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Behind The Net, Chapter Twelve

Title: Behind The Net
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Twelve
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 3177
Summary: David Desrosiers isn't your typical sixteen year old boy living in Juneau, Alaska. Bullied relentlessly by Pierre Bouvier, a boy he's known since elementary school, David and his best friend Jenny come up with a back-handed plan to seek revenge on the boy who makes their lives a living Hell.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: Crazy busy week! I'm only two and a half weeks from GETTING FREAKING MARRIED! I have a lot going on right now but I'm going to try my hardest to keep up with it in the next few weeks! I managed to still get chapter twelve written in spite of everything, so here it is!

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David laid in bed the next morning with his eyes hanging half shut, and though he knew he needed to get up and make his way to the rink in a relatively short amount of time, his head was pounding mercilessly and his body felt as if it had been filled with bricks. David had spent hours at the hospital with his dad, and for once, they didn’t have a hard time finding things to talk about. Neither one of them had ever been very good at connecting with the other, and talking about their feelings wasn’t something they had been pros at, either, but given the circumstances and the fact that David had come dangerously close to becoming an orphan, suddenly the gap between them seemed incredibly smaller. David’s father had wanted to hear all about the hockey team and his son’s roll on it, and David had been more than happy to oblige, because for the first time he felt that his father was really proud of him, a feeling he had been waiting his whole life for, even if he hadn’t really realized it.

When the topic of dating had been brought up, David merely shook his head and looked away. What was he supposed to tell the man? That he had schemed with his best friend to ruin their bully’s life, so he joined the hockey team, developed feelings for him and now he was in over his head and didn’t know what to do? David knew that if he had been talking to his mother, he would have told her everything about it, but his dad? There were some things that he just didn’t think he would ever be able to talk about with him. Pierre was number one.

It hadn’t been until one in the morning that Mr. Desrosiers had insisted that David go home and get some sleep. David wondered if it was partially because his father needed sleep, himself, and he didn’t push it. Instead he had gotten up, given his father an awkward hug, and taken himself home. Part of him had wanted to go back to Pierre’s house and pick up where they’d left off, but there had been this awful fear gripping at his chest that kept him on his path home. What would he have even said? “Hey, so we made out… Is this, like… a thing now?” No, that most definitely wouldn’t have worked. Instead, he did what his father had told him to do and went right to bed when he got home, but even so, he hadn’t been able to make himself go to sleep for hours.

“Ugh… I need to get up,” David told himself with a groan, and he sat up and looked around his tidy bedroom. The day before felt like nothing more than a dream to David. Less than twenty-four hours previously, he had been sitting in his room with his best friend, doodling a picture of the biggest crush of his life, while his father was out to sea, as usual (or so he thought, at least). And then within a matter of hours, everything had changed. Jenny never wanted to talk to him again, he and Pierre had shared the most amazing kiss he had ever experienced, and his father was in the hospital and would be for at least the next two weeks. And after that? He was coming home. David’s father had told him the night before that he would be staying home for a few months, at least until the end of the school year. Despite knowing how he should have felt about that, David was nervous and uncomfortable thinking about it. What would it be like to live with his father for more than a few weeks? How long would it take them to run out of things to talk about? David shook his head and pushed that thought away. He had bigger issues to worry about in that moment, ones that weren’t going to wait, not even for another night. Things with Pierre had to be worked out immediately.

David knew what he needed to do. He needed to come clean about everything, to tell Pierre the whole truth, even if it would hurt him. Maybe if he was just honest about it, Pierre would understand. After all, their plan really hadn’t done any damage, and seeing as he and Jenny were no longer friends, there was nothing more that could be done to the senior. He allowed that small thought to comfort him: He and Jenny hadn’t actually hurt Pierre and now it was too late. “Is he forgiving enough…?” David wondered nervously. And then a different thought struck him, one that caused him to stop in his tracks. Jenny could still hurt Pierre. She could tell him herself about what they had done, and why wouldn’t she? If she really didn’t care about David anymore, and she was righteously angry enough, David knew that she could and she would. Suddenly there didn’t seem to be enough time to get to the hockey rink. With a pounding heart and a sense of urgency, David threw himself together and drove himself to where, in just a few short hours, he and his team would be playing the last regular game of the season.

He wasn’t surprised when he got there to see that Pierre’s car was already in the parking lot, along with a few others and the coach’s car. He grabbed his gear from the trunk of his car and made his way inside, cursing himself for not thinking of Jenny sooner. Had that been on his mind the night before, he would have sucked up his awkwardness and gone straight to Pierre’s, intent on telling him the whole truth. He had a feeling that if he told Pierre everything, the boy might forgive him, but that if he heard it from somewhere else, he would never trust David again. He had to try.

“Pierre!” David called as soon as he got into the locker room. Pierre turned and looked at David, curiosity and worry alight in his eyes. As soon as David got close enough that he could have reached out and touched the older boy, he noticed the other boys standing in the room looking confused at the urgency in David’s voice.

Pierre’s eyes darted nervously from their other team mates and back to David, giving him a look that clearly begged for discretion, and David knew that he couldn’t bring anything up that would raise suspicion in the other boys.

“Dude, how’s your dad?” Pierre asked, sounding cool and casual as usual.

“He’s okay,” David replied, doing his best to keep his voice calm, but suddenly a whole new flurry of thoughts were raging through his mind and he couldn’t quite keep the shaken edge out of his words.

“Sweet,” Pierre replied with a nod, and without giving the younger boy so much as another glance, he turned back to their two team mates and continued to talk to them about the last thing David wanted to hear Pierre talk about: girls.

David swallowed hard and turned away, walking around the corner to a different row of lockers and hiding behind them. He closed his eyes and listened, hearing Pierre talking about this girl’s rack and that girl’s ass, comparing them to that of his girlfriend’s in a way that made David want to punch the senior in the face for disrespecting women so vulgarly, as well as vomit for feeling so stupid. He had believed that Pierre really wanted him, that he returned David’s feelings for him and that things were going to possibly work out between the two of them, but now? He could see that Pierre wasn’t ready to deal with the real world consequences of having feelings for a boy, even if they were real.

The door that led to the rink opened, and within a few seconds the echoing sounds of his team mates voices faded and were gone, and David knew that he was alone. He bit down on his lip, unwilling to let himself cry over Pierre Bouvier and his stupid gorgeous face or his stupid charming tricks. He felt again as if he had been tricked by the older boy, only this time there really was no one else around to help him through it. His only friend wouldn’t speak to him—something which he couldn’t blame her for—and what was he supposed to do, cry to Pierre about how much he had hurt him? There wasn’t a chance in hell that was going to happen.

The sound of a door whooshing open filled the room and David pulled himself together, throwing his things in a locker as quickly as he could. He felt a momentary prick of curiosity at the way it sounded like both doors in and out of the locker room had opened at the same time, but he shook it off, knowing he needed to hustle to get to the ice. He was standing shirtless in his skinny jeans and socks when he saw a body move toward him, and he turned quickly, years of being bullied springing fear immediately inside of him. He wasn’t prepared for the hands on his face pulling him in, or the strong kiss to his lips, or the hulking body pressing him against the wall in a hot fury, though it took only seconds for him to respond in a way that he wished didn’t feel like second nature. As he reached up and tangled his fingers in Pierre’s shaggy, brown hair, a soft moan slipped from his chest and was swallowed by Pierre’s tongue against his. Once again, David’s body felt as if it had been engulfed in the most miraculous kind of flames.

The two pulled apart, their chests heaving with ragged breaths, though neither released their grip on the other, and neither opened their eyes for a long time. It wasn’t until Pierre had spoken, saying nothing other than, “David…” that the younger boy came back to his senses and pulled out of Pierre’s touch, suddenly angry.

“No,” was all that David could say, and he crossed his arms over his chest and looked determinately away.

Pierre’s brow furrowed and he moved his hand to David’s chin, trying to pull the younger boy’s attention back to him, but David simply pulled his face away from his touch and looked in the opposite direction. “What did I do?” Pierre asked, his voice soft and filled with concern.

David just shook his head and kept his eyes focused elsewhere, unable to think of the words he wanted to say.

“You’re not even gonna talk to me?” Pierre continued softly, a suspicion which David confirmed by his continued silence and unwillingness to even look in the senior’s direction. “David, just tell me what I did so I can fix it,” he pleaded, his voice growing even more quiet and desperate. The sound was too much for David to take and he snapped.

“Why don’t you go look at some boobs and asses with your stupid friends!” David yelled, feeling immediately immature but he couldn’t take it back once it had been said, no matter how stupid he felt.

“Really, that’s what this is about?” Pierre replied dryly. David could tell that Pierre was frustrated by the tone of his voice but he didn’t care, focusing now on the floor. Pierre sighed and placed his hand once more on David’s chin, and this time David didn’t fight him on it. He allowed his face to be pulled up and he searched the senior’s deep brown eyes, chewing nervously on the corner of his lip. “That was just guy talk,” Pierre continued dismissively, something which set a new flame of anger in David’s chest.

“I’m a guy. I don’t ever talk like that,” David retorted hotly, his face hardening again.

“Yeah but you’re a girly guy,” Pierre continued just as off-handedly. David’s jaw dropped and he just stared at Pierre, offence wild in his eyes. It only took a few seconds for Pierre to see his mistake and he tried to correct himself quickly. “It’s a good thing!” he argued, and this time David’s eyebrows pulled together and he scoffed. “No, really! Guys are all stupid and gross and vulgar, and you’re nothing like that. You’re funny and sweet and soft and…” he trailed off and looked down, his cheeks flushing slightly, and suddenly David couldn’t be mad anymore. “I think you’re perfect just like you are. You make me wanna be a better man.” Pierre looked up and suddenly his eyes were filled with determination again, a look that knotted David’s stomach and made his heart pound.

“Just give me ‘til college,” Pierre requested, causing David’s heart to beat even harder in his chest. “Let me get settled in college and then we can be open and together, okay? I can’t do it here… Not in high school. I’m not brave like you, I just can’t do it. But college is different, ya know? And if I get in the NHL… Well, there are tons of openly gay players in the NHL and there have been for a long time. It’s not a big deal to them, and we can be happy and I can take care of you and you can have your own line of clothes and just do whatever you want! Whatever makes you happy!” David couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He just stood and stared at Pierre, his face blank and his mouth hanging open in shock. Suddenly Pierre’s fiery passion wore off and he looked nervous and uncomfortable. “…David? Aren’t you gonna say anything?”

“You want to be with me?” was the only thing David could think to say. Pierre nodded, the concern slipping from his features and being replaced with a subtle kind of joy.

“But I’m serious… It has to be a secret, just until I get to college. That’s like, six months. And then I promise we’ll be open… Can you be okay with that?” Pierre asked timidly.

David took a minute to think about it, to really imagine what his life would be like with Pierre. Of course, he had heard that promise before from his previous boyfriend. It was a lot easier to say you would come out later than it was to actually do it when the time came, and David couldn’t quite forget the way that had felt. Of course he understood what there was to lose and what there was to be afraid of and he would never judge anyone for not being courageous enough to come out of the closet, but could he really put himself through that again? He looked up again, his eyes searching Pierre’s for any hint that the senior would back out on him… but he couldn’t see it. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips and he nodded.

Pierre’s entire face lit up and his hands found David’s waist, though he was cautious in the way he asked, “…yeah?”

David nodded again, this time giving a verbal response. “Yeah,” he said quietly. Before he knew it, he was in the air and being held against Pierre’s body in a tight hug, the senior’s soft chuckles filling his ears in the most glorious sound he had ever heard.

“I’m not gonna let you down,” Pierre promised softly, and as he set David back to his feet and looked over him with a new kind of shine in his eyes, David wondered if Pierre had been promising to himself just as much as he had been promising to David.

“I know you’re not,” David responded softly.

“Now let’s go win a hockey game!” Pierre said excitedly, and he grabbed David’s hand and started to pull him toward the door.

“I’m not even dressed!” David argued, pulling back from him.

“Well hurry up, and I’ll see you out there!” Pierre told him quickly. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on David’s cheek, causing David to flush, before he pulled away and began to walk toward the door.

Suddenly Jenny popped back into David’s mind and he remembered what he had been in such a rush to tell Pierre in the first place. “Pierre, wait!” David said suddenly, his stomach re-knotting itself, this time for a much different reason.

“We can make out later! I need to get warmed up!” Pierre replied nonchalantly, his hand on the door.

“I’m serious, I need to ta—“ He started, but the sound of another door opening cut him off in his tracks. Pierre stood and stared for a moment, though as soon as three more of their team mates walked into the locker room and greeted him, he nodded and smiled, gave a quick, serious look back to David, and made his way out to the ice. David stared after him for a moment, his heart sinking to his stomach in a sickly kind of way. If he wasn’t much mistaken, he now had a serious boyfriend… a serious boyfriend that he was lying to. He could hear his team mates talking in the background, their voices loud and booming, but he tuned them out and finished getting ready quickly before following Pierre out to the rink. Had he been paying attention at all to what his team mates had been saying, he might have felt a whole new kind of terror.

“What the fuck are you doing in here?” one of them asked.

“Seriously, you don’t belong in here! Get the fuck out before I get the coach and you get in huge trouble!” another boy goaded.

“Alright, I’m leaving. I just came to talk to David but I guess that’s pointless now.” Jenny stood from her hiding place and walked away, ignoring the insults the boys flung her way as she exited the locker room back to the main hallway. Once she was a few feet away, she stopped and pulled her phone back out of her pocket, her hand shaking with nerves. When she opened her pictures and stopped on the most recent one taken, she felt anger and a sense of betrayal swelling within her. She had followed David into the room, intent on apologizing to him and making things right as soon as they were alone. Things had not, however, gone as she had planned. Now she stared down at the picture she had in her possession—a picture of her best friend pinned to the wall and entangled in Pierre Bouvier’s kiss—and she knew what she had to do. She was going to get her revenge one way or another, only this time, that revenge would be exacted on more than just her childhood bully. If David was willing to sellout and become one of the bad guys, then he was going to be hurt like one of the bad guys. Simple as that.

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