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Behind The Net, Chapter Thirteen

Title: Behind The Net
Author: shmorgenheigen
Chapter: Thirteen
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Pierre/David
Word Count: 3123
Summary: David Desrosiers isn't your typical sixteen year old boy living in Juneau, Alaska. Bullied relentlessly by Pierre Bouvier, a boy he's known since elementary school, David and his best friend Jenny come up with a back-handed plan to seek revenge on the boy who makes their lives a living Hell.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, didn't happen!
Author's Note: Hey guys! Not much to put as a note this week. Hope you enjoy! :)

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“I can’t believe we lost,” David sighed into his hands, which were propped up by his elbows on his knees as he slouched over in defeat.

Pierre was utterly silent as the two sat in the locker room together, two of the last few people who hadn’t yet filed out to go home in shame. David could hear a couple of other boys in the room with them, though only through the sounds of lockers opening and shutting again. They had only lost by one goal, but that was all it had taken to completely crush the team spirit that had been growing so strong over the past few months. One goal had reduced them from the school heroes to the school’s disappointment; it was a feeling that mingled in the air like a foul odor or a distasteful statement. No one seemed to know how to cope.

David sat up straight and pulled his face from his hands with another soft sigh. So this was what losing felt like? As he sat there, drinking in the awful finality of their hockey season, he wondered how he could have ever wanted to inflict that feeling on another human being, no matter how awful that person had been to him in the past. Nervously, he glanced at Pierre, afraid of what he was going to see. Would Pierre blame him for their loss? David would have understood were that the case. After all, he blamed himself for it.

“I’m sorry,” he started off softly, those being the first words spoken between the two since the devastating loss.

Pierre didn’t move even a fraction of an inch as he gave back a whispered, “It’s okay.”

David bit down on his lip and didn’t say another word, too afraid that Pierre might snap on him or change his mind at any given second. After all, hockey was the only thing in his life that Pierre really, truly enjoyed; everything else was done for his parents, but hockey was his and had always been his. David felt as if he had stolen something away from the older boy, the senior, the young student who had just blown his last chance to impress. He wanted to cry for Pierre, to show him how deeply regretful he was for his part in their loss, but it really wasn’t his loss to cry over. He wouldn't make Pierre comfort him when it should have been Pierre’s turn to cry.

The last sounds of movement left the room with the swinging sound of a door and at last David knew that the two were alone. Still, he was afraid to speak for fear of further upsetting the older boy, and there was another part of him who had no idea how to comfort someone who so vehemently put out the self-image that they didn’t need comfort ever. It was a weird, uncomfortable thing, sort of like how he imagined it would feel to reassure a parent that no monsters lived under the bed. He wanted to hug Pierre, as he had done once before to make him feel better but he was afraid that Pierre would push him away in anger. Did he blame David, as David blamed himself for their loss? He really didn’t want to find out.

A stretch of silence so long filled the room that it left an uncomfortable ringing in David’s ears, but he couldn’t manage to make himself look at anything other than his crush… or wasn’t Pierre his boyfriend, actually? They had never said the words, but David’s mind brought him back to the conversation they had shared before the game and it had definitely felt like they were in a relationship. He wanted to be sure, but he didn’t know how he was supposed to ask now, especially in light of everything Pierre had just lost. Nothing he thought of felt or sounded right in his head.

Then Pierre’s head turned ever so slightly and his eyes flicked to David’s. Instantly, David’s eyes darted across the room and he turned his head, though he couldn’t tell himself why he was suddenly so nervous about Pierre catching him staring. They had made out, for Christ’s sake. Twice, at that! Nothing short of a tongue down his throat or a grab of the ass should have scared David anymore when it came to Pierre, but he was so afraid of the senior hating him that he felt as if he was standing on a floor full of figurines that he had to tip-toe through to avoid breaking anything—anything, in this case, meaning Pierre’s heart or even his own.

When he felt a hand cupping his cheek and pulling his face back the other direction, however, David’s heart began to melt and suddenly all of his previous fears were gone. That overwhelming feeling of guilt, on the other hand, only seemed to intensify as Pierre pulled his face the rest of the way toward him and stared into his eyes with an understanding—albeit heart-broken—smile, a smile which David tried his hardest to return for Pierre’s sake, but there was a painful throbbing in his heart for the other boy’s loss that kept him from reciprocating the gesture entirely.

“I’m sorry, too,” Pierre told David softly.

Confusion flashed onto David’s delicate features and he couldn’t help the way his head tilted slightly to the side. “Sorry for what?” he replied, his voice small and sincere in his misunderstanding.

“If I had played better…” Pierre explained, though he appeared to be unable to finish that sentence and he just left it hanging there, his eyes traveling slowly down in a blank manner that suggested he was no longer seeing in the present.

David shook his head, and this time it was his turn to grab Pierre’s face and make him look back into his eyes, though he did it with both hands on the boy’s cheeks, his gesture much more firm and demanding than Pierre’s had been toward him. Pierre seemed slightly startled by David’s sudden show of assertiveness, something which was rare for the junior; David, himself, was surprised by his own actions. “Don’t even try to beat yourself up over this. You’re the best person on this team and you know it,” David reassured him, his voice strong and certain. “How many of our goals were made by you? All of them, except for maybe one? You played great tonight. Really great. Coach said it himself, we played well and he’s proud of us, the other team was just a little better, is all.”

Pierre seemed to take a moment to mull those words over, his face holding that soft look of surprise, before he nodded and gave a little smile. “Thanks,” he replied, before he leaned forward and surprised David with a soft, slow kiss.

David’s eyes fluttered shut and his hands softened on Pierre’s cheeks, holding him tenderly as his heart melted into a puddle of goo in his chest. He sighed dreamily into the kiss, his lips uncontrollably curving up into a smile at the corners, and for the moment he felt better. Even as Pierre pulled away and looked at him again, that feeling of guilt didn’t perk back up instantly. He felt as if he was in a happy little bubble with Pierre, a safe-place where no one could interrupt them, no matter how nasty the world around them got. In his bubble with Pierre, he felt whole and safe and just… wonderful. Everything felt perfect for the time being.

Then Pierre pulled away from him, effectively slipping his cheeks from between David’s hands. His hands fell to Pierre’s knees instead and he didn’t bother to move them, smiling up at him like a curious kitten who wanted to thoroughly examine and enjoy its new ball of string. Everything about Pierre fascinated him now and he wondered even more what was going through the senior’s mind. What were his thoughts like? He was so quiet most of the time; was his mind truly that quiet, too, or was he so reserved because he was so overcome with thought all the time that he could barely break free to speak? Pierre was quite possibly the most fascinating and mind-consuming person that David had ever met.

“Oh well, there’s always next year for the draft,” Pierre mused, seemingly okay with the whole situation now that the shock of the loss had worn off.

David found himself confused once more by what Pierre had said and his face scrunched to show it. “What do you mean, next year?”

Pierre’s skeptical smile and raised eyebrow suggested that David quite clearly hadn’t picked up on something that he should have, and suddenly David felt as if he was standing in the dark, feeling stupid and out of the loop. “College?” Pierre stated his response as a careful question, as if David should have known the answer before he had given it.

David only felt even more confused and stupid over it. “But… I mean, that first game, you were bummed because that scout didn’t come…” David tried to reason, feeling slightly defensive. Was he really so stupid?

Pierre’s face lightened up and he gave a soft, “Ohhhh,” as if David’s misunderstanding had suddenly dawned on him, something which only intensified the junior’s confusion. “That was a scout for the NHL,” he explained, and all of a sudden the reality of the situation hit David square in the face like a phone book. “Or, it was supposed to be,” he added, sounding a little bitter by that.

“Oh,” was all that David managed out. A talent scout from the National Hockey League had been on his way to see Pierre play hockey? And the only reason he hadn’t come was because of weather? It shocked David to think that Pierre was really that good, though when he really broke it down and thought about it, he supposed that it shouldn’t have. Pierre was that good.

“I’ve already been accepted to college, dummy,” Pierre joked. His ear-to-ear grin and his warm, brown eyes told David that he was only teasing with the ‘dummy’ comment, and before he knew it he was smiling back at the senior, chuckling a little to himself under his breath, though Pierre would never know the full reason why he thought it was funny.

So their original plan wouldn’t have worked after all. The scout had been for the pros. Pierre had been accepted to college before David and Jenny had ever decided to exact revenge on him. If only she could have known, David knew that Jenny would have felt cheated… Then again, he supposed that she wasn’t his problem anymore, so what did he care? Still, he couldn’t quite make himself stop caring entirely about her. She had, after all, been his one and only true friend since they were small children. The smile slipped from his features slightly as his thoughts transferred to her and their intense, friendship-ending fight from the previous night.

Pierre watched as David’s smile faded and assumed that he was still feeling bad about the game, telling the younger boy, “Hey, don’t feel bad about the game, okay? It’s really not that big of a deal,” and placing his hand on the back of David’s head.

David straightened up a little and made eye-contact with the other boy again, staring for a few seconds as he contemplated telling Pierre what he was really thinking about, before he decided against it and nodded in agreement. “Yeah, you’re right,” David replied with a nod. Just before the game had started that afternoon, David had been on the verge of telling Pierre the truth about everything—why he had joined the team and why he had gotten close to Pierre. Now as he looked at him, fear gripped at his insides and held his tongue very firmly in place. Things with Pierre were finally starting to feel comfortable—normal even. What would he do if he told Pierre the truth and the older boy shunned him? What if he wanted nothing to do with him anymore? Where he had been so close to being honest with him just hours before, now he found that he just couldn’t face it. He had just gotten Pierre; the last thing he wanted was to lose him now.

“There will be plenty of games next year. You’re gonna have to fly out to see me play! It’s gonna be awesome, the coach seems pretty stoked about me. He said I’m gonna get lots of game time as long as I keep it up and everything,” Pierre babbled on excitedly, something which was pretty rare for him. David couldn’t manage to focus on anything he was really saying, however, because a new thought had hit him and left him incapable of thinking about anything else: I’m going to have to fly to see him.

He let Pierre rattle on, nodding here and there while he forced out a stiff smile. Only once he felt that the older boy—his boyfriend, he supposed he should start thinking of him as such—had gotten most of his excitement out, did he bring up the thought that could damper the mood. “Where exactly are you going to college?” He tried his hardest to mask the sudden worry in his voice, but it was clear from the way Pierre’s smile faltered that David was more obvious than he wanted to be.

“Not too far,” Pierre assured him, though David could see the way his question had affected the vibe around the two of them. “University of Alaska Anchorage. It’s just, like, an hour and a half on a plane.”

“Oh,” David replied again, feeling himself sinking a little bit.

“At least it’s not, like, Florida or somewhere super far away like that, right?” Pierre offered, and though he nodded and tried to force a smile in response, David really didn’t feel any better. “And I’m not leaving ‘til the end of August, anyway, so really it’s not that bad. It’ll be like… nine or ten months,” he continued, counting the months in his head and nodding again in a reassuring manner. “And I’ll come visit between semesters and for holidays and stuff, or you could come visit me… That is, if you still…”

There was something heart-breaking in the way Pierre’s voice trailed off uncertainly. David could feel the other boy’s reluctance to suggest that they not be together and he knew in that moment that Pierre really did feel just as strongly for him as he felt for the senior. “Of course I do,” he promised firmly, and this time when he smiled, there was a touch of sincerity behind it.

Pierre perked up a little bit again and nodded, smiling nervously as he replied with a simple, “Cool.”

“So… Just to get it out there…” David started, feeling his stomach tensing and his chest pounding as he broached the awkward subject of titles. He looked down, his cheeks flushing red, and suddenly he couldn’t stop himself from fidgeting with his fingers. “Are you like… officially… my b-boyfriend?” David mentally slapped himself for being so awkward but at the same time, he couldn’t help it. He had never in a million years imagined that he might be in a situation like this with Pierre Bouvier someday; it all felt weird, even if it was weird in the most amazing kind of way.

“Yeah,” Pierre responded quietly, though he quickly added, “Just between us. Just for now. And then, just like I promised, when I get to college we can be open about it and it won’t be a big deal… Are you still okay with that?”

David nodded, keeping his eyes down on his hands. He felt nervous beyond anything he had ever felt in his life, even more so than when he had been laying on Pierre in the back of his car and looking down at him, and even more so than when he had been standing so closely to him in his living room that they could have simply leaned in an inch and kissed. This was more real, somehow—more final. They were something to each other officially. They shared a title which meant that they belonged to each other and to no one else. They shared a vow that they wanted to see where this would go, and that they might someday take it further. Maybe had it been any other guy on the planet, David’s mind might not have jumped to such serious places so quickly but with Pierre nothing felt as it ever had before, and he knew that this time it was different. This time, it really meant something.

“Then we’re gonna be just fine,” Pierre told him with a sweet smile.

David looked up at Pierre—his boyfriend—finally and couldn’t help the way the boy’s smile warmed him through. He smiled back, this time not having to force it at all, and nodded in agreement. “Yeah, we’ll be great.”

For a moment, neither one of them said anything else. David’s mind was wrapping itself around the last twenty-four hours and everything that had happened in it, and he imagined that Pierre was doing the same. It felt surreal to him, to think that all of it was real and not some dream that he was about to wake up from.

“Alright, let’s get out of here,” Pierre said suddenly, pulling David from his thoughts once more. “I mean, I could hang out with you all night but I can think of a few better places than the boy’s locker room,” he joked, bringing a smile and a chuckle from David’s chest.

“Where to, then?” David asked, perfectly comfortable with Pierre taking the reins for the moment.

“Well I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty damn hungry,” Pierre stated, and until that moment, David hadn’t noticed his own hunger.

“Oh, yeah…” David responded as he snaked his arm around his stomach. “Yeah, I guess I am too.”

“Sounds like we’re gonna go get food, then, doesn’t it?” Pierre teased in a sassy manner.

David rolled his eyes and smiled before standing up and making his way back to his locker to grab his bag. He only got a few steps away, however, before Pierre had grabbed him, spun him around, and kissed him passionately. Without having to think about it, David fell into his arms and kissed the senior back, matching his passion and tangling his limbs with the other boy’s. Everything in that moment felt absolutely perfect. How could anything ever go wrong again?

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