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Behind The Net, Chapter Six

Title: Behind The Net
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Six
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 3742
Summary: David Desrosiers isn't your typical sixteen year old boy living in Juneau, Alaska. Bullied relentlessly by Pierre Bouvier, a boy he's known since elementary school, David and his best friend Jenny come up with a back-handed plan to seek revenge on the boy who makes their lives a living Hell.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: What kind of bees make milk? Boooobeees. ;D

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“I can't wait until this is all over,” David complained with a sigh. He slumped forward and rested his forehead against the cafeteria table, his back and sides aching as he did so.

“You're almost there!” Jenny replied in a peppy tone that was supposed to be reassuring, but it only made David feel irritation picking at the pit of his stomach.

“Tell that to my entire body,” he grumbled in response, not bothering to move to look at his friend as he spoke to her.

Jenny made a noise of pity and reached a hand over to rub David's back in a gentle manner, earning another sigh from him. “I know, just a little bit longer,” Jenny said, hoping to make him feel better, though she knew her words wouldn't soothe his sore muscles. “And just think of the outcome!”

“I know, I know,” David mumbled, before turning his face so that his cheek was pressed against the table and he looked up at her with a sad expression on his face. “I'm just so tired,” he complained, sounding nothing short of pathetic. “All the time!” he continued to whine. He pushed himself up and leaned back in his chair. “Pierre wakes me up at four thirty in the morning every morning to run! And we don't just run. I have to do push ups. And sit ups. And then after school we have hockey practice. And after that we lift weights! And then I have to help him study!”

“I know, you must be tired all the time,” Jenny responded with a sad smile.

“Tired?” David asked, sounding a bit defensive, something which very obviously made Jenny nervous. The smile fell from her lips to be replaced with a look of great guilt. “Tired doesn't even begin to cover it. I'm exhausted,” he finished, his voice dripping with attitude. When Jenny didn't respond but just continued to give him a look that made it clear she was ridden with guilt, David sighed once more and his features softened. “Sorry, I didn't mean to be snippy,” he told her quietly.

“It's okay, David, I get it,” she told him softly. “I wish there was something I could do to help...”

David shook his head and offered a smile, even though he really didn't feel like giving it. “Don't worry about it. The game is this weekend and after that, I never have to do another push up as long as I live!” Jenny laughed a little, bringing a smile to David's lips. “I can get fat and rub my body with butter and chicken!” he continued, making Jenny laugh more and he smiled wider.

“Hey fucktard,” came a voice from behind, and before David could turn to look (though it was undoubtedly Pierre), he felt a slap to the back of his head. David flinched forward and without thinking about it, his hands found the back of his head, his face contorting in rage and incredulity. Pierre didn't seem phased by David's anger in the slightest.

“What?” David responded through gritted teeth, glaring hard and rubbing the back of his head.

“No more runs before school,” Pierre informed him, and David felt an immediate sense of relief, something which registered on his features. Pierre raised an eyebrow at him and crossed his arms over his chest in a stiff manner. “Don't look so thrilled. We're not running before school because instead we're working out. Hard.”

David's jaw dropped open and he couldn't stop the scoff that escaped the back of his throat. “We work out after practice!”

“Yeah? And now we're working out before school and after school. It's called two-a-days. Get used to it.”

David was so angry that it didn't even occur to him to wipe the stunned, angry look off of his face. “Is that really necessary?”

“That depends,” Pierre started, uncrossing his arms. “Do you wanna lose the game and get kicked off the team?”

David glared hard at Pierre, willing the taller boy's head to spontaneously burst into flames, though of course it wouldn't no matter how hard he wished. David wanted more than anything to scream in Pierre's face, to hit him, to tell him that losing the game and getting kicked off the team was exactly what he wanted... but of course, he wouldn't. Instead, he shook his head, biting his tongue. By the end of the weekend, he would have his revenge and Pierre's future would be shot.

“Yeah, didn't think so. Two-a-days, starting tomorrow.” Pierre didn't say anything else to David before he walked away, though before he got too far away, he inclined his head toward Jenny and muttered, “Stay flabby, chunkster.”

Jenny scoffed and glared after Pierre, but it wasn't until he was out of earshot before she replied. “Screw you, you stupid piece of crap.” She turned back to David, who was staring at Pierre's retreating back with such intensity and hatred, it was a miracle he hadn't burned a hole in the back of Pierre's head.

Suddenly David didn't feel his sore muscles quite so much. Suddenly he found himself ignited with a new kind of loathing, paired with the insane desire to rip everything from Pierre that he loved most. He wanted to make him suffer. He wanted to destroy his life. “Just a few more days, and he'll get what's coming to him,” David muttered darkly. The bell rang and pulled him out of his thoughts, and without much more said between them, they went their separate ways for class, David's mind was on nothing but Pierre Bouvier and how much he hated him.

Things only got worse over the next few days, and David found it incredible that there had actually been a few moments when he had ever found himself getting along with Pierre, and even that one moment when he felt bad for the harsh (albeit probably true) things that he had said to the other boy. How could he have ever, even for a second, have forgotten that Pierre was nothing but an egotistical bully? Over the past week or so, David had seen nothing of the charming Pierre Bouvier that everyone else got to see. Pierre had been nothing but cruel to him.

“Is that as fast as you can run?” Pierre asked meanly from the treadmill next to David, his voice a bit ragged as he was running rather quickly himself.

“Screw... you...” David responded breathlessly, before pushing the speed button on his own treadmill to make it go faster.

“You run like a fucking girl,” Pierre continued, sounding much more gathered than David was, though he increased the speed on his treadmill to match what David was running.

“And you... are a stupid... neander... thall!” David replied, his voice barely leaving his parched throat. He closed his eyes tight and willed the burning in his legs to go away, though he soon realized that closing his eyes had been a terribly awful idea. He lost his balance and his poor, tired feet stumbled, and though his eyes shot open again and he tried to catch himself, he still fell with a loud thud to his knees and flew off of the machine, giving a startled yell followed almost immediately by a loud grunt as his back hit the wall behind him.

“Holy shit!” Pierre pulled the emergency stop plug out of his treadmill and jumped off, kneeling next to David and placing a hand tenderly on the back of his head. “Dude, are you okay?!”

David wanted to push him away and yell in his face that he was fine, but he was too dizzy to even open his eyes. He felt his eyes watering up and try as he might to keep it in, soon tears were sliding down his red, sweaty cheeks. He felt pathetic and was sure that Pierre was going to make fun of him for it, but he was so exhausted he just didn't have it inside of him anymore to control his out-of-whack emotions.

“Okay, come on,” Pierre's voice came in his ear, and before he knew what was happening, David felt arms around him and his body being lifted into the air. He opened his eyes and stared up at Pierre, who was carrying him like a groom would carry his bride, his face strangely devoid of emotion. “We're done for tonight,” he said, his voice uncharacteristically soft, though David couldn't really say that he was being caring, either.

David didn't say anything and didn't feel up to fighting the other boy off, even if he had wanted to. He didn't really want to, though, something which should have struck him as ominous but in that moment, all he had the energy to do was close his eyes and lean his head against Pierre's chest. He had finally hit the point of complete physical and mental exhaustion and there was nothing to do but try to ride it out, he supposed.

His eyes didn't open again until he heard a car door open, finding himself surprised at how quickly they had gotten outside. Had he passed out for a moment in the older boy's arms? It was the only thing that made sense to him, though when his head gave a dull throb, he decided he really didn't care that much and he let it go, not moving as Pierre leaned down and put him in the car. Pierre closed the door and got in on his own side, turning on the car and pulling on his seat belt. David felt the car begin to move, and he allowed himself to drift out again. It took only a few seconds for the car to make a loud beeping noise and Pierre gave an irritated groan and stopped the car.

When David felt an arm reach across his body, he woke with a start and turned to look at Pierre, his eyes dazed. Even in his confused, dizzy state, it was impossible to mistake the crooked smile on Pierre's lips and the slight twinkle in his eyes. “Relax, I'm just putting on your seat belt,” he explained, before pulling the strap across David's chest and buckling it for him. David stared into his brown eyes for a few long moments before that weight pulling on him brought him back into darkness and he drifted to sleep.

When he woke next, the sun was shining and David was in his bed, still fully clothed and on top of the blankets. He squinted his eyes into the sunlight, and glanced around his room in confusion, not quite sure for the first several minutes how he had gotten there and what had happened to the previous night. Then it started to come back to him in bits and pieces, like confused flashes of smoke that became a little more real the more he stared at them. By the time he remembered the night before perfectly, a solid ten minutes had gone by. David laid back in bed and closed his eyes, allowing his sore mind to drift back to sleep, though he knew that he should have been getting up and getting ready for the day. David didn't think he had ever been so glad that it was Saturday before in his entire life.

As he laid there, attempting to wish his headache away because the idea of getting up to get pain killers and water was too exhausting, the thing that stuck out the most to David was the way that Pierre had behaved toward him as soon as he had been hurt. It was like it was instinctual the way Pierre had rushed to his aid. He had been so gentle, so tender, and it had been so unlike any behavior Pierre had ever shown him before. Once more, David found himself struggling to not like Pierre a little.

What was it about the boy that continued to stump David? One moment he was cruel, and the next he was carrying him home and putting him in bed. Was Pierre's macho jerkwad personality nothing more than a front, or was he sincerely a horrible human being who occasionally cared? David really didn't know what to think anymore. Just like he hadn't told Jenny about the way Pierre had helped him up off of the ice, or about the argument that took place between them in the locker room before tryouts, David knew that he wouldn't tell Jenny about the previous night, either. He didn't want to admit that there were at least pieces of Pierre that were decent, even if they were tiny... though he didn't fully understand why he felt the need to keep those parts of the other boy a secret to his closest friend in the world.

A knock on his bedroom window pulled David out of the light sleep he had fallen back into and he started with a soft gasp, his eyes flying open in surprise. He turned to the window, which was situated above his bed, and separated the blinds enough so he could see where the knock had come from. Even though there was a part of him that knew he shouldn't have been surprised to see Pierre's face there, it still came as a slight shock to him.

David sat up and pulled the blinds up entirely, before pushing the window open and giving a groggy, “What's up?”

“Just wanted to make sure you were actually gonna get your ass out of bed in time for the game,” Pierre responded stiffly. David regarded the other boy for a moment, feeling a mixture of relief and disappointment that the old Pierre was back in full.

“And you didn't just call because...?” David responded with a look of defeat and mingled skepticism.

“I didn't wanna waste my time calling in case you were dead or something,” Pierre explained, and there was something in the way he said it that made David think the other boy had actually been hoping for his demise.

“How very thoughtful of you,” David replied with an eye roll, before turning and laying back in his bed.

“Just get up and get your ass to the fucking rink.” Those were the last words Pierre said before he turned and left, making David question again why he hadn't just called. The thought that the senior might have been worried for him briefly crossed David's mind, but he shook it off and got himself out of bed, allowing his mind to wander to other things. He was determined that a waste of space like Pierre wouldn't be the sole thing to occupy his thoughts. The other boy didn't deserve his time.

It didn't take David long to get ready, considering that morning he decided he could skip his shower. What would be the point of getting clean only to play a hockey game and get sweaty and dirty all over again?

“This is it,” Jenny told him, excitement ringing through her words.

David couldn't stop the grin that spread on his lips and he nodded in response as he pulled into a parking space. “All of that hard work is finally going to pay off,” David replied, clearly just as excited as she was.

“Pierre Bouvier is finally going to get what's coming to him,” Jenny said in a kind of overjoyed fervor.

They parted ways at the door to the locker room, and though Jenny would have to sit in the stands for an extended period of time before the game started, she knew it would be worth it once the game was lost and the talent scout was thoroughly disappointed.

David felt very much the same way as he sat in the locker room, listening to the excited chatter from his teammates around him. He couldn't deny the sense of adrenaline that was coursing through his veins, and though he tried to attribute it to the fact that it was finally time to put the plan to action, he knew there was a part of him that was feeling before-game nerves... even if he did intend to lose. As he looked around the locker room at everyone he had come to hate over the past several years, it really didn't surprise him that no one bothered to talk to him, not even with something as insincere as a, “Good luck,” or even a cliché, “Break a leg!” No, it appeared that—despite his natural skill—he was still considered a loser to every single person in that room, Pierre Bouvier included.

Then, out of no where, David heard an irritated growl and a loud, “Are you fucking serious?! God!” David perked up and his head snapped around, noticing a very irate Pierre talking to the team coach. His eyes didn't leave Pierre for a second, even as he moved to talk to a concerned team mate. The words that followed the older boy's little outburst made David feel as if a weight had just dropped into his stomach. “The fucking scout's not coming,” Pierre complained, shaking his head and clenching his jaw in his anger.

“Dude, nuh-uh!” his teammate replied, looking incredulous and irritated, though not nearly as much as Pierre was.

“Yeah. The airport was snowed in. He can't make it,” Pierre explained, rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

“That's not so bad though, right? I mean, he'll come to another game,” the teammate tried to reason, but it didn't seem to make Pierre feel better in the slightest.

“Maybe,” Pierre grumbled, shaking his head again. “This is just so typical.”

David didn't have time to think before the coach was calling them all together and giving them a speech that was supposed to motivate them to play well. David didn't hear a word of it. His mind was reeling and more than anything he wished he had a way of talking to Jenny, to ask her what he was supposed to do. Should he just give up and hope and the scout never came to another game? Or should he stay on course, even though there had been a slight bump in the road. Before he knew it, he was on the ice in front of the goal, and suddenly he knew what he had to do: he had to win.

And so he did. David blocked nearly every shot that came his way, and his teammates took care of the rest. Pierre did a majority of the scoring, though as he watched him, David didn't think that he was selfish with the puck; he was just simply the best player on the team. Every so often he would catch Jenny's eye in the stands, hating the look of anger, confusion and betrayal on her face. So badly he wished that he could explain what had happened to her, but he knew there was no way and so he tried to focus on the game, determined that he would play his best, stay on the team, and ruin another game on another day. More than he knew anything, in that moment he knew he had come too far to give up.

When the final buzzer rang, David watched his teammates rejoicing and his turned quickly to the scoreboard, amazed to see that they had actually won. He felt elation rush through him and without being able to help it, he was smiling, every so often giving off a shocked laugh. Maybe he shouldn't have enjoyed winning so much, but it would have been a lie to say that it didn't feel absolutely amazing to him. A hockey game had been won because he helped. David had never felt anything quite like it before.

When he got back into the locker room, David didn't know what to expect. Would his teammates suddenly be nice to him because he had done a good job, or would they continue to treat him like a poisonous insect? His question was answered when he walked in after everyone else and no one spoke a word to him, though several people glanced briefly in his direction. Disappointment picked at his insides and he showered and threw his clothes on, not attempting to speak to anyone as he left. He would get them all back, he told himself.

“David, what the hell?!” Jenny's voice came when David got outside, and he turned to look at her, intending to tell her everything immediately.

“Jenny, I can explain,” he told her quickly, though before he could get another word out, he heard his name from behind him.

“David, wait up,” Pierre said, jogging to meet the younger boy without giving Jenny so much as a glance.

“What?” David asked a little defensively.

“We're gonna go get pizza. You in?” Pierre asked nonchalantly, as if it wasn't weird in the slightest that he was extending an invitation to David.

For a moment, David simply stared open mouthed at him. It wasn't until Pierre gave him a weird look that David realized he was just staring at him. He jumped a little and nodded, so taken aback by the offer that he accepted without thinking about it.

“Come on then, you can ride with me,” Pierre said, before turning and walking away.

“What the hell?!” Jenny asked again, sounding angrier than she had before.

“The scout didn't come, he's gonna come later, I'll tell you more in detail later tonight, okay? Bye!” David spewed as quickly as he could, before running off after Pierre. If he was going to stay on the team until a scout decided to come to another game, he knew he was going to have to get in with the rest of the team, and turning down the team captain's offer to hang out with everyone seemed like a pretty bad way to start. He would explain everything to Jenny as soon as he could, but in that moment, he was determined to become one of the team... even if it was all just pretend.

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