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Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad, Chapter 20

Title: Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Twenty
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 7544
Summary: After coming out of the closet to his friends in Canada and getting disowned by them, Pierre Bouvier moves to a hick town in the states to escape. Life is dull and grim for the twenty-one year old Canadian until he meets David Desrosiers, a young man who could change it all for the better.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!

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Author's Note: Hi! So you should watch this video, or even just listen to the song, at least part of it! Trust me, it's pertinent to the story. ;)

- - - - - - - - - -

“Come on, David! Get out here!” Sebastien demanded through the bathroom door.

“In a minute! I’m almost done!” David’s voice came through the door, drawing a groan from Sebastien.

“You said that thirty minutes ago!” Sebastien complained.

“In a minute!” David repeated firmly.

Sebastien shook his head and walked over to the couch, where Pierre and Patrick were regarding him with skeptical smiles. “What d’you expect? It’s David,” Pierre pointed out fairly.

“Yeah, but seriously, he’s been in there for, like, over an hour already!” Sebastien retorted. “I mean, what could be taking him so long?”

Patrick smiled and leaned back into the couch. He knew exactly what was taking David so long; the outfit that they’d put together for him, along with what he planned on doing with his face and hair, would easily take the boy over an hour to complete, and it was important to David that Pierre not see him until he was entirely finished. He wanted to walk out of that bathroom and stun his boyfriend; Patrick knew that he easily would. “He just wants to be perfect for good ol’ Boubou,” Patrick said with a mocking smile.

Pierre glared and threw a fist at Patrick, and though Patrick leaned out of the way, Pierre still managed a pretty decent punch to his arm. “Don’t make fun of my nickname!” Pierre complained quickly.

“Aww, but Boubou!” Sebastien chimed in, moving to sit on Pierre’s lap. Pierre leaned back and glared at him, though still his arms wrapped around Sebastien’s waist and he held onto him. “We love you!” Sebastien explained with a cheesy smile. Pierre rolled his eyes but couldn’t fight the smile on his lips, and soon Sebastien and given him a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

“Careful now, I might get jealous,” David warned the two from the bathroom doorway, though as soon as they turned to look at him, his cheeks were pink and he was smiling nervously, his hands folded in front of himself. Pierre stared open mouthed at his boyfriend; judging by the stunned silence of the man still sitting on his lap, Sebastien was looking at David in much the same manner. The David standing in front of him was a different David than he had ever seen before; this David was past flamboyantly gay.

He was wearing a skin tight, low cut v-neck t shirt with the words “one love” on it in large, girly, purple letters; Pierre thought it was very unlikely that this was a man’s shirt. With it he wore a black vest, unbuttoned, a pair of grey skinny jeans, and purple low top converse. Around his waist sat a rainbow cloth belt, and he wore a long silver chain necklace with a large peace sign, metal pendant hanging from it. His outfit wasn’t like anything Pierre had seen David wear before, but perhaps the thing that most caught his attention was what he had done with his hair. David had never tried to spike his fauxhawk before, and until that moment, Pierre hadn’t even realized that his boyfriend even had one, but there he was, with a spiky black fauxhawk, looking wickedly sexy.

Pierre moved Sebastien off of him onto the couch and stood, making his way slowly over to where David stood, looking more timid the closer Pierre got. When he got close enough to touch the smaller boy, he got a good look at his eyes, noticing the thick black liner, black mascara, and purple glitter on his eyes. And his lips, which were naturally a soft baby pink, looked shiny and smooth, as if he was wearing a light layer of lip gloss. David moved to bite nervously on his lip ring, as he normally would, but stopped himself when he remembered the flavored gloss on his lips. Neither said anything as they stared at each other, Pierre undeniably turned on by his now-legal boyfriend, David worried that the other man wouldn’t like it.

And then Pierre leaned down and kissed David, a hand finding the base of his neck (to spare crumpling the fauxhawk) and the other on his side as he pulled him closer. David’s eyes fell closed and he leaned up into Pierre’s kiss, his hands weakly finding his boyfriend’s chest. As Pierre pulled back, he kept his eyes closed, though he couldn’t stop himself from tasting his own lips and the residue of thin lip gloss David had left on him. “You taste like strawberries,” he said breathlessly, and slowly his eyes opened.

David blushed and gave a weak nod, his fingers still pressing into Pierre’s chest. “So… you like this look?” he guessed with a slight smile. Pierre nodded, smiling wider now. “I’m not suddenly less hot now that our relationship isn’t illegal, am I?”

Pierre gave a snort of laughter, something which eased David’s awkward nerves slightly and he smiled in return. “You’re pretty stupid for a high school graduate,” Pierre said in a soft, sweet voice.

When Sebastien and Patrick began to laugh from behind, David scoffed and shot them both glares, and while Sebastien stopped laughing and merely flashed David a sweet smile, Patrick continued to laugh meanly. David flashed him a devious smirk as he parted his lips and said, “You wanna watch some Glee, Pat?” Patrick’s eyes widened and instantly he was silent. David gave a soft laugh, ignoring the confused looks on Pierre’s and Sebastien’s faces. “I didn’t think so. Shut up,” he said with a mean smile.

While it had taken David over an hour to get ready to leave, between Sebastien, Pierre and Patrick, the three men spent only about five minutes each getting ready, and they did this all at the same time. David rolled his eyes and shook his head at how simple they were, though now that he knew Patrick’s flamboyant little secret, he started to notice just how well the other man dressed. It was simple but clean; he always looked good, something he would never fail to take note of again. Anything he’d ever thought about Patrick had gone out the window; he’d never think of him in exactly the same way again.

David felt nervous as they pulled to a stop outside the club in Eugene. He imagined a scenario in which he tried to walk in the door and was asked for his identification, then turned to the cold because he was only eighteen. But his three best friends in the world had a point: who would turn away a member of Sebastien Lefebvre’s posse? And since it was already set up, why would they card him? Yes, he knew he was being silly in his worry, but he was still breaking the law, and he knew Sebastien’s neck was on the line if he drew too much attention to himself, or made it known that he was under the age of twenty-one.

“Okay David,” Pierre started from the backseat of Sebastien’s car, and David — sitting next to him — turned to face his boyfriend. “This is serious. You need to act like you’re twenty-one. If anyone asks, how old are you?”

David blinked a few times before giving his answer, “Twenty one.”

“Are you in school?” Pierre asked curiously, as if he was simply having a casual conversation with the younger boy.

“Yeah…” David responded cautiously.

“Where do you go?”

David paused for only a second before responding, “The U of O.”

“What are you going for?” Pierre continued, not pausing in his interrogation to give David a chance to compose himself for this line of questioning.

“My, uh… my masters.”

“In what?” Pierre inquired.

“Teaching.” The word had come out of David’s mouth before he’d even known he was going to speak it, and it was strange to him now not strange it felt to say.

“What do you wanna teach?”

“French,” David said, and again, it was as if the word took no thought. He stared incredulously at Pierre, who smiled and nodded as if a revelation hadn’t just gone down in David’s mind.

“That’s cool,” Pierre responded, satisfied with the story David had been able to produce. Then he stopped and furrowed his brow. “Wait… was that just pretend or is that true?” He asked curiously.

David gaped and shrugged his shoulders. “I-I dunno… I guess it doesn’t sound bad…” he said quietly. He turned to look forward, blinking in a dazed fashion at Sebastien and Patrick, who had been watching the exchange with an air of light amusement.

“Okay, let’s go!” Sebastien said with a smile. David gave a weak nod and together they got out of the car and headed inside. When they got to the door, the doorman nodded at Sebastien, though David saw nothing but the man himself. He was suddenly thrown into a state of nervous fear, frightened that this man would know he was underage and throw him straight to jail. When he got to the man, the doorman held out his hand and David felt panic steel through him. He stared at the man, his cheeks turning pink, unable to move. Sebastien grabbed onto David’s arm and pulled his wrist out, holding it face-up to the doorman, who did nothing more than press a red stamp to his skin. David let out a sigh of relief as he walked past, afraid to look back.

“Dude, act cool or they’re gonna think something’s up,” Sebastien whispered into David’s ear, though David didn’t hear a word. As soon as he got in the door, his ears were filled with the booming sound of techno-pop and he stared around the room with wide eyes; he’d never seen so many gay people before in his life, and they were all mashed together on the dance floor, moving to the music, many of them with drinks in their hands. David looked up at the stage, which stood tall above the crowd, and to his amazement he saw drag queens dancing in sexy lingerie, fishnet-stockings and high heels, although pushed to the background he could see a band set up. This seemed a little bit strange to him, considering Sebastien’s shows were generally him alone with his guitar, though he didn’t think much of it.

“I think he’s gone into shock,” Pierre said loudly, earning laughter from Sebastien and Patrick, though it would be a lie to say that they weren’t all taken aback by the sight in front of them; none of them had ever been to an event like this. To be so fully immersed in gay culture for the first time was a little bit awe-inspiring.

“Okay, you get one birthday drink before the show!” Sebastien told David, leaning close to him. “And then you can have more after, but I want you sober for the time being!”

David nodded, a stupid grin on his face.

“What do you want to drink?” Pierre asked, leaning close to David’s ear and beginning to push him toward the bar in the opposite corner of the club.

David shrugged his shoulders, looking around at the three men surrounding him. He’d never really had anything to drink before, having moved to the states when he was fourteen, and since that moment until he met Pierre, he’d never had any friends to drink with.

“Shots!” Patrick said excitedly, and David’s eyes widened slightly and he turned to look at him directly.

“Don’t you think we should start him off easy?” Pierre suggested, his hands resting on David’s shoulders in a nurturing kind of way.

“No! Shots!” Patrick demanded again; David thought the man’s flamboyant side was starting to show, and figured it was probably the environment drawing it out in him.

As the four of them approached the bar, David felt a nervous squirm in his stomach. He’d hardly drank before and he’d never taken a shot. Would he be able to do it? What kind of alcohol would he even like? How many different kinds were there? Perhaps his inexperience was apparent on his face, because the woman working behind the bar looked from Sebastien and Patrick to David and smiled, nodding her head toward David as she said, “This the birthday boy we talked about?”

David felt his cheeks go pink but he didn’t say anything, merely gave a small nod as Sebastien said, “Yup!” Sebastien wrapped an arm around David’s shoulder and shook him gently, beaming excitedly at him. “Twenty-one today!”

David wondered if the woman actually believed that he was twenty-one; if she thought anything to the contrary, she didn’t say so. “So what’ll it be?” she asked loudly, leaning slightly over the bar to hear the men better.

“Four shots!” Patrick said excitedly, drawing all eyes to him.

“Three,” Pierre corrected him quickly. “I’m driving.”

“I know,” Patrick said pointedly. “Two are for David!”

Concern flashed across Pierre’s features and when he turned to look at David, he saw a similar look of worry. “I don’t think he’s up for that yet,” Pierre said honestly, glancing back at Patrick, before looking again to David. When he looked at David, he expected to see him smiling thankfully back at him, but was shocked to see that he looked mildly offended instead. “What?”

“I can do anything!” David told him proudly.

Patrick beamed and raised his hand for David to high-five. “Fuck yeah you can!” he said excitedly, and David smiled at him, nodded his head once, and high-fived him back.

Pierre sighed and rolled his eyes. “Alright fine. What kind of alcohol?” he asked blankly.

Patrick raised an eyebrow, gave a bitchy smile and scoffed before saying, “Uh, duh? Tequila!” Pierre’s eyebrows pulled together in confusion at Patrick’s response, having never heard him talk like this before, and he turned to Sebastien for support. He wondered if maybe it was something he’d picked up during the four years they hadn’t been friends, though when he saw just how shocked Sebastien seemed by Patrick’s answer as well, he realized that Sebastien was seeing this side for the first time too.

Sebastien turned to look at the bar tender and gave a nod and a shrug. “Okay, four tequila shots, I guess…” he said loudly but uncertainly, and still, his voice was hardly heard over the music.

The woman nodded and grabbed shot glasses and a bottle of tequila and began to pour, though before she was done she flashed Sebastien a look and asked, “Limes?”

“Yeah,” he responded without having to think about it.

David’s eyes widened as two shot glasses full of amber liquid were put down in front of him. I can do this, he told himself firmly, and he picked the first up in his hand.

“TO DAVID!” Sebastien announced, holding his glass up.

“Happy birthday, Davey!” Patrick saluted next, smiling sweetly.

David nodded and gave a nervous laugh, holding his own glass up, before all three of them were throwing back the shots. The moment the liquid touched his tongue and flowed effortlessly down his throat, any fears he’d had before instantly vanished. Pierre was shocked to see that, not only did David take his shot faster than Sebastien or Patrick, but he also didn’t make a face at the taste of the liquor. David blinked and set down the first shot glass, before grabbing his second, looking around, shrugging, and taking it just as he’d done the first. Again, he made no reaction to the alcohol. When he noticed two slices of lime, he picked them up and looked around at Patrick, Sebastien and Pierre, who were all watching him as if he was some kind of alien. “What do I do with these?” he asked innocently.

Sebastien was still desperately sucking on his lime, trying to get the flavor of the tequila out of his mouth. Patrick threw the remainder of his lime in his shot glass and smiled, wrapping an arm around David’s neck and pulling him closer. “I knew we were gonna be best friends!” Patrick told him proudly, further shocking Pierre and Sebastien; David beamed and hugged him tight. When the song playing transitioned into a new song, Patrick’s eyes opened wide, he perked up and let go of David, and turned to look quickly at the younger boy. “OH MY GOD! KESHA!” Patrick practically screamed, and within seconds he was standing, pulling David with him out to the dance floor.

Pierre and Sebastien watched them go, staring completely dumbfounded as the two began to dance, grinning and laughing; Pierre was shocked to see that they were even holding hands. “When the fuck did this happen?” Pierre asked, turning slowly to face Sebastien, who shrugged and shook his head, completely at a loss for words. “And what’s with Pat being so…” Pierre trailed off, trying to think of the word describing what his friend was being, though as he watched the man twirl David around, the perfect word came to him. “Gay?”

“I think we’ve been letting them spend too much time together,” Sebastien decided with a nod.

“Before yesterday they hardly even spoke!” Pierre reminded him quickly. “It’s like they went shopping together and David infected Pat or something!”

Sebastien’s mouth slowly fell open as he watched Patrick and David dancing. “I don’t know if I can do it, Pierre!” he said suddenly, drawing Pierre’s attention back to him with a curious expression. “I don’t know if I can be the man in the relationship!”

Pierre laughed and patted Sebastien on the shoulder, though he stopped abruptly and fixed Sebastien with a serious stare. “Wait, are you saying…?”

A look of deep contemplation appeared on Sebastien’s face and he hesitated for a moment before saying, “…I’ve been thinking about it.” When Pierre threatened to look excited, Sebastien pointed at him and quickly added, “Just thinking! It doesn’t mean I’m gonna get with him or anything. Don’t get your hopes up. I’m still hurt after what he did.”

Pierre nodded and smiled, though decided against saying anything in response. Really, the thought that Sebastien had merely been “thinking” about being in a relationship with Patrick was laughable. He knew it was something that Sebastien wanted more than probably anything else, something he had been wanting more than anything else. He was glad that his friend had made Patrick wait, that he hadn’t just accepted him back, that he’d made him earn his way back into his heart, but he believed that the waiting period was over and it was time for the two to try and be happy together.

Pierre and Sebastien merely talked while Patrick and David danced, though Pierre never entirely took his eye off of the two, no matter how into the crowd the managed to work themselves. He couldn’t help but notice that the more the danced, the less goofy and friendly it got. Patrick’s hands were on David’s waist and David’s arms were around Patrick’s neck, though there was still some distance between their bodies; not much, but it was better than none, in Pierre’s opinion. A part of him wanted to stand up, hit Patrick, and take David away from him, but at the same time he knew he had nothing to fear from his friend, and it would just upset David. So he sat and talked with Sebastien; neither of them were any where near comfortable to get up and start dancing, so they entertained each other while the loves of their lives continued to move together, getting dirtier and dirtier on the dance floor with each passing second.

Pierre couldn’t say that he wasn’t relieved when Sebastien got up to go on stage and the music slowly dwindled until the only sound in the room was the sounds of hundreds of voices. Pierre felt a stab of nervousness in his stomach but he took a deep breath and shook it away, forcing himself to stand and make his way over to David and Patrick on the dance floor. David smiled when he felt a hand placed on his lower back, though when he turned to face who he was sure was Pierre, he felt the room swish slightly. He blinked up at Pierre, his cheeks tinted pink, and Pierre could tell that David was already starting to feel the affects of the alcohol. Without a word, Pierre leaned down and pressed a kiss to David’s forehead, which wasn’t as sweaty as he figured it would be, amazingly enough.

When Sebastien went on staged (entertainingly enough he was introduced by a drag queen in a bright red dress made of sequins), David wasn’t surprised to see that he was alone. Generally Sebastien did perform alone, though that didn’t answer why there were so many other instruments with him on stage. During his entire set (which was disappointingly short) he only played his acoustic guitar, and yet behind him sat his electric guitar, his bass guitar, a drum set and even a keyboard. Was another band going to play later in the night? She shrugged away the feeling, not having the attention span in the moment to focus on much more than Sebastien on stage singing, anyway.

Sebastien finished the song he was singing with a smile, as always feeling ecstatic that the audience sang with him. He waited for the screams and clapping to die down before leaning close to the microphone again. “So, this is the last song I’m gonna play for you tonight,” he started, getting a few unhappy responses from the crowd. He smiled but continued as planned. “This is another new one, on my new album that should be coming out next month sometime…” He paused as the crowd screamed for him again, smiling wider. “I need a little help with this one though… Normally I sing it with a girl, but uh… David?” he called through the room. “You’re close enough.”

David’s body went rigid in Pierre’s arms and his eyes were instantly open as far as humanly possible. “Get up here, birthday boy!” Sebastien called, though still, David couldn’t move. He heard Pierre and Patrick laughing, could feel them pushing him toward the stage, and still he was stunned. His feet began to move and he could see himself getting closer to the stage, but it still didn’t feel real. His heart was pounding in his chest as he got onto the stage and approached Sebastien. Sebastien smiled and took the acoustic off of his body, holding it out for David to take. David’s hands shook as he took the guitar and slung it across his chest. Sebastien grabbed onto David and moved him up toward the microphone, before moving around to grab another microphone and his electric guitar.

“Alright! David Desrosiers everybody! Give him a hand!” Sebastien called into the microphone, earning clapping and screaming from the crowd.

David’s eyes widened and he opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out except a cracked, nervous, “H-hi.” David’s eyes flashed to Sebastien, who was smiling at him encouragingly. He didn’t know what song Sebastien was going to have him sing, though he knew that Sebastien would never call him up to sing and play a song he’d never played before.

“This song is called Catch Me, and normally I sing it with Katie but David’s preeeeeetty much a girl already,” Sebastien joked, and David suddenly felt a little bit better. He’d played this song with Sebastien before, helped him with it, given him a few pointers. It would be easy to play this song with him, he thought. All he had to do was look at Sebastien and pretend he wasn’t in a room full of people… easy enough, right?

When it came down to it, playing the song wasn’t that difficult. He didn’t make mistakes, and as long as he looked at Sebastien, he didn’t feel too nervous, either. David thought he would’ve felt better looking at Pierre, but as Pierre was standing in the middle of a crowded room, he was far too hard to find; he’d tried.

As soon as the song was over, people were clapping and screaming, and David felt this strange adrenaline pumping through his system. The moment he’d stepped onto the stage, every feeling of being tipsy had fled his body and he’d been strangely aware of everything due to fear. Now he felt the same way, but it was because of this sensation of joy crashing through him. People were screaming for him. Hands were reaching up to touch him. And though he knew it was entirely because of Sebastien and that none of those people would’ve cared about him on his own, it still felt amazing to think, ‘yeah, they loved me.’ David took Sebastien’s guitar off and set it aside and then grabbed Sebastien’s electric guitar and placed it next to the acoustic, earning a look of confusion from the other man. Then David was on him, hugging Sebastien tighter than he’d ever hugged him, his legs actually leaving the ground. Sebastien’s laughter could vaguely be heard through the speakers, picked up slightly by the microphone, though the smile on his face would’ve been impossible to hide.

It occurred to Pierre as he watched the two on stage that even a few months ago, such a thing would’ve made him incredibly jealous, but now? He knew he could trust David. Sure, he should’ve placed that much trust in his best friend as well, and it wasn’t that he thought Sebastien was a bad person, but he honestly didn’t understand how anyone could look at David and not want him. Still, David would never give himself to anyone the way he gave himself to Pierre, and that had managed to calm his jealousy issues, even if only a little bit.

When David pulled away and gave Sebastien a stupid grin, Sebastien returned it for a moment before turning to the microphone. “Okay, hold on a second David, you just stay here,” he said into the mic before beginning to retreat from the stage.

“Wait, what?” David asked nervously, his face going blank, though Sebastien didn’t pay attention. David was looking round, trying to figure out what was going on, when suddenly he saw light coming from the end of the stage. He turned his body entirely, though the moment he saw the two men walking onto the stage, his jaw dropped and he took an uncertain step back. The men walking toward him were both tall and skinny, and wearing nothing more than shoes and a pair of spandex shorts. One man was wearing a pair of angel wings, and both were covered in glitter, and between the two of them they carried a birthday cake with candles in the shape of “21” sticking out of it, lit. As the two men came to a stop in front of David, smiling flirtatiously behind their stenciled eyebrows and glittery faces, he gave them a nervous wave, earning laughter from the crowd.

“Happy birthday to you…” Sebastien’s voice came through the speakers, and suddenly David realized that he was on stage again, singing into the microphone. David’s hands found his face and he let out an embarrassed squeal as the entire room began to sing to him, completing the song slowly and loudly. As soon as it was over, people were cheering and clapping and David felt himself growing even more embarrassed.

“Make a wish, David,” Pierre’s voice came through the speakers smoothly. David pulled his hands from his face and straightened up, looking around immediately for his boyfriend. Pierre was standing in front of him on stage, holding a microphone, and smiling devilishly.

“Pierre… what are you doing up here?” David whispered urgently.

“Blow out your damn candles!” Pierre told him, laughing lightly now.

David gaped at him for a moment, before closing his mouth and nodding. He walked to the candles and closed his eyes, thinking hard. What the fuck am I supposed to wish for? All these people are staring… he thought nervously, his brow scrunching. But then a thought crept into his mind, a memory, and he knew exactly what wish he would have granted if he could. He opened his eyes and stared into the two tiny flames, as if doing this would help his wish come true. I wish for everything with Pierre to be okay again. He waited several seconds before leaning forward and blowing out the candles, though as soon as they were out, he saw the glare of them everywhere he looked, as if they were burned into his retinas. He blinked rapidly, suddenly deafened by more cheering and clapping. How could strangers get so excited over someone else’s birthday?

When he turned back around, he expected to see Pierre standing there looking shy, or maybe for him to be headed off stage already, keen to step out of the spot light. He was not expecting to see his boyfriend standing in front of a microphone stand with Sebastien’s acoustic guitar strapped around him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of his boyfriend, who was smiling with such confidence it was as if he was looking at a new person entirely. Since when did Pierre even know how to hold a guitar? And then he saw movement to the side, like more people, and he was stunned to watch Sebastien grab his electric guitar, see Patrick sitting at the keyboard, and on drums was none other than—

“CHUCK?!” David exclaimed, walking quickly over to him.

Chuck smiled and tapped on the foot pedal, sending a loud, low boom through the room. “Hey David,” he said softly.

“What the fuck are YOU doing here?!” David demanded, though he couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

“Oh, just something we’ve been workin’ on for a few months now,” Chuck told him nonchalantly.

“We?” David asked breathlessly.

“Yeah. Me, Pierre, Sebastien, Patrick, and Jeff,” Chuck said with a nod.

“Wait, JEFF?” David asked, spinning around, and sure enough, standing off to the side was none other than Jeff Stinco, the senior boy who had taken David’s sister to a party to have sex with her, even though it hadn’t worked. He was holding a bass and plucking at the strings idly. “Why is JEFF here?” David demanded, turning back to Chuck.

“He knows how to play the bass.”

“Why not me?”

“David… you can’t exactly serenade yourself…” Chuck pointed out fairly.

David’s jaw dropped. “Serenade? I’m being serenaded?” he asked blankly.

“Don’t you see your man over there with the guitar and microphone?” Chuck asked jokingly.

David gave an exasperated squeak and turned around, walking slowly back to Pierre. “You planned all this?” he asked weakly.

Pierre nodded quickly, grinning from ear to ear. “You had no idea,” Pierre informed him brightly. The two stared at each other for several long seconds before Pierre gave another nod and turned to look at the crowd.

“You’re hot for a straight boy!” someone called up at Pierre from the crowd, and Pierre gave a devilish grin and nodded.

“Thanks,” he said simply.

He glanced around, making eye contact with the rest of the guys, before giving a nod and counting off in French. “Un, deux, trois, quatre,” he started softly, and immediately after, Pierre and Sebastien were singing together, hitting the long, soft, opening “ah,” of a song that David instantly recognized — Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars — while Patrick played the piano, followed quickly by Chuck on the drums. Pierre reached out and pulled David toward him, forcing him to stand where he could see him at all times; it would do no good to sing this song to David without him there to see.

As soon as Pierre began to sing, he started in on the guitar, and suddenly they sounded like a well practiced band, even though Pierre’s guitar part was obviously simple. “Oh, his eyes, his eyes make the stars look like they’re not shining. His hair, his hair falls perfectly without him trying. He’s so beautiful, and I tell him every day,” Pierre sang, not missing a beat, nor a male pronoun. The fact that he got them all in so perfectly made David wonder just how many times Pierre had practiced the song, though in that moment he was capable of doing nothing but standing this his hands clasped in front of him and staring in a dazed fashion at the man he’d fallen so helplessly in love with.

As Pierre sang, he didn’t take his eyes off of David, and not for a second did he stop smiling. He couldn’t, not when he saw what his performing was doing for David, and the fact that David was stunned speechless by him. “Yeah, I know, I know when I compliment him he won’t believe me, and it’s so, it’s so sad to think that he don’t see what I see, but every time he asks me ‘do I look okay?’ I say…” he trailed off lightly, his eyes going down to the guitar for a short moment, before he remembered what Sebastien had told him: The key to performing is confidence. Don’t look at the guitar, look at David and feel good about yourself. Otherwise, you’re gonna make an ass of yourself in front of a couple hundred people.

“When I see your face,” Pierre started, taking a step closer to David, and in turn the microphone, which made his voice boom louder. David heard another guitar part and knew that Sebastien had started playing, but he couldn’t take his eyes from Pierre for a second. “There’s not a thing that I would change, ‘cause you’re amazing just the way you are. And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while, ‘cause Dave you’re amazing just the way you are… yeah!” David bit down on his lip ring to try and control his idiotic smile, but there was simply no hiding how happy he was, with Pierre singing to him and playing the guitar even, in front of a room full of people! Pierre had never looked hotter in David’s eyes.

“His lips, his lips, I could kiss them all day if he’d let me. His laugh, his laugh, he hates but I think it’s so sexy. He’s so beautiful and I tell him every day,” Pierre continued on, his winning smile never faltering. “Oh, you know, you know, you know I’d never ask you to change. If perfect’s what you’re searching for then just stay the same. So don’t even bother asking if you look okay, you know I’ll say…!” Pierre belted energetically, his eyes falling closed as he sang the last part. David couldn’t help the excited laugh that came out of him at Pierre’s passion. “When I see your face there’s not a thing that I would change, ‘cause you’re amazing just the way you are. And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while, ‘cause Dave you’re amazing just the way you are,” Pierre sang to him, amazed at how well he was doing.

And then Pierre did something that shocked David to the point that his jaw dropped and he grinned madly. Pierre closed his eyes and hitched his voice up, hitting a note he’d had to practice hitting twelve times before he’d been able to even half do it. “The way you are… the way you are… Dave you’re amazing just the way you are…” He trailed off lightly, and suddenly it was nothing but Pierre’s voice and the piano, though there had been a few screams at his high note. He opened his eyes and looked at David again, giving him a soft smile. “When I see your face there’s not a thing that I would change ‘cause you’re amazing just the way you are…” he sang softly, his head tilting to the side slightly. He pushed the guitar around so it was hanging off of his back and grabbed the microphone from the stand, taking several steps toward David and grabbing lightly onto his face. “And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while,” he sang, his thumb sliding gently over David’s cheek. “‘Cause Dave, you’re amazing, just the way you are…" he finished quietly.

He hardly finished the last note before the room was full of screaming voices, but David didn’t hear any of them. His arms wrapped tightly around Pierre’s neck and he pulled himself up, hungrily attacking his boyfriend, kissing him with all of the passion that his body possessed. The crowd only screamed louder at this, and when David and Pierre pulled apart, David covered his face and laughed, embarrassed beyond belief. He couldn’t believe everything that had already happened to him that night; Pierre had done so many wonderful things for him, things that he may have deserved at one point in their relationship, but definitely didn’t deserver anymore. He tried not to think of this, however. Pierre, Sebastien and Patrick had gone to the trouble of giving him the perfect eighteenth birthday (even though he had to pretend it was his twenty-first) and he wasn’t going to let a stupid little thing like guilt ruin it for him.

As the night wore on, however, and David continued to drink, he started to feel it eating at him. Pierre watched David carefully, suggesting on numerous occasions that maybe David didn’t need that shot of tequila, or that maybe he should stop sipping off of Sebastien’s mixed drinks. David didn’t listen to him, however, and Patrick was no help. He encouraged David to drink more with a beaming grin and a slap on the back. “It’s your twenty first birthday!” he reasoned over and over. Somehow Pierre didn’t think David would appreciate it if his “twenty first birthday” landed him in the hospital.

After enough drinks, David managed to get Sebastien dancing with him and Patrick, and even Pierre came to dance, even if only to supervise. There came a point, however, when the room was spinning and David felt as if he was suffocating in the air of two hundred people. He looked at Sebastien, his head drooping dangerously, and instantly Sebastien was grabbing onto him, pulling him away through a crowd of people, saying words that David couldn’t hear. He closed his eyes and let Sebastien take him somewhere, unaware of where they were going until he felt a blast of cooler air hit his face, though it was still warm, late August summer air.

“You okay?” Sebastien asked, and though David nodded, Sebastien didn’t believe him for a second. He walked David to a wall and pushed him against it, holding him there firmly, afraid that if he let go, the boy would simply fall over. “Just lean your head back and breathe,” Sebastien told him calmly.

David shook his head slowly, leaning it forward and looking down as he drunkly mumbled, “jjje peux pas…”

Sebastien blinked at the French, though he understood it. The fact that David had reverted to French told him just how fucked up the boy had gotten. “David, I want you to look at me and speak English,” Sebastien told him firmly, though it was hard to stay focused while so intoxicated, himself. David looked slowly up and despite his assurances that he couldn’t do so, his head leaned back and rested against the wall as his hands found Sebastien’s shirt and grabbed on for support. “What’s your name?” Sebastien asked firmly.

“Dddd… Dddavid…” he mumbled weakly, his eyes barely open.

Sebastien nodded and instantly wished he hadn’t. He felt the world spin momentarily and took a moment to compose himself before continuing, his grip on David’s sides becoming firmer. “What’s today?”

“Mmmy… is… myyy birffdaay!” David replied, his voice going up in octave and a weak sparkle coming to life in his eyes, though soon he’d reverted to the half dead David, staring blankly at the other man. “Pppierre… he’s… ssso nice… to me,” David continued, feeling as if getting this point across was a matter of life and death. He couldn’t feel the tears in his eyes… hell, he couldn’t even feel his eyes. Sebastien could see them, however, and he could see them perfectly. His mouth slowly fell open as the tears began to run down David’s face, whose deadened eyes showed no other emotion. “Pppierre is…. Pppperfect…” David muttered desperately.

“David, why are you crying?” Sebastien whispered. David shook his head slowly, his tears falling faster. “I’m gonna go get Pierre…”

“No!” Sebastien begged, clinging more desperately to the other man’s shirt.

Sebastien felt fear working its way into his chest as he contemplated what David could be so upset about. “Well then tell me what’s wrong,” Sebastien demanded softly, and subtly, he moved closer to the younger boy.

“Bbbecause I… mmme… a-and Trroy…” He started, his watery hazel eyes desperately searching Sebastien’s blue ones for understanding, and though he wasn’t in the proper mind frame to digest it, what Sebastien was showing him was absolute panic.

“David stop,” Sebastien told him firmly, and to stop the boy talking, he raised his hand and pressed the tips of his fingers lightly to David’s lips, though his other hand still held tight to David’s waist for support. David stared pleadingly at Sebastien, his lips trembling slightly against the other man’s touch. Sebastien swallowed hard and looked down at his fingers, unable to deny the way the other boy’s soft lips made his stomach squirm. “Don’t tell me anything I can’t tell Pierre,” he requested, looking back into David’s eyes. “Do you understand me? If this is something you don’t want Pierre to know… and you tell me… I’m his best friend, David. I’ll have to tell him.”

David gave the weakest of nods, though Sebastien still saw it. His drunken mind stalled him longer than his sober one would, and it was several seconds before he realized he was still standing so close to David with his fingers against the boy’s lips. When it occurred to him to pull away, however, he suddenly felt his body shift to the side with violent force, as if someone had shoved him or something. He staggered and nearly fell, though managed to catch himself just in time. When he turned to see what had happened, however, a blinding pain seared across the side of his face and he fell, coming to land with his face on the ground.

“What the fuck?!” Pierre screamed, towering ominously over Sebastien. Sebastien looked up, holding his face, though when Pierre began to move toward him, he flinched and covered his head with both arms. Patrick grabbed onto Pierre from behind and pulled him back as quickly as he could manage, though still people were taking pictures. Sebastien Lefebvre had just gotten punched in the face by some random man; did these people know no shame? “Get off me, Pat!” Pierre yelled, struggling against his hold.

“Calm down first!” Patrick demanded.

“Did you fucking see that?!” Pierre growled, pointing to where just seconds previously he’d seen David and Sebastien in each other’s arms, seemingly two seconds from kissing.

“Yeah, I did! And even though I’m drunk as fuck I still think it probably wasn’t what it looked like!” Patrick reasoned quickly. “Look at David! Do you really think he’s gonna try to kiss anyone?” Patrick threw in, inclining his head toward David, who had slumped over without Sebastien’s support and fallen to the ground, his eyes closed and his breathing shallow.

“Shit!” Suddenly Patrick’s arms weren’t enough to hold Pierre back anymore. With David in need, Pierre felt he could do anything. He hustled forward and grabbed onto David, sitting him up against the wall, slapping his face gently. “David… David wake up,” he said softly, but David was gone to the world. Pierre turned to glance at Patrick, who was now at Sebastien’s side, touching his instantly bruised face gingerly. “He’s not coming into my apartment tonight,” Pierre warned Patrick, glaring hard. “Not until I know for sure.”

Patrick sighed and nodded, knowing he was fighting a losing battle. “He can stay at my hotel room… We’ll take a cab, you take the car,” Patrick reasoned weakly.

Pierre didn’t spare another word for Patrick, and definitely didn’t say anything to Sebastien, who was on the ground in Patrick’s arms crying, despite how many people were still around him taking his picture. Pierre’s only concern was getting David home, which he did as fast as he could. Within twenty minutes he was in his apartment and laying David in bed, taking off his shoes and socks, his pants and vest, and leaving him in nothing but his boxers and the v-neck t-shirt he’d been wearing. And though Pierre laid down next to David, and though David rolled over and held onto Pierre, sleep didn’t come for Pierre for another several hours. He simply laid in bed, listening to the sound of David’s gentle breathing, and wondering what on Earth he’d missed that had gotten his best friend and his boyfriend in such a position together. Whatever it was, it couldn’t have been good, that much was certain.
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