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Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad, Chapter 13

Title: Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Thirteen
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count:
Summary: After coming out of the closet to his friends in Canada and getting disowned by them, Pierre Bouvier moves to a hick town in the states to escape. Life is dull and grim for the twenty-one year old Canadian until he meets David Desrosiers, a young man who could change it all for the better.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: Okay, bitch, it's Weezer and it's Sebby! <3

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“Hey Dave, you wanna go see a movie?” Pierre asked gently as he turned and looked at his younger boyfriend, who was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed and an acoustic guitar sitting on his lap. David shrugged and looked down at his guitar, picking lightly at random strings. Pierre watched him sadly, hating how sad his boyfriend had been since being kicked out of his father’s house two weeks previously. He looked up at Sebastien, who gave a sad sigh and looked back at David. “Hey look, it’s sunny!” he said suddenly, his attention moving to the window. “We could go for a walk or something,” Pierre suggested, though again, David merely shrugged and continued to pluck at strings.

“Let’s go on a road trip!” Sebastien suggested quickly and he moved to sit on the ground next to David. David looked up at Sebastien, giving him a sad smile, before giving yet another shrug. “Or let’s fly to Paris!” Sebastien suggested wildly. David raised an eyebrow at Sebastien, who smiled and muttered, “What? I’m rich…” David scoffed lightly and looked back down to his guitar, where he began to strum random chords, making a sad sounding little song. Sebastien sighed and leaned back, looking back to Pierre.

David hadn’t been the same since leaving his father’s house; he’d simply been depressed. Pierre wanted more than anything to know what David was thinking, to know what was bothering him so much, because in his opinion it was more than losing a home, but David simply wouldn’t open up to him.

David hated the way he was feeling about himself and about life. His dad made him feel as useless and insignificant as Troy had; the only difference was, coming from his father, such a thing left a lasting impression. He’d begun to wonder if there really was something wrong with him, if his father had been right in calling him a fag, if maybe he should’ve just cut his hair, stopped wearing makeup, taken out his piercings, and tried to look like a normal kid. He didn’t want to confide any of this in Pierre, however. The last thing he needed was for Pierre to come to regard him as some angsty teenager, riddled with self-esteem issues. No, for the time being, he would deal with his problems on his own, because though his dad could ruin the way David felt about himself, he would never ruin the way he felt about Pierre.

Pierre and Sebastien looked at each other helplessly, both racking their brains for anything that would make David smile, even if only temporarily. Pierre looked from David, to his guitar, then to Sebastien, and suddenly an idea occurred to him. His eyes got wide and he sat up straight on the couch, signaling for Sebastien’s attention. Sebastien watched Pierre skeptically, though when Pierre pointed to him then mimed playing the guitar, Sebastien understood immediately. He smiled and nodded, before standing and moving across the room. He grabbed his acoustic guitar, which was much nicer than David’s, and sat back on the ground next to him, smiling as David looked up curiously at him.

Sebastien continued to smile encouragingly as he began to play an opening guitar riff, something which David recognized immediately as Other Side, a song by Sebastien and Katie. Sebastien raised his eyebrows suggestively and nodded his head, hoping that David would get that he wanted him to sing with him, not just listen.

“Five o’clock keep wakin’ up,” he sang gently, smiling wide at David, who took a deep breath before preparing himself to sing for the first time in front of Sebastien — he would, of course, being singing Katie’s parts of the song an octave lower.

“Can’t sleep, think I’ve had enough,” he sang timidly, and Sebastien smiled wider at him.

“The walls are closing in on me.”

“’Cause every time I look around.”

“Same faces, different kind of frown.”

“They’re gettin’ to me in my dreams.”

“Let’s pack our bags tonight…”

“Let’s find the other—”

“Siiiiide,” they sang together, and David couldn’t stop himself from smiling. He looked down at his guitar, and with a boost of confidence began to play the song with Sebastien, taking Sebastien completely by surprise. Pierre grinned as he watched David and Sebastien singing together, feeling glad that David was finally smiling, although he felt a tingle of jealousy at the fact that he hadn’t been the one to make him happy. Still, he would take whatever he got.

“I’ve heard of mountains in the sky,” Sebastien sang gently.

“Where people come and learn to fly,” David sang in return, smiling wide.

Pierre couldn’t help but notice how strong David’s Canadian accent was when he sang. He loved the sound of his voice; it was different, but wonderful, and he had to admit that Sebastien and David’s voices sounded good together.

“Away to what they really mean.”

“I’ve heard of jungles to the south.”

“Where trees fall they don’t make a sound.”

“Their leaves they sing in symphony…”

“Let’s pack our bags and—”

“Leave this place get out of here, before we waste another year being alright… just alright,” they sang together, and David felt as if his excitement at singing and playing one of Sebastien Lefebvre’s songs with the man himself might just bubble over and explode out of him. “There’s so much more we want to be so tell me that you’ll come with me, let’s try, yeah let’s try to find the other side…” they harmonized gently, and again, Pierre found himself thinking that their voices were well suited to each other. He thought he liked this version of the song better than the one with Katie, though the fact that David was involved could have helped greatly with that.

As they continued to sing and play, David found it hard to keep his eyes off of Pierre. He continued to sing Katie’s parts and play the guitar, surprising both Pierre and Sebastien with how perfectly he did both things, and couldn’t get the smile off of his face the entire duration of the song. Suddenly Pierre wished he had learned to play an instrument, like Sebastien; this was a part of their lives where Sebastien and David were more compatible — where they lapped over — and Pierre was left standing to the side, unable to do anything but admire. Sure, he could sing, but he didn’t think his voice was anything like David’s or Sebastien’s, and he definitely wouldn’t sound right singing Sebastien’s songs with them. His voice was too strong and loud for that; Sebastien’s music was soft and gentle.

There came a part in the song where Sebastien repeated the words, “Only now, only now,” and David merely hummed and sang in the background, and Pierre felt goosebumps on his arms at the way they the two sounded together. Pierre believed in fate with all of his heart: was it really so farfetched to believe that he was meant to move to Oregon to meet David so that Sebastien and David could meet? They had more in common than he and David did; they liked the same kind of music, acted more close to each others ages and even played and sang well together. Was he doing David and Sebastien both an injustice by keeping them apart?

Then David looked at him, and the tender smile he flashed him far outstripped the way David had ever looked at Sebastien. Perhaps Sebastien had been right in thinking David was falling in love with Pierre; the way he looked at him, as if he was singing to him from his heart, certainly made it seem that way. He bit down on his bottom lip and smiled gently, wanting to grab David and kiss him in that moment, though he didn’t want to interrupt the song.

David didn’t take his eyes off of Pierre for the rest of the song, and Pierre couldn’t manage to break their intense gaze, even if he’d wanted to. Sebastien smiled as he looked between the two, feeling that the experience merely proved what he had told Pierre two weeks earlier, though he could see from the look in Pierre’s eyes that Pierre was more than just falling in love with David. Pierre was already in over his head in love with David, even if he wouldn’t admit it to himself. Sebastien was merely happy knowing that he was right and knowing that one day the two would be honest with each other about their true feelings.

As the song finished, David looked back at Sebastien, the grin on his lips wide and childlike, and before he knew how it had happened, David had thrown his guitar to the side and wrapped his arms around Sebastien’s neck, hugging him desperately. Sebastien laughed and patted David on the back a few times, flashing a nervous look at Pierre, though when he saw that Pierre didn’t look angry in the slightest, he sighed gently and returned the hug the way he should’ve.

“Ohmygod,” David muttered breathlessly as he continued to cling to Sebastien. He didn’t care if he was acting like a twelve year old fan girl. He’d just played a song with Sebastien fucking Lefebvre. He was allowed to be excited about that! “I can mark that off my list of things to do before I die,” he muttered quickly.

Sebastien gave a gentle laugh and patted David on the back several more times. Slowly David pulled away, his cheeks pink with excitement, and turned back to Pierre, who smiled and nodded.

“You guys sound awesome together,” Pierre told them honestly. “I think this is gonna have to be a regular thing… Entertain-Pierre-Night featuring Sebastien and David,” he added jokingly.

David gave a gentle laugh and looked down, and Pierre could tell how badly David wanted to say that he wanted to do just that, but was refraining. Sebastien, noticing this as well, smiled and patted David on the shoulder. “Sounds sweet,” Sebastien said casually, and David looked up at him and grinned.

“What about Pierre?” David asked, turning to look again at his boyfriend.

“What about me?” Pierre asked nervously.

“Aren’t you gonna sing with us?” David asked, his hazel eyes wide and innocent looking.

Pierre laughed at David’s joke, though when David continued to stare seriously at him, the smile fell from his lips and he shook his head. “No way,” he told him firmly.

“What? Why not! You’re a good singer! I’ve heard you!” David said quickly.

“Yeah man, I always figured if any of us was gonna become a rockstar, it was gonna be you,” Sebastien added with a shrug.

“What are you talking about? Yeah, I guess I can sing, but not like you, and I can’t play guitar or bass or piano like you,” Pierre told Sebastien quickly.

“So? All you need to do is sing,” David said excitedly. He crawled toward Pierre and sat on the ground in front of him, putting his hands on his knees and staring up at Pierre excitedly on the couch. “You don’t wanna sing for me?” he asked sadly.

“You can talk me into seeing weird movies, you can talk me into letting you put makeup on me—”

“What?!” Sebastien interrupted quickly.

“—but you’re not gonna talk me into this,” Pierre said with a gentle smile, ignoring Sebastien’s surprise, and David sighed and nodded. “I’ll be an awesome cheerleader! I’ll listen to you sing and love every second of it, but I’m no performer, David,” he finished firmly.

“Yeah, alright,” David said softly.

When he threatened to slump back into his sadness, Pierre placed a hand under David’s chin and pulled his attention back up. “So entertain me!” he demanded. “Play me another song!”

“Yeah, let’s do it!” Sebastien said a bit over-enthusiastically.

David smiled and rolled his eyes. “Alright fine,” he grumbled. “Pie, will you get in my guitar case and get me out a pick?”

Pierre nodded and leaned to the side, grabbing David guitar case and digging in it. When his hand grabbed onto something thick and paper, his brow furrowed and he pulled it out, revealing a thick envelope, the size of printer paper, with the University of Oregon emblem on it.

“What’s that?” Sebastien asked curiously.

“I dunno,” Pierre muttered as he pulled it to eye level and began to open it. “Dave, what is—”

“It’s mine!” David yelled suddenly, and though he tried to take it from Pierre’s hands, Pierre was too quick. He jumped up and moved across the room, pulling out a thick stack of papers and catalogs as he did. “Pierre, give that back,” David warned as he followed after his boyfriend, though Pierre merely shook his head and moved further away.

“Dear Mr. Desrosiers, we are pleased to announce that you have been accepted for fall term registration!” Pierre read out excitedly, and he looked back up at David quickly, who snatched the papers from his hand and tried to shove them back into the envelope. “When did you get this?” Pierre asked quickly.

“A few days ago,” David muttered, his cheeks turning bright pink.

“Dude, congratulations!” Sebastien said as he stood.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Pierre inquired slowly. He couldn’t help but notice that David seemed less than pleased.

“Because it’s not a big deal,” David mumbled quietly.

“What are you talking about? That’s a good university! It’s a huge deal!” Pierre told him firmly, and Sebastien nodded in agreement.

“Well it doesn’t matter because I’m not going,” David said stubbornly and he threw the packet of papers down on the couch.

“What do you mean, you’re not going?” Pierre asked seriously.

“It’s pretty simple, actually. I’m. Not. Going,” David replied waspishly.

“David. You’re going to university,” Pierre told him simply.

“What are you gonna do, make me?” David asked quickly.

“David! You have to go to university!” Pierre told him sternly.


“Do you wanna end up like me?” Pierre asked seriously. “I had a plan. I was gonna go to university and play hockey. If I’d done that, I’d be graduating this year! Hell, I might’ve even been drafted to play hockey in the pros! You can ask Seb, I was really fucking good,” Pierre explained, looking to Sebastien for support.

“He was the fuckin’ best,” Sebastien agreed with a nod.

“But I gave up on that because I hated my fucking life. And where am I now?” Pierre asked rhetorically. “I pump gas.”

“What does all that matter to me?” David asked weakly. “I can’t go to college… I’m just… I can’t.”

“David, just stop! You’re going! You have to go!” Pierre told him firmly.

“I’m not!” David screamed suddenly, and Pierre’s eyes widened and he leaned back. “I don’t know who I am or what I wanna do! I’m just some useless teenager whose life is falling apart! It’s not like I’m smart! It’s not like I’m gonna amount to anything! It’s not like I’m gonna graduate at the top of my class and have the most friends and get some high paying job and make something meaningful out of my life! I can’t do anything!”

“Where is all this coming from?” Pierre demanded quickly. David bit down on his lip ring and looked down, glaring hard at the floor to keep the tears from his eyes. “What happened to the cool, confident guy I met?” David shook his head and gave a weak shrug. “Is this because of your dad?” Pierre asked. “Is this because of what he did to you?” When David looked further down, Pierre knew exactly what he was dealing with. He shook his head and reached across David, grabbing the packet of papers from the couch. “You’re not useless, and you’re not stupid,” Pierre told him firmly. “Obviously you wanted to go at some point, or you wouldn’t have applied, and you’re definitely smart or you wouldn’t have gotten accepted!”

David, rather than being reassured by Pierre’s words, merely shrunk further into himself. Pierre sighed and threw the envelope down on the couch again, before slowly stepping closer to his boyfriend. “David,” he said gently, and David only looked further down, ashamed of the tears swimming in his eyes, ashamed of all the things he’d said. He hadn’t wanted to come off as an emotional teenager, and in the end that was exactly what he’d done. “David, please look at me,” Pierre requested gently. With a weak sigh, David lifted his head and stared into Pierre’s eyes. Pierre placed his hand carefully on David’s cheek and used his thumb to wipe away the tear that was rolling slowly down. “You wanna prove him wrong?” Pierre asked gently, though David gave no verbal nor physical response. “Go to school.”

When David looked down and swallowed hard, Pierre gave a gentle sigh. “What if I just fail?” David asked weakly.

“You won’t,” Pierre reassured him.

David laughed softly and shook his head. “I don’t even know what I wanna go for…”

Pierre was staring hard at the top of David’s head, thinking his hardest on anything he could say to persuade David. And then an idea occurred to him: a wonderful, simple, yet possibly somewhat offensive idea. David didn’t want to be treated as a child, and this was definitely a solution one would use on their children, but would it work? He couldn’t help but think that it would, but would it be worth it if David got angry with him for treating him as anything but an adult? With a deep breath, Pierre prepared himself to make a deal with David, a deal that could very well blow up in his face. “If you go to university, I’ll buy you a puppy.”

David blinked rapidly and looked up at Pierre again in shock. “What?”

“You heard me right,” Pierre told him firmly. “If you go to university, I’ll buy you a puppy.”

“Are you serious right now?” David asked, feeling too incredulous to feel angry at Pierre’s offer — like offering a small child a piece of candy for cleaning their room.

“Yes,” Pierre told him seriously. “If you sit down, fill out the necessary paper work and get it in the mail, we’ll go out today and I’ll buy you a puppy.”

Slowly David’s mouth fell open, and Pierre wondered if he’d been stupid to try and make such a wager. “Are you bribing me?” David asked incredulously, though he knew it to be true; he was merely taken completely by surprise by the way Pierre was dealing with the situation.

“Yes,” Pierre told him honestly. “Is it working?” he asked hopefully.

David thought about it. After everything that had happened with his father, did he really feel good enough to go to college? Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad… though as he’d already said, he had no idea what he wanted to make of his life. Still, most people didn’t know their major when first going to college, and it wasn’t uncommon for majors to change at least once during the four year stay. Really, what did he have to lose? And he did want a puppy…. He’d always wanted a puppy. Slowly David nodded, muttering, “Yes,” uncertainly under his breath. David heard Sebastien laugh to the side of them, though in that moment he could see nothing but Pierre’s beaming face. “But we have to go to the animal shelter, not a pet store,” David requested breathlessly, and Pierre nodded vigorously, before leaning down and pulling David up into a gentle kiss.

David felt strange as he filled out the necessary paperwork, and even stranger as he and Pierre walked to the mail drop-box and dropped it in. As soon as the lid swung closed again, David turned and stared at Pierre, his mouth hanging open and his eyes strangely blank. He was going to college; the idea felt surreal to him. Pierre watched as David took a slow, deep breath in; he could hear how badly David was shaking when he breathed out. Pierre didn’t comment on this, however. He merely smiled, tucked his finger under David’s chin and placed a soft kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. David’s eyes fluttered shut as he felt Pierre’s lips graze against his and weakly his hands found Pierre’s stomach, his fingers pressing gently into the soft material of his cotton t-shirt. He couldn’t even number the ways in which Pierre had helped him; he knew that this would simply be one more thing to add to the incalculable list.

“Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod!” David chanted excitedly while bouncing in the front passenger seat of Pierre’s car as they pulled into the parking lot of the animal shelter.

Pierre grinned and glanced at David, while Sebastien stared skeptically at him. David didn’t stop bouncing as they got out of the car, or as they walked into the building and up to the front counter. He grinned and skipped up to the counter, coming to a stop in front of it with a light hop, though when he heard Pierre and Sebastien laughing behind him, he turned and glared at them. Both men flashed him guilty smiles, and David could have died. When Pierre smiled that way at him, David melted. When Sebastien smiled that way at him, David melted. When the two smiled at him that way in the same moment? David could have thrown them down and fucked them both right then and there. Perhaps this was visible on his face, because Sebastien grinned wider and turned to look at Pierre, who turned and glared at Sebastien. The smile fell from Sebastien’s lips and he took a step away, trying to look as innocent as possible.

“Hey, what can I do for you guys?” a woman’s voice came, and David turned back to the counter with a start. He smiled at the woman, whose long, brown dreadlocks and ears gauged large enough to fit a silver dollar through gave her the appearance of being younger, though from her facial features David guessed her to be in her late twenties.

“We wanna get a puppy,” David told her with a smile, though his voice was cool and collected as it often was when he talked to people he didn’t know. Pierre smiled and stepped up to David, placing his hand on his boyfriend’s waist and nodding at the woman. Sebastien stepped up to Pierre’s side, not standing next to David for the mere purpose of making his friend feel better. There was no denying the look of absolute desire that had been on David’s features as he stared at Pierre and Sebastien, and while Pierre was obviously threatened by it, Sebastien was flattered, and maybe even a little bit turned on by it. He would never do anything with his best friend’s boyfriend… unless Pierre gave him permission. There would be no stopping it if Pierre was legitimately okay with it. Sebastien knew, however, that such a thing would never happen, and told himself to push such thoughts from his mind. There would, most unfortunately, be no hot gay threesomes.

“Okay, just follow me this way, and if you find one you wanna adopt, we’ll just have to do some paperwork and we should be able to send you home with a new friend today,” the woman told the three of them in a friendly voice, and David grinned and nodded. He gave Pierre a quick kiss on the cheek before following after the woman, who lead them into a large room full of kennels, each of which containing at least one dog, some two.

“Whoa,” Pierre muttered as the three of them walked through the room, staring from cage to cage at the homeless dogs inside and feeling increasingly worse with each set of sad eyes he passed. He wanted to take them all home, to give them all families! Pierre glanced at Sebastien, who was looking around in much the same way: sad and shocked by how many unwanted animals there were. David, however, was smiling as he looked at the dogs, thinking that each one looked cute and sweet. He turned to look at Pierre and Sebastien, intent on asking their opinions, though he stopped moving when he saw the looks on their faces.

“You guys have never been to an animal shelter before, have you?” David asked quietly. Pierre shook his head and turned to look at Sebastien, who was shaking his head as well. David smiled and placed his hand on Pierre’s side. “I cried the first time I came here,” David told him honestly. Pierre gave a small laugh and brushed his fingers gently through David’s hair. “It’s okay to be upset by it… it’s really sad,” he continued with a nod. “But we’re here to do a good thing! We’re gonna give one of these little guys a home, and that’s more than a lot of people can say.”

Pierre smiled and nodded, and though he moved to pull away, he couldn’t stop himself from placing a gentle kiss on David’s forehead.

“You guys are so mushy sometimes I could hurl,” Sebastien said jokingly. Of course he would have loved to be doing the same thing with Patrick. Of course watching the way Pierre and David interacted made him jealous for what they had. Would he mention that to either of them? He smiled when they both shot him playful glares and gave David a pat on the shoulder before walking by and continuing to look at the many dogs in the cages.

David pulled out of Pierre’s arms and grabbed onto his hand, pulling him along behind him like a child dragging their parent to an ice cream stand. Pierre watched as David came to a stop in front of a kennel and bent down on his knees, smiling at the grey puppy inside. Pierre couldn’t tell what kind of puppy it was; it was about the size of a full grown cat with a big, goofy head, floppy ears, a long skinny tail and large paws. Whatever it was, it was cute. He leaned down next to David, smiling as the puppy stood and approached the cage, attempting to lick the both of them through the bars. David grinned and looked around for the woman, wondering where she’d gotten to. “Are we allowed to take them out?” he wondered aloud, and Pierre shrugged in response.

He didn’t have to wait long for his answer, however, because soon the woman was back in the room and David wasted no time in flagging her down. “See one you like?” she asked as she approached the two; Sebastien was across the room, looking at a different dog.

“Yeah, what’s this one’s name?” David asked softly.

“She doesn’t have one,” the woman said with a nod.

“Why not?”

“We try not to name the young puppies,” she explained slowly. “People like to name puppies themselves, so when we get really young pups, we call them generic names, like boy, girl, doggy…”

“How long has this one been here?” David asked, and he stood to fully face the woman. Pierre stood as well, and seeing that they were talking to the woman about a specific puppy, Sebastien wandered back over to them.

“About two months.”

David’s brow furrowed. “She must’ve been really young when the previous owners dropped her off,” he commented sadly.

The woman nodded and gave a soft sigh. “It happens all the time. People get puppies because they’re cute, then they hear how big they’re gonna get and the puppies end up here. Then they’re really hard to send to nice homes because of their breed,” she explained, clearly irritated by how inconsiderate people could be.

“What time of dog is it?” Pierre asked nervously. The way the conversation had traveled made him wonder if the puppy was bound to get huge.

“Great dane,” the woman informed him, and Pierre’s eyes widened. “Yeah, that’s how most people react.”

“Oh come on, Pie,” David breathed as he turned back to Pierre, and Pierre’s eyes only widened further. “Let’s get her!”

“David, it’s gonna get huge!” Pierre said fairly.

“But she’s so cute!” David argued.

“That thing’s head is gonna get bigger than yours,” Pierre said slowly.

“But… but… she’s so cute!” David threw at him again, and Pierre sighed.

“You really want this one?” Pierre asked weakly. David nodded sadly at Pierre, and Pierre stared at him for several long seconds before he felt himself caving. He had promised David that he could get whatever puppy he wanted, after all. “Alright, fine,” he grumbled. David gave a squeak of excitement and threw his arms around Pierre’s stomach, squeezing him with a surprising amount of strength. Pierre laughed and patted David on the back, nodding slowly. “Yeah, yeah. You’re welcome,” he muttered.

“Merci, Pierre,” David whispered. “Merci beaucoup!”

“Alright, well we’ll just get some paperwork taken care of, do a quick background check and we should know in a few hours if you’ll be able to take her home,” the woman said in a kind voice. David smiled and nodded, turning to Pierre as the woman began to leave the room again.

“Background checks?” Pierre asked with a skeptical smile. “To adopt a dog?”

“Of course,” David said with a nod. “They have to make sure you’re not some drugged out psychopath that cuts up dogs, marinates them in barbecue sauce, and serves them up for dinner.”

Pierre stared at David, not sure what he felt more: entertained or disturbed at how quickly David’s mind had offered that twisted little scenario. He gave a gentle smile and a quick nod, before starting toward the exit. “Fair enough,” he said lightly. When he felt David’s hand in his, Pierre turned and looked at David, unable to stop himself from giving David’s temple a soft peck with his lips.

“Seriously, are you trying to depress me?” Sebastien asked with a sigh, though still he smiled.

Pierre rolled his eyes and followed after the woman, pulling David along with him and not commenting on Sebastien’s words, though part of him felt bad. How would he have felt watching two friends be disgustingly romantic all over each other right after getting rejected by Sebastien and losing his friendship? Really, Sebastien had gone through the same thing as Pierre had, and he knew had he been forced to watch a happy couple day in and day out during that part of his life, he would’ve wanted to blow his brains all over the wall. Though Sebastien masked it well, Pierre could tell that he was more upset by how things had ended with Patrick than he was letting on, possibly than he would ever let on. He wouldn’t comment on this, however. If Sebastien wanted to talk things out, he would.

It didn’t take long for Pierre to fill out the paperwork, as he would be the one purchasing the puppy, and soon the three were walking out of the doors with the promise that Pierre would receive a call in no more than two hours to let him know about the dog, either way it went. David was anxious and excited; this showed in his inability to refrain from talking about anything and everything he could think of, though he mostly talked about the puppy. It was with a feeling of deep gratitude that Pierre accepted the call telling him he could come pick up their new family member anytime he wanted.

When they got back to the animal shelter, Pierre was surprised that David didn’t run into the building. When the woman saw them walk in, she called to someone in the back, and a tall man with olive skin and thick black hair emerged holding a very excited, grey puppy, its ears flopping around comically. David grinned and took the puppy from the man, thanking him, and turned quickly to Pierre, unable to keep from beaming at the taller man. Pierre smiled, though soon his attention was returned to the front counter to finish the process of adopting David’s new best friend.

When it came time to make tags, Pierre turned to David, having to physically touch him to pull his attention away from the puppy in his arms. “What are you gonna name her?”

David bit his lips together as he thought, staring into Pierre’s gorgeous brown eyes the entire time and humming gently under his breath. He looked down at the puppy, smiling as she stared up at him with her warm chocolate eyes, and suddenly an idea struck him. He smiled as he looked back at Pierre and gave a nod. “Pierre,” he said certainly.

“What?” Pierre asked, not sure why his boyfriend was saying his name.

David watched Pierre skeptically. “…Pierre,” he said again.

Pierre blinked and shrugged. “What?”

“Her name!” David clarified quickly. Pierre’s face went blank and Sebastien exploded in a fit of laughter. “I wanna name her Pierre!”

“You’re joking, right?” Pierre asked nervously.


“David… not only is Pierre my name… but she’s a girl,” Pierre pointed out slowly.

“Look at her eyes!” David said, holding the puppy out for Pierre to see. “She has your eyes.”

Pierre stared at the puppy, his mouth hanging open, before turning quickly to Sebastien. “This is crazy, right?” he asked Sebastien with exasperation.

“She has his eyes!” David defended himself, turning so Sebastien could look at the puppy’s eyes as well.

“Hey man, I’m staying out of this,” Sebastien said, holding both hands up.

David sighed and turned to the woman behind the counter, who was watching the exchange with a knowing smile. “They have the same eyes, right?” David asked pointedly.

The woman simply smirked and shrugged her shoulders. “Couldn’t tell ya,” she told them, and Pierre thought that suddenly her voice sounded a little bit more tough — a little more manly. “I don’t look at guys like that.”

David stared blankly at the woman for a moment, before a wide smile broke out on his face, and he turned back to Pierre, entertained by the implied lesbianism. “Come on. Look at her. Her name is Pierre,” he said firmly.

Pierre gave a heavy sigh, knowing he would never win, and nodded his head. “Alright, fine. Her name is Pierre,” he grumbled, and turned back to the counter. “Pierre the female dog,” he added, shaking his head slowly. When both David and Sebastien snickered behind him, Pierre turned to look at them quizzically. “What’s so funny?”

“Pierre the bitch,” David muttered, and he and Sebastien laughed again, this time a bit louder.

“Oh, grow up,” Pierre muttered with a reluctantly amused smile.

“Maybe I don’t need to grow up,” David started in a bratty tone. “Maybe you need to grow down.”

Pierre tried to hide his amusement, tried to hide how adorable he found his younger boyfriend, though no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t conceal the reluctant, almost pained smile on his lips, accompanied by a slightly irritated glare at how annoyingly cute David was. David smirked devilishly at Pierre, knowing full well that he had the taller man wrapped around his bony little finger. With another sigh, Pierre turned back to the counter and finished the paperwork, paid the woman, got a few necessities — a collar and leash, a nametag and registration tags — and the three were out the front door again, only this time they were joined by a fourth member to their odd little family.

David wasted no time in putting the tags on the collar — which was zebra striped, of course — and fastening it carefully around Pierre-the-puppy’s neck. He held her the whole drive back, while getting out of the car, and even when he stepped into Pierre’s apartment. He sat on the couch and held her up to his face, grinning as she leaned forward and licked his nose. “You know who your daddy is, don’t you, Pierre?” he asked in a soft, almost baby-voice.

“I bet you ask the real Pierre that all the time,” Sebastien commented lightly as he sat next to David on the couch.

“Dude, that’s creepy!” Pierre pointed out quickly, aiming a smack at the back of Sebastien’s head. Sebastien laughed and smacked back at Pierre. David merely rolled his eyes and turned back to the puppy in his hands. “Okay, can we please come up with a nickname for the dog?” Pierre requested weakly. “It’s gonna get confusing if you’re calling for the dog and I think you’re calling me.”

“Why don’t we change your name instead?” David suggested with a bratty grin. Pierre scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest, and Sebastien roared in laughter. “From now on you’re Princess Bitchy Pants, and this is Pierre,” he finished with a nod.

“Don’t make me smack you,” Pierre threatened, though the threat was hollow.

David smiled sweetly and offered his cheek to Pierre, as if challenging him to hit him. When Pierre merely glared and turned away with a huff, David smiled and bit down on his lip ring. “Okay… how about we call her… Lady Pierre?”

“Oh God,” Pierre grumbled, putting his hands over his face. He didn’t like the sound of ‘Lady Pierre’ in the slightest.

Sebastien, however, grinned and grabbed the puppy from David’s hands, holding her in front of his face. “Aren’t you just the cutest little Lady Pierre?” he asked, the laughter obvious in his voice. Pierre dropped his hands and glared at Sebastien, who smiled defiantly at him. “Look, Lady Pea wants to give you kisses!” he added, holding the dog to Pierre.

Pierre grumbled and took the dog, finding it impossible to stay irritated while she stared so innocently at him. “Fine. But I’m not uttering the words ‘Lady Pierre’ ever. EVER. To me she’s Pea,” he said stubbornly, then, as if he couldn’t help it, he cuddled her against his body. “Just Pea.”

“Works for me,” David said with a grin. David watched Pierre as he put the dog down on the ground and began to move his feet around for her to play with. She jumped and licked at his shoes, occasionally biting gently or pawing at his shoes. The sight warmed a part of David had been somewhat dampened for the past two weeks, and as Pierre began to run around in circles, being chased by a lightly growling Pea, he only felt himself falling even more reluctantly in love with his boyfriend. The thought scared him slightly — he was only a seventeen year old boy, after all — but at the same time, the idea of loving Pierre was strangely comforting to him. Pierre looked at David, smiling sweetly, and David gave a happy sigh, unable to stop himself from thinking, Maybe it isn’t such a bad thing…
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