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Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad, Chapter 15

Title: Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Fifteen
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 9197
Summary: After coming out of the closet to his friends in Canada and getting disowned by them, Pierre Bouvier moves to a hick town in the states to escape. Life is dull and grim for the twenty-one year old Canadian until he meets David Desrosiers, a young man who could change it all for the better.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: ...hehehe. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. ;)

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Work again. Oh, how Pierre grew tired of going to work. Before, he hadn’t minded, but now that he wanted to do nothing more than spend his entire day with David? Well, he could think of much better things to do with his time besides pumping gas, washing windows and stocking coolers. The one plus side to his job? He turned and looked across the street, smiling and giving a wave at his younger boyfriend, who grinned and waved back excitedly before continuing to wash the window he was halfway through, clearly not caring about the way the customer was staring at him as if he’d lost his mind. Pierre gave a gentle laugh at that, shook his head, and turned away again. David was just too cute for words, sometimes.

“Why were you waving at Staple Face?” Rachael asked a few minutes later as she approached Pierre, her voice ringing with an innocent kind of curiosity. Pierre stared at her incredulously. That’s right, she was a seventeen year old girl who went to Junction City High School. Of course she knew David, and as a member of the student body that, on principle, hated David’s guts, why would she call him anything but Staple Face? It bugged Pierre the way that she said this name. It wasn’t as if she harbored any negative feelings for David; it seemed more that she was simply used to calling him this because it’s what everyone did, as if she had just accepted it as being his name. “Do you know him or something?”

Pierre’s mouth was hanging slightly open as he stared at her. “He’s my boyfriend,” he said, his voice a strange mixture of anger and shock. Rachel’s face suddenly took on the appearance of someone who had just gotten caught with their hand in the cookie jar. “Don’t ever call him that again,” Pierre added sternly, giving her a disbelieving glare. “His name is David.”

“Y-yeah… I just…” she muttered nervously.

“You just what? Figured since everyone else picks on him, you might as well too?” Pierre asked her angrily.

“No, it’s just… that’s just what everybody calls him!” Rachael tried to defend herself.

“So that makes it right?” Pierre asked her angrily.

“No, of course not,” Rachael said quickly.

“Then why—” Pierre started, though cut off when he felt a hand placed gently on his back. He turned quickly, paranoid of who could be standing behind him, hearing his confession of having a boyfriend, though felt himself relax when he saw David fixing him with the softest, most tender smile he’d ever given him. It was obvious just from the look on his face that he’d heard at least part of their conversation. “Hey,” Pierre said gently, trying to put a normal look back on his face, though he found it extremely difficult. “What are you doing over here?”

“I’m off,” David said simply. He wanted nothing more than to jump up, wrap his legs around Pierre’s waist and kiss him with all of the passion his smaller body contained, but he knew that Pierre wouldn’t appreciate that action while at his work, so he refrained. “I got off at two today,” he explained with a nod.

“Oh, really?”

“No, I’m just over here to see your pretty face,” David quipped sarcastically.

“I knew it,” Pierre responded with a beaming grin.

David looked past Pierre and, despite the fact that he knew she had called him Staple Face, he smiled and gave Rachael a wave. “Hey Rachael,” he said kindly.

Rachael gave an awkward nod and laugh. “Hey David,” she responded quietly.

“Are you ready for Mr. Morrison’s math test tomorrow?” David asked in an awkward attempt to make small talk. Rachael looked slightly surprised at his question, something which she wasn’t quick enough to hide, and David smiled. “You didn’t even know I was in your math class, did you?” he asked, though his voice was far from irritated sounding; if anything, he sounded amused.

“Umm… no,” she admitted sheepishly.

David shrugged, giving off a soft, “C’est la vie,” before turning back to Pierre. “I’m gonna head home,” he told him gently, and Pierre nodded down at him. The two looked around, making sure no one was paying attention, before leaning toward each other and sharing a quick kiss.

“I’ll see you soon,” Pierre told him as he began to retreat, and with one final wave, David was headed away down the sidewalk in the direction of their apartment. When he looked back at Rachael, he was surprised to see a pained, almost sad look on her face. “What?” Pierre asked nervously.

“Pierre… I… I don’t really know how to tell you this, but…” she started nervously, and it was obvious that she was being sincere in her regret.

“…what?” Pierre asked even more nervously.

“You’re not… David, h-he’s…” She stared at him for a moment, folding her hands together uncomfortably in front of her. “He’s messing around on you,” she told him finally, and as she said this, her cheeks turned pink.

Pierre felt a stab in his chest that had nothing to do with physical pain and for a moment, he stopped breathing. “W-what?” he asked breathlessly.

“I’m sorry!” she said quickly. “Please don’t be upset! It’s just… he’s dating this guy at school… I-I mean… he holds hands with him everyday and…” she continued, and Pierre’s brow furrowed and without being able to help it, his eyes filled with tears. David? Cheating on him? It couldn’t be true. But why would she lie about something like that? Rachael put her hands over her mouth, her eyes getting wide. “Oh no, please don’t cry!” she begged helplessly. “I shouldn’t have said anything, but he and Chuck—”

“Wait, Chuck?” Pierre talked over her, and as she nodded in response, instantly that terrible crushing feeling in his chest was replaced with an insane urge to laugh. “Oh my God,” he muttered, smiling now.

“What?” she asked uncertainly.

“Chuck and David aren’t together,” Pierre said, shaking his head slowly.

“They said they were boyfriends,” Rachael told him slowly.

“No, that’s just a big act,” Pierre told her.

“But… but they kissed!” she defended herself. “Just a few weeks ago! In front of the whole cafeteria!”

Pierre actually did laugh at this, something which seemed to unnerve Rachael slightly. “Yeah, he told me about that,” Pierre admitted with a smile. “Really, he’s not cheating on me,” he said, and gently he let out a sigh. “Chuck… he was just a friend looking out for him, trying to make shit a little easier for him,” he explained with a nod.

“So he kissed him?”

“I think he was hoping people wouldn’t mess with him so much if people thought he was gay too,” Pierre said slowly.

“Well, it wasn’t Chuck that stopped people picking on him,” Rachael started slowly. “It was Troy Baker.”

Pierre glared hard as the name was said. “What?”

“Troy Baker, he told everyone to leave David alone or they’d have to deal with him, and no one wants to mess with Troy,” she said with a nod.

Pierre took a step back and leaned against the gas pump, his eyes going to the ground. “David failed to mention that…” he muttered darkly. Rachael watched Pierre skeptically, not sure why he was taking the news in such a manner. He should’ve been happy, right? Unless… “God, this kid’s never gonna fucking stop trying to get David back,” Pierre continued, more to himself than to Rachael, and he shook his head in irritation. Rachael’s eyes widened and she gave a soft gasp, and suddenly Pierre realized that he’d said that out loud. He looked up quickly, his eyes slightly wide. “Oh shit,” he muttered. “Um… you didn’t hear that from me.”

“Troy?! Troy and David?!” she demanded quickly.


“Oh my God! I can’t believe this!” She whispered. “I have to text someone right now!”

Pierre watched her curiously, wondering if he should let her tell the world about Troy Baker’s closet or not. Why not? Troy was a total piece of shit who would stop at nothing to steal his boyfriend away from him, even though when he’d had the opportunity to make things work with David, he’d done nothing but mentally abused him, and after all was said and done between the two, he physically abused him, too! Wouldn’t it be nothing more than karma to let Rachael destroy Troy’s life?

Then Pierre thought about Troy. He thought about his life; he thought about his plans; he thought about his dreams. Troy Baker was Pierre Bouvier only four years later. The jock, college bound on a full sports scholarship, intent to join the pros, and doing his best to remain desperately closeted. Wasn’t that an exact description of how Pierre had been a mere four years previously? And all a mere matter of weeks before high school graduation, just as Troy was? The pain Pierre had suffered had almost been intolerable; did he really want to inflict that kind of pain on another person, no matter how terrible that person was?

And then David ran through Pierre’s mind, and he knew he had to stop Rachael before she sent a mass text to all of her friends. David would never forgive Pierre if he found out that it was he that let Troy’s secret slip to the wrong person. Despite everything that Troy had done to David, David still seemed to care about him, enough to hide things from Pierre about the way the boy behaved around him. Yes, David would definitely be upset if Troy’s life was ruined the way Pierre’s life had been. Would he be upset enough to leave Pierre? Might it cause him to run back to Troy’s arms? No, he had to stop her.

“Don’t,” he said seriously. She stared at him like a small child being denied a cookie, and Pierre shook his head. “I’m serious, don’t. If everyone finds out about Troy and David finds out it’s my fault, he’s gonna break up with me.” Rachael took a slow, deep breath and held it, a pained expression splashed across her features. “Please?” Pierre asked quietly. “You only have a month left of school, and then no one will give a shit anymore. It’s just a month. One month.”

Slowly Rachael nodded, though it looked as if it pained her greatly to make such a promise. “Alright fine,” she said breathlessly. The two stared at each other for several long seconds, though when a car pulled onto the island, they both turned to look at it instead.

Pierre recognized the car instantly as Sebastien’s shiny little sedan and approached quickly, hoping to avoid a scene when Rachael approached and saw the rockstar sitting inside. If Pierre had been trying to do Sebastien any favors by doing this, however, the attempts were ruined when Sebastien opened the door and stepped out of the car. Sebastien gave a nod and closed the front door, before slowly beginning to make his way around to the other side of the car.

“Umm, Seb?” Pierre said skeptically as he approached his friend.

“Wha?” Sebastien asked, his hand resting on the gas cap.

“Did you forget something there, buddy?” Pierre asked with a grin.

“Wha?” Sebastien asked again, his brow furrowing. Pierre just crossed his arms over his chest and continued to stare at him, knowing his friend would get there eventually. And then a look of dawning appeared on Sebastien’s face and Pierre nodded slowly at him as his friend sighed and stepped away from the gas tank. “Stupid fucking law,” he grumbled with a shake of his head.

“Dude, you’ve been here almost two months already! Get used to it,” Pierre told him seriously.

Sebastien glared and shoved Pierre playfully, before taking his credit card from his wallet and throwing it at Pierre, hitting him in the face with it. “Fill me up, lesser being,” Sebastien said in a mock condescending voice and Pierre scoffed and pushed him back, though picked up the card and ran it just the same. “Yeah, that’s right. Do my bidding, slave.” Pierre glared and rolled his eyes, though did as he was told. It was his job, after all. Sebastien grinned at him before looking off to the side briefly. That was when he noticed the other gas attendant standing there, a young teenage girl by the look of her, and she was staring with her mouth open at him. He sighed and smiled, giving a wave, and her cheeks turned pink and instantly her mouth snapped shut and she stood up straighter. He gave a gentle laugh and looked back at Pierre, who was watching the exchange between his best friend and his coworker with a look of mild irritation. “Wha?” Sebastien asked innocently, and Pierre rolled his eyes again and looked away.

Sebastien walked over to Pierre and leaned against his car, smiling at his friend. “So, you and Davey are gonna have the apartment to yourselves for a bit,” Sebastien said with a suggestive tone in his voice. Pierre raised an eyebrow skeptically at his friend, and Sebastien waggled his in response, grinning roguishly

“Why?” Pierre asked with disinterest, his eyes flicking back to watch the meter on the pump running up.

“My manager tracked me down,” Sebastien grumbled, giving a sigh. “He wants me to meet up with him to talk about finishing up my second album.”

“How much do you have written?” Pierre asked with a furrowed brow.

“About half,” Sebastien said slowly. “But I wrote all but one of the songs after everything happened with Pat… so they’re… well… kind of depressing.”

“And the one you wrote before everything with Pat?”

Sebastien gave an ironic laugh and shook his head, looking down. “Wrote it for Pat, so it’s not much better,” he admitted softly.


Silence fell over the two, a silence that was uninterrupted until the gas pump clicked off. Pierre jumped slightly and moved to hastily remove it from his friend’s car, from which Sebastien pushed himself away and took a few steps back. “So yeah, you guys are gonna have the place all to yourselves,” Sebastien repeated, forcing a smile back on his face. “So go nuts having sex on the couch,” he added, grinning wider.

A stern, angry look crossed Pierre’s features and he shook his head slowly while hanging the gas pump back up and twisting the cap back on. “Somehow I don’t think that’s gonna happen,” Pierre grumbled.

“What? Why?” Sebastien asked, his face contorted in confusion. When Pierre flashed him an irritated look and looked away, his confusion grew. “Dude, what happened?”

Pierre shook his head and looked down, sighing angrily. “I just… I found out some more shit about David and Troy that he’s been keeping from me,” Pierre explained slowly. “I’m sick of him lying to me about this kid!” he added, feeling his anger growing.

Sebastien nodded slowly, though he looked perturbed. “Just… don’t think too much about it,” he warned Pierre gently. When Pierre’s eyebrows raised and a look crossed his features that threatened an angry outburst, Sebastien hastened to explain his warning. “You still have, like forty-five minutes until you’re off work. If you sit here and think about it, you’re gonna get super pissed and you guys are gonna get in a huge fight,” he warned fairly. Pierre still didn’t look convinced, so Sebastien fixed him with a blank expression and said, “If you get pissed, you’re gonna say shit you regret, you’re gonna be the one in trouble at the end of the night, and we’re gonna be sharing the couch.”

Pierre hated that Sebastien’s words made sense. He huffed lightly and crossed his arms over his chest, but made no further protests, so Sebastien smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “I gotta go. Don’t wanna be late,” he said, though this was said with heavy sarcasm and a roll of his eyes. Pierre reluctantly cracked a smile and after a few seconds, he pulled Sebastien into a quick hug before heading back toward where Rachael was standing, still staring wide eyed at Sebastien.

“See ya at home,” Pierre said with a wave, and Sebastien nodded, got in his car and drove off. When he felt a hand grabbing at the sleeve of his dark blue work shirt, he turned to look at Rachael, though flinched back slightly at the look on her face. “What?!”

“HOW DO YOU KNOW HIM?!” she demanded urgently.

Pierre sighed and shook his head slowly, pulling his shirt out of her grasp and taking a step back. “We grew up together,” he explained. “He was my best friend since we were six.”

Rachael continued to stare at him for a moment, before practically screaming, “REALLY?!”

Pierre gave another sigh and nodded slowly. He wanted to shoot Sebastien for going into his workplace and showing his face to his teenage girl coworker! Why, oh why did he have to do that? For the rest of his shift (though there was less than an hour of it left, thank God) he had to put up with Rachael’s incessant questions about Sebastien Lefebvre. She practically stalked him around the gas station, wanting to know the stupidest things about him, like, “What was he like as a kid?!” “What’s his favorite kind of food?!” and of course, “Does he have a girlfriend?!” It was a relief when three o’clock game and Pierre was able to go home, now fuming at Sebastien’s fame and how he managed to make his life more irritating with it.

It wasn’t until he got home and walked in the door that he remembered what Rachael had told him about Troy, and suddenly, standing in front of David who was smiling sweetly up at him, he felt even angrier. David moved to put his arms around Pierre’s waist, not aware that anything was wrong until Pierre pushed his hands away and shook his head, glaring hard at the younger boy. David’s brow furrowed and he tilted his head to the side.

“Pierre, what’s wrong?” David asked, his voice struck with worry.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Pierre accused angrily.

David raised an eyebrow in confusion and slowly his mouth fell open. “Tell you what?” he asked weakly, confused by his boyfriend’s obvious anger.

“About Troy!” Pierre yelled, feeling too angry now to eloquently put into words exactly what it was he was trying to say.

David blinked a few times, feeling as if he’d missed a step going down the stairs. “What are you talking about?”

“Troy! Telling everyone in school to leave you alone or he’d deal with them!” Pierre yelled, his deep brown eyes alight with fury.

Blinking more rapidly now, David began to shake his head slowly. “I-I’m sorry, I just… I didn’t remember to tell you,” he breathed.

“Why? Because you’re trying to hide the fact that he actually means something to you?” Pierre accused harshly.

David scoffed lightly and took a step back. “Or maybe it was you punching him in the face like a fucking child!” He retorted angrily.

“No, it’s more than that,” Pierre spat. “I’m really starting to think you’re in love with this kid!”

“Pierre, I’ve already told you a million times that I don’t have feelings for him!” David responded heatedly.

“Then why couldn’t you fucking deny it?!” Pierre screamed, his mind flashing back to the overheard conversation between Troy and David that day behind the school.

“Deny what?!” David screamed in response.

“When he asked you! When he told you to admit that you have feelings for him! You didn’t say SHIT!” Pierre was now screaming so loudly that his throat was beginning to hurt.

David’s eyes widened and his cheeks turned pink. How the fuck did Pierre know that? “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he muttered breathlessly, though the lie was obvious.

“Oh really? You don’t remember standing with him behind the school?” Pierre asked, his voice now dangerously soft. He stepped up to David, who stared up at him, hating how truly frightening Pierre looked to him. Slowly Pierre put his hand on David’s cheek, the same hand on the same cheek as Troy had done to David, and leaned close to him. “When he held you like this?” Pierre asked gently, though his voice was shaking in anger. A look of absolute fury flashed in David’s hazel eyes. “And he reminisced about the good old days? Spending six hours a week together, at least? Talking about stuff? Private stuff? Stuff he never told anyone else before? Or when he taught you how to throw a football?” he continued, and slowly David’s mouth dropped open in anger.

“You… you had no right to hear any of that!” David hissed, his hands finding Pierre’s stomach and pushing him hard away from him.

Pierre stumbled back, feeling his anger engulfing him again. “I was looking out for you!” Pierre yelled defensively.

“By spying on me?!” David retorted. “You don’t trust me!”

“I trust you! I don’t trust him!” Pierre yelled at him, using an argument he’d used in the past about him.

“If you can’t trust him with me, that means you can’t trust me, either!”

“Excuse me for not feeling to good about seeing you two running off alone together!” Pierre yelled at him. “Remember what happened the last time you two were alone?!”

“Yeah, we fucked,” David said angrily. “And you’re never gonna let me forget it, are you?!”

“That’s not even what I was talking about, but okay!”

“Then what were you talking about?!”

“I was talking about Troy tearing out your piercings and kicking the living shit out of you!”

“You need to get over that!” David told him strongly. “He’s changed! He’s really trying to be a good person now!”

Pierre laughed disbelievingly and David glared harder at him. “A duck will always be a duck, David,” he said firmly. “A rock will always be a rock and a piece of shit like Troy will always be a piece of shit!”

“You’re not even giving him a chance!” David accused. “What he did for me was amazing! He stood up against the entire school for me! Do you have any idea what could’ve happened to him because of that?!”

“Yeah, I fucking LIVED IT, remember?!”

“Okay! So obviously he’s trying!”

“Yeah, trying to get in your PANTS!”

“And what, you’re worried it’s gonna work?!” David asked seriously. All it took was a second of hesitation from Pierre and David understood exactly what Pierre’s problem was: he was worried that David was going to run off with Troy. David shook his head slowly, taking a step toward Pierre and staring incredulously up at him. “Well it’s NOT!” he screamed in his face.

“Well… GOOD!” Pierre yelled awkwardly, still feeling inexplicably angry.

“…GOOD!” David repeated him, for the sheer reason that he’d run out of things to say entirely.

David and Pierre stared into each other’s eyes, a fiery, passionate tension working up between them, before they were lunging at each other, their lips crashing so violently and their tongues battling so fiercely that David couldn’t stop the loud moan that escaped from deep in his chest. Pierre’s hands were grabbing hard at David’s body, one on his side and one on his ass, pulling him firmly against his own body. The friction between their jeans was almost more than David could take, and within seconds he wrapped his arms tight around Pierre’s neck and jumped, his legs wrapping firmly around his boyfriend’s waist, who responded with a deep moan, though not even for a second did he break their kiss.

Pierre walked with closed eyes to his bedroom, knowing the way well enough by now to get to his bedroom door, though when he got there and found the bedroom door closed, he slammed David up against it, earning an excited moan from the smaller boy. He moved his hand to rub firmly on the front of David’s jeans, getting louder, more frantic moans from his boyfriend, who clung desperately to Pierre’s neck, his brow furrowed as Pierre began to rub him harder and faster through his pants. Pierre pulled his lips from David’s and instead began to kiss his neck, though he did this only a few times before he was biting, fueled on by a kind of passionate anger that wanted to inflict pain as much as he wanted to give pleasure. David leaned his head back against the door, his fingers pulling hard on Pierre’s hair as he continued to bite him; he couldn’t even explain to himself how wonderful the stinging sensation in his neck felt, or the rough friction of his jeans on his erection. It all hurt, but at the same time, it felt so incredible.

Pierre stopped rubbing David’s crotch and instead fumbled with the door knob. David gave a whine of irritation, though when he did, Pierre only bit him harder. If he was going to whine, he was going to have a reason to do it. David gave a strangled cry of pleasure mixed with pain and pushed Pierre’s face harder against his neck, loving every second of it. The fact that David was enjoying the pain so much made Pierre only want to give it to him harder. Soon his bedroom door was open and he was shutting the door again, lightly nudging Pierre the dog out of the room with his foot before closing it completely. He didn’t drop David or let go of him in the slightest as he threw him down on the bed, his body coming down directly on top of his and never losing hard contact, though instantly David’s legs unwrapped from his torso and Pierre was scooting up, bringing their groins together and moving them hard against each other.

“Oh god, Pierre,” David breathed as Pierre pulled back slightly and began to fumble with David’s belt. As soon as his hand was in his younger boyfriend’s pants, Pierre grabbed hard onto him while reaching up with the other hand, pulling the collar of David’s light blue t-shirt down and biting unmercifully hard onto his shoulder. “Fuck!” David screamed, his eyes closed tight and his hands pressed hard into Pierre’s back, his fingernails digging roughly into his skin. Pierre grinned against David’s shoulder and pulled back suddenly so that he wasn’t touching David at all anymore. David stared up at Pierre desperately, his hands moving to touch the older man’s chest. His boyfriend’s desperation made Pierre’s desire for him increase drastically.

Like lightening he had David’s shirt off, along with his shoes and socks; he didn’t hesitate for even a second before reaching up and pulling his tight black jeans and boxers off in one tug. As he moved back up to tower over him, David leaned up and kissed him, needing to feel that sense of closeness with the other man. His smaller fingers began to unbutton Pierre’s ugly blue work shirt, leaning up and pushing it quickly over his shoulders. Pierre shrugged out of the shirt and threw it to the side while David began to remove his pants. Pierre felt his eyes roll into the back of his head and he fell forward as David’s smaller hand wrapped around his erection and began to pump him hard and fast. Pierre kicked off his shoes and socks, before getting himself quickly out of his pants, though his boxers didn’t come down with them.

He pulled David’s hand from his boxers and moved between his legs, pressing hard against him, turned on by the way David pressed his ass down against his fabric covered erection, rubbing hard against it. Pierre’s lips found David’s shoulder again, though instantly he was biting him, earning more mixed yells of pain and pleasure from the smaller boy.

“Fuck me!” David pleaded loudly, his fingers pressing into the small of Pierre’s back and urging him on harder, before desperately pushing down his boxers. Pierre felt a flurry of anxious nerves stir in him as he kicked off his boxers, but those nerves were soon drowned as David’s nails again dug into his skin, and he moved his ass harder against his erection. “God, Pierre, just fuck me!”

Pierre didn’t know what he was doing, but all of a sudden two of his fingers were in David’s mouth and David was sucking hard on them, his mouth moving up and down, his tongue swirling against them, covering them with as much saliva as he could. The feel of it just about drove Pierre out of his mind. He pulled his fingers from David’s mouth and instead kissed him, his tongue massaging against David’s as he moved his hand down and pressed a finger slowly into his younger boyfriend. David’s brow furrowed slightly but he kissed Pierre harder, his nails scratching long red marks down his boyfriend’s back. Pierre moved his finger in and out of David several times before adding the second and moving them hard inside of him. David broke the kiss and pressed his head hard into the bed, his body arcing up against Pierre’s as loud moans escaped his wide open mouth. Blindly he reached over and began to dig in Pierre’s nightstand, extracting a small packet of lube that the two had yet to use and tearing it open.

Pierre’s body shuddered as David opened his eyes and began to spread the lube over his hard dick, stroking him hard and fast as Pierre’s fingers continued to move furiously in and out of him. David laid his head back again and Pierre leaned down, taking his boyfriend’s skin between his teeth and biting hard on his neck. David gave another moan, still stroking Pierre’s erection frantically. “Fuck me!” he pleaded again, his eyes squeezing tight as Pierre bit him harder from the desperation in his voice. Without a moment’s hesitation, Pierre pulled his fingers out and positioned himself, lining up with David’s entrance before carefully pushing into him. David grabbed handfuls of Pierre’s hair and leaned his head up, his forehead coming to a rest against Pierre’s shoulder as Pierre continued to pull in and out of him, pushing a little further in with each thrust.

David’s knees were pushed further up toward his chest the further in Pierre got, until finally his hips were hitting against David’s bare ass, causing David’s entire body to convulse in pleasure. “Oh yeah,” David breathed, his nails continuing their raking of Pierre’s already lightly bleeding back.

Pierre moved his mouth up to David’s ear and bit gently on it, smiling as David moaned louder. “You like that?” he asked roughly as he continued to pound into his boyfriend, who moaned his appreciation and nodded quickly. Pierre moved his free hand down to David’s untouched erection and wrapped around it, moving up and down along his length in time with his thrusts and David’s moans grew wilder and tears began to roll down the side of his face, though he wouldn’t have wanted Pierre to stop to save his life. And then Pierre thrust in and something hit David’s body like a bolt of lightening. His body shuddered and he leaned harder against Pierre, giving a cry of pleasure as Pierre hit his spot flawlessly. And then it happened again. And again. Each time Pierre’s hard dick rubbed against his prostate while his hand still worked over his erection, David couldn’t stop the scream of pleasure that erupted from the back of his throat.

Pierre felt himself steadily reaching his climax, getting closer with each thrust, with each movement on David’s erection, and with each moan from the boy beneath him. When David’s eyes squeezed shut and he began to frantically mutter, “OhGodohGodohGod,” Pierre began to thrust faster and harder, knowing that David was only seconds away from his own orgasm. David’s body began to twitch, he let out one long, continuous moan, and come began to spill over Pierre’s hand as David climaxed, digging his nails harder than ever into Pierre’s back. The feel of David’s walls contracting on his erection sent Pierre over the edge; he could feel his come going deep into David and coating his own erection as he continued to move in and out of him, earning louder, more desperate screams from his younger boyfriend.

When he felt he couldn’t take any more, slowly Pierre pulled out of David and collapsed on the bed next to him, his body heaving and covered in sweat. Instantly David was clinging to him, tears pouring from his eyes and his body shaking uncontrollably. Pierre wrapped his arms around David and pulled him closer, his lips finding David’s forehead and kissing him gently. I love you, David, he told David mentally, wishing he had the nerve to say the words out loud, though nothing could cause him to quite possibly ruin the perfect moment.

“Ohmygod,” David sobbed gently, pressing his fingers into Pierre’s side and hiding his face in the crook of his neck.

“What’s wrong?” Pierre asked breathlessly as he moved a hand up to stoke David’s sweaty black hair gently.

“I’ve never… come that hard… in my life…” David breathed weakly, his limbs still shaking.

Pierre couldn’t help but grin at that response. “Really?” he asked excitedly, his chest still rising and falling heavily. David gave a soft laugh and nodded against his chest. “Awesome,” Pierre responded, smiling wider. His first time having anal sex with David and it had been the best sex of David’s life? It had most certainly been the best sex of Pierre’s life as well. When he felt David’s body continue to shake with sobs, he gave a sad sigh and held his boyfriend tighter. “Why are you crying, then? I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked gently.

David shook his head and clung harder to Pierre’s body. “It was just… so beautiful!” he joked with a teary laugh, and Pierre couldn’t stop the deep laughs and erupted from his chest.

“You’re such a dork,” Pierre told him fondly, feeling completely at peace with his younger boyfriend now, despite the fight that had led to their super charged sexual experience.

“I’m your dork,” David corrected him gently, and Pierre smiled and nodded, before placing another sweet kiss on David’s forehead. “Come on, stinky, let’s go take a shower,” David said suddenly, and he sat up, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

Pierre sat up and smiled at him, intent on kissing him, though instantly his eyes were drawn to David’s neck and shoulder, which were both covered in red and purple bruises. “Shit!” he exclaimed and reached a hand up to touch the marks lightly.

David winced and slapped Pierre’s hand away before grabbing at his own neck. “Ow! What the fuck was THAT for?!”

“Oh shit,” Pierre breathed, ignoring David’s question. “You have to go to SCHOOL tomorrow!”

David’s eyebrows pulled together in confusion. “What are you…” he started, though quickly it dawned on him what Pierre must’ve been freaking out about. “DID YOU GIVE ME A HICKEY?!” David demanded suddenly.

“Nope, no hickeys,” Pierre told him honestly. “Just… well… you’ll see.”

David sighed and laid back in bed, his hands covering his face for a brief moment before he pulled them away and turned to the side to look at Pierre. His eyes widened when he caught sight of Pierre’s back, bright red with white welts and bleeding scratches all down it. “Fuck,” David whispered, before pressing his fingers gingerly to one of the scratches.

“Ow ow ow!” Pierre complained, twisting his body away from David.

“I, uh… I guess that makes us even?” David asked nervously.

Pierre laughed and shook his head slowly. “We can’t have angry sex ever again,” he said seriously.

David’s eyes widened and he sat up quickly, shaking his head. “Are you kidding?! We have to do that more often! That was totally awesome!

Pierre laughed and shook his head again. “Totally,” he said, making fun of his younger boyfriend’s terminology.

David glared at him and gave a huff. “No shower for Pierre,” he said stiffly. “Shower for Davey, but no Pierre.” Pierre rolled his eyes as David moved to stand, though as soon as he had, his muscles began to shudder and within seconds he fell to the ground, breathing hard, his heart pounding in his chest.

“Holy shit! Are you okay?” Pierre asked as he moved to sit in front of David on the floor.

David’s eyes were wide as he stared at Pierre. “My legs don’t work!” he complained.

Pierre beamed at him and nodded slowly. “FUCK, I’m good,” he said arrogantly.

“Eh,” David replied with a shrug.

Pierre’s jaw dropped and he scoffed, before standing and beginning to move away. “Fine! No shower for Davey! Shower for Pierre, but no Davey!” he copied David childishly.

“But… but Pierre!” David complained. “I need help!”

Pierre stopped in the doorway and turned to look at him impatiently. “Say I’m the best ever,” he demanded huffily.

“You already know you are!” David whined.

“Fine, have fun on the floor!”


Pierre turned slowly, grinning like an idiot and gave a nod, before making his way back to David. Carefully he picked him up, carrying him easily from his bedroom and into the bathroom. He placed David down standing up in the bathtub, holding onto him as he turned on the water and started the shower. David smiled sweetly at Pierre as he stepped into the water and pulled his naked body against his, though as soon as the water hit his back, he was cringing in pain. “I’m sorry!” David breathed, his hands finding Pierre’s cheeks gently.

Pierre shook his head and forced a breath out. “S’all good,” Pierre said tensely, though he turned and placed David in the direct water stream instead.

“God, my legs feel like jelly,” David complained, keeping his grip on Pierre. “If you weren’t holding onto me, I’d probably just fall over again.”

“Let’s find out!” Pierre joked quickly.

“Let’s not!” David retorted with a grin.

“Aww, you’re no fun,” Pierre complained.

“Au contraire, I think I’m plenty of fun,” David retorted suggestively.

“That’s for damn sure,” Pierre told him with a dirty smirk.

The two stood against each other for the next fifteen minutes, taking turns washing each others bodies and hair, David running a bar of soap over his face quickly. After the first ten minutes, David realized he could stand again on his own, though his movements were still a bit shaky, and Pierre continued to hold onto him, “just to be safe.” David had smiled and rolled his eyes at Pierre but didn’t reject his contact just the same, wanting to feel closer than possible to his boyfriend after the experience that they’d just shared. He was disappointed, therefore, when a knock was heard clearly on the front door.

“Who the fuck?” Pierre pondered. When the knocking continued, Pierre sighed and rolled his eyes. “I bet Seb fucking locked himself out again,” he grumbled, though he smiled just the same.

“Seriously, how often does he lose his key?” David asked with a shake of his head.

“I dunno,” Pierre grumbled. “I’d better go let him in.”

“Well… don’t take too long!” David requested sadly. “I’ll miss you!”

Pierre smiled and kissed the top of his wet head before jumping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around his waist. He made his way out of the bathroom, which brought him right at the living room door; his apartment was just small enough for that. Standing in the living room, he could see the bathroom door (to the immediate left when coming in the front door), the bedroom door across the room and next to that was the entrance to the kitchen, just to the right. It was small, it was cheap, but it was home.

Pierre’s brow furrowed when he looked at the front door and saw that it was unlocked. Maybe it wasn’t Sebastien? Regardless, he pulled open the front door, wondering now who could be standing on the other side; his jaw dropped when he saw who it was. “Mom! Dad!” he exclaimed as he stepped over the threshold and wrapped his arms simultaneously around both of them, giving them a wet hug and grinning as they returned his hug, patting him gently on the back, though he cringed as their pats stung his skin.

“Happy birthday, honey,” his mother told him gently.

Pierre laughed and pulled back, stepping into his apartment and out of the way so his parents could enter as well. “My birthday’s not ‘til tomorrow,” he pointed out fairly.

“Still,” his mother said with a shrug, and together she and Pierre’s dad stepped inside and closed the door behind them.

“You came all the way here just for my birthday?” Pierre asked incredulously.

“That’s part of it,” his dad said with a nod. “We mainly wanted to make sure you’re still alive! We haven’t heard from you in a few weeks, haven’t seen you in almost a year…” he trailed off quietly, and Pierre suddenly felt guilty. He’d gotten so wrapped up in David that he hadn’t called his parents in at least a month, and he’d hardly told them anything about their relationship. “We figured it was time for a visit,” his dad finished with another nod.

“Well… great,” Pierre said, grinning stupidly.

“Sorry to interrupt your shower! God knows you probably needed it,” his mom said with a smile.

Pierre’s cheeks turned pink and he shook his head. “No, I was just—”

“Pierre, what’s taking you so lo—” David started, though cut off when he saw two people standing with Pierre, both of them easily old enough to be his parents. He stood in the bathroom door way, his mouth open, his eyes wide, in nothing but a towel, with red and purple bruises all over his neck and shoulder, and no matter what he did, he couldn’t stop staring at the two people he was sure were Pierre’s mom and dad. Both Pierre’s mom and dad stared at David in much the same way, feeling just as shocked at his presence as David was by theirs. Slowly, David took a step back into the bathroom and very carefully shut the door again, leaving Pierre and his parents standing left-footed in his living room.

“That’s my boy!” Pierre’s dad said suddenly, giving Pierre a punch in the arm. Pierre groaned and slapped a hand over his face.

“Was that David?” his mom asked quickly.

“Yeah,” Pierre muttered quietly.

“How old is he?” his mother demanded. “He looks like he’s seventeen or something!” When Pierre gave no answer but merely looked guilty, his mom and dad both looked shocked. “Pierre Charles! You’re sleeping with a minor?!”

“Yes,” Pierre admitted quickly. “More importantly, I’m dating a minor. You knew David was my boyfriend.”

“Pierre, you did tell us he was so… uh… youthful,” his dad said awkwardly.

“He’s almost legal!” Pierre tried to defend himself, though the words didn’t come out quite as helpful as he would have liked.

“‘Almost legal.’ Do you realize how terrible that sounds?” his mom asked with a sigh.

“Oh, the age laws are stupid,” Pierre said childishly. His mom regarded him skeptically while his dad smiled and shook his head slowly. “Come on, I’m not that much older than him, anyway!”

“Pierre, you’re twenty-two!” his mom pointed out.

“Not yet,” Pierre said, sounding desperate.

“Tomorrow!” his mother hissed at him. “You’re dating someone five years younger than you?”

“More like four and a half,” Pierre threw in hopefully, but his mom continued to stare at him seriously.

“Give him a break,” his dad said calmly, and Pierre took a deep, slow breath and turned to look at his dad, feeling grateful that his dad had always made an effort to stand up for him.

Pierre stared between his parents, his dad looking slightly awkward, his mom looking as if she’d just swallowed a lemon whole, and he took a step back and sighed. “I’m gonna go… just… hold on a second,” he muttered quietly, and quickly he made his way into the bathroom, making sure to shut the door behind him. Why did he feel that he’d done something bad? Why did his mother make him feel as if he was being punished for breaking a lamp? She made him want to be ashamed of himself, but as he looked at David, who had simply been staring at Pierre from the moment he stepped into the bathroom, he couldn’t make himself be anything but happy about his relationship. “I’m sorry,” Pierre breathed as he walked over to the smaller boy.

“I just met your parents, didn’t I?” David asked weakly. Pierre nodded and David exhaled sharply. “And I’m naked!” he whined.

“Half naked,” Pierre offered.

“Oh shut up,” David spat.

“Hey, this isn’t my fault! I didn’t know they were coming!” Pierre defended himself quickly.

David stared hard at Pierre, before his glare dropped and turned to an uncomfortable grimace. “You didn’t tell them about me, did you?”

“Of course I did,” Pierre told him honestly. “Before we even went out on our first date, I told them about you.”

“Then why did they look so… shocked?” David asked sadly.

“Well, you were half naked…” Pierre said jokingly, and David glared and smacked him on the chest, earning a guilty laugh from the taller man. “Kidding, kidding,” he said gently. “No, the thing is… I never told them about… how… young… you are…” Pierre explained in a slow, nervous voice. Age was a very touchy subject when brought up with David; the last thing he wanted was for David to think he was ashamed of him, but judging by the look on his face, that was exactly how David was taking it.

“Did you tell them just now?” David asked quietly.

“No, they guessed,” Pierre sighed.

“How? I thought I looked older than I am…” David trailed off sadly.

“Apparently not,” Pierre muttered.

You thought I was your age…”

“I’m biased,” Pierre said. “I couldn’t tell because I thought you were so hot… but Seb… he can see it, and so can my parents.”

David looked down, leaning slowly against the bathroom counter. “What do you think other people think when they see us together?”

“Probably that I’m some old pervert dating a high school student,” Pierre muttered, and he sat next to David. Gently he leaned over and placed his head on David’s shoulder, having to hunch over quite a bit to pull it off, and David leaned his head over and rested it on top of Pierre’s.

“And that I’m some dumb teenager who’s only dating you because you’re older and cooler,” David continued gently. “That’s what your parents think, I bet you anything.”

“My mom, probably,” Pierre admitted gently, and David bit down on his lip ring sadly. “But not my dad. He’s like me… believes in fate and love and all that nonsense,” he added gently.

David gave a soft laugh and turned his head to the side slightly to place a kiss on the top of Pierre’s head. “Well lucky for me you picked that up from him,” he said tenderly.

Pierre sat up straight and smiled at David, though soon his eyes were flickering to the closed bathroom door and a look of defeat encompassed his features. “We have to go out there,” he said weakly.

David nodded but grimaced uncomfortably. “We’re naked and our clothes are in the bedroom.”

“Yup,” Pierre said awkwardly.

David turned to look at himself in the mirror and his grimace intensified. “God, and they have to see me like THIS?!” he complained, leaning close and examining his many bruises, most of which were clearly teeth marks.

“Hey, they can see my scratching post of a back!” Pierre pointed out.

David sighed and nodded before grabbing onto Pierre’s hand. Together they opened the door and walked back into the living room, facing his parents awkwardly, though they were slightly preoccupied playing with Pierre the puppy. “We’re just gonna go throw some clothes on,” Pierre told his parents before they could say anything to either of them.

“Whose dog?” Pierre‘s mom asked, ignoring her son‘s declaration and looking back at him.

“Ours,” Pierre and David responded together, though as soon as he realized they’d spoken at the same time, David’s cheeks turned pink and he bit his lips together.

David’s mom watched the two carefully, not sure if she liked the fact that her son was dating someone so much younger, but Pierre’s dad smiled and gave a nod as he asked, “What’s her name?”

“Pierre,” David said with a soft smile.

“Oh, it’s a boy?” David’s mom asked in confusion.

“No,” David responded simply.

Pierre‘s dad gave a laugh and muttered, “Cute.”

With nods in return, David and Pierre quickly made their way to their bedroom, where they got dressed in pajama pants and t-shirts at top speed before going back out to the living room. When they got back out there, Pierre’s mom continued to watch David skeptically, but Pierre’s dad walked toward David and held his hand out, smiling as David very timidly reached forward and shook it. “Pierre probably already filled you in, but I’m his old man,” he started with a friendly smile, and David gave a nervous laugh and nodded. Pierre’s dad pulled his hand away and dropped it back at his side. “You can call me Rob, Mr. Bouvier, sex machine…” he listed off with a grin, and David’s cheeks grew pinker. Pierre grimaced and covered his face with his hand. “Call me whatever you want as long as it’s not shit head,” he finished with a shrug.

“Dad,” Pierre grumbled, shaking his head slowly.

“What? I’m just being friendly! Excuse me if I’m not friendly in the same way as you!” he joked loudly, and Pierre’s eyes grew wide. “I don’t think you’d appreciate that, if you know what I mean…”

“Wow, dad. Thanks,” Pierre grumbled.

“I mean sex,” his dad stated bluntly with an even more devious smile. David’s cheeks were positively red now.

“Yeah, we got that,” Pierre told him with a sigh.

“You’re name’s David, right?” Mr. Bouvier asked and David nodded timidly in response. “You can talk, right?”

“Dad, you already heard him talk,” Pierre said with a sigh.

“Oh, right,” his dad said with a smile. “Well, you don’t have to be shy! I don’t bite!” he informed David with a grin. Then, as if he couldn’t help himself, he added, “I’ll leave that up to my son,” and his eyes flickered to David’s neck, which shone plenty of bruises despite wearing a t-shirt.

“Dad! Will you leave him alone?” Pierre asked exasperatedly.

“Pfft, you ruin all my fun,” he grumbled childishly.

Pierre’s mom stepped toward David and held her hand out to David as well. As timid as David had been to shake Pierre’s dad’s hand, his mother was even more intimidating. Perhaps it was the vibe she gave out when she looked at David: distrusting and disliking. Still, he shook her hand and tried to smile as if he wasn’t afraid of her. “I’m Pierre’s mom, but you can call me Anne, or Mrs. Bouvier if you prefer,” she told him. David took meaning out of the fact that she spoke so formally to him, as if she was a teacher and he was a student, not that she was meeting her son’s boyfriend. David nodded, giving a weak smile.

“So… David,” she said, and Pierre groaned quietly. He could just feel the interrogation coming on. David looked at Pierre nervously, though back to Mrs. Bouvier when she continued to speak to him. “You’re in high school, then?” David nodded nervously. “Are you in your last year?” she asked, and again, he nodded. “Does that mean you’re headed off to college in the fall?” Again, he nodded. Pierre watched David carefully; he wasn’t used to seeing his boyfriend so shy. “Where to? Somewhere out of state?”

Pierre glared hard at his mom. Oh, she would like that, wouldn’t she? “No, actually, he’s going to the University of Oregon,” Pierre told her firmly, and she turned to look at him contemplatively, before nodding and turning back to David, who was blushing profusely.

“What are you going to major in?” Mrs. Bouvier continued to question him.

David shrugged nervously and muttered, “J-je n’sais pas.” Pierre felt a pang of pity for David, knowing that he had to be truly unnerved if he had reverted back to French.

“You speak French?” his dad cut in curiously.

David nodded slowly and switched his gaze to Mr. Bouvier instead. “Ouais… je suis canadien.”

“Really?” Mrs. Bouvier asked, and it was obvious from her lightened tone that she instantly liked David better. David nodded sheepishly. “Where are you from?”

“Sept-Îles,” he responded softly. “I grew up there with my parents and my sister.”

Mrs. Bouvier was watching David carefully, clearly contemplating asking something. She apparently decided on it, because soon she asked, “What do your parents think about you dating Pierre?”

“Mom,” Pierre said firmly, before turning to look at David. “David, you don’t—”

“No, it’s okay,” David interrupted him. He stared into Mrs. Bouvier’s eyes as he gave his answer. “My mom’s dead and my dad kicked me out,” he said bluntly. “Because I’m with Pierre,” he added, just to clarify that it was because of this and not because he was a reckless delinquent or something of the sort. “I know you don’t trust me, Mrs. Bouvier, and I get that,” he said, using all of the courage he possessed to say what he felt needed to be said. “You think because I’m so young, I might not be as into it as Pierre is, but you don’t have to worry about that because I care about him more than anyone else in the world.”

Slowly, Pierre’s mom nodded, seemingly pleased with what David had said, though Pierre hardly noticed. He was staring at David, smiling softly at him, wishing that he and David were alone again so he could cover every inch of him with kisses. David turned to look at him, flashing him a soft smile, and again those words were ringing through Pierre’s mind. I love you, David.

“What?” David asked gently.

“Huh? Pierre asked, blinking rapidly as his cheeks flushed.

“What were you just thinking about?” David continued quietly.

Pierre shook his head, giving David a smile. “Nothing important,” he told him softly. David gave him a smile and looked away, but Pierre’s gaze stayed on David’s face as he continued to think those three words over and over in his mind, wishing he had the courage to scream them at the top of his lungs, though he knew David wouldn’t be ready to hear them.

I love you.
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