing him around. “David, what’s the population of Eugene?” Pierre asked gently.

David raised an eyebrow at Pierre’s random question. “I dunno… like, a hundred and fifty— a hundred and sixty thousand?” he replied skeptically.

“And out of a hundred and sixty thousand, how many people do you think own black trucks in Eugene?”

David gave a weak smile and nodded his head. “I see your point,” he said quietly.

Pierre smiled and nodded. “It’s probably just a coincidence,” he said reassuringly. “Now come on! We’re gonna miss your weird movie,” he added, and he grabbed onto David’s hand and began to pull him down the street, just as David had been doing to him.

“It’s not a weird movie!” David said quickly.

“Then why is it in this weird little hippie movie theatre, and not the one at the mall?” Pierre asked fairly.

“Because the corporate movie theatres don’t play these kind of documentaries! They want to hide the truth from the general public! They want us to subject ourselves to blind consumerism!” David ranted fiercely.

Pierre rolled his eyes and grinned. “Spoken like a true hippie conspiracy nut.”

“I am not! I just don’t want to be another tool of the government!” When Pierre actually began to laugh at him, David huffed and glared at the ground. “Shut up.”

As it turned out, the documentary was actually pretty good, though as Pierre had guessed, it was mainly a small number of facts laced with a plethora of paranoid conspiracies. David, however, loved the movie and refused to stop talking about it. All the way back to the car, the whole drive back to Junction City, as they walked up the steps to Pierre’s apartment, it was all he talked about. Pierre had to remind himself that David was still young and impressionable; it wasn’t hard to understand why he could be so taken with the ideas in the movie.

Pierre was beginning to think that he would never heard the end of it, but as soon as they walked into his apartment and Sebastien smiled at David, all conversation of the movie stopped and David’s cheeks were turning pink. Pierre glared at Sebastien, who fixed him with an apologetic smile and shrugged his shoulders gently. “Really, you’ve been hanging out with him for a month and you’re not used to him yet?” Pierre asked bitterly as he crossed the room and sat down on the couch next to his friend, purposely sitting so David wouldn’t be able to sit next to the other man.

“I’m sorry!” David complained breathlessly, and he sat down next to Pierre. “He might just be Sebastien to you, but to me he’s Sebastien Lefebvre,” David explained weakly, and he couldn’t help but notice that while Pierre hated how flustered David got around Sebastien, Sebastien seemed to drink it in; he absolutely loved it.

“He’s just a regular dude!” Pierre complained. “Aren’t you Seb?”

“Hey now, I wouldn’t say regular,” Sebastien replied jokingly.

“Okay Pierre, think of it this way,” David started, fixing Pierre with a serious stare. “Imagine if I showed up one day with my good friend Justin, and it was Justin Timberlake,” he said slowly.

Pierre bit his lips together as he thought of the situation. “You’re comparing Seb to Justin Timberlake?” he asked weakly.

Sebastien laughed and shook his head. “I’m no Justin,” he muttered slowly. “He’s a cool dude though, we hung out at a couple parties,” he added nonchalantly.

Pierre’s jaw dropped and he turned back to Sebastien. “You’ve hung out with Justin Timberlake?!”

“Yeah, dude! It was so fucking epic!” Sebastien replied excitedly.

“Okay, do you see my point?” David interrupted, and both men turned to look at him again. “It’s not that easy to just get over the rockstar thing!”

Pierre sighed, though he nodded none the less. “Yeah, okay… I get it,” he grumbled. “I don’t like it, but I get it.”

“Calm down, it’s not like I’m gonna cheat on you with him,” David offered gently.

“Yeah! First day I met him, I asked him to suck my dick and he said no!” Sebastien reminded David with a grin, and David’s cheeks turned bright red and his eyes widened.

“You did WHAT?!” Pierre yelled, and he turned back to Sebastien and hit him hard in the arm.

“Ow! I was just testing him!” Sebastien defended himself, before hitting Pierre in return.

“What if he’d said yes?!” Pierre yelled, hitting Sebastien again.

Sebastien thought for a moment, before shrugging and hitting Pierre again. “Well, he does have a lip ring… and he’s pretty cute…” he muttered with a sly smile.

David’s jaw dropped as he watched Pierre lunge himself at Sebastien, taking him quickly from the couch to the ground and knocking his body roughly against the coffee table. “Guys! Don’t fight!” David complained, though when he heard laughter, he furrowed his brow and relaxed against the couch. Sebastien and Pierre continued to roll around on the ground, hitting each other, putting their hands in each others faces, kicking each other when possible; David rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. “Men,” he said with a sigh.

“Stop hitting on my boyfriend!” Pierre told Sebastien as he rolled on top of him and sat up, straddling his stomach and holding onto his wrists to keep Sebastien from hitting him again.

“He was single at the time!” Sebastien reminded him with a grin, though he regretted saying those words when Pierre transferred both wrists to one hand and aimed a punch at Sebastien’s side.

David rolled his eyes again, though found his attention being diverted when his phone dinged gently in his pocket. He pulled it out and looked at it, seeing a text from his sister.

David, where are you? I thought you said you were
gonna have dinner at home with us tonight?

“Oh shit,” David muttered, drawing Pierre’s attention again.

“What’s wrong?” Pierre asked, and as if nothing had happened between the two, Pierre stood and offered a hand to Sebastien, who took it and pulled himself up.

“Oh, I just forgot I told my sister I’d have dinner at home tonight…” he muttered unhappily.

“Why?” Pierre asked as he sat down on the couch next to David again.

“Because the only time I’m ever there anymore is to sleep,” David said with a sigh. Pierre gave a gentle huff and pouted lightly, bringing a soft smile to David’s lips. David gently snaked his arms around Pierre’s neck and placed a kiss on his forehead, and suddenly Pierre couldn’t stop himself from smiling. “Will you take me home?” David asked quietly.

Pierre sighed again, though he nodded. “Alright, fine,” he grumbled. “But I want you to stay the night tomorrow night.”

“Boubou, I can’t,” David reasoned gently. Sebastien gave a snort of laughter from behind them at the nickname, and David leaned to the side and shot him a quick glare. Pierre grinned at the sight of David glaring at Sebastien, though soon David was smiling at the other man again, leaving an irate, jealous feeling tingling in the pit of his stomach.

“Well I want you to,” Pierre threw in childishly, his voice unnecessarily loud to bring David’s attention away from Sebastien and back to himself.

David gave a gentle sigh and nodded. “I’ll see what I can do, but it won’t be easy… tomorrow’s a school night, too.”

Pierre smiled and nodded, before leaning forward and pressing his lips gently against David’s. David smiled against Pierre’s lips, his fingers toying mindlessly in the hair on the back of Pierre’s head. Without anymore argument, the two stood and left, David bidding Sebastien goodbye, while Pierre muttered an indifferent, “I’ll be back in a few.”

Pierre hated how short the drive to David’s house was. He wished that David lived two towns away, so that taking him home took an hour at least, because that would give them more time together. He wanted nothing more than to ask David to move in with him, a desire which only increased drastically with each passing day that he spent with David and had to deliver him to his father at the end of the night, all the while pretending they were nothing more than friends. He had yet to tell David this, however. He had a feeling that David wasn’t quite ready for the kind of commitment that he wanted in life; what had happened earlier that day with the innocently uttered word ‘love’ told Pierre that much. Still, he found himself wanting to spend more time with David each day, something which, of course, couldn’t be allowed.

He gave a soft whine as his car came to a stop and David moved to get out. David grinned and turned in his seat, giving Pierre’s lips a gentle kiss. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“Yes. Tomorrow. In my bed. Over night. Naked and satisfied,” Pierre demanded firmly.

David grinned and nodded. “I’ll see what I can do,” he repeated, and Pierre gave another satisfied nod. “Bye,” he muttered sadly, before giving Pierre one last kiss and getting out of the car. He glanced behind him constantly as he walked up the driveway, seeing that Pierre was still there, watching him walk to the door as if he was making sure nothing happened to him on the short trip inside. As soon as the door was open, he waved shortly and walked inside, closing the door behind him.

When he got inside, he wasn’t greeted with the smell of food, as he thought he would be. This seemed rather odd to him, as it was already seven o’clock and his father and sister usually had dinner started by then. He shook his head as he walked the rest of the way into the house, looking around for any sign of his family. “Dad? Yael?” he called curiously.

“David,” his dad said, his voice low and harsh sounding against the quiet of the room.

David jumped and turned, seeing his dad standing in the living room with his arms over his chest. “Hey dad,” he said casually, though from his father’s stance and the look on his face, he knew something was wrong. “What’s up?”

“You’re gonna just pretend like I don’t know?” his dad asked cryptically, though as soon as the words left his mouth, David saw the back of that black truck driving down the street again.

“…know what?” he asked nervously.

“So you really are gonna keep pretending? You’re gonna keep lying to me?” his dad asked harshly.

“Dad, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” David lied quickly.

“I’m talking about me driving through Eugene today for work! I’m talking about seeing you downtown with that friend of yours! I’m talking about witnessing you two kissing!” his dad threw quickly at him, and David flinched back from him, his eyes wide with fear. “You’re gonna try to pretend it wasn’t you?”

“Okay… fine… yeah, I was with Pierre,” David muttered weakly, and though he knew it to be true, hearing the confession only seemed to make his father angrier. “Look dad, I should’ve told you before, I didn’t want you to find out like this, but… I’m gay.”

David’s dad shook his head and placed a hand over his face. “God, where did I go wrong with you?”

Nothing David had ever felt before compared to the pain he felt in that moment. “There’s nothing wrong with me!” he defended himself quickly, and his dad scoffed and shook his head again. “There isn’t!”

“Except you’re a fag!” his dad hurtled at him, and David’s mouth fell open and tears instantly sprung into his eyes.

Seconds went by when nothing was said between the two, though soon David heard footsteps to the side of him and a hand on his shoulder, and he knew his sister had come to protect him. “What’s going on?” Yael asked quietly as she looked between her father and her brother.

“Did you know about your brother and that guy?” their father demanded quickly, and David turned to face Yael, begging her to lie for her own sake, though he knew from the determination on her features that she would never do so.

“Of course I did,” she breathed, though she sounded strong at the same time. “There’s nothing wrong with being gay,” she added, sounding a bit more firm as she did. “Pierre’s a good man.”

“Great, so he got to you, too,” their dad muttered darkly. “From now on, you two are going to church with me on Sundays,” he told them quickly, earning loud protests from both. “NO!” he screamed, stopping them both in their tracks. “Your mother was the one who decided you didn’t have to go if you didn’t want to, and look at what’s happened to you now! You’re going to church with me, and you, David, are never going to see that boy again, do you understand me?”

“No,” David told him firmly.

“Excuse me?”

“I said no. You’re not gonna tell me how to live my life,” David told him, taking a step toward his father.

“I’m your father, and you’ll do as I say,” their dad warned slowly.

“No, I won’t! Forcing me to go to church and banning me from seeing Pierre isn’t gonna turn me straight!” David defended himself quickly. “I’ve NEVER been straight! I had my first boyfriend when I was twelve! You just never knew because you’re too fucking ignorant to see the truth!”

“I will not allow this kind of behavior to go on in my own house!”

“Fine! I’ll make this easy for you! I’ll fucking leave and you’ll never have to see me again!” David screamed at him.

“David!” Yael yelled, and she stepped forward and put a hand on David’s arm.

“If you leave now, don’t expect to ever come back,” their father warned in a low voice.

“Dad!” Yael yelled at him, her mouth falling open.

David pulled out of her touch and shook his head. “Trust me. I won’t.”

The two stared at each other hard for several long seconds, before their father was shaking his head again. “Thank God your mother isn’t alive to see you like this,” he growled.

David felt anger crashing through his limbs and before he knew what happened, he’d pushed his father back with all of his might, though he only made the much larger man stumble back a few paces. When he saw the absolute fury flashing in his father’s eyes, David took several steps back, though not quickly enough to escape the back of his father’s hand, which hit his face so hard he spun around and crumpled to the floor. David stared at the floor, emotionally unable to stand. His own father, the one person who was supposed to love him no matter what, had just brought the back of his hand across his face and told him to get out and not come back. Tears were stinging in his eyes and he didn’t move as he heard his father’s retreating footsteps, or even when he heard the front door open and slam, or the sound of his father’s truck firing up and speeding off down the street.

Yael fell to her knees next to David, her arms instantly wrapping around him. “Are you okay?” she asked weakly; the sound of tears in her voice acted as a kind of stimulant, and suddenly David’s tears were gone and he was able to push the sadness to the back of his mind.

He pushed himself up and nodded, watching as she stood and stared at him sadly. The sight of her tear streaked face made David feel guilty, and he pulled her into a hug. “I’m sorry,” he muttered softly.

Yael shook her head against her brother’s, as the two were matched perfectly in height, and held tighter to him. “I honestly thought he’d be okay with it,” she whispered.

“I didn’t,” David admitted weakly. “Then again, he’s never really loved me like he loves you.”

Yael wanted to tell David that his words weren’t true, but she knew that they were. Their father had always very obviously favored Yael, the normal one. She pulled back and wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand, giving a gentle sniff. “Where will you go?” she asked weakly.

David didn’t even have to think about the answer before it sprung to his tongue. “Pierre,” he said simply.

“How do you know he’ll take you in?”

David gave a soft smile and dabbed at his sister’s wet cheeks with the sleeve of his hoodie. “Like you said… Pierre’s a good man.”

Yael gave a nod, and together the two moved into David’s room, where he began to pack the things he would take with him: clothes, shoes, music, his guitars and his school things were about all he was taking with him, though he made sure to grab his computer and throw it in the front seat of his truck. His dad couldn’t complain; he’d bought his computer with his own money. When his truck was loaded with the few things he had, he stopped and turned to Yael, who was watching him with devastating sadness in her eyes.

“I wanna go with you,” she whispered weakly. David gave a sad smile and shook his head. “I can’t live with him! Not knowing what he’s really like!”

“Yel… he’s your dad,” David pointed out gently.

“No… he’s our dad…”

Again, David shook his head. “No. He’s your dad. I don’t have any parents anymore.” Yael’s face crumpled and she began to cry in earnest. The sight tore at David’s heart and almost brought him to tears, though the big brother in him was telling him to be strong for her. He knew she needed to see him leave strong, as if what had just happened hadn’t totally devastated him, otherwise she would worry constantly about him. He wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug and stroked her back gently. “It’s gonna be fine,” he said quietly; it felt as if he was telling himself this more than her. “Everything’s gonna be fine…”

Slowly the two pulled away, and as David climbed into his truck, he couldn’t help but feel that this departure felt like goodbye forever, not simply a ‘see you later.’ Still, he gave her a smile and a nod, before starting his truck — which he’d also bought for himself — and driving down the road. The tears didn’t come as he drove down the road. He didn’t cry as he made his way to Pierre’s apartment. Not even as he stood in front of Pierre’s front door and knocked did he shed a single tear. It wasn’t until Pierre opened the door, staring at him quizzically, that David lost it.

It was as if he couldn’t be weak without Pierre — as if he needed to be strong, but was allowed to be weak around Pierre, because Pierre was more than strong enough for the both of them. He buried his face and cried in Pierre’s chest, his arms clinging tightly to him as Pierre pulled him into the apartment, closed the door and moved him to the couch. When he felt another set of hands on him, it occurred to him that he was sitting between Pierre and Sebastien, though he didn’t care in that moment. He couldn’t stop the tears as they streamed down his cheeks, or the sobs that were coming from deep in his chest. He simply leaned against Pierre’s chest and cried, his body feeling weaker with each sob.

“David, what happened?” Pierre asked weakly as he finger combed the smaller boy’s hair.

“M-m-my d-dad,” David sobbed, and Pierre felt suddenly as if he was sinking into the floor. “H-he k-kicked m-me out…”

“What?!” Pierre asked quickly, and David only cried harder. Pierre closed his eyes and held David tighter to his chest. “Shhh… it’s okay,” he cooed gently. “Just breathe, Dave.” David nodded against Pierre’s chest and focused on his breathing; the sound of his cries becoming more controlled comforted Pierre slightly. “What happened? Why did he kick you out?”

David bit his lips together and nuzzled his face against Pierre, willing the pain to go away. “I told you I saw his truck…” he whispered weakly. Pierre closed his eyes and gave a soft sigh. “He knows… a-about… us… a-and he said I was f-forbidden from ever seeing you a-again…” Pierre bit down on his bottom lip, his eyebrows coming together in an attempt to keep his emotions under control. “I told him no… and he said… he said…” David swallowed hard as he remembered what his father had said about his mother. “’Thank God your mother isn’t alive to see you like this,’” David quoted weakly.

Pierre’s jaw dropped and his eyes opened simultaneously, and he stared incredulously at Sebastien, who was looking back at him with the same look of shocked horror on his features. “He said that?”

David nodded and held tighter to Pierre. “I pushed him… and he… he hit me,” he admitted, and he whispered the last bit especially quietly, knowing if anything could make Pierre go off, it would be that.

And just as he’d expected, he felt Pierre tense and his grip on him become firmer. “I’ll fucking kill him,” Pierre breathed, his limbs positively shaking in anger. Sebastien stared nervously at Pierre, not used to this angry, violent side of his friend. He could tell that what he had done to him in the past had really had an affect on Pierre and the way he reacted to things.

David shook his head and pushed against Pierre, pulling back and staring at him pleadingly. “Please… just no more violence,” he breathed weakly, and instantly that monster roaring in Pierre’s chest calmed down and he stared sadly at his younger boyfriend. “I’m just so sick of violence… from Troy, to you, and now my dad… I just… I can’t take anymore.”

Pierre nodded and pulled David into another warm hug, a hug which David desperately returned. “I’m so sorry,” Pierre said gently.

David’s fingers pressed against Pierre’s chest as he nervously worked up the courage to ask what he knew he had to. “Pierre… do you think… can I… do you mind if…”

Pierre smiled and pulled back, his hand finding David’s cheek as he stared into his gorgeously hazel eyes. “David, I would love it if you moved in with me,” Pierre admitted firmly, and incredulously, David found himself smiling.

“Thanks, Pea,” he muttered as he wrapped himself around Pierre’s comfort again, burying himself in the other man’s arms.

Pierre smiled and nodded, his hand holding gently to the back of David’s head. The smile fell from his lips, however, when he felt David’s body began to shake and he knew he was crying again. “Come on Dave… it’s okay…” he told him gently, though still David continued to sob against him. When his phone began to buzz on the table, Pierre leaned forward and glanced at it, his brow furrowing when he saw that it was his work calling. “Dave.. can you… hold on…” he muttered disjointedly and he very carefully pulled David away from his body and passed him over to Sebastien. He felt a stab of jealousy at how easy the transition had been; David fell into Sebastien’s arms and clung to him without so much as a change in his mood. Pierre pushed that jealousy away and answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Pierre, will you do me a huge favor?” came the voice of Roger, his manager.

“What’s up?” Pierre asked skeptically.

“Tina has to go home sick and there’s no one to finish her shift… would you mind coming in tonight? I really don’t wanna do it, I’ve already been here fourteen hours…”

“As a cashier?” Pierre asked nervously. He’d never worked inside before, but he knew that Tina was strictly a cashier.

“Yeah. You’re a smart kid, you’ll learn quick enough!”

Pierre glanced at David, who was still sobbing in Sebastien arms and bit his lips together.

“You’d be doin’ me a huge favor…”

Pierre closed his eyes and sighed. “When would the shift be over?”


With another sigh, Pierre found himself nodding. “Yeah, I’ll be there in ten minutes,” he said weakly.

“Thank you so much, kid. I’ll buy you dinner when you get here!”

Pierre gave a weak laugh and nodded. “Alright, I’ll see you soon,” he said, before hanging up the phone. He glanced helplessly at Sebastien, who looked a bit uncomfortable with David crying on him. “Look, I have to go into work for a few hours,” he said gently. David pulled away from Sebastien and stared at him sadly. “I know, I’m really sorry,” he told him quickly, his hands finding David’s cheeks and stroking gently. “But I’ll be home just after eleven, and I’ll bring you ice cream and hot chocolate, okay?”

David gave a weak smile and nodded slowly. “Kay,” he whispered sadly. Pierre sighed quietly, though soon he was leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on David’s lips, a kiss which David returned with weak enthusiasm. It was obvious that he was straining his hardest to keep from crying. With a nod, Pierre moved into his bedroom and got into his work clothes, the clothes that he’d already worn once that day. He was irritated that he’d already worked a full shift that morning, seven to three as usual, and now he had to go in to finish the rest of another one! Plus, he wouldn’t get off work until eleven, and he still had to work at seven the next day! He did his best to hide his irritation, however, when he went back into the living room.

“I’ll be back before you know it,” he said as he sat again next to David. “With ice-cream and hot chocolate,” he reminded David with a nod.

“With ice-cream, hot chocolate and cookies?” David asked weakly, and Pierre grinned and nodded.

“And cookies,” Pierre told him gently. The kiss that he laid against David’s forehead was nothing short of sweet and tender, and as he pulled away and started toward the door, David felt sadness welling up again inside of him. As the tears began to fall down his cheeks again, he turned to Sebastien and latched onto him, hiding his face in the other man’s slight chest as he began to sob. Sebastien gave a gentle sigh and wrapped his arms around David’s back, holding firmly to him in as supportive of a manner as he could muster. As Pierre opened the door and turned to glance one last time at his boyfriend, it was to find him in that position with his best friend, and God, did it make him angry. He glared hard at Sebastien, who stared back at him helplessly, as if asking if Pierre really expected him to simply let David cry and do nothing to comfort him. It was with that final glare that Pierre stepped outside and closed the door behind him, feeling even more angry and uncomfortable as the distance between himself and David and Sebastien grew even larger.

What were they doing? Were they talking? Had Sebastien managed to make David stop crying? Had he made him smile? Had he made him laugh? Was he still holding him?

Those were the kinds of questions circulating Pierre’s mind as he stood behind the cash register, feeling totally out of place inside the mini-store rather than outside pumping gas. He had to deal with regular customers jokingly calling him a traitor all night, as if they were so clever as to have been the first ones to think of saying such a thing to him. He had to deal with shit from the gas attendants, making fun of him for doing ‘woman’s work’, when the notion was entirely barbaric and outdated. But most of all, he had to deal with his own mind showing him images of Sebastien and David, laying on the couch together, kissing, touching, moaning each others names.

It was no secret that David was attracted to Sebastien. It was obvious that Sebastien found David attractive as well. David constantly turned pink whenever Sebastien looked at or talked to him, and Sebastien very obviously loved every second of it. He loved being famous, he loved how much people loved him, but most of all, he loved how much David loved him. Pierre could see it; a blind person would have been able to see it, he thought. And though he may have been making a simple situation seem ten times worse with his thoughts, Pierre couldn’t help but think of how nervous and cute David was around Sebastien, and how flirtatious Sebastien was with David. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

Eleven o’clock couldn’t have come fast enough for Pierre, and as soon as the time came to leave, Pierre was walking out the door and down the street, making his way as quickly home as possible. He got halfway home when he realized that he forgot the things he said he would bring to David, and he grudgingly turned back, bought the items, and headed back home. By the time he was walking up the stairs to his apartment, it was ten after eleven, and he’d never felt so anxious and nervous to be home in his life. What would he find when he opened the door? Would David and Sebastien merely be sitting on the couch or would something much less innocent be going on?

When he opened the door and stepped inside, it was to find the lights off in the room, a movie playing, and David and Sebastien curled in each others arms, David laying on top of Sebastien, both sound asleep. It took all of the strength he possessed to keep himself from grabbing Sebastien and throwing him across the room, but he took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen, putting the ice-cream in the freezer and the hot chocolate — which David obviously wouldn’t be drinking — and the cookies on the counter. Just breathe, Pierre, he told himself with closed eyes as he prepared himself to go back into the living room without killing his best friend for cuddling with his boyfriend. It was probably innocent. David was upset, after all. He simply needed comfort. Slowly, Pierre opened his eyes and moved back into the living room, where he leaned down on the ground in front of the two and gently prodded them.

“David,” Pierre called softly, and David’s eyes opened slowly and he looked groggily at Pierre. “Come on, let’s go to bed,” he told him gently, and David nodded and pushed himself off of Sebastien. He grabbed Pierre’s hand and walked slowly with him to the bedroom, his eyes hardly open as Pierre began to undress him, or when he laid him gently down in bed. As Pierre pulled the covers over David’s body and began to move away from him, David grabbed onto Pierre’s arm and stared at him in confusion.

“Où vas-tu?” David asked weakly, and Pierre couldn’t help but smile at the fact that the words ‘where are you going?’ had left his boyfriend’s lips in French.

“Nulle part,” Pierre told him gently, his fingers brushing David’s hair out of his face as he told him ‘no where.’ He smiled and leaned down to press his lips gently against David’s forehead. “Je retournerai dans une minute,” he added quietly, assuring David that he would be back in a minute. David nodded weakly and rolled over, burying the side of his face in Pierre’s pillow. Pierre watched him sleep for only a moment longer before he walked quietly from the room, closing the door gently behind him.

As soon as he was out of that room, however, he allowed his anger to flare inside of his chest again. He walked quickly back to the couch, where Sebastien was still laying sound asleep, and grabbed onto the smaller man’s shirt, jerking him awake with a start.

“Ah! What the hell?!” Sebastien asked angrily as Pierre pulled him to a stand before shoving him roughly away.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Pierre whispered angrily.

“What am I doing?!” Sebastien whispered back incredulously. “What are you doing?!”

“It’s bad enough you flirt with him all the time, it’s bad enough he has this huge crush on you, but now you’re comforting him while he cries and cuddling asleep with him on the couch?!” Pierre hurtled at him, and as if he couldn’t help himself, he pushed Sebastien even further across the room.

“What the fuck has gotten into you?!” Sebastien demanded quickly. “There is nothing going on between me and David!”

“So I’m supposed to just feel good about coming home and finding you two sleeping on the couch together?!” Pierre asked harshly.

“Look, his dad just kicked him out! He’s upset! He needed comfort! I’m sorry if I was the only one around to give it to him!” Sebastien whispered angrily.

“You just need to back the fuck off,” Pierre warned him dangerously.

“I can’t believe you’re seriously worried about this! David is way too young for me!” Sebastien defended himself quickly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Pierre asked quickly. “You’re a month younger than me. If he’s too young for you, that means you think he’s too young for me?”

“That’s not what I said.”

“But it’s what you meant.”

The two stared at each other for several long seconds, both with flames of anger in their chests, dying to burst out of them, but unable to. “Dude… let’s just calm down and talk about this outside,” Sebastien suggested in a whisper. “We don’t wanna wake David up… poor kid’s been through enough today.”

“Stop!” Pierre warned him. “Just stop! He’s not yours to worry about! That’s my job! It’s my job to protect him, not yours!”

“What do you think you are? His personal Clark Kent?” Sebastien asked harshly. “You’re not Superman! You can’t do everything alone!”

“I’ve been doing everything alone for almost four years, Sebastien! I’ve been just fine on my own!”

“Well you don’t have to be anymore! Just because I wanna be here for you and I wanna be here for David doesn’t mean I’m trying to steal your boyfriend from you! I care about you! Therefore I care about him! I want him to be happy because it makes you happy! So if that means holding him until he cries himself to sleep because you’re not available for the job, I’m willing to do it! You don’t think there’s another way I’d rather be spending my night? You don’t think I’d rather not have tear stains on my shirt? You don’t think I’d rather it was you stroking his hair and telling him everything’s gonna be alright? The only reason I did any of that stuff is for you! Because I love you and I’m just trying to help!” Sebastien ranted, leaving Pierre standing entirely stupefied by his words. He stared nervously at Pierre, half afraid that the other man was going to hit him, though when he covered his face in his hands and sat down on the couch, Sebastien sighed and sat next to him. “I promise, there’s nothing going on between me and David,” he reassured Pierre, and though he thought it might be a bad idea, he wrapped his arm gently around Pierre’s shoulder.

“It just drives me crazy the way he looks at you,” Pierre admitted weakly. “What if he likes you more than he likes me? What if I’m never good enough compared to the famous Sebastien Lefebvre?”

“Dude, you’re already ten times better than me,” Sebastien told him gently. “You know the way he looks at me?” he asked suddenly, and Pierre shook his head slowly. “He looks at me like I’m some sparkly toy that he’s wanted for a long time and finally gets to play with. I’m nothing more than a shiny bauble to him, some fantasy figure that he idolizes and always dreamed about meeting. You… he’s falling in love with you, but he’s too young and scared to see it.” Pierre pulled his face from his hands and stared seriously at Sebastien, his shaky breath leaving his barely parted lips. “Yeah. Don’t bring it up, ‘cause you’ll freak him out, I think… but he’s falling hard and fast for you. He wants to spend every second of every day just looking at you and touching you and talking to you. You mean the world to him! When he was upset, he didn’t fall into my arms, he fell into yours. You had to push him into my arms, and even then, I could tell he wanted you. He only settled on me because he couldn’t have you. I’m second best to you,” Sebastien finished softly.

Pierre was stunned by everything Sebastien had just said to him. Sebastien thought David was falling in love with him? Oh, how wonderful the notion sounded. Still, he knew what Sebastien said about freaking David out was true; David wasn’t ready to be in love, that was for sure. “Do you really think he’s too young for me?” Pierre asked weakly.

“Dude, I never fucking said that!” Sebastien defended himself quickly. “He’s too young for me. I need someone more mentally mature to make me grow up a little! But you… you’re already mentally forty,” he pointed out with a nod.

“So?” Pierre asked weakly.

“So, you’re not forty! You’re twenty-one but you act like you’re this old person! Maybe it’s because of all the shit you went through… you kind of had to grow up fast to get through it… but it’s time you stop acting so damn old all the time. I think David can help you with that, maybe make you see that you’re not an old man. You’re still a kid, god damn it. And you can help David grow up a little. You two are just good for each other,” Sebastien finished with a nod.

Pierre gave a soft smile and nodded, agreeing with everything that Sebastien had told him. He knew that he acted older than he was and that he needed to learn to relax again, just like he knew that he could help David mature. “I’m sorry I pushed you,” Pierre said weakly.

“Nah, dude, forget about it,” Sebastien said with a shrug. “I shouldn’t have been sleeping with him like that… which was an accident, by the way. I put on a movie to calm him down and he fell asleep… and then I did… and I dunno, I guess we just ended up laying down the rest of the way in our sleep…”

Pierre shook his head slowly. “I’m just kind of… a psycho when it comes to David…” he muttered ashamedly.

“Well yeah, that’s true,” Sebastien joked lightly. Pierre, however, sighed and looked further down. “Don’t beat yourself up, man. You just really care about him… he’s the first good thing to happen to you in four years and you don’t wanna let go of that. I get it. Plus, he’s younger and smaller, and you’ve already had to save him… it’s natural that you wanna protect him.”

Pierre nodded and flashed Sebastien one last look, before standing and moving toward his room again. “Thanks, man,” Pierre said gently.

“Dude, don’t worry about it, seriously,” Sebastien told him as he resumed his spot on the couch and laid back. “I’m gonna miss sleeping in your bed, though,” Sebastien whined quietly.

Pierre smiled and shook his head slowly at the thought that Sebastien had been sleeping in his bed with him any time David didn’t stay the night since he’d showed up on his doorstep. “Good night, Seb.”

“Night, Boubou,” Sebastien said mockingly.

Pierre glared at Sebastien through the darkness before heading back into his bedroom, where David was sleeping as if nothing had happened in the next room. Pierre undressed and crawled carefully into bed, attempting not to disturb his sleeping boyfriend, though as soon as he was on his back, David rolled over and slung his arm across his chest, clinging tightly to his body. As he wrapped his arms around David’s back, he allowed himself a smile as he replayed Sebastien’s words in his mind.

“He’s falling in love with you, but he’s too young and scared to see it.”

He didn’t know if it was true or not, but as he nuzzled his face against the top of David’s head, he found himself hoping with everything in him that Sebastien wasn’t wrong, because in the back of his mind, he knew he was starting to fall in love with David, too, though at least for the moment, he would keep that information for himself. Some things just didn’t need to be said out loud.
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