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Behind The Net, Chapter Eight

Title: Behind The Net
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Eight
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 4254
Summary: David Desrosiers isn't your typical sixteen year old boy living in Juneau, Alaska. Bullied relentlessly by Pierre Bouvier, a boy he's known since elementary school, David and his best friend Jenny come up with a back-handed plan to seek revenge on the boy who makes their lives a living Hell.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: Sorry this is so late! My computer crashed. Luckily I have an amazing, genius boyfriend and he fixed it!

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To say that sleeping over night curled up in the backseat of a midsize sedan was a little uncomfortable would have been a vast understatement. There was an ache in the back of David's neck that worked its way all the way down his spine, accompanied by a sharp stabbing sensation more toward the left-middle side... and yet, there was something extremely comforting in the way he was held in Pierre's arms. Several times David found himself opening his eyes and looking around, and though each time it crossed his mind to sit up and stretch himself out, there was something that held him where he was, something far less literal than a pair of strong, toned arms around his shoulders. When it came down to it, David didn't want to move because he felt safe and comfortable in Pierre's arms, even if physically it was about as comfortable as laying on a bed of hot sauce covered cacti.

As the sun began to rise and David was able to see more of the inside of the car, the periods of time in which he was awake began to last longer, though his mind wandered and he hardly allowed himself to move. The memory of the tender moment he had shared with Pierre the previous night came creeping back to him, and no matter how he had tried to convince himself that nothing had been going on the previous night, the longer he laid there in the cold, still, December morning air, the more obviously Pierre's intentions stood out to him.

It was with a bit lower-lip and bated breath that David pulled slowly back, moving only far enough away to look at Pierre's sleeping face next to his. As he looked over Pierre—who hadn't stirred once throughout the night, it seemed—he couldn't help but smile a little bit. Maybe it was the way that Pierre looked so peaceful and innocent, almost childlike in nature. His shaggy brown hair fell across his forehead in the most attractive, perfect kind of way, something which made David only want to hate the other boy that much more, but for the first time he couldn't honestly make himself do it. In that moment, David felt a little bit helpless.

His shaking arm buckled a little bit underneath his weight, making him fall forward enough that his forehead bumped against Pierre's cheek over so softly, and for the first time since they had settled down to go to sleep, David felt Pierre move. He felt his heart skip a beat, afraid that Pierre would wake up and catch him staring at him, but when he felt a hand move from its resting place on his waist and travel up his arm to his shoulder, there was a part of David that understood Pierre wouldn't have minded anyway. He swallowed hard as Pierre wrapped his arms tighter around David's shoulders and pulled him in, holding him in a tight embrace, and David felt a tightness grip his chest that made it hard to breathe.

David closed his eyes and bit his lips together, trying to hide the sound of his ragged breathing and the feel of his shaking body. He didn't want Pierre to know how nervous he made him, because he didn't want Pierre to get any ideas in his head about what it meant. Hell, David didn't even know what it meant. Or maybe he did, and he just didn't want to think about it. When he heard Pierre's breathing regulate again and felt his grip loosen slightly, David knew that the coast was clear and he allowed himself to relax. As he relaxed his jaw enough to let out a slow breath, he heard it shake from his lips, a sound which made his entire body flush in realization. He was attracted to Pierre, wasn't he?

After several long minutes of arguing with himself mentally, Pierre gave a soft groan and began to shift, and David stiffened in his arms. It was as if he was paranoid that the other boy would be able to read his thoughts and know the things he had been thinking about him. Pierre stretched his arms
above his head as best as he could in the cramped backseat of the car, and David moved away from him, sitting up and looking out the window with his face turned far from the other boy's. He didn't want him to see the way he was blushing, or feel the way he was trembling. Honestly, it all made him feel a little bit sick.

“You cold?” Pierre asked, his voice gruff but strangely strong in the silence that seemed to surround them.

“No... why?” David replied, staring resolutely out the window. He supposed that his refusal to look at Pierre would seem more strange than anything else, but right at that second his mind wasn't working the way that it usually did.

“You're shivering,” Pierre responded, placing a hand on David's upper arm.

David felt goosebumps erupt across his skin, sending a chill down his spine and causing his insides to quiver. “Oh, y-yeah,” he amended, hoping that this response could be a reaction to the cold, though he could tell from the feel of Pierre's hand against his skin that he was warm to the touch and Pierre would know he was being less than honest.

If Pierre noticed anything, he didn't let on to David that he did. Instead, he moved his hand and for a few long seconds, David was too self-absorbed to notice what the other boy was doing. He glanced at the older boy, watching as he pulled his cell phone out and began to do something on it, his mind racing with thoughts that he never would have imagined himself having in a million years. What was Pierre thinking? It drove him nuts that he never could tell, even though this was the first time it had really upset him. Suddenly he found himself looking back to previous encounters with the older boy and trying to dissect them, wondering where Pierre's mind had been on previous days and if there had ever been any meaning behind any of his actions. Though it had never really crossed his mind before, now it was driving him crazy that he couldn't read the senior.

“Dad? Hey,” Pierre started, and David pulled himself from his thoughts with a slight shake of his head.

“You have service?!” David asked excitedly, unable to keep it to himself, but Pierre shot him an irritated glare and shook a hand toward him as if telling him to shut up. David didn't know why he listened, but the response was instantaneous. He silenced himself immediately, his body tensing as if he was reeling himself back in and holding in his words so as to not disturb Pierre's conversation. Then he realized what he was doing and he glared defiantly at Pierre and turned to look out the window again, verbally abusing the other boy for having such control over him without his consent or knowledge.

When had this happened? He couldn't deny the way he was behaving; he was clearly acting like a love-struck teenage girl... but when? And why? How had he gone from hating Pierre Bouvier with a passion to taking a road trip with the boy, getting stranded in the snow and having to snuggle all night for warmth? And worse, when had he started to like it? He didn't want to accept it, but it was there, undeniably in his face that for whatever reason, he was crushing on Pierre. He hated that it was so obvious to himself that he couldn't even deny it. It only made him wish it wasn't true that much more.

“Dude, are you even fucking listening to me?” Pierre asked, shoving David's arm, and David jumped slightly and turned back around, facing Pierre with pink cheeks and wide eyes. Pierre stared with irritation at David, shaking his head slowly. “Of course you weren't,” he muttered.

“Sorry,” David replied, so aware of the fact that he was blushing that he only blushed harder because of it. “I didn't sleep well...” he tried to explain, hoping that Pierre would take him at his word and leave it at that, and though the older boy looked at him with a skeptical, furrowed brow for a few seconds, he soon moved past it.

“My dad activated the GPS in the car and he's sending a tow-truck to us,” Pierre explained slowly.

“Oh... Cool,” David replied quietly, not really sure what else he was supposed to say. Conversation with Pierre had always felt awkward but after what had happened the night before, any discomfort he had ever felt around Pierre in the past now felt like the two had been close, personal friends in comparison.

Pierre nodded but he didn't bother to say anything else and he didn't turn to look at David. Though he tried to keep himself from doing it, David kept finding his eyes on Pierre's face, surveying every detail and trying to glean even the tiniest of hints from his features that could tell him what the older boy was thinking, but everything about him was calm and collected, stoic and silent; David didn't even know how to describe how frustratingly compelling it was.

What the fuck is wrong with me? David mentally abused himself, shaking his head a little and forcing himself to look out the window. He reminded himself of all of the things Pierre had ever said or done to him, they way Pierre had tortured and bullied him and his best friend, the names he had called the both of them. Pierre Bouvier had been nothing but a tyrant to David and his best friend, and yet in that moment, he couldn't deny that there had definitely been a part of him the previous night that had wanted Pierre to kiss him. Of all of the thoughts he had been having since the night before, the thought of kissing the older boy was the most horrifying and inviting one of them all.

David shuddered to think of what Jenny would think if she only knew the things that were going on in his mind. Was she right in saying that he had accepted his role in the in-crowd and no longer had time for her anymore? Had he simply been taken in by how good it felt to be accepted for once in his life and lost track of what he was supposed to be doing? It was easy to say that he was just staying on the team until a talent scout finally showed up to a game so he could ruin Pierre's chances at being recruited, but as much as he reluctantly knew that he had wanted to kiss Pierre the night before, he reluctantly knew that he was enjoying his role on the team. Every puck he caught made him feel amazing and useful for once, and every game they won felt like an accomplishment that he could actually be proud of. So even though he didn't want to admit it, he knew that on many levels, Jenny had been right about him.

As if he couldn't control it anymore, David glanced back at Pierre and instantly he felt a tight pressure grip at his chest. He couldn't help but feel that there was something more to Pierre, something that the boy hid from the world. There had been such a tenderness in his deep brown eyes the night before, and David didn't think he had ever felt anything so delicate as the way Pierre's fingers had brushed against the skin of the back of his neck. As he looked over Pierre's features, who didn't seem to have moved at all in the ten or so minutes they had been sitting in silence, David recalled the previous night's accident and how concerned and apologetic and sweet the older boy had been to him. Even though he had only ever known the cruel, uncaring Pierre Bouvier, something in David was making him believe that there was something greater inside of him. There just had to be.

It wasn't until the tow truck showed up nearly an hour later that David or Pierre broke the silent spell that had fallen over the two of them. There was a part of David that almost wished he and Pierre would start fighting, just for a break from the silence, but awkward silence seemed to be their thing and from all that he had to go on from the other boy, Pierre didn't seem to mind it at all. David shivered as he got out of the backseat of the car, though it felt amazing to stretch his limbs and by the time he was opening the door of the tow truck, he found himself dreading the ride to wherever it was they were going; whether they were being towed to a car repair shop or all the way back to Alaska, he didn't know.

Pierre walked over to where David was standing by the tow truck, though he hardly looked at David and he made no move to say anything. Curiosity got the better of David and he opened his mouth to ask where they were being towed to, though he didn't get out more than, “So, I was wondering...” before Pierre cut him off with a tone that was less than friendly.

“Don't get all faggy on me,” Pierre cut in, his voice dripping with hostility.

David's mouth fell open and he scoffed quietly, staring for a moment in shock at Pierre. He knew he shouldn't have been surprised by the other boy's words but it still caught him off guard and for a long moment, he could do nothing but stare. “Come again?” David asked, his voice ripe with incredulous anger.

“Whatever it is you're thinking about saying, I'm sure it's gonna be fuckin' faggy and I'm really not in the mood to hear it,” Pierre told him bluntly, only offending David further.

Everything that David had just been thinking about Pierre having something good inside of him flew from his mind and in that moment, David completely abandoned all hope that there might have actually been a good person underneath that douchey-exterior. “You're a real piece of work, you know that?” he asked rhetorically.

You're a real piece of work,” Pierre repeated in a mocking tone, scrunching up his face in mock-anger, bringing another scoff involuntarily from the back of David's throat, this one louder. “Fucking faggot,” he muttered with a roll of his eyes before he turned and walked back to the tow-truck driver, leaving David standing stunned in his wake.

David actually felt tears stinging in his eyes, tears of anger, of frustration, and a little bit of disappointment, though he wouldn't admit the last part to himself. He didn't want to admit to himself that he had been hoping for Pierre to turn out to be a truly decent person. He didn't want to admit to himself that he had momentarily been crushing decently hard on the senior who had made his life a living Hell for as long as he could remember. And he really didn't want to admit that for a moment, no matter how brief that moment may have been, there was a part of him that had wanted a happy ending with the other boy, even if he hadn't really allowed his mind to wander that far.

For the rest of the day, David didn't speak a single word to Pierre—not when they got in the tow-truck, not while they were picking up the rental car Pierre's father had reserved for them, and not once during the entire twelve hour drive home. The silence between them was thick and uncomfortable, much more awkward than any silence had ever been between them before. David kept his eyes trained resolutely out the passenger side window, absolutely refusing to give Pierre the satisfaction of looking at him. Every so often, Pierre would make a noise or start to speak, a few times he went so far as to ask David a question or make some off the wall comment to him, but David made no move to respond, and after the first several times of this happening, Pierre seemed to give up.

David couldn't really put into words how angry he was with the senior. He had been fooled by Pierre's sweet act, sucked into his charming smile and his devilish good looks. To think that he had actually thought for a moment that he might have had feelings for the other boy made David want to bash his head through the car window. He felt stupid, like he should have known better, like he had allowed himself to fall into a trap that was clearly labeled and lit with neon, flashing signs. Maybe that was the worst part of all of it.

When Pierre pulled up to his house finally, it was late again, and David didn't bother to say a single word to the older boy. He could see Pierre looking at him as he got out of the car, and even when he grabbed his bag from the back and closed the car door, he felt Pierre's eyes following him, and still he didn't say a thing. The moment he walked inside and closed the door behind him, however, David felt his frustration peak and he leaned back against the door and let out an irritated yell. He leaned his head back and rested it against the door, allowing his eyes to close and trying to reel in how intensely angry he was. He wanted to hit Pierre worse than he ever had before in his life. Pierre had insulted him and picked on him more times than David could even recall, but there was something about this that felt more personal somehow, almost as if Pierre had flirted with him and nearly kissed him for the sole purpose of watching David fall for him and then crushing his spirit. Now more than ever, David wanted to ruin him.

Without bothering to unpack his things, take a shower or get settled back into being home, David grabbed his car keys and turned right back around, determined to mend things with Jenny that very night. The burning flame in his stomach that was propelling him forward couldn't wait until morning to talk to her; he needed to talk to her as soon as he possibly could. And so he headed to her house, his feeling of being personally insulted by Pierre fueling his anger in a way that he had never felt before in his life. Lost in thought, it took no time before he was standing at Jenny's door like a dog with its tail between its legs... Albeit a really angry dog with its tail between its legs.

When the door opened and he found himself standing face to face with Jenny, suddenly David felt a nervous knot in his stomach and for the moment, his anger faded. Instead it was replaced with the guilt and shame associated with the abandonment of his oldest and dearest friend, and when she glared, shook her head and started to close the door on his face, he couldn't say that he was surprised in the slightest.

“Jenny wait,” David pleaded as he stepped forward and put his hand on the door to stop her from closing it. He felt her push against it, but working out had made him strong and keeping it open was like nothing for him. Jenny sighed and rolled her eyes, taking a moment before she looked at him with so much anger and contempt that David could practically feel it stabbing at him.

“What do you want, David?” she asked angrily.

“Look, I know you have every right to be pissed at me,” he started, and when she nodded but continued to stand there looking at him, David knew that she would forgive him if he only apologized enough. “I was a jerk. I got caught up in being popular and I wasn't fair to you at all. You've always been there for me no matter what, and I didn't do the same thing for you. I let you down and I'm really, really sorry,” he told her sincerely.

Jenny continued to stare at David for a few seconds longer, her expression unchanging, before she gave a sad smile, sighed, and stepped back as if inviting him inside. David didn't get two steps inside before he was hugging her, and it was an amazing comfort to him that she hugged him back, no matter how horrible he had been to her over the past several weeks. She forgave him just like that, something which only made David feel worse about the way he had behaved toward her. Together, they went to her room and began to talk, though for the time being they both carefully avoided anything that had to do with hockey, the team or Pierre Bouvier.

After a while, however, David found himself thinking more and more about the almost-kiss between himself and Pierre, and even though most of him didn't want to do it, there was a part of him that knew he had to tell Jenny... he just decided that he would be careful about how he worded this confession.

“Pierre tried to kiss me,” he randomly blurted out, and unsurprisingly, Jenny's eyes widened and her jaw dropped in shock.

“Say WHAT?!” she yelled in response without hesitation.

David blushed and nodded his head, holding an expression on his face like it had mortified him, when in actuality he had been quite nervous and slightly aroused by the situation. “Yeah. Tried to kiss me. On the lips. Hand on the back of my neck and everything,” he continued, doing his best to sound indignant about it.

“You've been here thirty minutes and that wasn't the first thing out of your mouth?!” Jenny yelled at him, aiming a smack at his arm and hitting him hard.

David flinched away and grabbed his arm, though he was laughing just the same and looked apologetic. “I'm sorry! It just freaked me out and I wasn't even sure if I wanted to admit to it!” he told her honestly enough... It did freak him out, after all, just not for the reasons that he wanted to lead her to believe.

“I knew there was some reason he was such a dick to you! He's totally in the closet!” Jenny ranted, sounding extremely excited by the idea in a devious kind of way. “We have to get him,” she said fervently, staring into David's eyes with a kind of fervor that David hadn't seen in them in weeks.

“Jen, maybe we should just let this go. Look what happened last time we tried to get revenge on him! Nothing happened to him and we got torn apart as friends,” David tried to reason with her.

“Yeah but this is different!” she replied quickly, though when David still looked unsure, she leaned in and continued. “Think about it, you get him to kiss you, I take a picture and we send it to everyone in school. It would be so easy and you know he deserves it!”

“But why should it be up to us to decide who deserves to have their life destroyed? Can't we just let karma get him later?” David asked, sounding uncomfortable.

Jenny looked at David for a moment, a look of comprehension on her features. “Do you like him?” she asked quietly, almost as if she was afraid to ask the question because she was even more afraid of what his answer would be.

David shook his head and responded with a quick and fiery, “God no!” Jenny looked immediately relieved and David shook his head again, continuing. “I just don't want anything to come between our friendship ever again. And what if this time something happens to us and we can't fix it? I never want to lose you.”

“David, you know better now. Nothing's gonna come between us this time, I promise,” she told him, sounding sure of herself.

“I don't know...” David replied uncertainly.

“Come on, David, how many opportunities will we ever get like this?” Jenny pressed on, sounding almost desperate. “Think about everything he's done to us... to you...” When she said this, David's mind flashed back to the almost-kiss, then to the way Pierre had attacked him the next day and suddenly he wanted to do it just as badly as she did.

“You're right,” David told her with a nod. Jenny grinned and nodded, excitement clearly gripping at her. “Pierre Bouvier is a piece of scum... and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to take him down.” And just like that, David and Jenny were united once more against a common enemy... and this time, David wasn't going to let anything get in the way of destroying the person he hated more than anyone else on the planet. Nothing was going to save Pierre Bouvier now.

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