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Behind The Net, Chapter Ten

Title: Behind The Net
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Ten
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 4477
Summary: David Desrosiers isn't your typical sixteen year old boy living in Juneau, Alaska. Bullied relentlessly by Pierre Bouvier, a boy he's known since elementary school, David and his best friend Jenny come up with a back-handed plan to seek revenge on the boy who makes their lives a living Hell.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: Alrighty, going strong so far! I'm gonna try to get back into a schedule of uploading chapters, Tuesday mornings (PST). :)

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“Hey man, do you want a wiener?”

The sound of Pierre's voice drew David's attention from the hockey game before him and he turned to look at the older boy, his cheeks instantly flushing and his eyes widening at the shock of the question. “W-what?” he stuttered out, not sure that he had heard the other boy correctly.

Pierre's brow furrowed in confusion and he regarded David skeptically, before indicating with his thumb toward something behind where David was sitting. “A wiener?” he reiterated slowly, as if David's confusion was totally unwarranted. David turned to look where Pierre was pointing, noticing a man standing to the side of him with a box of concessions and a goofy hat on, and suddenly his misunderstanding dawned on him.

“Ohhh!” David sighed in relief, his blush deepening as he looked up at the man, who was waiting expectantly for his answer. “Uh, sure,” he replied and he reached into the front pocket of his grey skinny jeans for the small wad of cash that he had brought with him to the game.

“Don't worry about it, I got it,” Pierre told him and as he did he reached across David with a ten dollar bill extended to the vendor. “Keep the change,” he added with a nod.

To what happened next, David didn't really pay any attention. Instead he was focused on the way that Pierre was leaning over him, so closely that he could feel the warmth of his breath on his cheek, and smell the peppermint gum he had been chewing on almost to the point that he could taste it, himself. He swallowed nervously, trying not to be obvious about how suddenly anxious he was, and though he knew he should have looked toward the man with the hot dogs, or leaned away from the proximity of their bodies, he couldn't make himself do it. Instead he let his eyes focus on Pierre's features, unsure if the boy could tell that he was staring or not. Everything that he had hated about Pierre before had managed to turn into reasons to find the older boy attractive. His skin was flawless and smooth, even from so close; his eyes were the most divinely rich shade of chocolate brown that David had ever seen on a person; his lips were soft pink and perfectly shaped—not too big and not too small, and when he smiled, it lit up his whole face in a way that made David's world go fuzzy. How could one person have been born so beautiful?

Pierre sat back in his seat, holding two foil wrapped hot dogs in his hands and turning his eyes back to the game before them, while David did his best to pull himself back to reality. He wondered how his face looked at that moment—if he was blushing, if he looked nervous, if he possibly even had started to sweat a little bit. He felt that he looked so obvious that he might as well have had it written on his forehead in bright, red letters: CRUSH.

“Here ya go, bro,” Pierre said nonchalantly, and suddenly David felt a little bit better. Pierre hadn't even been phased by his behavior, which told him that either Pierre was really clueless or that David just really wasn't as transparent as he thought that he was.

“Thanks,” David replied, taking the hot dog, unwrapping it and taking a modestly sized bite out of it. One thing had changed over the last few days, something which David noticed with a twinge in his heart strings: Pierre had been using every casual word he could to remind David that they were friends and nothing more. Did he realize that David was harboring feelings for him, or was it simply something that had changed because Pierre had opened up to the younger boy and the two had come to share an actual friendship? It was true that before Christmas morning, the two had never really gotten along very well. So maybe the change in the way Pierre addressed him was due to nothing more than the fact that this was the first time in their lives that Pierre had ever actually considered David to be one of his friends. David told himself continually that the latter was most likely the reason behind it, but his aching heart and paranoid mind believed that his feelings were more plainly visible than he wished that they were.

Still, he couldn't argue that the change in the older boy had been for the better. After that one encounter, things between them had gone rather smoothly. Pierre acted as if he had never broken down and shown such devastating emotion, and maybe it was for the better, for now everything felt light, casual and easy between the two, and it made for a nice change. True to his word, Pierre hadn't uttered a single hurtful word to David in the past few days, though David did have to remind himself that they had only spent time alone. Would his attitude carry over to school when their winter vacation was at its end?

Much to David's surprise, Pierre was just as cool to David on the first day back at school as he had been for the last week of their vacation, and what surprised him even further was that the treatment extended to Jenny. While David was rather optimistic about the change, it only made Jenny suspicious and uncomfortable.

“I don't get what he's doing,” Jenny said, glaring after Pierre's retreating back as he made his way down the hall.

David's eyes hadn't left Pierre from the moment he had approached the two, doing nothing more than giving a friendly greeting to the both of them as he passed. Even so, he had followed the senior's movements with his eyes, his mind going into a sort of fuzzy, out-of-body state, and a soft smile encompassing his features. The moment he heard Jenny's voice, however, he perked himself up and shoved his head back into their shared locker, muttering a non-committal, “Yeah, I dunno...”

“Why is he being nice to me?” Jenny continued to wonder, unaware of the dream-like state her friend had just been in. David shrugged in response and continued to mess with his things in the locker, not really doing anything but attempting to seem casual about it. “He hasn't said anything to you? Done anything differently?” she questioned David, turning her attention back to him.

David shook his head and raised his eyebrows in mock-innocence. “No, not that I can think of...” he trailed off, praying internally that Jenny wouldn't see through his lie. While he told her about the hockey tickets, he had left out literally every single other part of what had happened between the two in her absence. He knew that his best friend wouldn't take any of it well, and that it would most definitely cause major problems for their friendship.

“Hmm.” Jenny turned her back to the wall of lockers and leaned against it, a look of skeptical pondering on her face. Then suddenly, she brightened up and turned quickly back to David as he closed their locker and began to move down the hallway toward his first class of the day, going the same direction in which Pierre had disappeared. “I know!” she exclaimed suddenly, drawing the attention of a few people passing them. David shot her a look like he thought she was crazy and shushed her, and after taking a moment to recollect herself, she continued on. “I bet it has something to do with that almost-kiss,” she whispered, nodding fervently.

David blushed and looked quickly around, though no one seemed to take any more notice of the two. “What do you mean?” he replied in a whisper, sounding nervous and uncertain.

“Well, he's obviously fallen madly in love with you and he doesn't want to upset you. That must be why he's being nice to me!” Jenny explained in an excited, yet hushed tone.

David thought about it, and for a moment he allowed his mind to slip off into a world where it could have been true. He imagined Pierre walking up to him in the hallway, sweeping him up into his arms and kissing him so forcefully that for a few minutes afterward, David wouldn't be able to stand. The idea was so inviting that it gave him goosebumps and he forced himself back to reality, shaking his head to rid himself of the thought. Jenny watched him, assuming that he was disagreeing.

“It's not such a crazy idea,” she said, sounding a little frustrated by his resistance to believe her theory.

“Look, let's talk about this later,” was David's only response, and he pushed open the door to his first class of the day. He wasn't surprised that she looked irritated and a little put off when he turned back to her. “Maybe you're right,” he added quickly, hoping not to have her upset with him by lunch time. “I gotta get to class,” he finished, and gave a smile before turning into the classroom, not giving her another glance.

As soon as he got into the room and he heard the door swing shut behind him, David's eyes found Pierre's. He smiled and gave a small wave, getting an ear-to-ear grin and a nod in return. How things have changed, he thought to himself with an internal flutter before making his way to his seat near the back.

Weeks passed and Pierre's behavior toward him and Jenny didn't falter. Not a single insult was slung their way, something which only managed to bolster Jenny's theory about Pierre's feelings for her best friend. David continued to push her suspicions aside, telling her that maybe they were wrong and that he had experienced a change of heart. One day he had been so bold as to suggest that Pierre had had a life-altering epiphany on Christmas morning, and that perhaps his “small heart grew three sizes that day.” When Jenny pointed out that he had just delivered an exact quote from Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, however, he knew that he hadn't convinced her in the slightest.

“Oh come on, David! Really?” Jenny's voice rang loudly in David's mind, like she was inside his brain speaking to him, rather than sitting at the chair in front of his bedroom desk.

David blushed and pulled himself back to reality, his mind coming back from the memory of the hockey game non-date that he and Pierre had gone on several weeks earlier. January had turned into February and the end of the regular hockey season was quickly approaching. As far as Jenny knew, the plan was still in full motion. “Wha?” he replied in a dazed tone, staring at his best friend from over the top of the sketch pad Pierre had gifted him for Christmas.

“I've been talking to you for like, five minutes and you've just been doodling!” Jenny complained with a glare.

“Sorry, I guess I'm just distracted,” he muttered, and as he said this, his eyes flicked down to the sketch pad held firmly in his hand, though he hadn't merely been 'doodling' as his best friend had suggested. On the page before him was a gorgeous drawing of the boy who had been occupying his mind for weeks, drawn in nearly perfect detail, though David thought that he hadn't quite captured the way Pierre's beautiful, dark eyes seemed to sparkle.

“Well get it together!” she complained with a huff. David shot her an apologetic smile and she glared playfully at him. “The last game of the season is tomorrow, the game that decides whether or not you go to state! If you win, there's no way you can't get a kiss out of Pierre! He'll be so happy, he won't be able to keep it in anymore,” she told him, something that she had said multiple times before, and just like he had every time she had mentioned it before, David shook his head slowly. “Oh, come on! You can't seriously think that he doesn't have feelings for you. Look at the way he's been treating you!” she reasoned with him fervently.

“I just don't think so. He's been treating me like a friend, like he treats any of his friends,” David told her, using his same, tired argument.

“Friends don't try to kiss other friends!” she threw back at him, clearly frustrated now.

“Maybe I mistook the situation,” David speculated, his eyes going back to the drawing of Pierre; he continued to add small details—a little shading here, a messy hair or two there. “I mean, he really hasn't done anything since then to suggest he likes me as more than a friend,” he continued, though as he said it, his mind flashed back to Christmas morning and he felt like his statement was borderline lying.

Jenny sighed and grumbled something under her breath, giving up the argument for the moment because she could see that it was going nowhere. “Whatever. All you can do is try tomorrow and if it doesn't work, then I guess this was all for nothing.” David gave a half-aware sort of nod, his facial expression softening as he continued to affectionately perfect his piece of art. Jenny glared at David for a few more seconds before a look of curiosity dawned her features and she inclined her head toward him. “What are you drawing over there, anyway?” she asked, and as she did, she moved to get up, to bring herself into viewing distance.

David sat up straight and blushed hard, pulling the pad tightly against his chest and holding it there with both arms. “Nothing!” he blurted out, causing Jenny to halt on her way to him and stare at him with wide eyes.

Shock soon turned to suspicion and she moved more quickly toward him. “What are you hiding?” she questioned him, but David pulled himself further away and shook his head.

“It's a surprise!” he invented wildly, twisting his body away from her in an attempt to better protect the drawing from her. This seemed to placate her for a moment and again she stopped, standing near the end of David's bed with a questioning look on her face.

“A surprise?”

“Yeah,” David continued, hoping to lie well enough to smooth over her suspicions. “I'm... I'm designing you a prom dress,” he explained, making this up entirely off of the top of his head.

“You are?” she asked, and David could tell by the pure confusion in her tone that his lie had worked.

“Yes, but it's not finished yet, so you don't get to see it.” There. That would buy him some time, he told himself.

“David, prom isn't for like, three months. And besides, I'm not going,” she replied with a roll of her eyes. “No one's even gonna ask me.”

“Well I'm asking!” he said firmly.

Jenny gave a scoff in return and shook her head, but she didn't push the matter further and David let it die there. Instead, he closed the sketch pad and tossed it to the side on his bed. “Let's go to a movie,” he said suddenly, wanting to draw every last bit of her attention away from what had just happened.

“And what about our homework?” Jenny asked, clearly surprised by the sudden change of direction.

“We can do it tomorrow! Come on, it's Friday night! When was the last time you and I just went out and had a little fun?”

“I dunno, David, we have a lot of homework to do,” she replied uncertainly.

“Come on, it's just one night!” he continued excitedly.

After another few seconds, Jenny cracked and gave a sigh, though she smiled and nodded just the same. “Alright, fine,” she grumbled, as if she didn't want to go.

“Yes! Okay, I'm gonna go grab us some snacks and then we'll go,” he said quickly, and without another word he rushed out of the room. His mind was buzzing as he went to the pantry and started to pull out small, movie friendly snacks that they would sneak into the theater in Jenny's purse. He let his mind wander as he did, unable to keep himself from thinking about all of the things that his best friend had said, the reasons she continued to give him over and over about why it was obvious that Pierre had a thing for him. David wanted to believe it too badly, and that was why he couldn't allow himself to do just that. What would stop his heart from breaking if he tried to kiss Pierre and was rejected? He had given into his feelings and now he was afraid of them, more afraid than he'd ever been of his own feelings before in his life. He didn't want to know what that level of rejection would feel like.

“Alright, I got us some cookies I made a few days ago and a couple small bags of chips...” David started, looking at the food in his hands as he made his way back into his room.

“What the hell is this?” Jenny voice pierced the air, her voice dangerously low and angry sounding.

David looked up to see what had happened and in an instant he saw her standing near the edge of his bed again, holding his open sketch pad and staring down at the picture he had been putting so much thought into of Pierre. His breath caught in his throat and he dropped the snacks out of his hands, feeling as if the world had frozen around him, terror holding him perfectly still.

When Jenny looked up and searched David's eyes for some kind of understanding, David was able to give no answer. “I can't believe I didn't see it,” she whispered, still holding the picture in her hands as her eyes lit up with righteous anger and betrayal. “Now I get why you've been so resistant about Pierre. The signs were all there and I was just too stupid to see it. You like him.” It wasn't a question and it was obvious that she didn't want an answer, which was for the best because David felt as if his mouth had gone completely dry, leaving him incapable of speech. All he could do was shake his head quickly. “I can't believe you! I can't believe you would stab me in the back like this!” Suddenly Jenny was yelling at David in a way that she never had before. “After everything he's done to us! To me! To you! He's been awful! Cruel! And you fell for him?! He's the enemy, David!”

Suddenly David didn't have control over himself anymore. His mouth opened and words came out, faster and louder than he would have thought possible. “You don't even know him!” he retorted angrily, though he regretting speaking the words as soon as he realized they had come out. He inhaled a sharp breath and held it, taking a shaky step back in his surprise at his own words, the words that he honestly hadn't meant to speak.

“Oh my God... it's even worse than I thought! You're in love with him!

The words rung through David's ears, and though he didn't confirm her accusation, he didn't deny it, either. This only reaffirmed what Jenny had just thought aloud.

“I just can't believe you would do this,” she muttered, throwing the rest of her books into her backpack, zipping it up and storming out of his bedroom, shoving past him as he stood frozen in the doorway.

After a second, his mind clicked back into place and he rushed after her, following her out onto the front lawn. “You don't understand!” he tried to reason with her, but she shook her head and continued to stalk away from him, not wanting to listen to another word he had to say. “Please! Jenny!” David called after her, stopping at the edge of his lawn. “At least let me drive you home!” he begged.

“Don't talk to me ever again!” Jenny yelled over her shoulder at him. “You've shown me how much you really care about me!” And just like that, she turned forward again and walked off.

David knew better than to follow after her, because he could understand where she was coming from entirely. Instead, he turned around and walked back into his house, shutting the door behind him and crossing the living room to sit in silence on the couch. He sat there for ten minutes, trying to justify his actions to himself, trying to abuse Jenny for being so angry, but no matter how many different times and how many different ways he thought about it, he still couldn't help but feel that she was right and that he was wrong. Maybe if she understood Pierre the way that he did, she might have felt differently. Maybe she would have been able to find it in her heart to forgive Pierre for the way he had treated the two of them for the past several years of their lives.

But Jenny didn't understand Pierre, and David blamed himself for it. He hated that he hadn't trusted her with what he had come to learn about the senior. He had assumed that she wouldn't care, that Pierre's apology wouldn't make a difference in Jenny's mind, but hadn't his friend always been as loving and forgiving as David had been? She was one of the smartest, most caring individuals he had ever known, and his faith had been so short in her that he had kept Pierre's true nature from her. Yes, she was wrong about Pierre, but how was she to know that when David had purposefully not told her? So no, David knew he couldn't blame her for her reaction. He knew that he should have trusted her from the beginning.

The phone ringing surprised David and he jumped out of his thoughts. He gave himself a moment to calm down before he reached toward the coffee table and picked it up, seeing Pierre's name and picture lighting up the screen. With a smile that he couldn't quite help, he accepted the call and put the phone to his ear, giving a shaky, “Hey, what's up?” He knew that he didn't sound like his usual self. He knew that he sounded upset and that his voice was shaking, but he hoped that Pierre wouldn't notice.

“Dude! Come hang out with us!” Pierre called, his voice unusually loud.

David could hear the raucous chatter and laughter of boys in the background and he assumed that the whole hockey team was hanging out somewhere, probably causing a big, inconvenient scene and not caring in the slightest. Calls of “Daviiiiid!” and “Goalie! Goalie! Goalie!” from the background filtered through the speaker in deep, manly voices, and a small chuckle worked its way from his chest, though it still sounded sad, he thought.

“I can't tonight,” he explained softly. “I've got way too much homework to catch up on.”

The other end was silent for a long moment, and had it not been for the loud racket of his teammates in the background, David might have thought that he had gotten hung up on. Slowly, the sound began to get softer, until he really could hear nothing and he wondered if maybe Pierre did hang up on him after all. “Pierre?” David asked timidly.

“Hold on, I'm stepping outside,” he replied, and in that moment David heard the bell of a business front door somewhere, a whoosh of air, and then silence again.

He waited nervously, wondering what it was that Pierre wanted to say to him that he obviously didn't want to be over heard. “What's wrong?” David asked, sounding no less himself than he had when he first answered the phone.

“I was just gonna ask you the same thing,” Pierre's voice came back, and David felt his heart drop in his stomach.

“Huh? Nothing, I'm just busy,” he lied quickly but not well.

“Come on, David. You can talk to me. Just tell me what's wrong.”

A lump grew painfully in David's throat as he grappled with his emotions, trying to keep them in check and losing the battle bit by bit. “Jenny doesn't want to be my friend anymore,” he explained, and as he did, he felt a wave of emotions break over him and he couldn't stop tears from falling from his eyes.

“Are you okay?” Pierre asked softly, and even though it didn't bring Jenny back to him, the gentle tone of the older boy's voice soothed David's heartache slightly.

“Yes,” he lied, though a second later he shook his head and continued. “No... I dunno.”

Silence filled the air for a moment longer and David waited anxiously for Pierre to speak again. When he did, it wasn't what David had expected to hear. “Get in your car and come to my house,” Pierre told him sternly.

“What? Pierre, that's not necessary,” David told him. “Really, I'll be okay, I'm just—”

“That wasn't a request,” Pierre cut over him, and though he sounded like he meant it, David thought he could hear a bit of a smile in his voice, too. “I'll be there before you get there.” And within the next second, the call had ended.

David sat with his phone held to his face, staring across the living room in surprise. As he dropped the phone and stared at Pierre's picture on the screen, he wondered briefly what Pierre would do if he never showed up. Then he had an image of Pierre bursting into his house and carrying him back home, and he knew that he didn't have a choice in the matter. One thing he knew—and had always known—about Pierre Bouvier was that the boy always got what he wanted. David was starting to see that part of it was not taking “no” for an answer.

So, with a mingled sense of sadness, disappointment, and anxiety, David got himself up off the couch, grabbed his car keys and made his way over to Pierre's. Who was he to deny the senior anything?

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