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Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad, Chapter 19

Title: Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Nineteen
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 7101
Summary: After coming out of the closet to his friends in Canada and getting disowned by them, Pierre Bouvier moves to a hick town in the states to escape. Life is dull and grim for the twenty-one year old Canadian until he meets David Desrosiers, a young man who could change it all for the better.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: Ohmygosh, Sid is on a roll!


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“David…? What… the hell… are you watching?”

David blinked and turned in his seat, looking at Patrick with wide, surprised eyes. He was sitting at his computer (which he’d set up in Pierre’s living room almost as soon as he’d moved in) with ear buds in, watching an episode of Glee with a huge grin on his face. “It’s Glee,” he said slowly, and though he had been thoroughly enjoying the episode he was watching, and though he’d known Patrick for almost three months now, he couldn’t manage to stop himself from staring at the man, who looked so gorgeous hovering only six inches from his face.

“You watch Glee?” Patrick asked with a goofy grin, his eyes not leaving the screen. The kids on screen were dancing and, from the looks of it, singing as well. He shook his head slowly and stood up straight again.

“Of course!” David replied brightly. “This show is awesome!”

“Why are you watching it with headphones in?” Patrick asked curiously.

“Because Pierre and Sebastien are too manly to let me watch it with the sound on,” he said, shooting the other two men in the room glares.

“Oh come on, Dave,” Sebastien said with a smile. “That’s not fair. You can’t make us watch that shit.”

“What’s wrong with it?” David asked huffily.

Pierre and Sebastien exchanged awkward smiles, before Pierre turned to look at David and muttered, “It’s really gay.” David’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened, and Pierre instantly got defensive, though he laughed just the same. “What?! It is! All the singing and dancing… and the drama is stupid.”

David huffed and turned back to the screen, popping his ear buds back in his ears to drown the three out. When he saw Patrick leaning close over him again, however, he pulled one out and glanced nervously at him. “What?” he asked curiously.

“That one’s your favorite, isn’t he?” Patrick guessed, pointing to the boy who was primarily on screen at that moment.

“Finn?” David asked, his brow furrowing slightly.

“Sure,” Patrick muttered with a shrug.

“Yeah, how’d you guess?” David asked slowly.

“He’s your type,” Patrick said decidedly.

A look of greater confusion spread across David’s features and he paused the episode before turning to face Patrick better. “What are you talking about?” he asked skeptically.

“Look at him!” Patrick said, pointing toward the boy on screen who had been paused mid dance step. “He’s the type of guy you’re into.”

“And what makes you say that?” David asked, a bit of attitude flaring into his voice.

“Tall, athletic, brown hair…” Patrick listed off. David’s eyes narrowed while Sebastien and Pierre had to stifle laughter from the couch. Patrick leaned closer, trying to get a better look. “Shit, does he even have brown eyes?”

“Shut up,” David said warningly.

“Let me guess, he plays sports too, doesn’t he?” Patrick continued, grinning devilishly. When David glared harder, Patrick gave off a laugh and nodded. “He totally does! And I’m willing to bet anything he’s the quarterback,” he continued, oblivious to just how angry David was now. David was fuming. He didn’t want to think that he had a type; he didn’t want to think that he had gotten with Pierre because of the way he looked; like Finn… like Troy.

“I don’t have a type,” David said stiffly, and though Patrick continued to laugh, the smiles fell from Pierre’s and Sebastien’s faces and they exchanged nervous glances. They knew David well enough by now to know when he was and was not joking. They could tell just from the look on his face that he was angry… and David angry was never a good thing.

“Oh, sure you don’t,” Patrick replied disbelievingly. “Pierre… Vinn…” he listed off on his fingers.

“Finn,” David corrected him sharply.

“… that Troy kid,” Patrick continued, ignoring David entirely.

David felt anger flaring inside of him, reaching dangerous levels. This was more than apparent on his face, because Sebastien’s eyes widened and he straightened up and Pierre bit his lips together and balled his fists. “Coincidences. I’m attracted to Sebastien, and he doesn’t look anything like them,” he snapped quickly. “I’ve always been attracted to you too, even though…” David trailed off and stared condescendingly at Patrick, giving off a soft scoff. “…You’re kind of chubby,” he finished meanly, with a smug smile on his lips.

Patrick’s jaw dropped, Sebastien slapped a hand over his mouth, and Pierre had to work hard to keep a laugh from escaping him. “Fuck you!” Patrick retorted hotly. “Sor-ry if I was just pointing something out! You happen to like three dudes who all look the same!”

David stood and faced Patrick, glaring hard. Patrick stepped toward him, raising an eyebrow. “Pierre and Troy look nothing alike,” David said in a low voice.

“Okay Dave,” Patrick replied with a condescending smile. “You just keep telling yourself that. Whatever makes it easier for you that you’re just trying to replace that Troy kid with Pierre.”

“Hey, that’s too—” Pierre started as he stood, intent on telling Patrick that he’d gone too far, but he was saved the need to say anything when David made his next move. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he watched David tackle Patrick to the floor and start hitting him, though he threw no punches. No, David was smacking Patrick everywhere he could reach like a twelve year old girl, and Sebastien and Pierre were too shocked by his sudden display of aggression (the first they’d ever known him to make) that they could do nothing but stare, wide eyed and open mouthed.

“Holy shit…” Sebastien muttered, still sitting on the couch, unable to peel his eyes away.

“OW! OW! Would you get him the fuck off me?!” Patrick screamed, covering his head with his hands to save himself from David’s slaps.

David’s eyes were filled with tears and his face was bright red as he continued to hit Patrick, hating the words that the other man had spoken. They weren’t true and they weren’t fair, but after what he’d done to Pierre, he couldn’t say that they didn’t make him stop to think.

“Oh!” Pierre started and hurried over to the two, coming up behind David and grabbing onto his waist. To his amazement, when he lifted David off of Patrick, the smaller boy’s arms continued to flail as he kept trying to hit Patrick, now screaming in anger at him. “David! Calm down!” Pierre demanded, lifting David fully off the ground and walking backwards with him.

“LET GO OF ME!” David screamed, his legs kicking in the air. Instantly Pierre dropped David, who fell to his feet; the moment his feet hit the ground, he was across the room and storming out of the apartment, slamming the door hard behind him.

Neither of the three men said anything as they watched him leave; they simply stared at the closed door, Pierre standing in the middle of the small living room, Sebastien on the couch, and Patrick still on the floor, propping himself up on his elbows. “What… the fuck… was that?” Sebastien asked, turning slowly to look at the other two.

Patrick sat up and shook his head, though he still felt too shocked to get up. Pierre couldn’t take his eyes from the door; something was wrong. Though he agreed that David had every right to be upset about what Patrick had said, his reaction was completely over the top. There was only one reason that Pierre could see for David’s reaction: that what Patrick had said was true. He clenched his jaw and turned to look at Patrick on the floor, who was staring nervously up at him. Slowly, he extended his hand to help the other man up. Patrick grabbed onto him and pulled himself up, though as soon as he was standing, he dropped Pierre’s hand and dusted himself off. With a heavy sigh, Pierre returned to the couch, his mind racing with unpleasant thoughts.

David ran down the stairs and got in his truck, not paying attention to what he was doing as he pulled away and began to drive to nowhere in particular. His anger was quickly fading, being replaced by a sick, twisting, ripping feeling of guilt. His eyes filled with tears and his breathing became irregular has he continued to drive, not paying attention to where he was taking himself. When he turned down another residential street, David slowly came to a stop, not bothering to pull out of the way. He couldn’t see anything, his eyes were swimming so heavily with tears, and the moment his truck rolled to a stop, they began to fall fast and hard and his body shook with sobs. He didn’t think he’d ever loathed himself as fully as he loathed himself in that moment. Were Patrick’s words true? Was the reason he couldn’t manage to keep away from Troy, no matter how terrible Troy was or how wonderful Pierre was, because he loved him too deeply? Was he simply replacing Troy with Pierre?

David shook his head at himself, though he leaned down and rested his forehead against the top of his steering wheel; his sobs were becoming sloppy and loud. How was he supposed to keep living with this monster inside of him? It had been almost three months since he’d cheated on Pierre, just a few days shy, and he hated himself more that day than he had with the first lie he’d spoken to his boyfriend. He had hoped that the guilt would fade, that he would be able to move on from it, forget that it had happened, and live happily ever after with the man he loved, but he was coming to see that maybe it wasn’t possible. But how could he tell Pierre what he’d done, especially after so much time had passed? He would lose him, he was sure of it, and he couldn’t lose Pierre, no matter what else happened. David needed the other man too badly to live.

Three knocks on the driver side window startled David out of his thoughts and he jumped and turned to quickly face the window; the yelp that accompanied this jump was worthy of an eight year old girl seeing a spider cross the floor. He stared wide eyed at the boy through the window, whose short, spiky fauxhawk and greenish-brown eyes were recognizable anywhere. Chuck’s face was contorted in concern as he stared back at David, who had yet to open the door or roll down the window. He didn’t want Chuck to be looking at him. He didn’t want the other boy to see him crying, to know that something was wrong. When David continued to sit without making any action, Chuck sighed and walked around to the other side of the truck, before opening the door and getting in. David watched him cautiously, though he couldn’t stop the tears that were falling from his eyes. He always had that problem when he cried: once he started, it was nearly impossible to stop.

“David, what happened?” Chuck asked, and as if by habit, his hand found David’s.

David shook his head and looked down at his steering wheel, not bothering to pull his hand from Chuck’s. He was so used to being touched by the other boy now that it hardly registered. Hell, they’d even gotten used to kissing each other for the sake of their little lie of a relationship. Really, a touch on the hand was nothing in comparison. “It’s nothing,” he muttered so quietly it was almost as if he hadn’t spoken at all.

Chuck gave David’s hand a gentle squeeze and he sighed softly. “It’s obviously not nothing,” he told him gently.

David looked further down and tried to fight against his tears, wishing they would just stop. “Really, I’m fine,” he lied, and though he tried to force his voice to sound normal, the effect was shakiness. When he felt Chuck’s finger tuck under his chin, his brow furrowed and he turned to look at him, staring at him skeptically.

“Just talk to me,” Chuck requested quietly. “Did Pierre do something?”

David shook his head, the skeptical look falling away and being replaced by sadness once again. “No… this is my fault…” he whispered. He needed to get it off his chest; he needed to say the words out loud. He swallowed hard and parted his lips, preparing himself to spill his secret. “Chuck, I… Pierre… h-he doesn’t know but…” He swallowed again and looked down, hot tears continuing to pour down his cheeks.

“It’s okay, you can tell me,” Chuck told him, his thumb now stroking David’s jaw.

David nodded and looked into Chuck’s eyes again, chewing nervously on his lip ring. “I-I… I cheated on him… three months ago…” he whispered weakly, and Chuck’s thumb stopped moving against David’s skin. He stared at him, shocked by what he’d heard. David knew it would make matters worse, but he closed his eyes as he added, “…with Troy Baker.” At Chuck’s continued silence, David was forced to open his eyes and look at this friend. He had to see the look on his face; the disgust that would surely be there, the hatred even. He deserved to feel the pain that Chuck’s distaste would cause. When he looked into Chuck’s eyes again, however, he didn’t see any of those things. He was shocked to see that Chuck simply looked sad.

“You and Troy?” he asked quietly. David nodded slowly in response. “Well I wouldn’t have seen that one coming…” he added, looking down and pulling his hand from David’s face.

Was David crazy, or did Chuck sound disappointed?

He couldn’t think of that at the moment, however. He shrugged off the feeling, allowing his guilt and despair about his boyfriend to consume him. “I can’t tell him…” David whispered, looking down at his lap.

“You have to be honest with him, David,” Chuck advised him gently. “You can’t lie to him and you definitely can’t lie to yourself about having feelings for someone else.” David hated what Chuck was saying because he knew that he was right. “Trust me, I know from experience…” Chuck added, and again, his hand found David’s.

Okay, now Chuck was really sending a signal.

David blinked rapidly and looked up, staring wide eyed at the other boy who was giving him a sad smile. “…what?” David asked nervously.

“David, I…” Chuck started awkwardly. “I um… I broke up with your sister.”

David’s mouth slowly fell open. “…no…” he muttered disbelievingly.

Chuck nodded slowly. “…yeah…”

“…why?” David asked slowly; it was obvious how scared he was of Chuck’s answer by the tone in his voice.

Chuck stared at him, his cheeks turning pink. “…I think you know why,” he responded simply.

“Ohmygod,” David muttered, and he pulled his hand from Chuck’s grasp as quickly as he could.

“David, I didn’t mean for this to happen,” Chuck told him slowly.

“Ohmygod,” David muttered again frantically.

“I really like Yael, I do, but… she’s just a kid,” Chuck explained slowly. David couldn’t believe what he was hearing; this seemed to have shocked him enough that he stopped crying, at least for the time being, but he felt absolutely horrified. “But you… you’re amazing,” Chuck told him weakly, and David shook his head back and forth quickly. “Yes you are. It’s why… It’s why I fell in love with you. I don‘t know how it happened, it just… did. Pretending to be your boyfriend at school… I guess something just… stuck… some feelings…” David covered his face with both of his hands, muttering words in French to himself that Chuck could hardly hear and definitely couldn’t understand. “Hey, I’m just being honest with you. I ended it with your sister because it’s not right for me to have these feelings for you and keep being with her. I’m not saying I expect anything from you, or that someone like you could ever have feelings for someone like me…” he trailed off sadly, and David pulled his hands from his face and looked at the other boy, feeling guilty now. “I’m just saying… this is how it is. I’m being honest with you. And don’t you appreciate it? That you know for a fact how I feel, even if you don’t feel the same way?”

David gave a slow nod. Though he felt uncomfortable with yet another person having feelings for him, he had to admit that it was nice to know that something was one hundred percent true. Honesty felt nice compared to how he’d been living the past three months. “Chuck, I’m sorry but… since you were honest with me, I’m gonna do the same for you. I just don’t see you that way,” he said gently.

Chuck gave a sad smile and nodded. “I know,” he replied calmly. “You’re too hot for me, anyway,” he added with a shrug.

“What? Are you nuts?” David asked quickly. “You’re gorgeous, Chuck, and I’m not just saying that. And I’m… I’m disgusting.”

“No you’re not,” Chuck said firmly. “You’re the one who’s gorgeous. And… it’s not that I didn’t like you before but… this new look…” he continued, and David felt his cheeks flush and he looked down. It was Chuck’s first time seeing him like this; now he felt nervous in front of him. “I like being able to see you. Before it always seemed like you were hiding behind your hair and your makeup and your clothes… but now… you just kind of look… natural,” he explained tenderly. David looked up at him, giving him a gentle smile. “Totally hot,” Chuck concluded with a sweet grin.

“Okay, I’m really weirded out right now,” David told him honestly. “You’re not even gay!”

Chuck shrugged, demonstrating still just how cool and relaxed he was about everything. “Why does it matter what I am? I know how I feel about you and that’s all that matters.”

David couldn’t stop himself from smiling at the other boy. “You’re the coolest person I’ve ever met… you know that, right?”

Chuck gave a soft chuckle and nodded. “What can I say? I’m a master in chill.” David laughed and roughed up Chuck’s hair, messing up his hair but smiling just the same. Chuck, as was in his chill-nature, just smiled and allowed it to happen, not caring if his hair was messed up. Part of him just enjoyed being touched by David, but he would never let that show. David didn’t reciprocate his feelings and he knew it; he would never force himself onto the other boy and make him uncomfortable. “Oh, happy birthday tomorrow,” Chuck said randomly and David grimaced and looked away. “What? You don’t wanna be legal for Pierre?” Chuck joked.

David shot him a playful glare and smacked him on the arm. “Shut up,” he grumbled, though he couldn’t help but smile. “I dunno, I just feel bad… I think he’s planning something with Seb and Pat, and I just… feel bad,” he admitted quietly.

“Yeah… I get that,” Chuck said simply. A few moments passed in silence, before something registered in Chuck’s mind and he perked up. “OH! I’ve been meaning to ask! How the FUCK do you know Sebastien Lefebvre?”

“Oh!” David started, perking up as well. “He’s Pierre’s best fucking friend!” he replied incredulously. “They grew up together since they were six!”

“Wow, that’s really random,” Chuck decided with a nod.

“I know, right?” David smiled at Chuck, glad that for a moment things felt normal again, despite what he’d just learned and what had just happened at home. He gave a soft sigh, looking down at his lap. “I have to go home,” he said quietly.

“Yeah, okay,” Chuck said with a sad smile. He started to open the truck door again when David’s hand found his arm and pulled his attention back.

“Can I give you a ride wherever you’re going?” David offered quietly.

“Nah, I don’t think my mom would appreciate it if you drove your truck into the living room,” he said, pointing toward the house that David was parked in front of.

David’s face went blank as he stared at Chuck. “Are you joking right now?”

“Nope,” Chuck responded with a shrug.

“Of all the houses in this town, I managed to park so I could sob my eyes out in front of yours?” David muttered, his voice blank.

Chuck laughed and pushed the truck door open, starting to lean out. “Good job,” he muttered, kicking his leg onto the pavement.

“I’m a fucking idiot,” David said with a defeated smile.

“Nah, you just needed comfort and fate brought you here,” Chuck responded calmly.

David watched Chuck carefully; he couldn’t tell if the other boy was joking or not. “Right,” David said disbelievingly, and Chuck smiled wider.

“I’ll catch you later, man,” Chuck said, holding his hand out in a relaxed fashion for David, though it was apparent that this wasn’t for a handshake. David awkwardly clasped hands with his friend, before pulling away and pounding his fist against the other boy’s. Just the confused look on David’s face as he did this was enough to get Chuck laughing again. “Too fucking cute,” Chuck muttered, shaking his head as he got the rest of the way out of his friend’s truck. David’s face turned even pinker, though he didn’t say anything more, and neither did Chuck as he closed the door and headed across the street and disappeared into the house he was parked in front of. David watched the door for a moment before sighing and starting his truck again.

It didn’t take him long to get home, though when he got there, he simply sat in his truck and stared up at the front door. He was scared to go inside for multiple reasons. He knew he should come clean with Pierre about everything, just like he knew he wouldn’t do it. With a sigh, he got out of his truck and started up the stairs, dreading the moment when he would walk into the living room. He’d made such a scene about Patrick’s words, and even attacked the man! David knew that he had some serious apologizing to do, and it made him feel awkward and childish, like his reaction to Patrick’s goading had just proved what everyone had been telling Pierre: that David was too young for him. Pulling his lip ring into his mouth and biting on it gently, he opened the door and stepped inside.

Instantly, three sets of eyes were on him and David suddenly had the feeling of standing under a spot light. He pushed the door closed behind him and leaned against it, staring nervously at the three men in the room, who had yet to say anything to him. “Hi,” he said quietly, shrinking into himself.

As if this was the cue he’d been waiting for, Pierre stood and walked over to him, giving a sad smile as he pulled David into a hug. “You’ve been crying,” he said into David’s hair.

David gave a weak laugh and closed his eyes against Pierre’s chest. “You’re not supposed to notice these things,” he replied softly.

“What kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn’t notice when you’d been crying?” Pierre asked him honestly.

David shrugged and pushed away from Pierre, who stepped back and watched as David made his way slowly to Patrick, his expression timid. “I’m sorry,” David said sheepishly.

“Don’t be. I was being a dick,” Patrick said, and he too stood and wrapped his arms around David. David’s eyes widened and he stiffened against Patrick, feeling an undeniable sense of excitement rushing through him at the fact that Patrick Langlois was touching him. He didn’t think this effect would ever wear off: the rockstar effect. Even if Patrick was just the best friend/photographer/videographer/radio show co-host of the actual rockstar, he was still someone that David had spent the better part of the past year idolizing, and that wasn’t something that could just wear off. Nonetheless, David brought his arms up and hugged Patrick back, his face growing redder.

“I’m sorry I called you kinda chubby,” David threw in just for good measure.

“Okay, that was just rude,” Patrick said, pulling back and smiling at David.

“I was just trying to be hurtful!” David tried to defend himself, but Patrick just smiled wider and patted him on the top of his shaggy, black fauxhawk. “Plus, your chubby little cheeks are kinda cute…” he added softly.

Sebastien laughed, Pierre glared hard at Patrick, and Patrick’s mouth fell open and he scoffed, pulling his hand from David’s hair. David grinned up at him innocently, before reaching up and poking his cheek gently with one finger. Patrick slapped his hand away and took a step back, his arms crossing over his chest. “No! You don’t get to enjoy them if you’re gonna say hurtful things about them!” he told David huffily, only getting a wider grin from David. “If you’re gonna be that way, you’re not getting your birthday surprise from the three of us.”

David’s eyes saddened and he looked between the three of them. “Oh no, you didn’t plan something, did you?” he asked uncomfortably.

“David, of course we did,” Sebastien said slowly. “It’s your birthday!”

“Yeah, come on, you honestly think we wouldn’t have planned something?” Pierre chimed in.

“I can hope…” David muttered, looking down. He didn’t want them to plan anything for him or give him anything… not when he didn’t deserve it.

“Come on, David! Us gross old perverts need to go out and celebrate the fact that it’s legal to be turned on by you now!” Patrick told him unashamedly, and David’s eyes widened and he looked up quickly.

“Hey!” Pierre protested quickly, while Sebastien just started to laugh again.

“Kidding, kidding,” Patrick told him, holding both hands up.

David looked between the three of them as if they were all nuts, before something Patrick said clicked for him. “Wait… did you say ‘go out’?” Pierre, Sebastien and Patrick all exchanged pleased smirks, and David felt even more lost. “Go out where?” He asked quickly.

“Well David, you see…” Pierre started, approaching his younger boyfriend. Once he was close enough to touch, David’s hands found Pierre’s stomach, as if this action took no thought whatsoever. “When Canadians turn eighteen, they go out and get so drunk they can’t see straight,” Pierre explained slowly.

David’s eyebrows pulled together in confusion and his mouth fell slowly open. “Wait, what? You’re gonna take me out?” David asked in confusion. When Pierre nodded excitedly, his confusion only grew. “Like, to a bar?” He continued incredulously, and Pierre only nodded again. “Um… are you forgetting that we’re not in Canada? They won’t let me in!” he complained.

“Oh come on, dude. Do you really think you’re gonna roll up to a bar with two rockstars and get carded?” Patrick asked fairly.

“Pfft. Two rockstars?” Sebastien asked, raising an eyebrow at Patrick. “More like a rockstar and his little helper.”

“Okay fine, whatever,” Patrick muttered, rolling his eyes.

“So… so you’re gonna sneak me into a bar?” David asked, ignoring the playful fighting.

“We don’t have to sneak you… they know you’re coming,” Sebastien told him.

“They do?” David asked, blinking several times.

“Yup. Got the whole thing set up. I’m gonna play a free show for them at the beginning of the night, in exchange for your drinks on the house all night long,” Sebastien continued with a nod. David’s jaw dropped and he grabbed a handful of Pierre’s shirt. “Now there’s the reaction we’ve been waiting for,” Sebastien laughed.

“OH MY GOD! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!” David practically screamed.

Pierre placed his hands on David’s face and pulled his attention back to him, smiling softly down at him. “There’s a little bit more…” he started slowly. “It’s umm… well, the only place with the right kind of set up for Seb to put on a show… it’s um… well, tomorrow night they’re hosting this huge gay dance event,” he said slowly.

David, if it was possible, got even more excited at the prospect. “OH MY GOD! A NIGHT FULL OF HOMOS?!” he demanded wildly, bringing laughter out of all three of them.

“Yeah, I’m gonna do my show first, and then the event’s gonna start,” Sebastien explained with a nod.

“Oh my God! I need to go shopping!” David practically squealed, earning even more laughter. “I need a new outfit! Who wants to come with me?” he asked, looking quickly at Pierre in particular.

“No way,” Pierre said strongly, shaking his head.

David turned to face Sebastien, who shook his head just as firmly. “Not a chance,” Sebastien told him quickly.

David gave a sad sigh and looked down. Patrick closed his eyes tight as he parted his lips and said, “I’ll go with you.”

David’s face snapped up and he turned to look at Patrick, whose eyes were still closed uncomfortably. “Oh my God! You will?!” he exclaimed, his voice going up drastically in pitch. Patrick opened his eyes and looked at David, giving him a stiff nod. David grinned and jumped forward, his arms wrapping around Patrick’s neck. Patrick’s eyes widened and he staggered back, his hands patting David on the back in a slow, shocked manner.

“Okay… yeah… that’s good…” Patrick muttered awkwardly; his eyes didn’t leave Pierre for a second while David was latched onto him, who was glaring in mild irritation.

David, however, noticed nothing. He pulled back and beamed at Patrick for a short moment, before he was grabbing onto his hand and beginning to pull him toward the door. “Come on! Let’s go!” David called brightly; Patrick nearly tripped over his own feet and fell at David’s haste.

“Right now?!” Patrick asked in distress, and Sebastien and Pierre exchanged satisfied smirks. Patrick had no idea what he had gotten himself into; they both knew it.

“Of course! The mall’s gonna close in five hours! You expect me to find a decent outfit in only five hours?!” David demanded, turning to stare seriously at Patrick with a hand on his hip. Patrick floundered under his look, and David gave a quick nod. “That’s what I thought.” He dropped Patrick’s hand and bounced back to Pierre, who grinned down at him.

“You’re cute when you’re this excited over something,” Pierre informed him, and David beamed up at him.

“I know,” David replied simply. He leaned up and gave Pierre a sweet kiss, which Pierre returned with all of his heart, though too soon David was pulling away from him and bouncing back to Patrick. He grabbed the man’s hand and pulled him through the door, waving excitedly to Sebastien and Pierre, who were laughing at the look of dread on Patrick’s face. David didn’t notice Patrick’s expression, however. He was too busy being excited for that!

And as it turned out, Patrick really didn’t seem to mind shopping. They had already been at the mall for two hours and the man hadn’t once complained about it, though David hadn’t picked out anything that he wanted yet. If Patrick was tired, or his feet hurt, or he was annoyed, or he wanted to go home, he gave away no hints that he felt that way. He even smiled as he went from store to store with a very fickle David, and it seemed, not only that he was tolerating it, but that he was also actually having fun being out with David. The boy was pleasantly surprised with Patrick’s attitude toward the whole thing, something that he just hadn’t been expecting at all.

Patrick leaned against the outside of a changing room stall, sipping lightly on the Orange Julius he’d bought for David, and waiting for David to come out and show him the outfit he was trying on. “So… do you mind if I ask you something?” Patrick asked quietly.

David pulled a shirt on over his head — a grey polo with thin white stripes — and looked at himself in the mirror, thinking that he didn’t really like the way he looked in a polo. “Sure,” he said, turning and examining himself in the mirror from different angles.

Patrick paused for a moment while he tried to think of how best to ask the question that had been plaguing his mind for the past few months. “What was going on between you and Pierre?” he asked softly, his eyes going down to the straw in the cup in his hand. David froze inside the stall, his eyes going blank. At David’s silence, Patrick looked up at the door, feeling slightly nervous. “I mean, you guys seem fine now, but until last month you two seemed kind of… off, ya know?” he continued, hoping to warm David up in the conversation. “I was just wondering if something happened…”

David’s hand grabbed blindly for something to put on for pants, not paying attention as he grabbed a pair of plaid shorts. “No… I dunno…” David muttered blankly, not looking at what he was doing as he pulled the shorts on. “I think it was just graduation stress…” he invented on the spot.

Patrick nodded, giving a soft, “Ah,” though he didn’t believe what David had said. Still, he wasn’t going to push the boy. If David wanted to talk to him, he would listen, though. He waited through a few more moments of awkward silence, before he felt the need to change the subject. “So uh… are you ever gonna come out of there?”

“Huh?” David asked, blinking himself back to reality. He looked at himself in the mirror and couldn’t help the snort of laughter that came out. “Oh… Oh no,” he muttered, shaking his head at himself.

“What?” Patrick asked, perking up.

“No way, I’m not coming out like this,” David explained with a laugh.

“Why not? Lemme see!” Patrick said, the excitement apparent in his voice.

“I wasn’t paying attention when I put this on though,” David complained.

“Oh come on, I have to get something out of this,” Patrick pointed out fairly.

David sighed and nodded, unlocking the door. “Fine, but don’t laugh…” he grumbled, although inwardly he figured that Patrick would look at the outfit — horizontal stripes with plaid — and see nothing wrong with it. Patrick wasn’t exactly a stereotypical gay man; what did he know about fashion? He pushed open the door and stepped out, turning his head to the side and staring at Patrick as if saying, ‘what did I tell you?’

Patrick stood up straight and shook his head when he caught sight of what David had done to himself. “Stripes with plaid? What are you doing?” He asked, giving off a soft laugh. David blinked in surprise, his mouth falling open. “Those two patterns totally clash!” Patrick exclaimed, and David gave a weak nod. “Besides, those shorts have kind of a tan colored base to them, so grey really isn’t the best color option for a shirt. I mean, you’d be much better off with a light blue or green or red… or pretty much anything besides grey or black,” he pondered. David stared at him, completely at a loss for words. Patrick gave a laugh before throwing in casually, “Or yellow, but I just don’t personally like yellow.” When David did nothing but stare open mouthed, Patrick looked at him skeptically. “What?”

“Oh… my… God…” David muttered under his breath, and Patrick’s look of skeptical confusion only intensified.


“You’re a closet camp!” David squealed, giving a slight bounce.

Patrick’s eyebrows pulled together in confusion. “A what?”

“A closet camp!” David repeated brightly. Patrick didn’t think he’d ever seen David smile so excitedly. “It means you’re in the closet about being really fucking gay!” He explained, and Patrick’s jaw dropped in offense. “Like, flamboyantly flaming!” He finished with a huge grin.

“I am not!” Patrick defended himself quickly.

“Oh really?” David challenged him.


“Okay, then what if…” David started, turning back to the dressing room and grabbing two items that he would never wear together. He turned back to Patrick, holding a brown shirt and a black pair of skinny jeans up, demonstrating them to the other man, who cringed instantly upon seeing the items. “What if I wanted to wear this together?” David asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

“Oh come on. Everyone knows you can’t wear black and brown together,” Patrick mused with a roll of his eyes.

“Sebastien doesn’t,” David pointed out, and Patrick glared at him. “Pierre doesn’t,” David added, his smirk becoming more triumphant.

“Shut up,” Patrick growled.

“Just admit it! You love fashion!”

“I do not!”

“Yes you do!”

“Okay, fine!” Patrick burst out dejectedly. “Fine… so maybe I kinda… sometimes… like shopping and stuff,” he grumbled, looking away as he did. David thought the pink blush in Patrick’s cheeks was adorable. “But that doesn’t make me flamboyant or any less of a man!”

David smiled and patted Patrick on the shoulder, who sighed and glared harder. “I won’t tell anyone,” he said sweetly.

“…you promise?” Patrick asked quietly.

David smiled wider and held out his pinky finger. “Pinky swear.”

Patrick continued to glare for a moment longer before he smiled reluctantly and locked pinkies with David; the smile that blossomed on David’s face at that was the most innocently blissful smile Patrick had ever seen. “Now get that shit off and figure out what you’re actually going to buy,” he said, pushing David back toward the dressing room.

David smiled and rolled his eyes, though stepped inside and closed the door just the same. “So… what about you and Sebastien?” David asked curiously as he took off the shorts and started to pull on a pair of jeans instead.

“What about us?” Patrick asked, leaning against the stall door that he had been against before.

“When are you gonna stop pretending to be friends and just get together already?” David pressed, now peeling off the polo he’d tried on and instead pulling on a different shirt. He looked at himself curiously in the mirror, examining the effect of that particular shirt with those particular jeans.

Patrick sighed and gave an irritated laugh, shaking his head. “Seb’s determined that we’re just gonna be friends,” he said quietly.

“He’s so stupid,” David joked, now turning around and looking at his butt in the mirror. He was pleased with the outfit, but it needed… something. He didn’t know what, though.

“No, I get it,” Patrick told him, looking down at his feet. “I really hurt him… Do you even know what I did to him?”

“Yeah, he told me…” David said quietly.

“I get why he’s so reluctant to trust me… but he just doesn’t understand how much I love him,” Patrick said quietly. David’s eyes slid out of focus as he let Patrick’s words wash through his mind. That was exactly how he felt about Pierre and everything he’d done to the man. He leaned back against the wall of the stall, resting his head against it, feeling his eyes tearing up as he thought of it. Patrick shook his head slowly at himself, now playing with the straw of the Orange Julius in his hand. “And he doesn’t understand that he could never hate me as much as I hate myself…” Patrick continued; David thought that what Patrick was feeling reflected what he, himself, was feeling perfectly. “He’s warming up to me, though,” he added, looking up and forcing a smile. “He’s not so distant anymore, and sometimes he just looks at me and I swear… it’s like he just wants to kiss me again.”

David blinked himself back to reality, forcing his tears away. He took a steadying breath, giving a nod, even though Patrick couldn’t see him. “Just give him time, I guess,” David suggested unhelpfully, though Patrick didn’t say anything against him for his cliché advice. “Okay, what do you think of this?” David asked, and he opened the door and stepped out, showing the outfit to Patrick.

Patrick smiled and tilted his head to the side as he contemplated David’s outfit, before slowly giving a nod. “I like it,” he said slowly. “You look hot,” he added, grinning wider.

David beamed at him and bounced lightly. “Really?” he asked excitedly, and Patrick nodded in response. “I think it’s missing something…” he said, his eyes finding himself in the mirror again.

“Hmm…” Patrick raised a hand to his mouth and stared thoughtfully at David, thinking hard. “I think I know just the thing… and some accessories, too…” he muttered, more to himself than to David, who grinned wider.

“New best friend,” David announced, and Patrick gave a laugh and dropped his hand. “Now if only you would watch Glee with me…” he muttered, as he started to walk back into the stall.

“David… I wanna tell you something, but you have to promise not to tell anyone,” Patrick started nervously, and David turned back around and gave a nod, his face contorted in a mixture of curiosity and confusion. Patrick’s eyes shifted back and forth, and as he spoke, he leaned close to David as if afraid someone might walk by and hear. “I watch it too,” he whispered. "I was just pretending like I didn't know what you were watching, and I messed up Finn's name on purpose..."

David’s jaw dropped, his eyes widened, and he took a small step back. “YOU DO?!” he whispered frantically, and Patrick gave a nod. “OH MY GOD! You really are my new best friend!”

Patrick laughed and rubbed the top of David’s head in an affection manner. “Tell anyone and you’re dead,” he warned in a sweet, loving voice. “Now get back in your own clothes and let’s get onto the next store,” he told David, pushing him back toward the stall. “I know just what that outfit needs.”

David grinned and nodded as he moved back into the stall and closed the door. He would’ve never expected any of those things from Patrick and now that he knew, he had to say that he liked Patrick that much more for it. For once in the past three months, things were feeling as if they were really going his way. Maybe everything really was going to be okay. At least, he could only hope that it would be.
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