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Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad, Chapter 24

Title: Maybe This Town Isn't So Bad
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Twenty-Four
Rating: PG
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 5591
Summary: After coming out of the closet to his friends in Canada and getting disowned by them, Pierre Bouvier moves to a hick town in the states to escape. Life is dull and grim for the twenty-one year old Canadian until he meets David Desrosiers, a young man who could change it all for the better.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: Okay, so admittedly this took much longer than I thought that it would. My life has been a little hectic, as most of you already know since I kind of explained earlier, and I haven't really had the time to write. I really, really appreciate that I still get comments from people, wondering when this story is going to be updated, and I'm truly sorry that it's taking me this long. Just know that this will be finished, even if it takes a while (which hopefully it won't take too much longer). Thank you to the people who have stuck with me through the wait... I know how much it sucks waiting for a fic you enjoy to be continued. So! All my babbling aside, here it is! The next installment. :)

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“I David take thee Pierre to be my lawfully wedded husband...” David murmured softly, his hazel eyes tearing slightly as he stared into Pierre's deep chocolate ones. There was something beautiful in the way Pierre's smile turned ever so slightly up at those words, something beautiful in the way his eyes stared at David as if the boy was the most magical thing he had ever seen in his life. “To have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health...” He continued gently, not for a moment tearing his eyes from Pierre. It was as if he had to drink in every second of that moment, like a part of him was scared that it wasn't really happening. How, after everything that had happened, had he ended up with the perfect life? How had he been so lucky as to capture the heart of the most amazing man in the world? It all seemed too good to be true, because if there was one thing David was certain of, it was that he didn't deserve Pierre. David had never been one to believe in fate but he couldn't help but feel that something had brought Pierre to him. Was it so farfetched to think that David and Pierre simply belonged together? “'Til death do us part.”

“The ring?” a sharp yet hushed voice came. David simply continued to stare into Pierre's eyes, hardly hearing the voice at all. When it came again, this time accompanied by a soft jab of an elbow, David blinked rapidly and turned his head to the side, staring in confusion for half a second at Patrick, who was staring at David as if he had lost his mind. “Dude... Give me the ring,” Patrick whispered again, earning a soft chorus of poorly concealed laughter from everyone who had come to see the Langlois-Lefebvre wedding.

David gave a small jump, letting off a quiet, “Oh!” as he began to dig in his inner jacket pocket for Sebastien's wedding ring. He handed it to Patrick with an apologetic smile, smiling a little wider at the glare he was getting from his friend. When Patrick turned back to Sebastien and prepared to give his own vows, David exhaled softly and allowed the smile to fall from his lips. Embarrassment began to settle over him and he spent the next several minutes mentally abusing himself for getting lost in a daydream in the middle of his friends' wedding... more importantly, getting lost in a daydream about marrying Pierre. What the hell was he thinking? He was only eighteen! He couldn't be thinking of marriage already. He and Pierre hadn't even been together for a year and not once had either of them muttered those three little words.

Why had it taken David so long to realize he was in love with Pierre? Now he knew he loved his boyfriend with his entire heart but saying it just wouldn't feel right. After cheating on Pierre and lying to him about it for months, David didn't feel that he had the right to tell Pierre he loved him. Part of him was beginning to fear that Pierre had realized his mistake in staying with David. What if Pierre didn't love him? What if he never would? What if, after what David had done, it was simply impossible for him to fall in love with the younger man? He knew why he hadn't said it yet, but why hadn't Pierre? They had been together for eleven months already. Shouldn't it have come up? As doubt sowed its way into David's mind about Pierre's feelings, those three words only began to feel that much more terrifying. There was no way it was going to leave his lips first.

Pierre couldn't help but smile at the way David had obviously drifted into a daydream, even more so at his boyfriend's obvious embarrassment. There was just such a cute innocence when it came to David and the things that he did, and Pierre could only admire him for it. Sure, sometimes he was a little spacey... and yeah, there were times when he was just down right ditzy, but it only accentuated that childlike innocence that radiated off of him. Even though he was eighteen and therefore legally an adult, David was still very much a child, something which Pierre never failed to take note of. No matter how hard David tried to hide his childlike tendencies, it was just something that shone through; Pierre only loved him more for it. David woke up the child in Pierre's heart, the one that had been stifled by pain and self loathing, just like Pierre was waking the nagging adult in the back of David's head, telling him to be more responsible and less impulsive. In this way, Pierre truly believed that he and David couldn't have been more perfect for each other. Even though they were an eighteen year old kid and a twenty-two year old kid, in his heart Pierre felt that they were really a sixteen year old boy and a thirty year old man. Sometimes he forgot that David was as old as he was, just like sometimes he forgot that he, himself, was as young as he was.

Pierre's eyes shifted back to the reason they found themselves standing in Montreal on New Year's Eve: his best friends' wedding, and though he did his best to follow what the man officiating the service was saying, he couldn't help but let his mind drift back to the eighteen year old standing across from him, whose eyes snapped in a different direction every time Pierre looked over at him. Were David's thoughts traveling in the same direction as Pierre's were? Did witnessing the joining of two of his closest friends put the idea of marriage into David's mind, just as it did to Pierre? Pierre found it harder to keep his eyes off of his younger boyfriend once the thought had crossed his mind, and again he wondered the same thing he had been wondering during the past several weeks: was it time to tell David how he truly felt for him?

When it had first occurred to Pierre that he was in love with David, he had known in that same moment that the younger boy was nowhere near prepared to hear it and so he had waited, holding onto the idea that when the time was right, it would be obvious. Did he also know in that moment that eleven months into their relationship, the opportunity still wouldn't have risen to speak those three daunting little words? There were times when insecurity got the better of Pierre and a part of him began to wonder if David just didn't love him, just as David wondered about him; those feelings were always eradicated entirely with one smile from the younger boy. At any given moment, Pierre could close his eyes and see David's face, smiling serenely as if he had the image saved in slow motion in his brain. He could see the way David always tried to hold back his smiles, the corners of his heart shaped lips turning up into what could almost be considered a smirk, though shortly after it spread to reveal the most innocently childlike beaming grin he had ever laid eyes on. Perhaps the thing that Pierre loved most about the way David smiled at him was how genuinely happy he looked every time, like nothing brought more joy to his life than to just stand in his boyfriend's presence. Yes, a smile from David wiped out Pierre's insecurities and doubts, because a smile like that could only mean one thing: complete, heart throbbing, inexplicable love.

Now that they had hit the eleven month mark, Pierre had told himself to wait for the perfect occasion. They had already missed their chance so many times, whether because David hadn't been ready or they both felt too guilty to say it. There had been a time when saying it for the first time wouldn't have been such a huge deal; even whispering the words over a private dinner or a moonlit walk would have sufficed nicely, but now that they had been given normal opportunity after normal opportunity and not taken any of them, Pierre felt that it had to be perfect. It had to be special. If nothing brought it up before they arrived at their one year anniversary, Pierre planned to tell David then. It would be as romantic a day as he could have hoped for, and Pierre would stop at nothing to make sure it was absolutely perfect. David deserved the perfect words in the perfect moment, especially if he had to receive them from an imperfect partner.

The sound of cheers and clapping brought Pierre back to the ceremony in front of him and instantly he was beaming, watching as his two childhood friends moved toward each other, embracing in a soft, tender, loving kiss. He clapped his hands with the rest of them, cat calling to the two men, though his eyes soon flicked again across the way to David, his grin fading to a soft smile as the two stared lovingly into each others eyes; Pierre was unsurprised to see that David had tears on his cheeks. David gave a sheepish grin and wiped his cheeks with the back of his hand, before turning to watch Patrick and Sebastien go down the aisle together. As it was often custom for the groom to carry the bride down the aisle at the end of a wedding, Sebastien and Patrick seemed to have decided to put their own spin on the tradition: Sebastien jumped on Patrick's back for a piggy back ride, who caught Sebastien effortlessly and ran from the building with him, both of them laughing joyously all the way. David and Pierre both had to admire how even in a formal setting like a wedding, they managed to still have fun and be themselves.

The reception brought a slightly larger crowd than the wedding itself had; not everybody that had been invited to the reception had also been invited to the wedding, like the few reporters that the two had allowed to attend. They figured the news was going to get out anyway, so they wanted it to be on their own terms, in a happy environment, where nothing would be distorted... it was the only way the two could see themselves being kept out of the tabloids. Pierre watched as Sebastien and Patrick talked to person after person— friends, family, reporters and the like— and wondered when his turn was. He was the best man, shouldn't he have been able to talk to the two? But just as he wanted to talk to the happy newlyweds, so did everyone else that had been invited, and no one else had spent the last several months seeing the two everyday. Just because he understood why it was important for them to mingle with their other guests, it didn't mean that Pierre liked it. All he wanted was to talk to his best friends.

Instead he tried to entertain himself with David, though the occasion seemed to have sucked dry their entire store of conversations. Both had full minds, thinking heavily of how much they loved the other and when it would be time to share that information; it made those silences between them that much more awkward. After seeing how happy and amazing Patrick and Sebastien were together, suddenly Pierre didn't know what to say to David. Every time he opened his mouth, all he wanted to do was scream the words at his boyfriend, tell the one he believed to be his soulmate how deeply he cared and how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him, but he knew the timing was completely wrong; little did he know, David had been feeling exactly the same way.

Finally Sebastien returned to the table, hungry, exhausted, though still glowing from every pore; Pierre truly appreciated in that moment just how beautiful the man was. He smiled at Sebastien, patting a hand on his shoulder a few times before lifting the glass of champagne in front of him and taking a slow drink, his eyes darting out to David's retreating back.

“Where's he going?” Sebastien asked curiously as he too picked up a glass of champagne and took a quick drink of it.

“He said he needed the bathroom,” Pierre started slowly, still watching David, though when the younger boy disappeared around a corner, he looked back at Sebastien, his smile widening slightly. “Knowing him, he was probably just sick of sitting still and needed to move around.”

“Probably,” Sebastien agreed with a nod, knowing it must have been hard for the teenager to be quiet and not move for such a long space of time. “So...” Sebastien started, and Pierre had the instant feeling that his friend was about to either say something really awkward or really unpleasant... possibly both. “We haven't really talked in a while. I've been crazy busy trying to throw the wedding together and I've been kinda wrapped up in everything with Pat and I haven't really gotten the chance to ask how stuff's going with David,” he explained. Had the things that happened between David and Pierre not happened, Pierre wouldn't have understood his friend's hesitation, but he thought he knew why Sebastien seemed unsure of the situation. It would be a difficult situation for any couple to recover from and no one would have really been surprised if it was something that the two just couldn't get past; cheating and domestic violence weren't exactly the same as a fight over what color to paint the walls.

“It's good,” Pierre assured him vaguely with a nod, not wanting to get into the subject. Part of him was afraid that Sebastien would have negative views about his relationship with David not ending— would he think Pierre weak for staying with someone who had cheated and lied to him? There was another part of him that would have agreed with that statement, but that was the part that looked at the situation as a broad overview. When put simply, Pierre thought that cheating, lying and hitting were an indication that a relationship just wasn't right, but he knew that nothing was simple when it came to him and David. It was twisted, complex and intense and though he knew on paper his relationship shouldn't have lasted as long as it had, he also knew that nothing that was worth it ever came easily. He was prepared to fight every day to keep David at his side if that's what it took.

Sebastien watched Pierre, waiting for him to continue, to explain what had been going on with them recently. When Pierre just continued to sip his champagne, Sebastien raised an eyebrow at him. “It's good,” he quoted him blankly.

Pierre looked at his friend awkwardly as he replied, “...that's what I said.” When Sebastien just continued to stare expectantly at him, Pierre's look of discomfort only grew. “What? What else do you want me to say? Yeah, it's not a perfect situation but we're actually doing really well. We don't fight, we have tons of sex... We're good,” he explained slowly, getting slow nods in response though he could tell that Sebastien still wasn't pleased.

“As long as you're happy,” Sebastien told him with a smile, even if it did look a little bit forced.

Pierre's eyes narrowed slightly and he leaned back from his friend. “Is there something you wanna get off your chest?” he asked, doing his best to stay calm, a task that he didn't find all that easy as thoughts of Sebastien disagreeing with his relationship circulated through his mind.

“I just wanna make sure you've really thought this through,” Sebastien told him quietly, adding a quick, “Both of you,” when Pierre threatened to look incredibly angry with him. He wanted Pierre to understand that he held nothing against either of them and if being together was what they really needed, he would obviously support them one hundred percent; the only thing he wanted them to do was to be certain. Pierre gave an angry sigh and shook his head, looking out across the dance floor. “Hey, this isn't something you two can just walk away from,” Sebastien pressed on firmly. “He cheated on you. You can tell yourself that you're not still upset about it all you want, you can tell yourself that you forgive him for it until you're blue in the face, but none of it is gonna matter unless you actually feel it. And the same goes for him, what you did to him. He can't just get over you hitting him because he wants to. ” Pierre kept his eyes trained on the guests who were dancing, not wanting to hear his friend's words, though they had definitely gone through his mind before. “I just wanna make sure you've both really thought about this,” he finished gently, hoping Pierre would understand why he was saying this to him.

Pierre didn't respond for nearly a minute, his mind going over his friend's words, taking everything he said to heart. “I know it seems crazy,” Pierre started quietly, his eyes slightly out of focus now as he allowed himself to immerse slightly into his own thoughts. “...but no matter what happened in the past, there will never be a time when I don't want David in my future.”

Silence followed those words and Sebatien nodded slowly, understanding that feeling all too well; he felt it every time he looked at the man he'd just made his husband. Pierre turned his face to look back at Sebastien, offering a kind smile and a shrug. “Maybe I'm nuts, I dunno,” he said with a soft chuckle and earning one from Sebastien in turn. “All I know is...” His eyes moved down to his hands and he watched himself fiddle nervously with his champagne glass as he finished in a voice so quiet it was a surprise Sebastien could hear him, “...I love him more than anything and I just... I don't ever want to be without him. Yeah, it still hurts what he did... And it still hurts what I did... But I don't see those things when I look at him. What I see is the life we're gonna have together, all the good times and the bad times, a house, a family...” He gave a soft laugh and shook his head at himself, his head tilting further down. “I want it all, Sebastien. Fuck the past. All I want is the future.”

Pierre's gaze was pulled back up when he felt Sebastien's hand on his shoulder. He hadn't been sure what to expect his friend's reaction to be but he was more than pleased to see that the younger man was smiling at him. “That's all I need to know.” The two smiled at each other and they turned back to their drinks, reflecting on their own thoughts. When Sebastien cleared his throat and gave an unsure, “Umm...” Pierre looked back up, wondering what else the man could have to say to him. It was easy to see that Sebastien was far less at ease with whatever he wanted to say next and it made Pierre feel nervous. Why did Sebastien's blue eyes look tinged with sadness on such a happy day?

“What?” Pierre prompted him gently.

“Pat and I... We're...” Sebastien licked his lips and looked down, swallowing hard. He had known since making the decision that it was going to be difficult to break the news to Pierre, but he had kind of run out of time to tell him. Still, he remained silent for several long moments.

“Seb, what it is?” Pierre pushed gently, feeling more worried now.

Sebastien gave a sigh and looked into Pierre's chocolate eyes, feeling sadness picking at him over the decision he knew he had to make. “We're not going back with you.” Pierre stared at Sebastien with sad eyes and his lips parted slightly, feeling as if an invisible barrier had just been put between himself and his best friend; not at single word offered itself to his mind, though there was a lot that he wanted to say. “Pierre... We don't belong there. We have a life here... friends, family, a business...” Pierre closed his mouth and nodded, trying his hardest to understand and be fine with it. “We belong in Canada, in Montreal, and honestly... I think you do too.”

“I belong with David,” Pierre replied instantly, a certain coldness to his voice.

“I'm not saying you don't. In fact, I think David belongs there just as much as you do.” Neither said anything for several long seconds as they contemplated each other, unable to push the tension away. “I talked with Pat and we both agreed, it's time for us to get back to our lives... I'm just saying, maybe you should think about doing that yourself.”

“I have a life. In America. With David,” Pierre told him sternly.

“A life? Pumping gas and living in a tiny apartment in a hick town in the middle of Nowhere, USA is what you call a life?” Sebastien asked skeptically.

“It doesn't matter where I live or what I'm doing, as long as I have David with me I have everything I need.”

“Have you even considered moving back to Montreal and bringing David with you?”

Pierre nodded slowly. “Honestly, yeah I have... But he's not gonna leave his sister behind. She's the only family he has left,” Pierre explained.

“Have you tried asking him?” Pierre shook his head in response, looking away again as if the question was absurd. “You never know until you try,” Sebastien told him seriously. Again, Pierre shook his head, something which brought another sigh from Sebastien's chest. “Just... do me a favor and think about it, okay? You don't know he doesn't want to until you ask.”

Pierre nodded but allowed the conversation to die there, giving his non-verbal word that he would at least think about asking David to move to Canada with him. He would have loved to take David away from the town and the memories that had hurt him so badly, even if it meant returning to the city that had done exactly that to himself four and a half years previously. Nothing about Junction City felt like home to Pierre but Montreal... Montreal called to him. How amazing would it have been to move back with David by his side? Maybe someday he would propose the idea to his boyfriend, someday when their feelings had been more concretely laid out. Someday the timing would be right, and Pierre was more than capable of waiting for that day. For David, Pierre could do anything.

David found himself wandering the gorgeous building his two friends had chosen for the reception, marveling at the art. He had used the restroom as an excuse to move around on his own, away from the prying eyes of his boyfriend, the happy couple and even his sister. Though he loved them all dearly, being in Canada was having a weird effect on the eighteen year old and he found himself wanting nothing more than to be alone with his thoughts, even if only for a few moments. As he walked down the hall, a balcony caught his attention and he made his way slowly to it, walking into the cold, late December air. There were clouds in the sky, blocking the stars and the moon entirely from view, but if anything, David thought it only made the city lights look that much more beautiful. He wrapped his arms around his torso, having left his suit jacket inside; his long-sleeved white shirt, black vest, dress pants and tie didn't do much against the breeze that picked up, or the snow that had begun to fall. The city scene in front of him was nothing short of breath taking.

How had he forgotten how much he loved Canada? There was a deep connection that David felt with his native country, as if something was pulling his heart into the center of the city and holding it there. Memories of David's mother flooded his mind and for the one of the first times since she died, David allowed himself to really think of her, to really remember her. Conversations both big and small ran through his mind, some memories seemingly insignificant, though David would try to protect them in his memory for as long as he lived; nothing was ever unimportant when it came to her. From the moment he had arrived in Montreal, David had felt a weight pressing down on him, making him feel slightly cut off from his friends, boyfriend and even his sister. Something about the city spoke to him and he couldn't deny that he felt strangely right staring over the cityscape at night. He could picture himself doing so every single morning and night; Pierre was always next to him when he pictured this. David didn't want to live a second of his life without Pierre anymore.

When he felt a hand on his shoulder, David turned, spotting his sister who smiled in a reassuring way and stood against the balcony next to him. “You're thinking of mom, aren't you?” she asked knowingly, not having to turn to look at her brother to know that he had nodded. “I have been too... Ever since we got here,” she admitted quietly. A soft sigh escaped her and she looked down, her voice shaking as she said, “I just miss her so much sometimes, ya know?”

“Yel,” David replied gently, before wrapping his arm around her back and pulling her against his side. Yael leaned her head to the side and rested it against her brother's shoulder, sniffing softly as she fought the urge to cry. “I know, Yelly... I know. I miss her too.”

No words were necessary to explain to the other how they were both feeling; David and Yael both knew perfectly. After a long comfortable silence— one which stretched into minutes as they both got lost in their own worlds of thought— Yael surprised David with a quiet, “She would have been proud of you.”

David was quiet for a few seconds, chewing nervously on his lip ring at the idea. “You think?” This was a question that he had thought of numerous times, hating that he would never truly know the answer.

“Yes. She raised us to be proud of who we are, no matter who we are... Dad's just...” Yael trailed off, not wanting to speak ill of her father but unable to see his side at the same time. She settled on not saying anything at all, knowing that her brother would understand what she was incapable of saying.

“I know,” David replied, giving a nod and looking down.

“He misses you,” Yael said, surprising David again.

“Dad?” David asked, sounding shocked and confused.

“He doesn't say so but I can tell. He pretends not to care, but he listens to every word when I tell him how you're doing and what's going on in your life. He tries to act like this... this big tough guy, but it actually really messed him up when you left. He spent a few days muttering to himself about how you were gonna come back and when you didn't... I think he started to realize he messed up big time,” she explained slowly.

“Good,” David said, and though he tried to force his voice to sound harsh, he couldn't quite make himself do it. The truth was, he missed his dad. Though they hadn't always had the smoothest of relationships, the man was his father and the only family aside from Yael that he had. Even if they never spoke again, David knew that he would always love his dad deep down.

Yael didn't feel the need to reply, knowing that nothing she said would really help. She knew if she was ever going to get her brother and father to speak again, she was going to have to ease them both slowly into it. She was going to get them in the same room again, however, if it was the last thing she did. A smile slid onto her lips as her mind wandered back to the wedding. “I saw the way you were staring at Pierre during the ceremony,” she said randomly, drawing David's attention back to her.

“What do you mean?”

Yael gave a soft laugh as she replied, “Every time I looked at you, you were giving Pierre the sappiest goo-goo eyes.”

“Shut up!” David huffed indignantly.

“I will not,” she told him stubbornly, though her smile relaxed a bit as she added, “Not until you admit how madly in love with him you are.”

David's mouth hung open and he scoffed lightly as he stared at her, trying his hardest to come up with a quick response but finding nothing within himself but the truth: he was madly in love with the man. “Shut up!” he decided to say again, smiling a little bit more naturally as he did.

Yael smiled mockingly at David and began to taunt him, her words coming out in sing-song as she said, “You looooove him! You want to maaaaarry him! And have his baaaabies!”

David laughed and shoved Yael playfully away from him. “Shut uuuup!” he sang back to her, mimicking her tone.

“Just admit it! You're totally gaga for him!” she goaded him quickly.

“Okay! Fine!” David said loudly, smiling wide and looking away as he added, “I'm in love with him!”

Yael smiled and David a hug, catching him slightly off guard but he returned it whole-heartedly. “I'm happy for you, big brother,” she told him honestly.

David continued to hug her, feeling more connected with his little sister than he had in a long time. “Do you really think mom would have been proud of me?” he asked randomly, as if this had been on his mind the whole time.

“Without a doubt,” Yael told him certainly.

They stood hugging for several more seconds before the sound of a gentle knock brought them out of the little bubble they had temporarily put themselves in and they looked to where the noise had come from, seeing Pierre standing there with a gentle smile on his lips. Yael and David pulled away from each other, both dabbing lightly at their eyes with their knuckles. “I'm gonna go mingle,” Yael told the two sweetly, though it was clear that this was just an excuse to leave them alone. David watched his sister leave, not noticing that Pierre didn't take his eyes off of the younger boy the entire time.

As David looked back up at Pierre, he saw the way his boyfriend was looking at him, saw the love in his eyes, and he couldn't help but be a little bit calmed by it. He smiled and turned away, looking again over the edge of the balcony at the gorgeous city in front of him. “It's beautiful here,” David said softly, feeling his heart begin to tingle in his chest. When he felt a jacket placed gently on his shoulders, David turned his face to look over his shoulder, smiling lovingly at his boyfriend's sweet gesture, even though his jacket was much too big for David. When Pierre's strong arms wrapped around him from behind and he felt his boyfriend's chin resting gently on top of his shoulder, looking out at the city with him, that calming feeling from seconds earlier only increased. As right as he had felt staring into the city lights of Montreal, it felt even more like home with Pierre holding him. “Let's come back here someday,” David said softly, holding to Pierre's arms and leaning back into him.

Pierre smiled as again the thought of moving to Canada with David went through his mind. He merely snuggled David closer to his body, glad for his body heat in the snowy Canadian weather, and replied with a gentle, “Okay Dave. Anything you want.” They stood like that for at least ten minutes, not speaking, just enjoying the feel of standing in each others arms in a place that they both felt so connected to. Someday he would bring David back to Canada with him as his best friend, his soul mate, and maybe even possibly his husband. Pierre would hold out for someday because just like he knew he loved David like he had never loved anyone or anything, he also knew that however long the wait for someday would end up being, David was more than worth it. Someday would come before he knew it.
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