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Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad, Chapter 16: PART ONE

Title: Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Sixteen: Part One
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 10,972 (all together)
Summary: After coming out of the closet to his friends in Canada and getting disowned by them, Pierre Bouvier moves to a hick town in the states to escape. Life is dull and grim for the twenty-one year old Canadian until he meets David Desrosiers, a young man who could change it all for the better.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: Sorry this took so long! :( I hope you guys can forgive me! <3


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Pierre gave a heavy sigh as he sat on his living room couch, his back and shoulders slouched heavily, his legs out lazily in front of him with a plastic crown on his head and a balloon tied to his wrist. He turned to look at Sebastien, who was sitting in much the same way, with a noise maker in his mouth and a cone shaped party hat on his head. The two stared at each other, both irritated beyond belief and slightly embarrassed, before turning away and staring across the room. “This sucks,” Pierre commented dryly.

Sebastien, rather than responding verbally, gave a defeated blow on his noise maker, making it honk weakly, though it was obvious that this was an agreement.

“Pierre, honey, would you rather have chocolate or vanilla frosting on your cake?” Mrs. Bouvier asked as she walked into the room with a bowl of cake batter in her hand.

Pierre sighed and looked up at the ceiling. “Mom! I’m not eight!” he complained, turning to face his mom. “Really, you’ve already dressed me up like a little kid. Now you’re making me a cake?”

“Yes! It’s your birthday!” she retorted quickly, and Pierre sighed and looked away again. “Don’t sigh at me, young man,” she scolded him quickly, and Sebastien had to work hard to suppress a snort of laughter. When she raised an eyebrow at him and placed a hand on her hip, Sebastien’s face turned immediately serious and his eyes widened slightly. Mrs. Bouvier could be an intimidating woman when she wanted to be. “I’ve gone a whole year without seeing you because you ran away from home, so excuse me if I’m getting a little sentimental!” she snapped, before turning on her heel and heading to the kitchen.

Sebastien and Pierre exchanged worried, nervous looks; the looks that one would associate with ten year old boys who had just gotten caught sweeping a broken plate under the carpet. “Oh, shit!” they heard her yell from the kitchen, and both gave slight jumps and turned to look quickly toward the kitchen, where soon Mrs. Bouvier was storming out of, dusting her hands off. “Why don’t you have any eggs?” she demanded quickly, though before he could answer, she added, “Doesn’t David make sure you eat?”

“It’s not his job to feed me,” Pierre said cautiously. If she had been anyone but his mother, he would’ve yelled at her merely for saying his boyfriend’s name in such a condescending way… but what could he do? She was his mother.

“You need someone who can take care of you because you obviously can’t do it yourself,” she said in what was supposed to be a motherly-advice kind of voice, but Pierre heard it for what it was. She hated David.

“I don’t even like eggs,” Pierre pointed out fairly.

“Well,” she responded shortly. “Still. I need eggs for your cake!” With a heavy sigh, she grabbed her purse and headed toward the door. “I’ll be back in a few,” she said as she made her way to where Pierre and Sebastien were sitting. She leaned down and gave Pierre a kiss on his forehead, earning a groan from him. Sebastien again had to fight a snicker, though soon she had given him a kiss on the forehead too. “You’re a nice boy, Sebastien,” she said slowly. Sebastien glanced nervously at Pierre who stared hard at his mother. He knew exactly what she was starting. “It’s nice for Pierre to have a friend his age again.” Pierre sighed. And there it was. She stood back and looked at the two of them, and even though Sebastien was staring at her as if she was about to pull a knife from her pocket and stab him, and though Pierre looked like he very much would’ve liked to shoot her, she smiled and gave a short nod before heading toward the door. “You would look much better together,” she commented, and again she had that fake-nice tone in her voice, like she was merely stating a fact when really she was dropping heavy hints.

Pierre watched her leave anxiously, letting out a loud growl of irritation as soon as the door was closed. “SHE’S DRIVING ME FUCKING INSANE!” he screamed as he broke the string tying the balloon to his wrist and let it float up to the ceiling, before grabbing the crown from his head and throwing it across the room. Sebastien threw his party hat on the couch next to him along with his noise maker. “When she’s not treating me like a baby, she’s making backhanded comments about David! Even when he’s in the room!” he continued heatedly. “I’m gonna fucking kill her!”

“Dude, I know. She’s really freaking me out being so nice to me,” Sebastien told him quietly. “I mean, the last time I saw your parents, they tried to call the fucking cops on me! Now she’s kissing me on the forehead and calling me sweetie and dropping hints that we would be a better couple than you and David? What the fuck?!”

Pierre shook his head slowly. “Why do you think my dad took off to see Martin? Because she’s making him nuts too! He likes David!”

“Yeah, and he still can’t stand me,” Sebastien added in agreement.

Sighing heavily, Pierre looked off to the side again, letting his mind wander over everything that had happened since his parents had shown up the day previously. As soon as Sebastien had shown up at his apartment again, Pierre had been forced to recount the story of Sebastien showing up, of them reuniting as friends; of course, he left out the fact that he and David had been broken up and had it not been for a very fateful self-locking balcony door, the two would’ve fucked like the heart-broken and horny little Canadians that they were. There were some things that parents just didn’t need to know. Sebastien’s face when he saw Pierre’s parents sitting in his living room had been almost as priceless as it was when he caught his first glimpse of David’s bruise covered neck. Though the presence of Pierre’s parents in his apartment managed to keep the violent-sex jokes to a minimum, the obvious teeth marks were still something that was brought up sporadically throughout the night, by either Sebastien or Mr. Bouvier.

Pierre’s eyes widened slightly and he sat up straighter, his head turning slowly to look at Sebastien, whose mind seemed to be somewhere else entirely. Pierre leaned close to him, though he didn’t seem to notice. Leaning a bit closer, he whispered, “Sebastien.”

Sebastien jumped and turned to face Pierre, finding himself within mere inches of kissing distance. He leaned back quickly, his eyes wide and Pierre couldn’t stop himself from laughing. “What?!” he asked angrily.

“Dude, I have to tell you something,” Pierre said, his laughing dying down and instead being replaced with a kind of nervous excitement.

Sebastien stared skeptically at Pierre. “Tell me what…?”

“Something about… me and David,” Pierre continued slowly, his voice getting softer.

“Oh God, is this about what you did to his neck?” Sebastien asked with a sigh.

“Yeah,” Pierre confirmed with a nod.

“I don’t wanna know,” Sebastien said quickly.

“Oh, come on, I have to tell you this!”

“No! Don’t you think I’m horny enough without hearing about your sexual adventures?” Sebastien asked with a sigh.

“Seb… come on.”

Sebastien stared at Pierre for a long moment before he was rolling his eyes and nodding. “Alright fine,” he grumbled, and Pierre grinned and bounced a little in his seat. Wait a minute… did he just bounce? Apparently David’s flamboyant behaviors were beginning to rub off on him. “But I swear to God, if I get a boner, you’re taking care of it with your mouth,” Sebastien warned.

Pierre gave a snort of laughter and nodded his head. “Fair enough,” he agreed jokingly, just for the sake of getting Sebastien to shut up. Sebastien stared at him, waiting for him to get on with the painful story telling, though he dreaded and anticipated it at the same time; he was starting to think his balls were going to fall off if he didn’t get laid soon. Pierre felt himself getting nervous as he prepared to tell Sebastien this new development in his and David’s relationship; what would Sebastien say? Surely he wouldn’t be grossed out… he was a gay man too, after all. He lowered his voice and leaned forward as he said, “David and I… had sex last night.”

Sebastien stared blankly at Pierre, feeling disappointment mingled with irritation. “Yeah, that much was obvious,” he grumbled in response.

“No… no I mean… sex, like…” Pierre trailed off, and he began to make movements with his hands, though he couldn’t bring himself to finish any of them. Anything he could think of just felt too dirty. How could he symbolize with his hands what he and David had done without feeling like a total immature pervert? When Sebastien continued to stare uncertainly at him, Pierre sighed. “Like… real sex. Ya know… like… Brokeback Mountain sex…”

Instantly Sebastien’s blue eyes were the round as saucers and he was sitting up straight, leaning closer to his friend. Now his interest was more than peaked. “R….really?” he asked in a frantic whisper. When Pierre nodded, Sebastien’s jaw dropped and he leaned back again. “Oh my God… what was it like?!”

Pierre knew that if David could’ve been there for the conversation, he would’ve laughed at the two of them. Two men, one twenty-two, one almost there, who were both less sexually experienced when it came to men than he was, a seventeen year old. Pierre felt no need to laugh at Sebastien’s intrigue, however; he was just as nervously ecstatic about it as Sebastien was. “Dude… you have no idea… it was so fucking amazing,” Pierre breathed in response. Sebastien’s face lit up at that and Pierre couldn’t help but beam back at him. “Nothing like sex with a girl. I don’t care what anyone says. ‘Penetration is penetration,’ that’s bullshit. It’s different.”

“Wow,” Sebastien said, blinking in a dazed fashion. “Ya know, I always kinda wondered…” Sebastien started slowly, his eyes narrowing slightly in thought. Pierre watched him carefully, not sure where he was going. “If Pat and I had ever… ya know… I wonder… who…?”

“Patrick,” Pierre interrupted Sebastien, his voice hard and sure. Sebastien’s jaw dropped and he scoffed quietly. “Oh come on, Pat would totally pitch!”

“What are you saying about me?” Sebastien asked quickly.

“You’re… YOU!” Pierre responded with a grin and a nervous laugh.

“That doesn’t mean I’d take it up the ass!” Sebastien yelled at him in response.

“We’ll ask David when he gets home,” Pierre said in a challenging voice.

“What would David know?”

“He’s strangely perceptive,” Pierre said fairly. “He knew about you and Pat before he even met you.”

“Yeah, except he thought it was mutual,” Sebastien responded bitterly.

Pierre bit his lips together, feeling as if his tongue had suddenly been glued to the roof of his mouth. If there was anything he could change in his life, it would be the fact that Patrick hadn’t wanted his best friend, even though they hadn’t been friends at all when it had happened. It killed him to see Sebastien so lonely and depressed every day, though he did his best to hide it. “I’m sorry, man,” Pierre started softly. “Pat… I, I shouldn’t have—”

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” Sebastien said sadly, waving him down. “I brought him up.”

The two sat in a long silence, which only got more awkward the longer it lasted. When Pierre’s phone began to buzz on the coffee table, he picked it up, seeing a message from David.

Thanks a fucking lot, Pierre. Chuck and I have been getting
shit all fucking day because you couldn’t keep your fucking
teeth to yourself. I haven’t heard the end of it all god damn
day. Normally they at least leave him alone and just pick on
me but now they won’t leave Chuck alone either. They figure
he did it. I fucking hate you.

Pierre grimaced, feeling guilt building up in his chest as he read his boyfriend’s words. Sure, David had left him marks, but at least they weren’t visible unless he took his shirt off.

“What’s wrong?” Sebastien asked cautiously. Rather than answering verbally, Pierre sighed and handed his phone to Sebastien, who took it and read the message quickly. “Oh, good job, Pierre,” he taunted Pierre lightly.

“Shut up,” Pierre grumbled.

“What’s with that anyway? I’ve never noticed you do that before…” Sebastien pointed out quietly.

“It was… the whole situation,” Pierre started, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

“What d’you mean?”

“You know how yesterday at work you told me not to go home and fight with David?” Pierre asked, and Sebastien nodded. “Well I came home and fought with David.” Sebastien sighed and shook his head slowly. “I know, it was a stupid fight, but we were screaming at each other, and then… I dunno! We ran out of stuff to scream about and we just stared at each other for a few seconds and then… we started goin’ at it!” Pierre finished, sounding rather excited about it.

“Seriously? You bit the fuck out of him because you were having angry sex?” Sebastien asked incredulously.

“Dude, have you seen my back?” Pierre asked blankly. When Sebastien’s brow furrowed and he shook his head slowly, Pierre raised an eyebrow and stared at him skeptically, before turning around and pulling his shirt off.

Sebastien’s eyes widened when he saw the long scratches and deep claw marks, places where Pierre had obviously bled quite a bit. “Jesus Christ!”

“Yeah, exactly,” Pierre said with a huff, before putting his shirt back on and facing Sebastien again.

Sebastien looked back down at Pierre’s phone, which was still clutched in his hand and displaying David’s text message. “I feel bad,” Sebastien said softly.

“For David?”



Sebastien gave a soft sigh as he looked up at Pierre, feeling guilt for David that had nothing at all to do with the high school student, and had everything to do with his best friend. “It’s the same thing that happened to you… these kids that are picking on David… that was me picking on you just four years ago,” he said quietly.

Pierre gave a nod though didn’t say anything. The fact that Sebastien still cared so much and truly felt bad about what he had done to him made him forgive Sebastien just that much more, though of course, he would never forget. Forgiving and forgetting were two things entirely. And could he ever fall in love with him again after he’d so completely broken his heart? Pierre thought that even had Sebastien shown up at his door, singing his apology before David had come into his life, he still wouldn’t have been able to open his heart up to the boy he’d once considered the love of his life; not in the same way, not again.

“Let’s go pick him up from school today,” Sebastien suggested vaguely, bringing a quizzical look to Pierre’s face.



“You hate going to the high school. Last time you went there, you got bombarded by kids wanting your autograph.” Sebastien just smiled and shrugged. “Alright, if you really want to. I’ll tell David…”

As Pierre wrote out the text, his apartment door opened and Pierre jumped instantly for his birthday crown and balloon, while Sebastien scrambled to put his party hat back on, though the two relaxed when they saw Mr. Bouvier walk in and close the door behind him. “Relax, it’s just me,” he told them with a knowing smile. “You can take that stupid shit off now.”

“Thank God,” Pierre grumbled, and again he threw his hat to the side and allowed his balloon to float to the ceiling. “How’s Martin?”

“Good, says he misses you,” Pierre’s dad commented lightly. Pierre felt guilty at that, knowing that he had been his uncles only real correspondent, though when David became an every day part of his life, he’d just seemed to lose time for his uncle. “He says he hasn’t even met David!”

Pierre gave a guilty smile and shook his head. “We’ve been busy!” he defended himself quickly.

“Well that much is obvious,” Mr. Bouvier mumbled, shutting Pierre up immediately. He flashed Pierre a knowing smile, before a perplexed look crossed his features and he pulled his cell phone from his pocket. “Ugh, it’s your mother,” he grumbled.

“You and mom text each other?” Pierre asked incredulously.

“Of course!” His dad told him with a smile. “Your mother and I are very hip, ya know…”

Pierre snorted and shook his head slowly. “Look, we’re gonna go pick David up from school,” he said, standing slowly.

“Your mom’s not gonna like that,” his dad pointed out.

Pierre shrugged and held out a hand for Sebastien, who grabbed it and pulled himself up. There was nothing discreet about the glare that Mr. Bouvier shot Sebastien, and Sebastien quickly dropped Pierre’s hand and fixed a nervous expression on his face. Pierre stared between Sebastien and his dad for a few moments, before shaking his head and walking toward the door. He gave his dad a few pats on the shoulder as he walked by, though he gave a gentle laugh at how wide a circle Sebastien walked around the man. Really, like he was going to bite him or something? “We’ll be back in a bit,” he said, and just to see the effect of it, he grabbed onto Sebastien’s hand and began to pull him out of the door. Sebastien stiffened and tried to pull his hand from Pierre’s, but Pierre refused to loosen his grip. As he pulled the door closed behind him, he saw the look on his dad’s face and couldn’t help but laugh; he looked like he would’ve very much liked to pull Sebastien’s testicles off one at a time.

“Why the fuck did you do that?!” Sebastien hissed, aiming a smack at the back of Pierre’s head as he descended the stairs from his apartment door.

Pierre ducked and smacked at Sebastien’s hand, though there was a laugh in his voice as he said, “‘Cause it was funny?”

“Oh, the hilarity is killing me,” Sebastien responded with a roll of his eyes.

“Whiner,” Pierre muttered under his breath as, with a wide grin, he started down the sidewalk. He supposed that they could have driven, but really? It would take less than ten minutes to get to David’s school, and the last class of the day wasn’t even out for another thirty minutes. Really, he’d only left so early because he’d wanted to get away before his mom got back and continued to try and set him and Sebastien up. He hadn’t said anything yet to her, but he couldn’t really describe the ways in which that hurt. First, it hurt that she didn’t approve of David, who was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Second, Sebastien had broken his heart in more ways than one, and while some of it may have scarred over, there were still some pretty deep wounds in his chest that were left that day almost exactly four years previously. Had he forgiven Sebastien? Yes. Would he ever forget? No.

The walk to David’s school was short, and before he knew it, he and Sebastien were walking up the sidewalk and coming to a stop just outside, about fifty feet from the doors. Sebastien, Pierre was surprised to see, wasn’t hiding as he had done the last time he’d been at David’s school. If anything, he was standing out in the open, in a stance that clearly stated ‘notice me’. What the hell was he doing? Pierre watched his friend skeptically as he waited for the bell to ring and students to start leaving the building, though he didn’t ask. It had been Sebastien’s idea to get David… was he planning something?

When the bell rang and students finally began to pour from the doors, Sebastien did nothing to hide himself. Pierre found this strange, though he didn’t have long to think about it before people started to notice his best friend. Soon there were students standing around him, mostly girls, though there was the occasional guy in the group, all asking for his autograph, telling him their names, asking him questions. Pierre stood back, not wanting to get involved in the mob of teenagers. He looked to the side and saw David running from the doors, and instantly he began to move, though when he saw the beaming grin on his face, he stopped and simply watched. Soon Chuck was running out the doors after him, grinning wide, chasing David in circles, who giggled and squealed as he tried to keep away from Chuck’s reach.

“LEAVE ME ALOOOONE!” David squealed as he ran around a tree, though soon Chuck’s arms had wrapped around him and lifted his feet from the ground. Pierre smiled and crossed his arms over his chest as he watched Chuck flip David over his shoulder, despite how much he was kicking and squirming to get away from him. “CHUUUUCKKKK,” David whined, kicking more wildly.

Sebastien perked up at the sound of David’s voice and looked to where the voice had come from, grinning wide at the sight of David flipped over some teenage boy’s shoulder. “David!” he called, waving high in the air at him. All of the teenagers around him stopped and stared, looking from Sebastien to David slowly. Pierre stared at Sebastien with an incredulous smile. Now he understood what Sebastien was doing. Sebastien pushed away from the teenagers surrounding him and jogged lightly over to David and Chuck. Chuck stared at Sebastien with wide eyes and an open mouth, but David leaned around as far as he could to smile warmly at the man.

“Hey Seb,” David said in a friendly voice, giving a soft giggle when Sebastien reached around and ruffled his hair in an affectionate manner.

“I’ll take it from here,” Sebastien said, his hands reaching out for David.

Chuck stared for a moment longer, before jumping slightly and giving a soft, “Oh… yeah…” Carefully he transferred David from his shoulder to Sebastien’s, though David continued to giggle and squirm.

“Would you guys cut it out?!” David demanded, though the laughter in his voice entirely destroyed the purpose of his message. He gave a soft, “Ooomph,” as he came to lay on his stomach across Sebastien’s shoulder, his head hanging over and giving him a view of Sebastien’s butt that he couldn’t say he minded in the slightest. And then Sebastien’s hands on his legs… well… David suddenly found that he rather enjoyed the position he was in. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Chuck,” David said gently, though he couldn’t see anything of his fake-boyfriend anymore. “Where are you? Sebastien, turn around!” David demanded, and with a smile and a roll of his eyes, Sebastien turned around. David leaned up and placed a hand on either side of Chuck’s head, before pulling him in for a kiss.

Sebastien glanced behind him and, upon seeing the two kissing, turned immediately to stare at Pierre. He was amazed to see that Pierre didn’t look angry; if anything, he looked mildly entertained. David pulled back and smiled at Chuck, before giving him a quick kiss on the forehead. “Love you!” David called in a sickly sweet voice.

Chuck grinned and nodded, taking a step back. “Love you more!” he replied.

Again, Sebastien stared at Pierre, expecting to see his friend fuming, but again, he was smiling! What was wrong with him? He gave a slight jump when he felt David smack his ass and tell him to start walking, and again, his gaze flashed to Pierre. There it was; there was the anger he’d been waiting for the whole time David had been hanging on Chuck, kissing him, telling him he loved him. None of that had bugged Pierre, not even a little tiny bit, but David slapping Sebastien’s ass? Oh, Pierre looked livid. It was clear that Pierre didn’t trust the two together, something which Sebastien didn’t really find fair. It wasn’t his fault that David practically worshiped him. And was he mad at David for it? No. It was entirely Sebastien’s fault.

David’s classmates were staring off after the three as they walked away from the school, David still slung over Sebastien’s shoulder, his legs kicking in a merry sort of way. “OH MY GOD, DID YOU SEE THEIR FACES?!” David exclaimed excitedly, and though he tried to push himself up so he could look at his boyfriend, his body soon grew tired and he allowed himself to slump over and stare at Sebastien’s ass again. “They looked SO SHOCKED at us being friends!”

“Fuckin’ priceless,” Sebastien said with a grin.

“You didn’t have to do that for me,” David said, his voice suddenly calmer.

Sebastien smiled and shrugged, though his grip around David’s waist got tighter just the same. “Don’t worry about it,” he said simply.

Pierre glared hard at Sebastien, suddenly wishing that he hadn’t tried to help David at all. After all, it wasn’t Sebastien’s job to protect David. He wished that his friend would remember that more often.

“I guarantee they’re all gonna try to be my friends again tomorrow, just wait,” David said with a cynical laugh.

“And what are you gonna do?” Pierre asked, slowing his pace and walking behind Sebastien.

David looked up, smiling at Pierre. “I’m gonna tell ‘em to fuck off,” he said with a grin.

Pierre beamed at him and reached down to run his fingers gently through his boyfriend’s hair. “Good.”

Soon the three were outside Pierre’s apartment again; Sebastien still hadn’t put David back on the ground. As he began to approach the stairs, Pierre watched Sebastien skeptically. David’s face, too, began to register a bit of fear. “Um… Seb? You’re not gonna try to go up the stairs like this, are you?” he asked nervously.

“Why not?’ Sebastien asked, and he stepped up the first step.

“BECAUSE, OH MY GOD, I DON’T WANNA DIE!” David squealed loudly, his body perking up as much as was possible.

“Well hold still and you won’t!” Sebastien said as he continued to climb the stairs.

“SEB! I swear to God, if you fucking drop him,” Pierre warned, walking closely behind the two and holding his hands out just in case.

“I’m not gonna drop him!” Sebastien complained.

“OH MY GOD! HE’S GONNA DROP ME! PIERRE!” David squealed, and quickly his arms reached out for Pierre, his hands clutching desperately at his shirt.

Sebastien wobbled a little, giving off a quiet, “Aaah!” He stopped walking when he felt resistance, something holding him in place. “Would you knock it off?! You’re gonna MAKE me drop you!” he yelled at David.

But David wasn’t listening. He’d managed to lean up enough to wrap his arms tight around Pierre’s neck, and nothing was getting him to let go. “PIERRE, TAKE ME!” he pleaded, his arms squeezing around Pierre’s neck so tightly that Pierre was having trouble breathing.

“I bet that’s what you said last night,” Sebastien muttered, unable to stop himself.

David’s eyes grew, if possible, even wider, and he gasped loudly. “YOU TOLD HIM?!” he screamed in Pierre’s ear.

“SEBASTIEN! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Pierre screamed at Sebastien, who was now laughing so hard that David’s body was wobbling.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE EITHER OF YOU!” David scolded them hotly.

“Okay, just… calm down…” Pierre muttered breathlessly, his hands grabbing onto David’s body.

“Pierre…?” Pierre heard a familiar voice call uncertainly, a voice that he knew instantly belonged to his uncle Martin. Pierre tried to glance behind him and down to the ground, where he’d heard Martin’s voice, but was unable to due to the position he was in. “What… the hell… are you doing?” Martin asked skeptically. Of course this would look strange; Sebastien was standing almost at the top of the stairs, Pierre was a little over half way up, and David was extended across the two of them, clinging to Pierre around his neck while his legs were still slung over Sebastien’s shoulder, who was holding onto them for dear life.

“Oh, just chillin’,” Pierre grumbled sarcastically, his hands holding tighter to David’s small body. “Seb, let go of David’s legs,” he commanded gruffly, and Sebastien did as he was told. “Okay, now very carefully lean your shoulder down and move David’s feet to the steps,” he continued, and again, Sebastien listened to him.

David’s feet were on the stairs for barely a second before he was wrapped around Pierre’s body, his legs clinging desperately to his hips, his arms still pulled tight around his neck. “OH MY GOD!” he squealed, tears prickling in his eyes. Sebastien had tried to carry him up the stairs upside down over his shoulder! What the hell was wrong with him?! Pierre laughed lightly and patted David on the back lightly, though as an experiment, he dropped his hands; David was holding onto him so hard that he didn’t move an inch, even without Pierre holding him up. “SEB, I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!” he whined, his eyes squeezing shut as he buried his face in his own arms around Pierre’s neck.

Sebastien scoffed and walked the rest of the way up the stairs and into Pierre’s apartment, and Pierre followed quickly after him, though as soon as he got to the top of the stairs he stopped and turned, facing Martin with David still clinging to his body like some strange, over-sized baby. “Martin, this is David,” he said, flashing his uncle a wide smile, who grinned back in response.

Very slowly, David put his legs back on the ground and pulled away from Pierre, though his heart was still pounding hard in his chest from the fright of what he’d just gone through… you know, almost dying and all. He turned to look at Martin, offering a slightly awkward smile. “Hi,” he said quietly. Great. More of Pierre’s relatives being sprung on him?

“David? I’m Martin,” Martin said, and he stuck his hand out for David to shake, just as Pierre’s father had. David took it timidly and gave it a weak shake, something which only made Martin smile wider. “You found a shy one,” he commented, as he took his hand back and turned to look at Pierre, though his other hand came to rest on David’s shoulder and he patted him several times.

“Oh, get to know him, he won’t shut up,” Pierre joked, and David shot him a glare and smacked him on the stomach with the back of his hand. Pierre jumped, giving a toothy grin, before placing his hand on the back of David’s head and leaning close to plant a soft kiss on his silky, black hair.

Martin watched the two with a knowing smile, before he was walking past and opening Pierre’s front door, though he didn’t walk in entirely before muttering, “I bet them young ones have good stamina.”

Chapter Sixteen: Part Two
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